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this is the w.'s line from taliban suicide bombers talk of the president's campaign to attack still nearly 50 people presence ashraf ghani is reported to be. dozens injured also program. israel holds its seconds general election this year but minister benjamin netanyahu of fights to stay in power despite the threat of corruption charges is a strong challenge from former military chief. i'm just the international almost environmental activist. whose cold climate protests. just one last
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thing you see on the streets. here from the rights groups secretary-general i might say can a 16 year old activist to get the public's attention. i'm sure welcome to the program. the afghan taliban have carried out more suicide bombings a week after president trump called off a peace talks with the insurgent group 24 people in pollen province were killed in the 1st of today's attacks when a bomb exploded near an election rally president ashraf ghani speaking he was on a 2nd blast in the capital kabul killed at least 22 people and wounded many more. in other news israel's prime minister is fighting for his political survival as the
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country goes to the polls in the 2nd national election in 5 months benjamin netanyahu tried to form a government in april but failed to meet disagreement with. potus this time he's facing a stiff challenge from former objects benny gantz in a race many states too close to call. another election campaign is over for the 2nd time in india israelis are going to the polls. here at a polling station in jerusalem voters have different hopes as to who should from the next could listen government. frustrated that we have you know within 6 months we have to go again vote i think our biggest problem is our lack of unity and this election actually is the 1st time that i debated basically until i stood there and i generally no one going to vote for and today i had no idea until i walked in there and decided i don't know if i made the right decision the most important thing for me is the social issues i think that we have a lot of work to do and i think that the current government exactly do what it
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should or could so i think after 11 years with you know we can try and change it and focus on some improvements we have to make with society prime minister binyamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition following elections in april instead of handing back his mandate he pushed for new elections. in this rerun israelis are again faced with the choice of many parties and alliances but the focus of the elections is clear i think the the elections are on 3 main issues 1st is netanyahu. cock and little sheep 2nd threats on democratic values and institutions and the 3rd one is a competition between values religious versus secular liberal versus traditional netanyahu who faces a possible indictment over corruption allegations fought
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a fierce complain for his likud party he didn't shy away from making controversial election promises like his pledge to annex parts of the occupied west bank. once again his main rival spend weekends candidate for the center right blue and white party and a former army chief and in a 10 yahoo the 2 men were neck and neck in the last elections. but netanyahu might still have more possibilities of forming a coalition for example with the ultra orthodox and smaller more extreme right wing parties. let's get the latest from d.w. correspondent in jerusalem. who joins us on the line i welcome marion how has voter turnout been so far. hi phil well so far the last numbers i saw the voter turnout was at 37 percent which is actually slightly higher than it was in april at this time and that's quite interesting because people have been carefully
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predicting voter apathy this 2nd time around even though it's an unprecedented election to have elections in such a short time period has never happened in israeli history so analysts weren't sure what was going to happen but we're seeing that israelis are interested in you know who their next leader will be and are churning out to vote for one of the $29.00 parties that are vying for seat in the israeli parliament even though just 9 of them are actually predicted to pass threshold i'm betting when netanyahu is fighting this election while facing 3 corruption cases how much of a role has that played in the campaign yes that's true actually the 1st hearings he's facing has for tiering is now there are scheduled for the beginning of october at which point a government will not even have been formed yet so it's a serious thing that he's facing and it's actually been a huge issue also in the campaign he himself has been campaigning very aggressively trying to portray the charges against him as
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a kind of witch hunt the people who are sort of after him in his words as having a political agenda to try and topple him that being basically everyone the left wing party the police even the attorney general and his opponents so that the blue and white party which is the largest opponent but also other parties are actually really campaigning to topple netanyahu to say that he's not fit to govern anymore and to also claim that he's actually undermining democratic institutions by attacking yet by attacking the state in this way so it's been a huge issue there have been other important issues too but the question of whether netanyahu should stay or go has really been one of the big ones. in jerusalem thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world iran's supreme leader ayatollah ayatollah ali khamenei has ruled out diplomatic talks with washington at any level unless the u.s. returns to the nuclear deal that president trump abounded in last year his remarks
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came mr rejected accusations that it was behind the drone attacks that crippled a saudi arabia's oil infrastructure over the weekend. in venezuela some opposition parties are split from the main opposition to sign an agreement to join government lawmakers in trying to resolve the late nation's political and economic crisis opposition leader one guy though has been trying to keep the side united had previously said talks with the government of president nicolas maduro were dead. phone calls chief executive kerry lamb says she will engage in direct talks with community leaders in an effort to end 3 months of protest she had it further discussions would then be opened with a broad public able to join. us. this is d.w. news life from brother and still to come he's world was round by his designs but we look at the work of the century good german industrial design and do e.g.
