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revealed the symphony's of your harness but. how did the romantic master come up with such a basis. for the secrets of symphonic magic. comes coda starts october 11th w. jobs enough. as british tour operator thomas koch is bankrupt leaving the british government to ferry tens of thousands back home. to one of its subsidiaries profitable german. has applied for a government bridging loan can it really survive on its own. and we'll show you a proposal to cut back on c
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o 2 in the construction industry engineers in nigeria figuring out how to turn a crop into cleaner. this is the business and. after the collapse of the world's oldest travel company thomas cook the tourism industry is worrying about ripple effects central to the war as is the company's german subsidiary condo or as well as the questions with the other financial failures. almost a day after the bankruptcy announcement by one of europe's largest travel operators thomas cook branded planes remained parked tourists stranded at airports still clueless as to how to get to their destinations or back home. we were told that all the lights canceled and there was no one. so we actually were told to go. their own 15000 holiday
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makers on thomas cook books travel have been flown home once the company went bankrupt many more will be brought back within the next few days if you're overseas on a thomas cook holiday and you can continue to enjoy your holiday at the cia is launching . this is the launch. since the 2nd world war and we will be bringing home every party. back to the u.k. as close as possible to their return date. tourists however are not the only ones worried thomas cook book vacations for millions of customers every year and many disintegrations fear that some of them won't just rebook with different operators but might stay away. this bankruptcy will cost turmoil in the 2020 season and there will have to be serious analysis carried out until then.
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says more by this is a 7 richter earthquake and we are waiting for the tsunami and you know that the tsunami is most of the time the one to bring the greatest disaster we're going to live with us for a. while travelers are concerned with their short term holiday plans the tourism industry worries about the future of thomas cook affiliate khon door and other players in the industry to see whether the latest bankruptcy will have any ripple effects. particularly bars who's standing by in frankfurt was going to happen with combo. well it's continuing to operate and it sure is that it will continue to operate it sure has its passengers yes you can come it's flying them out it's flying them back in but it does seem to need cash it's finances finances will be interval over woven with those of its parent thomas cook and of course condor needs to pay for daily things like jet fuel
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airport fees catering and so on and i soon that at some point the money will run out or they would have not applied for a bridge loan or a bridging loan from the german government the government hasn't decided yet it has supplied such a loan to air berlin before it's gotten all its money back the last instalment interestingly enough just recently and the state of hessen in which we sit here in frankfurt is also interested in supplying additional funds to conjure a figure of german government federal government in berlin steps and after all is based here in frankfurt well the bridging loan being being just a bridging loan who could be interested in buying called or could they go on their own. well theoretically they could go on on their own they're a huge airline really and in contrast to many in the industry even in contrast to
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some of the so-called premium airlines or national carriers it's making a profit it's and it's been profitable for years used to be a part of lufthansa lufthansa sold it contra when its own way slipped under the wings of thomas cook and it's got $7000000.00 passengers per annum serving $75.00 destinations thousands of staff and it wouldn't really need an investor but i think thomas cook has to let it go in some way and the company that the that or the creditors will want money from the sale of a condo or so someone will snap it up perhaps lufthansa or 2 we know there are a lot of people who were probably interested when he bought them frank thank you. top huawei executive men one jo and her lawyers have been back in court in vancouver trying to have her extradition case thrown out who always chief financial officer says her rights were violated she was detained during
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a stopover. last december on a u.s. warrant detention has been a key element in the u.s. china trade conflict goes of course the major diplomatic rift between canada and china. or concrete is the most widely used manmade material for building but it is also surprisingly big contributor to c o 2 emissions the $4000000000.00 tons of cement produced each year for concrete construction accounts for 8 percent of global c o 2 that's a major greenhouse gas bottle engineers at the university of lagos may have found a more sustainable world of civil engineers dr vall from schmidt and dr koehler worley a decent ola not a share a common mission finding the construction material of the future and they reckon they're on to something the peel is the root vegetable cause salva has properties they could help building sites to be more environmentally friendly cement is going
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to stay close to cement is the biggest villain when it comes to the environment because making it produces lots of c o 2 in seems a lot of energy. cement is a key ingredient of concrete helping to make it hard but not to all in our day has discovered that the ash burnt because some of appeal can do much the same. we have the irish and we have found that we have produced concrete with did we are produce more with it i mean this in strengths which is one of the major or are properties of concrete very very much compared with not concrete today. it's a discovery that can be useful to many parts of africa where he's grown in huge quantities the peel is normally a waste product and so readily available that makes it a cheap alternative to expensive cement and with the cement industry accounting for around 8 percent of global c o 2 emissions because software can help african builders to build greener.
