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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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don't tell me that that's. so. and the jointer come up in the morning. reveal the since news of your heart is. on. top in our. eyes. match day 5 of the season still young but the usual favorites are already a step ahead. making champs byron for instance and lights
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a already boring not at all because it's also in the mix at the top. device in. mind see if you can do this you should because freiburg wear head of byron munich won big in the champions league and now faced cologne the record champs undefeated the same as 1st place blood say when they taste their 1st defeat in braman and dortmund they were strong against barcelona but failed to score that had to change against frankfurt otherwise freiburg might overtake them that would be the talk of the town now wouldn't it be boyd it. got to officials who will probably do for 0 in. the case but we do talk about football and all about what happened on match day 5 consulted become a top team once again for instance. as their new coach david wagner said. yet.
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but 1st let's head to munich sally on serena and top scorer harvard leavened aussie . when robert leavened the left the pitch in the 72nd minute munich gave him a standing ovation. because once again he made history against cologne the poles scored his 8th and 9th goals of the season and one other man who scored so many in the 1st 5 match days later my ear for gladbach back in 1967 back when scoring goals was simpler as they say. after just 2 minutes biron took cologne by surprise i should have been dusty's 8. teed up the star striker and colognes defense just couldn't keep up.
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7 top speed byron's attacking machine firing on all cylinders shortly after the break he headed in his record tying 9th goal of the season to know what biron would be without levon dosti is hard to imagine but he really score 40 goals in abundance league campaign a feat accomplished only by kerry back in the early seventy's. defeating belgrade in the champions league firing were headed for another we haven't got city's new partner in crime fairly because sheen you know nearly gifted his body a 3rd goal. to our harmonizing well together i can feel this is it i'm happy they get along so well you could see that not only in the goals but also in philippe's posses that finding more and more pods i'm delighted with both of them and also with the rest of the players in. cologne did manage to. create some chances of their own though like many modern coaches
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colognes came by a lot several eyes on pressing high up the pitch that worked for them at times but the difference was their ability to finish after all cologne only have john cordoba not given dosti. photos to cologne for trying but they couldn't make it. here now the other hand have more reasons to celebrate than just 11. believe they could cheney 0 making his 1st start was awarded a penalty to discount to act in the box i got the loans kingsley i he's a boy i sent you an early shower. i'm. i pick cheney i stepped up and opened his own just like i can't say make it 3. jobs he didn't counts at the chance
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to break a record but instead generously let his partner take the penalty. because he's a new player for us and he hadn't scored a goal yet the 1st goal with a new club is important for every player to see his future at the club and his self-confidence i think that it's a comfort to. what more can you say byron's players are even putting aside their egos this season stars who are also team players are twice as dangerous. and another new recruit hit home for his 2nd goal of the season even paris for now all is well and. newcomer fitting. and the team kept another clean sheet thanks to my noise floor of the spring. and that was it he is chasing one record after the next. everything is falling into
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place and they remain undefeated. and it's their favorite time of year october fest. myron aren't the only ones on a roll. little freiburg are a fairy tale in the making the black forest club of modest means are pilfering points from the rich giants 9 points after only 4 match days that put them in 3rd place. but their coach doesn't seem to care much about their place in the table. twice and i don't know because it doesn't interest me is what i care about your 4 matches 9 point. 9 points after 4 games in some heard up for freiburg it's the best bundesliga season starting club history they all deserve it because.
