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this is deducted news coming to you live from berlin a unanimous ruling from britain's supreme court boris johnson broke the law the court finds the prime minister's moved to suspend all event just 5 weeks before the break the deadline was on northward and what does this mean now for johnson's breaks of plans we go live to london and. also coming up do you dunkin investigates the growing presence of islamist militants in the refugee camps we talk to an armed fighter who uses vantage means to impose his group's strict groups. and who $1.00
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fee for his best to board suggests that some of us start making the peano taking home the women's their prize and on the men's side reading soccer royalty edges out the competition. out and welcome. we begin in britain where the supreme court has ruled that promise to bars johnson suspension of follow meant was unlawful and the decision means lawmakers can reassemble quote as soon as possible which were d.-d. a hammer blow to johnson's plans for taking britain out of the do you not a verdict found that the suspension prevent of parliament from doing its job redound views the mill justification the supreme court head of brenda hale had this
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to say. this is the unanimous judgment of all 11 justices it is for parliament and in particular the speaker and the lord speaker to decide what to do next unless there is some parliamentary rule of which we are unaware they can take immediate steps to enable each house to meet as soon as possible it is not clear to us that any step is needed from the prime minister but if it is the court is pleased that his counsel has told the court that he will take all necessary steps to comply with the terms of any declaration made by the school. so that was the presiding judge of the supreme court a brenda hey let's now go straight to the supreme court in london where our correspondent charlotte part is standing by charlotte again none of this decision from the 11 judges tell us more about what was said and what this means.
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what a momentous and historic ruling here in the united kingdom today we have to remind ourselves this was a power struggle between the executive the legislative and the judicial to basically boris johnson overstepping his powers as prime minister as the supreme court just ruled in palm and and sending them on this force break and the supreme court with lady hale there presiding as the chief justice ruled that it was not a normal probation not a normal short probation but a longer one that parliament from speed dating matters especially of course breaks that related at this crucial time in u.k. history so what we're seeing right now is the 1st reactions coming in to this momentous ruling and those for example from john bercow the speaker of parliament. parliament should now reconvene immediately so that means that m.p.'s will be
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assembling probably tomorrow and stanch debating all matters breaks that again and we've also heard from the labor opposition calls for the prime minister to resign when this decision when this ruling came out here at the supreme court in london we've heard tremendous cheers from the demonstrators who had assembled here despite the rain this morning calling for johnson to resign and celebrating a victory for well democracy and for the strengthening of parliament so cheers from somebody huge setback for borrows a johnson do we do what this means for him and how he's likely to react. well of course this is a an absolute blow for boris johnson he right now is in new york at the u.n. general assembly he has it's about 6 am there so somebody will have woken him up by now or he has followed this of course from his hotel room and it is
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a huge. well we are the pressure will mount on him to resign because essentially what this ruling means is that he missed let the queen in advising her to send parliament on break that he was lying to the queen and giving that as motivation was to silence parliament and of course that doesn't go down well here in great britain so we will see strong reactions there from the opposition party and of course this comes this is a huge humiliation for boris johnson who is jus to hold his 1st big speech at the un general assembly tonight in front of world leaders and all the european leaders that he is negotiating at the moment a new deal for the u.k. to leave the european union with so a huge humiliation there and probably most likely see a well boris johnson that has to kind of take this ruling in the course of the day in new york so of course reactions coming in the
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thick and fast we've just heard the leader of the opposition labor party generally call been has called on boris johnson to resign and of course boris johnson had never indicated that he would resign even if he faced a setback so not tell us child water happens next you mentioned the speaker of parliament john bercow saying that the parliament can resume as soon as possible. exactly so we have to reiterate boris johnson has said of course he will follow this ruling from the supreme court yes that last night but they had that he has no intention to resign what we will see now is parliament reconvening immediately that would be in the course of the day tomorrow the labor opposition party is just finishing its party conference in the course of the day tomorrow so we can see parliament reconvene and then asking boris johnson to release documents on all matters that on his brakes of strategy on how you was planning to to force the
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european union into giving him a new deal and what he was planning in case of a no deal scenario so we'll see a lot of pressure there on boris johnson and then of course as you mentioned the news that the labor party now wants him to resign and we will have to see how that plays out because he of course is holding his seat and downing street and he is not planning on giving that up and shot before i let you go and just tell us a little bit more about the significance of this historic ruling today for briggs said what does it mean for the actual decision that boris johnson always said that it was doing he would leave. britain out of the european union by the 31st of october. well i think it becomes more likely that we will see another extension to breck that because that is what parliament decided should happen that boris johnson should go back to the european union and ask for another extension beyond october 31st this ruling from parliament a majority of m.p.'s voted for that became law
