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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2019 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d w. this is fake news live from the building hong kong part test fired up again our democracy demonstrators have been back on the streets sitting barricades up like what started as a peaceful occupation of a shopping mall. just more clashes with police also coming up. the so-called islamic state has lost its color in syria but its ideology now there are
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theories that a camp for displaced people could be an increase i suppose the troops. plus we'll have all the action from sunday's put this league i. could manage a point begins frank is the black india was trying to stay relevant at the top of rice gladbach still in the mix thanks to when i was just. a math anyhow it welcome to the program hong kong has seen another way kinda far in clashes between pro-democracy protesters and police sometimes protests began pace fully with demonstrators taking over a shopping mall but lighted tent violent with one group vandalizing a nearby subway station and setting barricades a place riot police responded with tear gas and made multiple arrests as the
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protests continued light into the evening. tensions in hong kong boiled over again sunday another weekend of police dispersing protesters after demonstrations descended into chaos. for the 2nd day in a row cameras caught pro-democracy activists beating a man they perceived to be on the other side. i'm as so often the protest started out peacefully crowds gathered to sing what has become the anthem of the protest movement gloria to hong kong. 2 the atmosphere was largely festive as protesters gathered in a shopping mall some folded paper origami birds as a symbol of hope and peace. then they produced the chinese flag and began trampling on it in a clear provocation aimed at beijing the sense of anger here is very real easy even
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for a very tired we can't give up our rights a lot of them not we are entitle to them i things escalated when some protesters began vandalizing a subway station linked to the mall riot police then moved in to clear the building and the confrontation moved out onto the street the sides have been facing off for nearly 4 months protesters accuse beijing and the hong kong authorities of undermining democracy while many demonstrators are peaceful others say resorting to violence is the only way to be heard that hope what's it to be some protestors are using force and clashing with the government both methods of protesting are important it's not that one matters more than. the demonstrators were also planning to disrupt travel to hong kong's international airport but a massive police presence meant that that did not materialize. as night fell the weekend then did the way so many have recently in clouds of tear gas and smoke from
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burning barricades. now despite appeals for calm as we just saw there have been incidents of violence the following video which contains graphic images was filmed on saturday but only emerged on sunday it allegedly shows pro-democracy protesters facing a pro day demonstrator but the media say the man was shouting and cursing at the protesters before discovered. earlier we spoke to our correspondent in hong kong and i asked him for more information about these incidents that happened yesterday out a place called your law now you long is a place start is very not is notorious because in july white men seemingly belonging to try it's the mafia organisations of hong kong attacked protesters and passengers on trains with sticks beating them up so yesterday was
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a protest remembering this event it was 2 months since it happened the protest hours today started in a mall then people started vandalizing the mall as there were rumors that police were trying to enter then they left police didn't enter while they were in there and then they clashed on the street and after everything ended police made arrests residents came out there was a shouting match between the police and the residents and remaining protesters police fired tear gas and then at the end there was these incidents now i didn't personally witness them i had been there shortly before but what protesters accuse these 2 men of was that they. assaulted a woman a female reporter that was on the stage and then things pretty quickly can turn
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ugly cunt on very violent in this case it was the protesters. beating up these men and in other cases has also been the other way round where residents probe aging residents in certain areas have been beating up protesters again there's a very very thin tissue of patients in the city often at these incidents when the when both sides face each other so we have seen several videos circulating on social media that involve. the beating up of a person by a mob the either way round. that was mathias burning in hong kong that now the whole refugee camp in kurdish controlled syria is home to tens of thousands of people that live in cramped conditions with little access to medical care and very poor hygiene some of the residents are displaced women and children from the
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so-called islamic state and many still believe in the caliphate ideology despite the jihadists losing their territory in syria there are fears the camp could be an incubator for the islamic states where surgeons. these children raised their fingers in a sign of allegiance to the islamic state they lived under the so-called caliphate as now they're stranded in a refugee camp in kurdish controlled northern syria would you like the islamic state to return yes i do so the best thing was being able to go to school and we had jihad. is it ok to execute people. yes if they were infidels. 71 peasant people live in the our whole camp a heavily guarded section has those women who joined islamic state on their children journalists rarely gain access mostly tennies are foreigners captured
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during the final battles against i.a.s. they number about 10 pows and and include many violently fanatical female of here and solve the group brutal attacks on other detainees are common almost nobody wants to speak to us get lost you dogs what are you doing here. the kurdish officials running the camp are overwhelmed and tough requested international support to guard and care for the i.a.s. radicals and you said you said you know 95 percent of those who live in this section are still are and are yes supporters only about 5 percent have changed their views slightly and they risk their towns being burned and their children killed because instead of going to school the children are indoctrinated with the i.a.s. beliefs a generation raised on hatred and extremism. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. in the u.s.
