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ok and of the one in china. and we take a look at the best and brightest of british design on show at the london design festival. we begin with a beautiful story from afghanistan a country which as we're always hearing on the news is still struggling with the legacy of decades of war on terror a documentary called afghanistan is an unusual road movie about the search for the perfect wave in this war torn country after doing a movie grew up here in germany where he fell in love with surfing this incredibly positive guy now plans a project in which afghan children will learn to swim a maybe eventually get interested in finding the perfect way. seraphim this surfing is to surrender to the moment. kind of the done.
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thus far to not think about what was or what will come right for just experiencing . magic being at one with nature after doing a movie loves the sport so much that he came up with an all day shifts idea to serve afghanistan. afghanistan a mountainous landlocked country this is where effort to namu and his surfing mates hope to ride the way to this is beautiful. it's an incredible journey ocean's surface has brought along 2 river wave surfers the plan to put afghanistan on the setting map. there are many reasons why we made this trip to afghanistan but one of them is definitely all the joy the support i experienced when i took part in the world cup. but other than the
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ones i wanted to bring to afghanistan but it's not afghanistan. fled at the age of 5 with his family to germany he studied law and worked as an expert in constitutional law but his passion is surfing the 32 year old trains in berlin with a set skate course his aim to qualify for the 2020 lympics representing the country of his birth afghanistan. the afghanistan that i know is a beautiful afghanistan incredible unique landscapes and a hospitality that is 2nd to none. a mystic a spirituality that is ever present and with our trip we wanted to show this afghanistan. these are show that afghanistan is much more than war terror and suffering. and light the
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surface travel to the pangea valley one of the few regions that were not captured by the taliban appear in front of locals who had never seen a surfboard before they climbed into the raging river. there was so many people around us children cheering us on rejoicing with us and giving us advice telling us where to go where we should try to serve so in the end it was just a euphoric experience the people were really celebrating what we were doing. so thing as a passion it's with moments like these that the film also to live is something that we don't see in the news when it comes to afghanistan and it shows a closeness to the people who live their lives despite the war and terror is so spirited as a moment of happiness. i'm gonna support the afghans a sports enthusiast sports crazy because during the time of the taliban 1996 to
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2001 it was forbidden to do sports and that's why there's a kind of counter reaction on all corners everywhere you can see people doing sport because the sport also provides the opportunity in a way to forget about everyday life i mean that in. the attempts to conquer the waves becomes a spectacle again and again the surface fail but their efforts combined with the passion of the locals is rewarded the river specialist proved what had to be proved you can see in afghanistan. what amazing god the annual lumber design festival is an opportunity for designers to show off their large format installations in various spaces in the british capital. this year there's a real interest in socio political topics like sustainability climate change a marine pollution in the wake of increasing worries about how we are not looking
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after our planet and indeed ourselves designers are coming up with inventive solutions. the insulation please be seated is the new is worth of british design a pool called sage specially created for the london design festival. because we see there's about how can we create a different kind of. different moment you know and so it's a contrast in terms of kind of materials you know like this is steel and glass and structural and height and verticality this is more softer materials the undulating installation fills the space completely without blocking it a place to relax for the people who can wander in the area cottages been developing innovative design ideas in his studio since 2004 has created a number of large format installations providing an oasis of calm for people like this one in the atrium of an office block.