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a couple of weeks ago before parliament was suspended and now with the strengthening of the power of parliament it definitely seems like boris johnson will have to follow this ruling and that there is no way out for him because this really shifted the power away from him away from the executive and strengthened parliament. parts outside the supreme court in london thank you very much for your reporting from that. and of course we'll have much more on that story throughout the day as reactions come in and we discuss the implications of that ruling in london now channeling the angle of a generation who say the fight against climate change is failing after a year of street protests. took to the word stage the 16 year old climate activist offered a stinging rebuke to leaders gathered at the un climate summit in new york a speech rounds of applause as the conference discussed reinvigorating the stored
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paris climate accord. people are suffering people are dying and tired school systems are collapsing and we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is the money and fairy tales of the time of economic growth how did you thank 6 you. it was an impassioned speech but one of those who most need to to hear it wasn't in the audience. you were about the president donald trump wasn't due to attend the u.n. summit. the labor leader and the water congress should get together and do that and they should do it. trump made a surprise appearance but only stayed to listen to indian prime minister narendra modi and german chancellor angela merkel by john thought i would send germany makes up one percent of the world's population and 2 percent of global emissions if
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everyone on the planet were to act as we to emissions would double and everyone is more than aware of what this means therefore we want by 2030 to reduce or c o 2 emissions by 55 percent compared with levels in 1990 and in 2050 we want to be climate neutral. on the myan it's by thousands of the team on the outskirts of. germany's chancellor has been puffing her green credentials sharing a picture of her meeting to back on instagram. but the climate activists and other young campaign this have named germany and 4 other countries in a landmark complaint to the un says in action on climate change amounts to a violation of children's human rights lesley dumbs to burke and her allies can only leave the summit hoping that the world's leaders have got the message. of these correspondent alexander phenomena has been covering the summit in new york
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for us she sent us this assessment. gratitude and emotional speech at the u.n. climate summit was the man's to galvanize the world leaders into bold climate change action and indeed the leader of to leader told the united nations that they will do more to prevent global warming from reaching even more dangerous levels but even as they made their pledges they had to admit it might not be enough $66.00 countries promised to have more ambitious climate goals some of them like france and germany are pledging to contribute more money to help poorer nations deal with climate issues too little too late according to greg burke the swedish climate activist has filed a complaint to the united nations claiming that the lack of action by many of its member states violates the u.s. and convention on the rights of the child. that was an exam to phenomena we have
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more breaking news coming in also from the supreme court but this time in spain now spain supreme court has approved the government's plans to remove the remains of former dictator francisco franco from a state mazzoli and now the issue has divided opinion in spain still torn over the legacy of his dictatorship the socialist government. now in power wants to rebury franco in a family plot and rededicate his current gravesite to victims of the spanish civil war. let me now bring you up to date bits of other stories making news around the world 3 european nations have backed the u.s. and blaming iran for a recent attack on saudi oil facilities european leaders are urging iran to agree to a new talks with word files on its nuclear and missile programs. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has met with his political rival benny gantz to discuss
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a unity government and of rotating prime ministership the 2 lead israel's largest parties but neither one a clear mandate in last week's elections a 3rd round of elections looms if the talks fail to form a government. 8 newborn babies have been killed after a fire ripped through a maternity unit at a hospital in a wood stove in eastern and shia area state media says the prime minister has ordered an investigation into the course of the blaze now to monitor where 5 european union countries have struck an initial deal on resettling refugees rescued from the mediterranean the agreement reached in water aims to ease the burden on the southern members who bear the brunt of new refugee arrivals. on land at last in malta migrants rescued off the coast of libya are finally
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able to disembark on european soil in many cases asylum seekers have been stranded at sea for weeks while e.u. countries argue about who will take them. europe has wrangled for years over what should happen to migrants rescued at sea the e.u. has dublin agreement states that migrants must seek asylum in the 1st e.u. country they reach. and that has been a major bone of contention for european countries that border the mediterranean now a deal struck by germany france italy and finland could finally see an end to the row over the redistribution of migrants rescued in the mediterranean. it's a plan that would take the burden of italy and malta and foresees the swift relocation of migrants to other e.u. members part of the plan could see germany taking in a quarter of those migrants to help process that asylum applications. the people