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and now to some of the other business stories we're following for you today boeing has launched a compensation fund for families of those who were killed in the 737 months crashes in indonesia the field the families of more than $300.00 victims will receive 144000 dollars each while retaining their right to sue the front some relatives criticize the offer as a visit is stopped. universal postal union is holding crisis talks in geneva united states has threatened to withdraw its membership unless the rules are changed china gets cheaper prostates postage because it is classed as a developing country it's the latest salvo in the trade conflict between the world's 2 biggest problems. is the drop in german manufacturing is dragging down the eurozone economy in september the purchasing managers' index dropped to a 6 year low suggesting the euro zone is close to recession the news sent the euro
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down nearly half a percent against the dollar on monday. kenya is the world's largest exporter of black teen prices have dropped dramatically this year some kenyan tea farmers processors are now emphasizing quality over quantity in order to stave off international competitors. in kenya the farming is serious business from the central mountainous regions to the rift valley t. is green gold the cash crop has long been kenya's major foreign exchange earner t. also supports many small farmers millions of people earning a living with tea here like joseph moderator he's been a tea farmer for more than 30 years. farming pays but you have to take good care of your plantations every year i harvest between 17 to 20000 kilograms but every year is different. in recent years has done
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well but $2900.00 could be a lean year kenyan tea farmers look set to see a big dip in their earnings more than 20 percent according to current indications. that's down to several different factors demand is weaker in the main export markets like britain and russia global trade conflicts are putting a dent in the economy and currency fluctuations a dent in prices. here for prices at. the. costs. for years kenya has mainly used the production method known as crush tear curl it's faster and easier and it's well
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suited for teabags the farm is now branching out into black tea but it's more labor intensive harvested with leaves intact but the higher quality fetches a higher price even when the market is faltering. but obviously a different the car especially if the productivity is maintained the farmers and factory owners hope that by shifting the focus to quality over quantity kenya's tea industry might get the boost it needs it's facing ever stiffer competition to china and india for example are major t.v. producers and exporters but kenya is determined to remain the world's leading exporter of black tea. japanese. claim by u.s. regulators over false financial disclosure the securities and exchange commission
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says the company and its c.e.o. failed to disclose more than $140000000.00 u.s. dollars in pay and the song will now have to pay a fine of 15000000 to the f.c.c. and gone. off. and any u.s. company for 20 years. still faces criminal fraud allegations in the past. and that's it from me and the business to. business news lots of stories on. slash. social media. markets.
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looked into the foot is the gate here the. cliff you talk about the. coverage. so you know.
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what's the connection between bread flour and the european union the no guilt job you call it spawning the baker can stretch this out here in line with the rules set by the senior. staff meeting recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on the d.w. . hi there and welcome to arts and culture and i hope you're ready to rock n roll on today's program because michael schenker one of the most lot of guitarists of his generation will join in the studio and also coming up. a room with a view i feel tower of british photographer just the white tells a story of paris centering on the city's most iconic landmark.
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and in our series 100 german must reads we feature a dark comedy about state surveillance seen through the lens of the east german secret police the stasi i'm. bored. well fans of hard rock and heavy metal know him well michael schenker widely considered one of the best guitar soloists around a veteran member of u.f.o. he also played for scorpions way back in the seventy's and has had an illustrious if till to us career well now he's back with a new album according to critics better than ever so we'll speak to him right after this. case trademark is the flying v. guitar michael schenker.
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sleeping with the lights on is a track off the new album revelation by the group my coaching profession.


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