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around the world that needed urgent assistance of. the family starts october any d.w. . this is the w.'s live from berlin those in charge of the fukushima nuclear power plant that went into meltdown in 2011 are found not guilty 3 former executives were accused of failing to mitigate the disaster which came in the wake of the tsunami in 2011 it was the only criminal trial resulting from that nuclear catastrophe also coming up. desperation in israel prime minister netanyahu calls on his main rival
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to join him in forming a coalition government following an inconclusive election. and saudi arabia displays the drones and missiles and says proves tehran sponsored the attack on the spoil installations the u.s. labels the attacks an act of war by iran. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us a japanese court has acquitted 3 former officials who are in charge of the fukushima nuclear power plant that went into meltdown after the tsunami in 2011 and it was the only criminal trial to stem from this disaster a former executives of the tokyo electric power company or tepco faced up to 5 years in prison if found guilty of professional negligence. 1st an earthquake
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then a tsunami and finally and nuclear disaster after 3 of the plant's reactor cores melted down hundreds of thousands of people fled from their homes to escape the radiation the granted water and fukushima remain contamination even today many homeowners aren't allowed to return to cleanup work by operator tepco is expected to last decades. those whose lives have been affected continue to take to the streets an independent commission concluded the disaster was manmade and foreseeable that it could have been avoided with better safety planning previous court rulings have ordered millions of dollars in compensation to be paid out. but thursday's ruling has exonerations 3 former executives of professional negligence finding them not guilty of causing the deaths of 44 patients whose health deteriorated after being
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evacuated from a local hospital. a disappointing result for the victims who had come to see justice served. we cannot understand it we are not satisfied. in these 8 and a half years so many people were forced to leave their houses 6 forced to leave their homelands and still remain displaced and unable to decide where to live. how would you feel if your house today were taken away from you. this is extremely extremely frustrating the plaintiffs in this case are considering an appeal a final bit in the long search for accountability. earlier the tokyo based journalist michael pan told us that the guilty verdict although upsetting for so
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many in japan was expected this was kind of the verdict that everybody was expecting the prosecutors not just once but twice refused to indict anybody over the nuclear crisis and they were only forced to do so because citizen panels on 2 different occasions according to a local system overrode the prosecutor's decisions an essentially force the prosecutors to prosecute the case but the japanese system itself the political system the elite system didn't want to hold anybody accountable and that in the end that's exactly the results a giant nuclear accident and nobody's responsible as a preview no and some of the other stories making the news this hour fellows prime minister on tape enough says britain has until the end of the months to submit written proposals for strikes and plans to the e.u.
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. but i made the remarks during a visit to paris to see president mccall saying that without british proposals quote it is over then one currently holds the use presidency. of these 20 people have been killed and more than 90 wounded in the truck bomb attack in southern afghanistan authorities say the early morning blast occurred next to a hospital in the city of colossus the taliban claimed responsibility. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has apologized after a picture of him wearing brown face make up to a costume party was published by time magazine the photo was taken in 21000 was a teacher at a private school he told reporters he should have known better and was deeply sorry . that it. all israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called on his main rival centrist benny gantz to form a unity government together after election results showed no obvious path forward
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in a video message netanyahu stated that his preference to form a right wing coalition would not be possible and he also wanted to avoid the prospect of a 3rd election tuesday's election results but netanyahu is longstanding from a ship at risk as no clear winner emerged dances yet to respond to the request but israel's president well he's welcome the move. let's get the very latest now live from tanya kramer standing by for us in jerusalem tanya is this and that yahoo's only way forward considering now he doesn't have the numbers to form the right wing government he wanted. well benyamin netanyahu said on wednesday with his traditional potential coalition partners the smaller right thing parties and the ultra orthodox parties and they made the math and they come only to $55.00 seats that is sort of the 61 they would need to build their coalition for
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a very narrow right wing and religious government so he probably realized then that he needs to to to be in the game and to stay in the game to make this offer to benny gantz and to blue and whites to form this unity government but the question is now of course what is peru and white saying to that invitation and that is the question we haven't heard yet from benny gantz is there any indication as he said anything in the past that would indicate he could be open to the possibility of a national government. when netanyahu actually put any guns and the whole blue and white leadership in a very tight spot because they have said all along during the election campaign that they're not going to sit with a prime minister with benyamin netanyahu who is under a possible indictment for several corruption allegations and we should not forget that the korean dykeman hearings are in the beginning of october so they would have to come up with some creative solutions actually because well there has been unity
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governments before in the 1980 s. and it's well but there was for example a rotational premiership but again i doubt that this will go down very well with the blue and white leadership some have said they wouldn't actually do it and they have said basically they would stick to the likud but only without netanyahu ok and we could no more an hour's head from benny gantz for now tony kramer thanks very much from jerusalem. well u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was called last weekend strike on a saudi oil installations an act of war by iran adding to the rather the saudi ambassador to germany says that all options for retaliation are on the table including a military strike iran continues to deny any involvement but washington says it will pose what is calling substantial sanctions on tehran.