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it's called the living staircase because it's a spiral of green and wood and everyone who moves in gets a plant that they plant on the staircase and we've created almost like a garden where people can kind of look after the plants be around nature. his newest project please be seated is made of recycled materials the complex wood construction took 6 months to make a record in the new design for the festival took 5 days. another festival highlight to see things created by sand jacob the cube hanging a visitor to the victoria and albert museum ways a few tons and is a visualization of the effect of plastic on the oceans. runs from 1900 the origins of commercial plastic production to 2050 which is a day that the macarthur foundation have predicted that if we carry on in the way
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that we've been haven been behaving as a society and the 50 percent of the oceans will be will be wasted. one solution is offered by japanese architects can go cooma he's installation is constructed out of bamboo and cotton and extremely robust building material the combination of regeneration even recycled raw materials brings together innovative design and sustainability bringing large scale works that incorporate new thinking into public space is one of the top priorities for a festival director. way using these bigger scale installations in public places to have an impact the issue in london is there's too much going on and we kind of spoil the cult of culturally and creatively and we're trying to fly the flag for design and tell a story and really help us do that. unfortunately pool cooksey just please be seated is only a temporary away since in the past. when the festival is over it we packed up and
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taken telling you. the biggest beer festival in the world gets underway in munich this weekend the october 1st actually always starts here in september i mean while there are fest replicas all over the world which begin well whenever it suits the barrios countries they're in and guess who has the biggest outside of germany china of course indeed it takes over a huge area of the port city of qingdao. before. the beer festival the very in through through the chinese touch. the port an industrial city qingdao celebrates a colder fest every year several 1000000 guests come to this reproduction of the original grounds in munich and may look more or less authentic but it sounds quite
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different. i think the qingdao beer festival is the world's largest october fest knockoff. called to give me more to see john otherwise. this is the 10th time for it sends out working the chinese a tobar fest so far it's the highlight of the year your hometown. the teams out there festival have a lot to me as a local i see the october fest here as our greatest pride actually it's the pride of all china it's not. like that here's your beer that. 2017 sends our realize the dream of hers and went to the a tobar fest the new nick she still talks about the costumes and traditions. this is the one thing impressed her above all else on the joy of the what surprised me
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most of all was the strong servers who can carry so much beer at once i saw one with 8 stein's at one time. beer is every bit a part of qingdao is october fest every guest drinks a number just one these are almost as much as patrons of munich but you won't find any german brass music. loud speakers blur chinese pop music on lots of techno. the food is also adopted the chinese tastes the prefers comes across a little bit sweeter and the grilled chicken has been replaced by octopus on a spit. over $1400.00 fridays of beer from all over the world are offered at the festival but the favorite by far is the local qingdao beer didn't bodys a piece of german chinese history. then 997 the germans
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occupied the chinese city and developed it into a trading base 6 years after the germania brewery opened the germans themselves may have not been popular in china but their beer certainly was still brewed according to the old purity laws under the name change down. the beer in the decor do resemble munich's october fest the lighting visitors for me with the original if you would i like the germans the atmosphere and spirit in germany are great and of course world famous german beer to. me out. of this is what i like most here is the beer on tap from jingo it tastes exactly like could it makes me feel like i'm in germany even though i'm in qingdao the point. the chinese celebrate their a tobar fest in summer this year a total of $7200000.00 guests came the partying reaches fever pitch in the evening the busiest time for james out coming up
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a 2 star. james oh works until the wee hours of the morning. even with its differences there's one thing the revelers that munich's in china's october fest have in common they all party like there's no tomorrow. serve again after design in the toga fest in china what more could you want but it will stories on the website that d.w. dot com slash culture about so for now thanks for watching and for myself and all the program about it.
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the from. the w.c. talk show strong opinions clear as issues from international perspective some young people worldwide are gathering evidence expected to be the ultimate harm and protest in history will their strike jokes politicians into action to address the climate crisis you've been removed from the stream that's our time it comes to cut down to 30 minutes on the. d.q. you know that 77 percent topic are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. and you know what time all voices i
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watch on the 77 percent talk about the issue up. front part 2 flashes from housing boom boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on g.w. . alma coming back. to the mill and i'm getting a little brand new w. from buying this book it's personal it's divisive it's about topics that affect us all water pollution climate change and the return. only 3 things check out.
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the fall of the berlin wall began long before november 989. we visit the heroes of eastern europe. we talked to those who began the struggle for freedom and those who showed personal courage. the fall of the wall didn't surprise me this is the 1st what does it take to change the course of history. raising the iron curtain starts september 30th on t w. this is the doubly news and the top stories millions of people around the world have been taking part in strikes and rallies calling for action on climate change ahead of a key u.n. summit next week organizers have described it as the largest climate protest the well has there the same. germany's coalition government has finalized
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a 50000000000 euro climate protection package measures include incentives all by electric cars and helping.


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