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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2019 5:15am-5:30am CEST

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all right that's all for now don't forget as always you can find more information online that dot com don't forget chris. coming up next but for now i'm anthony hallett thanks for watching. play. welcome to the what is the game here for a decent. place to talk about an. alleged claim. go to the girl makes you to.
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find the story. with exclusive. the must see concerning. place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribing and don't miss our. place. greetings and welcome to the bundesliga here on t.w. we've nearly said goodbye to match day 5 sit tight for the highlights from sunday's 2 games plus expert analysis as always here's what we've got cooking. in which a frankfurt looking to stay relevant in the bundesliga race and blood by fans were getting down hoping for a home win is dusseldorf paying the tab and will talk by or robert live in dosti when this match day in 2015 he added 5 goals in 9 minutes past 40 this season he's
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already scored 9 like guideline to getting better with age. but chris harrington joining me for today's breakdown are 2 guys that can dish it out with the best of them olly always in a good mood moody pleasure is always cress pleasure is mine as well and we have yanick never late space how you doing on it on good night i think that's a bit of a stretch but i think i agree with that all right now before we hear what they have to say we have some football to show you started in frankfurt the eagles invited title hopefuls dortmund's in town the black and yellow hat the most to gain in this one a win on the road would see them leapfrog a handful of teams in the standings after 2nd but frankfurt haven't lost at home yet this sees it well they say there's a 1st thing for everything or is there. frankfurt can be an
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intimidating place to play and dortmund arrive having not won in their last 5 visits any nerves they may have had work banished early on and sanchez tested kevin trap and then torgan has set up axel vigil for the opening strike. one nil after just 11 minutes. but only defensive issues came back to haunt torment when andre silva conferred it just before half time. manuel a kanji sloppy positioning letting his side down to see and follow with plenty to ponder the break. top and restarted with a bang but sanchez failed to get past track. it would take a set pace to get back in front trap was again a call to referee arrows for a kick but censure was on hand to smack home from close range. so he
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wants a top and with just 25 minutes to hold on. but they couldn't manage it and the idea is minute frankfurt wrought havoc on the box and thomas delaney cleared into his own nets tickets on track the equaliser. frustration for adults and another dents to their top kill hogs. following the fray for dortmund match it's time to dive into the conversation to give you the viewers some expertise i'll start with you ya nick now let's keep it real is that a point one for door me there are 2 points dropped i mean from this position it's definitely 2 points dropped i mean when you give up an idea in a goal that's always a bad result but i mean frankfurt are decent side and we do have to keep it real a draw away from home against this team is a decent result let's not forget that but at the same time don't have the chances to put this game to bed they should have gone 31 up they didn't and then the defensive. lapse shall we say
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a bit of bad luck at the end goal it did of tough luck but they'll be dead deathly disappointed not to wrap this up and i think 2 points dropped is the correct call it. over to you ali they did look a bit leggy after the clash with barcelona do you think they have their priorities in order well this is always the difficult question for it seems that is trying to win tournament on on several fronts you know don't and started this game with the same stunning 11 that they had against barcelona which surprised me a bit i have to say because you know of course that was a slog of a game physically for them a lot of running around off the bus alone but also because they've got depth in that squad and they paid a lot of money to have that debt you know they had players like you and so on the bench they had vigeland on who'd there as well. say ok i know those guys on in their prime anymore but the guys are a lot of experience and a lot to bring to the squad still so i think they have to get a bit better rights hietzing from one game to the next when they have this kind of pile up fixtures that's something that hopefully they'll improve as the season go
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or goes on. recall last season it was a big problem for them as well a guy in particular he gets braman royce got injured you know they went all the way to extra time and penalties eventually lost anyway a couple of guys then go injured in the next game as well so they definitely you know have to avoid falling into the same trap that we did see something from the dortmund you know return or returning defensive player we saw him limping off the pitch early is there a problem if he does indeed get injured this is a massive blow is gone because you know leading into the season he was expected to fix their defense which was solid pool last season and was probably a full for them throwing away the total. looks like he's creating a decent offensive partnership with mineral country and that's clutch to anyone's teams scored and the replacement is there to do is not going to cut it he's not a homo so i don't even think he's a dog and player. ok so. harshman yeah and bringing in to do it alongside