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kalani has died at the age of 91 and all. those there with orses in indonesia are battling to contain forest fires in the center thick clouds of choking smog across the country and beyond schools have been closed and health centers are providing oxygen to thousands of people suffering from respiratory problems at the fires are a yearly occurrence often the result of illegal burning for land clearance but the issue is that dry weather has made the situation worse. breathing here has become a struggle eyes sting and headaches abound heavy smog has forced people on the indonesian island of borneo to leave their homes. large scale forest fires have burned more than 1000 square kilometers of indonesian land since the beginning of august the islands of borneo and sumatra will hit especially hard schools and cannot gardens has been closed people are exposed to a thick haze day and night tiny particles in the smog post several health risks
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including strokes and respiratory infections the youngest are especially affected. he has asked previously everything was fine but because he was playing outside he started having difficulty breathing before the smoke worsened the never experienced charges of breath. the fires are allegedly caused by indonesian farmers they want to convert the burned down rain forest into profitable farmland police have arrested 185 people over forest fires so far but the blaze is hard to get under control. the smog has now spread to neighboring malaysia and the capital kuala lumpur the air quality has been officially declared unhealthy and local residents are angry. that they will but i'm under the impression we're facing the same his problems year after year there is no difference it's as if
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there is no action taken by anybody to handle this so far every year. the forest fires have sparked the blame game between indonesia and malaysia the smog from indonesia has close hundreds of malaysian schools with the fires out of control there is no sign of tensions easing and intensive. say with global concerns that teenage activists gratitude and bourke has received arms the international highest of what it calls a unique leadership and courage in standing up for human rights. an assistant secretary general who night presented the swedish campaign with the ambassador award for the ambassador of conscience award in washington speaking after a standing ovation told by governments to do more and called on people to keep up the pressure. so what i'm telling you to do now is to act because no one is too small to make a difference i'm urging all of you to take part in the global climate
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strikes on september 20th and 27th thank you. and just one last thing see you on the streets. with. aggressive tone but did the washington correspondent public yesterday caught up with mr secretary-general a community to who presented the award you were you know an activist yourself as a young man and here you are now what advice. have you given to create a tumor gore the other fridays for future activists and what do you want to pass on to them that maybe they can learn from well firstly i say to young people who are standing up to secure their future and to defend their rights is don't put any
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faith in the current bunch of about the this we have run out of fresh ideas we talk talk talk without action and that young people need to bring to the public debate the freshness of their perspectives. new solutions on old problems many of the. politicians and business leaders all recognize that climate change is a serious problem but don't have the political will and the energy and the passion that young people have and that's what they need to bring to it so actually. very hesitant about giving young people advice is look how good how well my generation of activists have done in the sense that we still have all of these problems so i think right now with humility i must say that really looking to young people to bring their numbers their passion but also young people need to push back when adults say young people are the leaders of tomorrow if young people wait for
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tomorrow the won't be a to model for them to be able to take leadership given the realities of what climate change represents which is essentially a mess that penalty facing the entire population of our planet why do you think it is that it's taking place now because we've known about climate change or the climate crisis for for many many many years but it seems like now it's really beginning to finally hit home that's sort of my impression but a couple of things are changing one is that in the last decade we've seen almost 100 percent increase in extreme weather events so today you don't have to be a climate scientists or something just have to watch the with the bulletins or whichever country you're in you can see something is changing drastically in the u.k. for example where they've had the highest temperature days recently now 85 percent of the people in britain recognize that climate change is one of the biggest
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threats they face the 2nd is the new social media environment allows for a different kind of organization that crosses boundaries that it's light it's flexible it's less bureaucratic it's decentralized and there's a real power in that kind of organization. 3rd what. sr is more leader full organizations or leader full movements so who's the figurehead and the initiator as we're really keen pains even when we were speaking to about the war she said provided it's for the movement and for everybody who participated and that kind of leadership where people don't want to be leaders you know but see that they've been put into a situation where they have to lead is the kind of leaders that we want unfortunately the world we live in today with too many people or too desperate to be leaders when in fact they should actually ideally stay at home and they would help society much better then by capturing the white house for example and as the
