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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2019 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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i'd be. so much. sad the volunteer conservationist also visit schools in the region twice a month this time he's at the market wrecker primary school where 3 children receive this batteries all together $32.00 best stories have been provided by the development fund the team also goes to schools to teach very young children about the role that cranes play in the region the lake also became a protected area last year the cranes breed that it's show from july to february just before the breeding period starts the quince conservation volunteers try to coordinate with farmers to democrats important breeding areas by the lake. sometimes community to cooperate and other times they don't because when. we tell them to screw the livestock during the great season and during their dry
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season they're pasture i would say the lake it is minimal so that they need them to bring their cattle inside described is how those judge newman works tirelessly to mediate with locals and keep the area protected for the benefit of the great quantity and the local population who will benefit from the growing eco tourism. time to wrap things up on today's eco africa show and to say goodbye from here in johannesburg and south africa sheen again and make seek thank you z. i also signed up for now but don't forget they can always stay tuned to our show by checking out the content on our websites and on our social media platforms from the whole eco africa team thanks for joining us and goodbye from the fossa park in lagos nigeria.
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this is the news coming to you live from berlin israel's binyamin netanyahu fights for his political survival partial results show the election is too close to a corner with netanyahu unable to secure a majority against his rivals a benny const could this be the end of the mess in the outlook iraq any good rigidness left also on the program european leaders issue a warning to britain's the risk of the u.k. leaving the e.u. without it is very real and brussels will not pretend connect us to it. and weeks of action for no violence in the south african city of johannesburg are
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taking their toll both on the people and the city's economy. class installed to a domain displayed by germany's force your dog one but they match the possible next and the integral as the champions league group stages to call finally they begin their campaign tonight. color woman continue on with that she. is friends of the future of is respond this have been eliminated now is hanging in the balance partial results of the country's election show likud party in deadlock with the blue wide body of centrist benny gantz so far neither side has declared victory but the results could mark the beginning of the end for netanyahu israel's along with 7 prime minister more on
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that in just a bit but 1st this report. if you was disappointed on election night benyamin netanyahu wasn't showing it far from conceding defeat israel's longest serving president took to the stage vowing to remain at the helm with a likud led government that excluded arab parties. in the coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government answer prevent a dangerous anti's are in a scum and. netanyahu his plans may well be thwarted by opposition leader benny gantz he stopped short of declaring an election win but his address to supporters certainly had the tone of a victory speech for his blue and white party. v had got so tired mr courting to the initial results netanyahu did not succeed in his mission. and that he we on the other hand proved that our idea called blue and white
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a project with stablished just over 6 months ago is a huge success and here to stay military fact that you could make a decision that this man immediately cast himself as kingmaker avigdor lieberman.


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