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a kenji we're only going to see more defensive slip ups so fingers crossed the dortmund most years injuries will homos ok a exactly now through of what the both of you how do you think dortmund will be moving forward many have been marked is favorites to win the title this season. yeah i mean that they've got a lot of talented players in that sack and i think once those guys maybe start to click you know sunshine brand as a cast of these guys i think eventually they'll they'll find the solution ok really short on i don't think it's time to hit the panic button yet they've got a great squad it's early days they're only 3 points off the top of the table the good the squads are right they have 15 i mean james san show always delighted the crowd you know no doubt sit tight we have some more action to get to our next match takes us to go the foles fresh off a 4 nil defeat in the europa league were hoping to pounce back gets regional rival fortuna dusseldorf clawed by historically tough at home haven't won a league match there since last january will the tide served. wanted
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to deliver their fans a long awaited home when the visitors just like to off knew their opponents were vulnerable and they pounced kazeem adams opening the scoring on just 6 minutes. the ball clearly over the line to good fortune at the leeds gotos as blood but continued to look shaky until late in the game substitute marcus to a dumb pulling the side's level in the 71st minute. the frenchman perfectly placed to slot home the cross. the goal stirred blood back into action and shortly before the end it was told i'm again taking advantage of this old dos defensive chaos video replay ruled out any offside suspicions. to one the final score in this right and b. and super sub marcus trudeau giving the fans their home win. now after those 2 matches let's take
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a look at the table to see what has changed dortmund get a little boost yet they're looking up at biron like normal squad boss when bump them up to 6 but if the wolves win on monday versus oftentimes they're replaced too i mean if 3rd pushing down a handful of teams in the bottom half nothing much to report down here it's still so early in the season we could see some drastic changes if these teams pick up point soon except for a pot of boiling unfortunately. we can't finish our look at the weekend but as the games without talking about one man who's fit in form and on fire robert levin dos he scored his 8th and 9th goals of the season on saturday ali let's start with you his 10 season in the but as they go is this guy just getting better and better is this the best live in dusty we've ever see you know it's tempting to say isn't it when we see him in this kind of form and putting out those kind of numbers it is tending to say how could he ever have been this good
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before but we do have to remember that he's been. 1st class for very long time now and back in the mists of time of course he helped dortmund so i linked title the move to buy and i think it was pretty inevitable that it was going to come at some point and when it did i think we did seem to take a step up you know and since then of course 5 titles by munich in the last 4 seasons he's hit the $40.00 mark every single year in all competitions that is still i think what we're seeing right now is particularly special i mean when you go 11 goals in all competitions. you're in some pretty special form and coming up yeah you have to give it to him as well his commitment to fitness is what allows him to do this you know he is so fit and that's why a 31 age still isn't catching up with him he can keep going and going and going and getting better and better and better you know. the most important by a player since he joined the squad yeah i think you have to say 100 percent when he came in in 2014 you know the players like. robin and riverine were getting more
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injured and their pals were waning a bit and has always said i'm a scoring 40 goals in 4 seasons is incredible and he's also constantly evolving i think his last season we started to see him step up and take free kicks and i was watching him and going what the hell what is he doing and he was loading them and it's just like for a player to have the motivation of $21.00 to $30.00 to add something to his game is incredible and it's just shows what a professional is and shows that yes at $31.00 it's not done yet he could be doing this when he's 34 you know i don't disagree at all now while we're on the topic of on this date in particular 4 years ago 5 goals in 9 minutes 1st forsberg is that the most impressive performance you've ever seen certainly up to i could so could hardly believe that it happened you know i don't forget as well not going he actually only came on at hof time and by and we're losing the guy at that point what we saw after that was just incredible i mean some of these goals with
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phenomenal finishes this one here was an absolutely wonderful. but i was pretty rank defending from those days while this one here take i mean how many buys which are going to give a striker like rabbit. in terms of whether this is the best i've ever seen i mean you have to think of someone like ronaldo or a messy you know in terms of games i've seen live i remembered here retiring seems a part as well but i don't think i've ever seen anyone do anything like this in such a short. you know 10 minutes to do that kind of damage is just unique and he's adding to me just to his game his assists numbers have gone up recently they had was talking about the blossoming relationship with philippe coccinea as well how do you see that that looks like a beautiful bromance coming up i mean he was on 2 goals could have got his hat trick and he gave senior the penalty to score his 1st goal in the bundesliga and so i mean with continued continue is an incredibly talented player and if they link up together and foil him no one's going to want to face them at all by could if you
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know what he's not selfish any more selfish anymore you know giving up the ball like continually than the other people who don't often this season but you know given the sort of he has now and knows best for that same unleavened as much as a goal hungry selfish striker he is a team player ok now before we go what else caught your eye this match from a friday night's game in particular social could be months and it's really great to see them back on their feet you know they started last season with 5 defeats in a row now that rolling one point off 2nd place and in the run for europe all right we'll see if that lasts well unfortunately that's full time for us thanks to our guests be sure to tune in again on match day 6 until then.
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