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international secretary general kumi naidoo speaking with a w's problem and yes let me take you back now to our top story deadly bombings in afghanistan's a paba province and the capital kabul 46 people killed in 2 suicide bombings claimed by the taliban. we'll get more on this from a journalist. who joins us on the line from kabul welcome to the w bomb attacks during election rallies to be expected or is president. ghani a particular target of the time. definitely a particular target there have been attacks on election rallies and different election related events in past years but this year the taleban put out a very specific statement saying that they will target election rallies and they warned people not to attack them saying that you know to day they may come under harm and that they're trying to protect civilian life but that essentially if you go you may end up being attacked and that's what we're seeing this is what we saw
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in taiwan is that you had these election rallies 200 not thousands of people show up and they're just ordinary civilians trying to take part in the democratic process and then they take something like that and the taliban wants them to stay away which is all for a terrorist group and so by by attacking these rallies what are they trying to achieve they're trying to disrupt the democratic process they're trying to keep people from voting they're trying to say you know it's not worth it if you're going to go to these your sort of part of what they would call. a corrupt system our stooge system and so they're saying don't bother because if you do it could end up costing you something you know especially after your life and in a country where violence is so prevalent is security an issue in the election. it's
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a 100 percent of an issue you know the government for instance in the last parliamentary elections they dispatched thousands of extra matter terry and police out of the province and they're planning to the same this time. because at the end of the day when you have armed opposition groups like the taleban and forces to be dying they are going to try and disrupt elections any way they can and this includes through violence and intimidation and i'm thinking more as a sort of campaign here because you have a huff colony going for a 2nd term presumably well i'm going to try to. improve the security situation but people will look around them and say well why be done in the last nationally. there's a lack of the question people are asking right they're saying that if your own election because this is what like at least the 3rd event related to his campaign that has come under attack or the 3rd time and campaign has come under attack and so these are questions that people are asking and that they will continue to ask
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and these are things that that may actually keep people obviously feel that that that you know are big time supporters of other candidates will absolutely show up other people will certainly think twice if not 3 times before putting in the effort to go and vote and what 10 days time 11 days time to talk to thank you for joining us in the tafe. ok thank you. well the football and the champions league is back with the 1st a group games kicking off tonight 2 german teams will be in action chris harrington from to interview sport can tell us more welcome cress thank you had dortmund and barcelona tonight quite a line oh yes we have 2 of the biggest clubs football clubs in the world facing off with one another barcelona seasoned victors in this competition they've wanted a total of 5 times dortmund runners up in 2013 but this season both sides have suffered defeat and their favorites on paper in this particular competition i like
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the german side because number one their homes ignalina park in a times playing in their own backyard it's like having an extra man on the pitch feel but here's more on the big showdown between dog men in barcelona. iconic yellow wall at dortmund's acknowledged una park is a fan favorite across the continent but players are also keen to drink in the atmosphere even superstar the n.l. messi who after the group stage draw all said he looked forward to finally playing there but a niggling cough injury may keep him out of the match. play will decide tomorrow it's true a few days ago we weren't so sure he'd play. but in our last training sessions he trained with the team he competed well and maybe was able to get some of the pain he was feeling out of his head. a team on fire having bounced back
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from defeats in the bundesliga by pushing for passed by a lead because on saturday was. captain and score of this goal marco voice is confident they can beat barcelona. i think it's important we concentrate on ourselves and don't talk too much about the opponent and about messi everyone knows he's the best but that's that we're playing at home and we also have a good team so we want to get out. don't mn face an uphill tosk whether messy plays or not their group also contains a rejuvenated into my lamb sides so 3 points would certainly go a long way what's a cress herrings and what happens if messy doesn't play you know barcelona i think will be alright they have stars of front that or threats to any defense in all of europe in luis suarez and on tongue griese month but i do think let messy will play