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it's taking people back to the year 995 that was when freiburg finished 3rd in the bundesliga exactly where they stood at the start of the weekend. with lloyd. if the people in the city streets are all united and say only this or that would happen and the need for much better fantastic polo and that's how it should be and i was on the side after beating hoffenheim 3 nil a week ago from work we're up against. another club with a small budget but with less success over the years but even oxford coach martin schmidt is glad to hear the freiburg fairy tale. suddenly humans show on course it's great to see that clubs with a lot of heart to passion but with smaller budgets can also be in the mix at the top it definitely sets an example for borg and for built in the modern visor for a. role model or not freiburg out to win and germany coach and x. 5 player. yogi loaf wanted to watch the miracle continue and the 24th minute it did
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look as hell and hammered home to make it one now of the was the the a long ball sent from the back line bounced back and forth between cust and going to and lucas hella before the striker finally smashed it in the back of the net i was his 2nd goal of the season but in 5 perth it's less about the individual scores than the team as a whole all the above does and another even if it doesn't matter who is playing at the last couple of games i happen to get playing time and i think we will see some dark days are coming up ahead. despite the elation freiburg remain humble but for the moment they were temporarily number one in the bundesliga top of the table for the 1st time in close to try to his long career as head coach for
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total of 15 minutes and 36 seconds and then all of a sudden it was over by virtue of none other than former freiburg player so i need a life now my he clearly toned down his post goal celebration out of respect for his history at the club. even though his 3rd season goal for our sport was a beauty worth celebrating my not least for aiming just right into the far corner to get past 5 book keeper alexander show no he's only conceded 4 goals so far this season. the goal there were lots of feelings i planned not to celebrate that was obvious for me because my time in 5 blood was sounding nice inside of the feeds it sure was. my aside from their former teammate the goal post was also against freiburg. in the final minutes freiburg hip. woodwork twice here. and
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once again here i've got so much for a fairy tale come true i bet. you don't get everything you ask for that's what the post is there for so that the ball hits it it's ok ok. 11 well that single points lead to a happy ending oh well the fable says be over. it's one more point further from relegation it's all about earning 40 points as fast as possible so that we can use this year for it's of a store advantage would be stupid if we didn't have a good. time will tell how fribourg this mythical season start plays out but for now to another happy club. it was a moment of pure genius from i mean how to eat that hoisted shellac a further up the table it was the winning 21 goal for shaka versus months in the
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89th minute why isn't he so good right now and is this coach aware of how deep the previous season at shell. she was probably a forgettable long or at least that's what i've been told not just football wise but also personally and now he's having fun and it's just. my time for. the game was nearly over when i mean how to turn hero with moments like these shaka could easily get carried away with big dreams and ambitions same like making it to the champions league. but can new coach david wagner really lead those players who barely escaped relegation last season back to success. i think the most important thing is that the deadness fear for all of us who support this football club will be positive but the supporters that the stuff.
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go home game. game and we go home i think most decent sure positive thinking might be just what's needed to bring about beautiful plays like this one. and the shock of fans were surely thinking yes that was a decent goal from so out sandow. and the assistant perfectly placed passed from how he made the goal impossible for minds to defend. here i mean how did was involved in a deadly car crash in his native country morocco see developed a gambling problem and lost his self-discipline now adays he seems to be focused on his game once again other players too are all of a sudden boldly attempting to nice few people thought they were capable of because fox now is getting through to his players and inspiring them one on one talks maybe
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that's why his players have the league's best ratio of winning tackles this season but there's still more to be learned. to be patient the most important things. and i know it's something of the most difficult things as well they have to learn how to deal with setbacks that even a club like mind can fight back just as they did with this equaliser from the team on his evil i'm step back happen and god knows it. but he also knows what this club in particular needs to find success. because as a young player the german american was a part of shock a success back in 1997 when they won the away for a cup final. gained more experience coaching dortmund's reserve team and later at huddersfield he helped the english club secure promotion to the premier league and avoid relegation. for another season. now he's passing on what he learned to his
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players at shaka. and then finally the magical moment a moment of ecstasy for all shaka fans who are eager to dream of something more. international success maybe even champions league participation. is keeping his expectations modest. i know that it has 2 very. close steps to create a season where we may be off the season. we were successful thanks to coach david wagner i mean how to each and the team's newfound boldness shellcode are securing their place in the upper echelons of the table. did you know the kickoff is now on you tube with the world of football. was next. to rid of all the while ignoring the feel of how high tensions are running
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i'm going to say no to stop. people and discuss football i'm chris here it's a. big question because. there's a football on you cheat. character berlin and patter born still winless with only one point of peace both sides were acutely aware of the need for a win and the high stakes of the game make tempers flare. and are born with taking chances but couldn't seem to find the next. ball we need these chances on goal we don't complain if they don't all go in because it's clear i have no 11. 0 sum the other hand scored on their 1st attempt after an impressive solo run through patter . bourne's leaky defense buys your viro deal roast. with the fans hungry for
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more. after the break bill rosen set up mario fulfill coolly made it to neil. berlin born ben selinski cutter born deficit shortly thereafter but in the end barely and where the one celebrating their 1st 3 pointer. after defeats in the league and the champions league leverkusen needed a lift travelling on your own fans were hoping leverkusen slump would continue past 20 minutes and kevin foley fired a laser putting the house to one mill in front. 5 minutes later newcastle labial added another goal. today. it seems a lot was on labor consumed side meanwhile when young were getting desperate to
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keep the ball out of their own box you just leave a clue how do you expect to hold your own against labor cohesion i understand the need to just kick the ball away but a certain aggressiveness is a must because only 3 minutes after coming off the bench sebastian poulter was sent straight off the pitch for an ugly and needless foul making it only owns 3rd red card in just 5 behind us liam matches in the final minutes i have there it's almost added to when he owns misery but could only rattle the crossbar. as satisfying end to a tough week for laver cousin bill looks to be back on track. spork are also among the top teams this season and also have yet to lose a match a win against hoffenheim who got off to a shaky campaign start would see the wolves buy their way up the table the wolf but the best nose for goal so far was about back cost who scored 3 in 4 games but he had to watch his teammates. allow sebastian rudy to net
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a real beauty 6 minutes in. half an hour later found maybe who made it one wanting got the rest of the wolves howling. and that's how it ended may not have won their 3rd game in 5 outings but they stay undefeated and not very far from the top of the table thanks mainly to about cost with 3 goals and to assist the dutchman has played a part in 84 goals. fans didn't look too concerned about their clash with the regional rivals. saying that they have had the upper hand in all their darby encounters to date. but it didn't start very well for the hosts 6 minutes in and 4 to no were rewarded for a bold start one nailed by a cutscene adams. fought back with one attempt after the next.