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and remnants of drones and a cruise missile the saudi defense ministry claims they were among the weapons used in last weekend's strikes on 2 of its oil facilities max drawn up to show that the attack most likely came from a northerly direction saudi military spokesman colonel turki al maliki said the a so was sponsored by iran and did not originate in yemen in the south the home of the rebels who earlier claimed responsibility. but the colonel didn't explicitly accuse tehran of launching the attack and admitted they didn't know where the weapons were fired from what we are working to know exactly the launch point through through my work over lunch they you even or the cruise missile would take that talent ability for attacking the saudi infrastructure and the so it's really an iran has renewed its denial of involvement in the tank. well you know it's
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he was completely clear on these claims and accusations firstly completely seriously and decisively rejects it. saudi arabia's ally washington is saying off the record it's convinced of iran's involvement but president trump is avoiding direct accusations and being cautious when it comes to questions of u.s. military involvement we haven't heard much that we didn't know but but there is there is a certain. guaranteed fact there were really at a point now where we know very much what happened you know there's plenty of time to do some dastardly things it's very easy to start. and we'll see what happens. u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe has arrived in saudi arabia he's called the strikes on saudi arabia's oil infrastructure an act of war meeting with the crown prince he said washington wants to build
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a coalition of european and arab partners to deter and confront threats. now what do you think of cape town in south africa you might imagine sailing yacht sandy beaches and of course imposing table mountain picture perfect is a but this beautiful city is one of the most dangerous in the world and has the highest murder rate in south africa since january alone more than 2000 people have been murdered here now most killings and most violent crime are linked to gang activity in the cape flats the cape flats as they're known are an area of densely packed townships that ring the city and we're about to meet one man from the cape flats who's turned from crime and hopes to forge a new life. for to be sold on the gardening has recently become a calling he is making money and feels good and safe while doing it that's
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something he can say about his previous life as a gang member it cost him 6 months in prison and almost his life i was shot in the face. through my nose. and i was shot 6 times in my spinal cord. i survived my grandmother died and. if you want to ask me about crime now is me for example an example of why crime reason why crime does you know 2 people so crime is very rife and into 2 to 2 unemployment the project violence prevention through urban upgrading the khayelitsha township opes to offer an alternative to people like land it's partly finance by german development funds. the garden is not only a salsa fruited income for the garden us the vegetables are also cooked in the kitchen over there and then served to the kids in the kindergarten next door.
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offering child care leisure activities internet access electricity and water the center has become an important meeting point for residents the murder rate in this part of the township has fallen in recent years those involved in the project say it's reducing violence in the neighborhoods. it prevented a lot because if you look around the area just maybe. it's very active this mother's. cognize active these children so just visit believe people we've got an approach called safety through activation so it's not really having policing and soldiers walking around but the presence of communities i'm able every. he to walk across without feeling scared in many of cape town's townships that's not possible since july the military has been patrolling the so-called cape flats which caylee's part off for years police and government have
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struggled to get drug trafficking and gang violence under control. land is also hoping for more long term investment he wants to show us his house in khayelitsha more precisely his small private garden it like to earn more money with agriculture but there's no space the township is growing daily who need places to stay he would put everything out all the visitation unfortunately and the $3.00 a. day wants to continue anyway and he wants to show his son how to garden so he doesn't end up getting involved with gangs like it's. a good reminder of our top stories right now a japanese court has acquitted 3 executives of criminal negligence in the 2011 for human who cleared disaster of the fall of the tsunami and earthquake. prosecutors allege the men a failed to take precautions that could have mitigated the damage to the plant. and
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israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called on his main rival to join him in a coalition government following an inconclusive election opposition leader benny gantz has yet to respond to that call. z.w. news live from berlin up next our documentary film is taking a look at how ethiopia's government is standing by in acting as foreign investors horse farmers off their land i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being . schooled in the jungle. the 1st clinging lesson from the doors grandma was arrives. jointly arranging on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary durham.


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