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start september 30th on. the be. democrats in the u.s. congress launch an impeachment inquiry into. the actions of the presidency. dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections the president must be held accountable no one is of the law. also coming up the british
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prime minister returns film cutting short his trip to new york. after the supreme court guilty johnson suspension of solomon it was illegal what kind of reception might he get. and working for a better tell the story of the 30 year old woman fighting for independent film land in the best interest she's one of the winners of this dr livelihood award. and welcome to the program good to have you with. only 2 presidents have been impeached in american history donald trump may have become the for nancy pelosi the democratic house speaker has accused trump of asking ukraine to have smeared joe
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biden the democratic frontrunner for next year's presidential election congressional committees will now start gathering evidence the inquiry could ultimately see trump the 45th u.s. president removed from office it was a long time coming. but nancy pelosi has finally made the announcement many in her party have been waiting for the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his office betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections the president must be held accountable no one is above the law strong words from the speaker but why now a complaint about donald trump from a whistle blower has focused her attention it alleges that the president put pressure on ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son biden is one of the potential challengers to trump in the american presidential
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elections next year. where the president believes there is no limit to his power. president believes he can do anything and get away with it but the president believes he's above the law. pursuing the leader of another nation to investigate a political phone. this election not the conduct of the american press. chum knew the inquiry announcement was coming and he wasn't impressed. look it's just a continuation of the we're just the worst with children. you have the strongest of . the best unemployment numbers that. chant has faced down multiple scandals since taking office with the republicans controlling the senate even if he is impeached whether he is removed from the white house is another matter entirely. with me in the studio i have bars for one he's a professor of political science at college welcome barra's now as we should call
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for donald trump's pietschmann have been dead for a while why did nancy pelosi decide to call for it now and i think for a long time there's been a strategic has a tense especially during the miller report which took a while just took months and i think it took part of the momentum out of the of the democratic campaign for impeachment plus there is a deep division within the democratic party where more progressive democrats are arguing for impeachment and the more perhaps pragmatic or more conservative wing is arguing against it for a long time that's a put those who was able to stave this off this kind of critique i think now is a moment where well maybe this is the this the straw that broke the camel's back and we're not supposed to just test respond but it impeaching a president is a long and complicated to see just some stand a 10 steps involved and as you said they've been divisions within the democrats
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over this issue there still divisions within the democrats and among voters is this a vis good move for the democrats given or if this is a risky move it's not seen as something that's very popular it's risky because of my backfire this is what has happened. in part with the bill clinton impeachment where clinton wasn't able or the democrats were able to take away the midterm elections after the impeachment trial it takes a while trump might not even be in office anymore when de impeachment trial goes to the senate or go through the senate so there is a risk involved on the other hand there's a risk involved if you don't act if the democrats do not acknowledge you would wonder at what point an impeachable offense is an impeachable offense and i think there's a risk or a thought that this could set a precedent and that the moment to act is now the end of the trump administration has been reluctant to provide documents a signal that subpoenas from congress why is that trump administration being supportive this time well the question is if it will be co-operative and if i think
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that's a very good question the report maybe was happening on a different scale the public limelight might be more intense for an impeachment trial so perhaps this adds this adds to the to the momentum at the same time if trump is portrayed the narrative the strong enough by democrats to put trey trump as somebody who's undermining democratic institutions that would feed this kind of narrative and i think this could increase the pressure that trump has read good many scams in the past for the befana tissues the things he said about women and who are dangerous issues and he's managed to shut them all off the distance could it be different it could be we don't know. many times experts have been wrong in his presidency i think in part that might be the fault of experts in part it's because trump seems to be a different type of president and the rules seem to be working differently and i think this is exactly what the democrats are trying to point out we should have
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rules that you know need to be applied for all presidents no matter who it is at certain moments in time. boris film and a professor of political science thank you very much for another says it's name and honor trump has been at the united nations made last out of iran and what he called it fanatical quest for nuclear weapons but during a speech at the u.n. general assembly he stopped short of urging any specific military action tensions have been going after the attack on assad the oil facilities which the west blames on the head on but iran rejects these accusations u.s. president donald trump has said all along he suspects the rand is behind the attack on saudi oil sites but at the u.n. he refrained from threatening military action opting instead to turn up economic pressure in response to iran's recent attack on saudi arabian oil facilities we