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that are brought onto land have to be redistributed their security status can be determined through a process of interviews but it's impossible to determine their legal status in such a short 4 week period so their right to asylum is for example what will be decided in germany. these are just the bones of the plan that will be put to the e.u.'s other interior ministers at a wider summit in october for now at least there's hope that could soon be an end to the days when rescue ships packed with desperate people turned away from europe's ports. now criminal gangs and militants and treason their grip on drug camps in bangladesh they include members of a group called the. salvation army or now that group has blamed me an mot of attacking police posts in 2017 with spock's a government crackdown on the minority that brutal crackdown resulted in existence
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of rohingya from the high state now some 750000 fled across the border to bangladesh and did have a team of reporters vent to investigate what impact these militants are having on refugees living in the camps in bangladesh. oh night time in bangladesh strange accounts young men patrol the streets on the lookout for criminal gangs we've heard tales of murder the duction and rape. we're defying the curfew on our way to meet a woman whose husband was shot dead nearby on the. moment. my husband used to fight for their own hinges he had no open ear for everyone's problems and wanted to stop the lawlessness in the camps that's why some people felt insulted. to
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protect the woman's identity we cannot say who he was but one thing is clear he angered a powerful group operating in the camps william i am out of my husband was shot after evening prayers those who killed him are members of the our country hinges salvation army. but before we can ask any further questions about the militant group our fixer tells us it's time to leave. guides us along the back alley ways to make sure we aren't being followed. once we reach our car he disappears. we want to meet a member of the militants but our guides was so afraid all it took weeks for contact to arrange an opportunity in
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a secluded spot outside of the count's we can't verify if the man really is who he claims to be but his story checks out with other accounts he doesn't want to space filmed he's too scared his commander might find out he gave us an interview. some people came to our village and asked whether we want to govern ourselves they told us you don't have any rights in your own country we're here to help you take control of your land if you agree come and join us that's how they convinced us they also gave us arms training after that so i joined a. group that was in 2017 shortly after he joined the conflict between us and the me and my army escalated forcing hundreds of thousands of ranger to flee to bangladesh among them oscar insurgents like this man today they are trying to impose strict rules in the camp that is incredibly. friends informants from myanmar in the camps they are killed. women are also
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threatened. if we see a woman dressed incorrectly and if we see her arms we can hit. in the capital dhaka we confront the foreign minister with the stories we've heard . like. a little bit like those in bangladesh there are these in the in my. if there's any became up up and we'll send that individual to my area today from the militant tells us that after some 3500 fighters live in the camps a figure we can't verify we want to know why he agreed to talk to us. if we cause trouble and kill people here the government of bangladesh will also start killing us that's why i disagree with us as actions here but i want to fight
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in myanmar along. faced with the might of the me and my army across the river this isn't a fight they are likely to win the stage is set for a refugee crisis that isn't going away soon. conrad was one of the investigative reporters as you saw in that report she joins me now welcome 1st tell us about this group. what are they doing in these camps so they fled together with the refugees to 2 years ago they seem to be several 1000 from what we've got the in the camps basically they're recruiting the training people and they're crossing from what the militia told us but what also are the sources confirmed they're crossing into me i'm all for training some 20300 militants at a time and they come back so it's basically where they have the structures where some of their commanders are where they say they're preparing to fight the problem
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is that they don't actually have a lot of weapons that at one. munitions so it's unlikely that they'll be launching any large scale attacks anytime soon of course that could change if they do get outside support if they get more money so they aren't getting outside support who's financing them and is their ultimate aim to carry out attacks in me and not that's exactly what they want yes they want some kind of a self administration for the red. state and they want to get that by battling against against the army of myanmar they are getting some support some financial support from the diaspora maybe also from other sources what they did get in the past and that's also what the taliban the pakistani taliban spokesman confirmed to us they got military training at least some of the leadership in pakistan i can't tell you how many people were trained when exactly that happened but there are some links at least training wise to the pakistani taliban and yet now be reese what you report the bangladeshi foreign minister deny