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game. and even if it took a while to have something to show for their efforts eventually with just a quarter of an hour left to play their fully deserved equaliser freshly stopped on summer recruit to hand bag his very 1st one just so he could go a long walk. down the 87th minute after a hectic scramble in the discipline box the frenchman found the target to get to seal the win. thanks to tom glad keep their regional bragging rights and climb further up the table. dortmund's thomas delaney before the match against frankfurt confident slide skilled but the lady after the match the projected watch went wrong.
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everything started as expected it took the visitors only 11 minutes to get on the scoreboard axel bissell hit home for his 1st goal of the season. but just before the break frankfurt's andre silver also scored his 1st one all. well the 1st half didn't exactly raise germany lives calls the 2nd half was much livelier. in the 66th minute kevin trapp was able to stave off a dortmund free kick but he had no chance joined dissipate brilliant pass to jayden sanchez put it away. and were back ahead and could almost taste the when my did you forget about sad delay me with 2 minutes left he sent the ball into his own net. ecstasy for frankfurt and agony for men will have to stop dropping points in games where they should run
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out as if they still expect to win the title speaking points. can anyone stop life take their off to the best start in club history in the pundits league and champions league the team seems to be all grown up. we want to go game to game i mean we had. if you look at the pictures are not an easy start but we we got the results we wanted and our game is getting better and better as. a club that focuses on the collective not on stars and it's working people down to has extended his contract players like myself beats are driven by ambition as is the young coach things have jelled on captain delhi or bounce team. i mean i'm lucky gaining experience also internationally that let us grow have lived like ever been destroyed the team has the league's best offense can they win
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the title. well now if we keep improving things look good to us. braman were riddled with injuries when they enter change light sake. and that wasn't the only reason their coach was pessimistic. even though we have all our players here and complete a good sharp we have and it's still like to she was a favorite in this game say if so much more possibilities in the financial way those possibilities were already on display in the 12th minute of the ability or by using his head a grandmaster of the corner more fun scored 10 of his 11 bundesliga goals from corners. of the i lift the that's also why he was combs the thought of set pieces in the bonds i would have thought was a really good ball and i had really good timing all the better because we couldn't
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create many chances from open play and can continue to. leipzig weren't exactly playing great but luckily there were some decent it's a free kick in the 35th minute. myself so it's out with a world class shot of the of the australians want to fight since key players and on this day one of the best. i was. i in the 64th minute it's kind of odd limassol read for this sample. but he just kept on going. and wilson guns we didn't let ourselves be discouraged arriva well that's important in a game like this and i think i sure performance not an outstanding one that will go down in history but mature that's not what i have. in the end they also got one from open play a team of their own up with a perfect pass marcello seracini finishing the job i think here is why i'm making
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it 3 nolan the 83rd minute his 1st goal for life to save. their flying start to the campaign has got this team inspired might say just keep on winning. games the rest of the league let's take a look at the results. and here are the results if you think about it almost all of the league's top teams lived up to expectations high and got to win as did shaka lockbox labor who is in and of course leipsic only dortmund had to settle for a draw is that good enough when you want to win the title. well at least dortmund are still in the mix at the top and anyway it's only match day 5 but not taken biron have both been impressive shall cover slowly becoming regulars in the top half of the table. thames further down. that's where we find the 3 newly
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promoted sides blame cologne and powder born and after losing to hatch a berlin patter born are now dead last and unfortunately they don't have 11 job ski in their attack. while that leventhal ski keeps on scoring 9 goals in fines games that's a record but he's back on track to break an even bigger $11.00. that's been held for nearly 50 years by gets moved up the player with the most goals in a single campaign that was the 197172 seasons nickname to the bomber he scored 40 goals back that cutoff tally to this day but even miller had only scored 3 match day 5. 11 off speed already has 3 times as many goals in his account how often will the poll find the net if he continues at this rate they'll have 54 goals by match a 30. does he think he can break mellows record despite letting newcomers like it
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she know take penalties for him. that's it for match day 5. despite 11 dosti startling statistics it's still a lot of take or sitting in 1st place ahead of biron even though their top scorer team obama failed to find the neptunes time. for watching.
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