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he even mr did himself he with life's idea of beaded front as acknowledge doodle park i'm short a chef the crowd up but you know doth mean you know they have their own ross or their own rising stars in jane sense though pocket will cough there is one form or barcelona player came out this week in the press and say he felt disrespected during his time of barcelona so i think he is that chip on his shoulder or so there's all these back stories you know was well barcelona's goal keeper mark test agan is a disgruntled germany international so there's that story is well he's like any play time behind manuel neuer you know put all that all this focused between dog men and barcelona i like thought mean because on paper they are a very good team in they can shack any defense and they just came back after suffering the ridiculous to feed a gets a promoted side and they reap respond it with vic to be so i like them in this fixture and the other democrat been action abi leipzig how do rights bad chances in lisbon against benfica oh i like leipsic a lot because right now it to disrespect life seek is to disrespect the but is they
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good they are the top of the table they have the best offense in all of the been his league and they haven't tasted defeat yet this season when you look at been feaking yet the look at a side that's already lost in friend their home crowd in they're not even leading the table in portugal so a like rb life sake besides they have red bull by the case chris huntington d. there were whose forward thank you ok all his life he tried to make an angular world a little more organic doing away with the right angles and bending his will only to the balls of nature. was a maverick amongst designers crazy about cars and famous even though many of his designs never saw the light of day he has died at the age of 91 is a look back at his legacy. luigi kalani was a visionary and one of germany's most eccentric designers his career spanned over half a century and he created thousands of designs and from the very beginning it was clear that everything he touched became around. we live on
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a planet and it's around us. began his career in the 1950 s. designing cars made of plastic that material inspired all his future designs aerodynamics and ergonomics have always played an important role in his visual language. for decades i tried to get european coming just switch over to soft rounded functional and aerodynamic shapes i didn't succeed as many. but the old form tarried love 20th century international design kept barreling full speed ahead . kalani worked in japan the u.s. france and switzerland as well as germany. everything he made his unmistakable signature. many of his ideas were too expensive to produce they exist
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only as prototypes displayed in exhibitions. to many people kalani designs were outlandish but his inventiveness clearly knew no limits in 2003 he even tackled the world of fashion designing uniforms for the hamburg police force. there. and indeed. to provide an example in this city and develop uniforms that a forceful formidable and functional spectrum fruit. in 2004 he and his studio team in cars who are germany worked on a radical new idea the design of an entire city shaped like a human body. is there when you look at this that's the head the administration belongs at the park and sensibly the power station is in the middle of the park it's. the eco city in southern china was one of
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colonies many castles in the sky. in fact about 70 percent of his ideas were never implemented but luigi kalani never stopped thinking outside the box. this is the dublin news this is raw top stories the afghan taliban has launched more suicide bombings just a week after u.s. president trump called off peace talks with the jihad a school 24 people were killed in the 1st attack in one province when a bomb exploded near an election rally being addressed by afghan president ashraf ghani it was on a 2nd explosion in the capital kabul killed at least 22 people and wounded many more. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is fighting for political survival in his country's 2nd national election in 5 months mr netanyahu tried to form a government in april but failed to meet disagreement with ultra-orthodox parties
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this time he's facing a stiff challenge from a former army chief and he counts in a race that he said to be too close to call. on climate activists gretta turnbull has been presented with amnesty international's highest honor the ambassador of conscience award the human rights group said the swedish teenager had showed unique leadership accepting the prize in washington the 16 year old urged everyone to join the global climate strike on friday saying see you on the streets this is t w news for you can always find the latest headlines at the w dot com or follow us on twitter. don't forget you can always well as that you can always get a d w news on the go just download the app from google player from the apple store and give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news that also use it to send us a photo and videos. all the way in just
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a moment more full wave back to kick off. the action so far in the bones as they go up the bottom of the top of the bad. luck.
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socks the 1st. thanks to spectacular go and. plenty of emotion.
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the best of game day. to go next on w. o. i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing when put up the german thinks even for german culture looking at the stereotype clad it is think this piece of the country guy not. yet needed to take the scrum up there. it's all about ok. i'm a joke join me for me in german from d.w. . post. with your family scattered across the globe. with existing to do list to.
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return to the roots. of the. shark family from somalia live around the world to them one of them needed urgent assistance to. the family starts october on d w. please. get ready kids because man states was it easy. to fool the japanese champions league teams faced off against one of the.


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