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president donald trump has joined the indian prime minister had. for a rally in houston texas tens of thousands of indian americans were on hand for the event which was organized by modi supporters it comes with the face of international criticism a recent crackdown in disputed kashmir. israel president reagan rivlin has held consultations to form the next government after there was no clear winner in tuesday's elections an alliance of israeli arab political parties backing former military chief from benny gantz as the next prime minister saying it's priority is to oust binyamin netanyahu from power. for just 2 operators thomas cook is seeking a last minute risky deal to avoid financial collapse of a half a 1000000 holidaymakers are travelling with the company and could be stranded if the files company says it is operating as normal.
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as they can use now and on sunday dortmund went on the road to face frankfurt the visitors went to match day 5 and 6 in place and that's exactly where a win would have left them but frankfurt managed to maintain their unbeaten streak at home and did it in dramatic fashion. can be an intimidating place to play and dortmund arrives having not won in their last 5 visits any they may have had with banished early on and sanchez tested kevin tracked. and then talk and has set up actual vigil for the opening strike. of a one mil after just 11 minutes. old offensive issues came back to haunt torment when andre silva conferred at just before half time. manuel the kanji sloppy positioning letting his side down lucy and father with plenty to ponder the break. dormant race started with
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a bang but sanchez failed to get past track. it would take a set pace to get back in front trap was again a call to record straight kick but censure was on hand to smack home from close range of us who wants to dortmund with just 25 minutes to hold on. but they couldn't manage it and the idea it's minute frankfurt wrought havoc on the box and thomas delaney cleared into his own nets tickets on track the equaliser. frustration for dortmund and another dense to their title hopes. also on sunday gladbach locked horns with regional rivals dusseldorf the falls were fresh off a 4 nailed to fate in the road pulling and were hoping to bounce back against for china and win their 1st home game since january when i didn't disappoint. but wanted to deliver their fans
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a long awaited home when the visitors josel do off knew their opponents were vulnerable and they pounced kazeem adams opening the scoring on just 6 minutes. the ball clearly over the line to give fortuna the lead gotos his blood but continued to look shaky until late in the game substitute marcus pulling the side's level in the 71st minute i the frenchman perfectly placed to slot home the cross i the goal stirred blood back into action and shortly before the end it was again taking advantage of dusseldorf defensive chaos video replay ruled out any offside suspicions. to one the final score in this run derby and super sub marcus trudeau giving the fans their home when. the sunday games are in the can hear all the results so far this weekend and as we
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saw frankfurt drew with dortmund and glad boks not passed by in munich fresh on league dominated bremen leverkusen on your own berlin has been defeated pad upon freiburg and shared this. prevailed against months on friday and monday sees vosburgh take on hoffenheim. same with sport and ferrari sebastian vettel has taken the checkered flag at the singapore grand prix his victory marks a personal comeback as it ends a long phase in his career without a win and further fuels ferrari's recent were nice aunts in the formula one category which has been dominated by lewis hamilton and said it's. the start of the singapore grand prix charlotte clare began in pole position aiming for a 3rd straight win. and starting from 4th on the grid ferrari teammates of us 10 fettle 1st in 4 picks stop the clare followed and then hit the track again behind
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fassel. was it an error in ferrari's famous strategy ferrari held the top 2 spots for the rest of the race even defended himself from the claire's efforts to pass it despite 3 safety car chases fireworks marked fatals 1st victory of the season as he took the checkered flag for the 1st time in over a year the clare placed 2nd and red bulls max fest topping rounded out the podium. world champion lewis hamilton finished 4th of 3rd time since the summer break that he's failed to win but he still far ahead of mercedes teammate terry boss in the overall rankings. and quickly at the rugby world cup one of the favorites island got off to a flying start in their 1st group game in japan the boys in green cruised to a win against scotland in yokohama running in 3 tries to climb a bunch point with their 27 to 3 victory england got their hands on the bonus point
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today comfortably down tonneau with money to the ad he scoring 2 tries and there was a bonus point too for italy as they crushed underdog namibia africans cause the scale with an early try but 3 schools in 10 minutes handed the game to the italians. well that's all for now but for good as always you can coerce find out more news online at d.w. dot com up next we have a documentary on the rising extremism in germany for now i'm anthony howard thanks for watching. it's time to take one step further and face the. time to search the. fund for the troops. to come down troops and expect. it.


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