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the existence of any such groups in the refugee camps in bangladesh exactly and that's because it's diplomatically very sensitive bangladesh wants to send these people back they want to send the refugees back rather yesterday than today and that's of course difficult when you know when there is reports that atsic is active in the camps they rely on me and mas goodwill on myanmar establishing some kind of set up that these people can return back to at the moment none of the refugees want to return and if there are reports and that's why this report is maybe also diplomatically problematic for bangladesh if there are reports that these militants the start of the attacks 2 years ago which led to the crackdown active in the camps then that's difficult for everyone involved in this conflict and as we saw you report the conditions in the camps why dangerous when they talk of murder and rape and things and they all also organizations are calling for more security in the camps you were walking around the you know during the curfew after the curfew what
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is. what are conditions there like in these camps security is tense i mean we have to remember that any big city you have you know the best some security problems in every big city and this is a camp of more than 1000000 refugees but when you walk around and we understand a little bit of time there because it was dangerous and because we were breaking the curfew you hardly see anyone out you don't see any women on the streets those people that we saw were listening back to their heart so security is tense we also have to remember that this is in a region where drugs are trafficked so next to also we also have criminal drug smuggling operations happening there shootouts with the police every couple of days ledged drug smugglers do get killed so it's a very very dangerous part of bangladesh anyway under the top of this you have these criminal gangs and also these militants operating there right thank you very much for your investigative reporting. now for some sport and soccer's biggest
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names hit the red carpet at milan's las condo opera house last night for the 5th best player and coach of the hordes he was soccer star megan rypien it was named best female player after helping her team to a west cup win in july. make an rypien and start the women's world cup in june and july being named best player and ending up as joint top scorer as the u.s. clinched their 4th title it was no surprise when she was voted to speak as best female player. she had a powerful message for the football world we have a unique opportunity in football different to any other sport in the world to use this beautiful game to actually change the world for better so that's my charge to everyone i hope you take that to heart and just do something do anything we have
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incredible power in this room. there was more success for the u.s. with former national ball still ellis taking the coach prize the fee for awards a voted for by fans journalists national coaches and captains most pundits assumed liverpool the netherlands defend a virgil van dyke with the men's player award after helping liverpool to champions league glory but for the 6th time barcelona's leader no messi triumphed after stabbing his club side to another spanish league title. circle well i don't know what my secret is the only thing i know is that hard work doing the most to keep improving to keep bettering yourself to keep winning that i've always said is most important everything else is secondary. you know sort of that we're not despite vandyke missing out there was recognition for liverpool that german manage it you're going to clubs took home the best male coach award football paid homage to its heroes and pino stole the show. this is news
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and these are our top stories the u.k. supreme court has ruled a prime minister barak's johnson suspension of parliament was unlawful the decision means lawmakers can reassemble quote as soon as possible which would deal a blow to johnson's plans for taking britain out of the e.u. . spain supreme court has approved the government's plans to remove the remains of former dictator francisco franco from the state muslim front those remains will not be reburied in a family plot with his current griefs i read dedicated to victims of the spanish civil war. learning messi is men's football of the year he was crowned world's best player for a record 6 time at the feet of boards in milan the us star player meghan pino scooped the women's award after helping a team to a world cup win in july. this is deja news from berlin you can always find the
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latest headlines at d.w. dot com or follow us on twitter. coming up your business news and a slightly upbeat news for germany's economy do stay with us for that if you can for me on the thought she must buy from the.
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kick off. to make things right match glovebox keep still so dollars and wins back to spam. me it'll be all right match our stores hotter when it's the 1st game this season and berlin breathes a sigh of relief. because. 16. i'm
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not proud they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeeding taking the people off the streets because. with tired of his dictatorship. taking a stand global news that matters d. w. made for mines. where is home. when your family gathered across the globe. saw the kids if you could listen to. the journey back to the groups we should get a minimum of. the sharks family from somalia live around the world to them one of them needed urgent assistance an english. family starts october any on g.w. . the fall of the berlin wall began long before november 989. we visit the heroes of eastern europe we talked to those who began the struggle for
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freedom and those who showed personal courage. to give them the fall of the wall didn't surprise me usually the 1st does it take to change the course of history. raising the iron curtain starts september 30th on t.w. . come germany's economy breathe a sigh of relief after months of downbeat sentimental german industry a sudden limbaugh upbeat and confident that a recession why it's not because of after all. the shoulders of fuel in cuba leads to some drastic choices when it comes to getting around.


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