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just imposed the highest level of sanctions on iran central bank and sovereign wealth fund. all nations have a duty to. know responsible government should subsidise iran's blood lust. as long as iran's menacing behavior continues sanctions will not be lifted. germany along with britain and france have joined the u.s. in pointing the finger at iran and the whatever it was that chancellor angela merkel used at the gathering of world leaders to hold separate talks on the sidelines with both donald trump and iranian president hassan rouhani. is what. i would very much welcome talks taking place between the united states and iran but sanctions being lifted before talks are held isn't likely to happen. despite. the drone attacks earlier this month targeting key saudi oil facilities had
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temporary ripple effects on world markets and added to the tensions in an already unstable region. well yemen's the rebels say they carried out the attacks many experts are convinced that iran was behind the airstrikes. but tehran insists it had nothing to do with the attacks president rouhani traveled to new york to lay out his country's case. he's held by latin talks with french president manuel marker on as well as german chancellor angela merkel. un secretary general antonio has warned against any further escalation in the region and above all we are facing the a lot of being possibility of armed conflict in the gulf the consequences of which the world cannot afford. the recent attack on solve you know maybe oil facilities was totally unacceptable in a context where the mind that
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a miscalculation can lead to a major confrontation we must do everything possible to push for a reason and restraint. outwardly at least it seems no side is willing to risk a military confrontation. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world at least 5 people have been wounded in a bomb attack on a bus carrying police in the southern turkey city of donna it's not yet known who is responsible for the attack authorities have launched an investigation. chinese president xi jinping has officially opened beijing's new airport indicated in the south of the city the airport cost $16000000000.00 and boasts the world's biggest terminal building a starfish like structure designed by the leading architect. it will eventually handle 100000000 passengers. the germans of the of thomas cook has
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filed for insolvency following the collapse of its parent company earlier this week 140000 holidaymakers are currently traveling with the firm and other local affiliates it's unclear how many customers will be affected. british prime minister abbas johnson could be facing lawmakers in london again today in the same parliament that he suspended earlier this month the supreme court has ruled the move was illegal throwing get more confusion into the brig sit this hour let's bring you live pictures of bars johnson has just arrived there and his convoy is whizzing past the streets of london we don't know where use heading that possibly towards the parliament which is due to open shortly and he's promised to take britain out of the european union on the 31st of come what may let's 1st have a look at this report before we go live to london. emerging from the gloom
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a smiling boris johnson was asked if bracks it is going to happen. are you going to examine. that question johnson but he's already made clear he's not about to bow out he's flying home early from new york following the u.k. supreme court's unanimous ruling with which he says he strongly disagrees. the court is bound to conclude. that the decision to advise her majesty to perreault parliament was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification the effect on the fundamentals of our democracy was extreme no justification for taking action with such an extreme effect has been put before the court the speaker of the house of commons john bercow welcomed the
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ruling was in the light. of that explicit judgement i have instructed the house so far it is to prepare not for the recall. the purgation was unlawful and these void to prepare for the resumption of the business of the house of commons a labor government jeremy corbyn the leader of the opposition labor party called on johnson to step down. for a while. however for the 2 of them is labor conference this on a prime minister should now regard. parliament getting back to work it can finally address the pressing issues with bracks it likely topping the list the opposition wants to sort that out 1st before facing the question of toppling johnson's beleaguered government. with straight to the british parliament
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with charlotte parts if danding by a welcome shot of the scene of action once again in the building behind you m.p.'s are due to meet there shortly in brazil their fashion what can we expect to happen today. in about 15 minutes time to be exact emerita that is when m.p.'s are returning to work here in the house of commons behind me for the 1st time since that probation and of course parliamentarians were furious when johnson send them on that forced break so we can expect a very heated debate now that they are back we don't know yet if boris johnson himself will attend number 10 has not confirmed that but we do expect the parliamentarians to ask very heated questions in the direction of forrest johnson what his strategy is all about what he intends to do in the coming months and i think this is really a debate to watch a debate for the history books the 1st one after those probation that was ruled
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illegal by the supreme court yesterday we've just seen the bonus johnson has arrived in london he's been seen whizzing through the streets off the british capital but as you said we still don't know whether he's arriving in the on the moment of behind you so tell us more now the key. lawmakers if he does come lawmakers he suspended. suspended bollman for 5 weeks what kind of reception do you think he will get. oh you will get a very very cold reception that is for sure as i said m.p.'s were furious when he sent them on the break and boris johnson really he cut his new york trip short so he is arriving in london as we speak basically and he is in a really really deep dark hole at the moment he's facing pressure to resign from the labor opposition party from the scottish national party lots of calls there for
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him to resign boris johnson himself is very unapologetic he has struck a very defiant tone yesterday when he was interviewed after the supreme court decision he doesn't intend to resign he is saying so we'll really have to see how he's facing that music and parliament today and you keep in touch with you shall appoint throughout the day to find out what's happening in the british parliament as it resumes off to the supreme court ruling yesterday thank you very much for that update. a new u.n. report has issued the starkest warning get off a climate change catastrophe for the planet's seas predicting super storms rising sea levels and ocean dead zones scientists from the intergovernmental panel on climate change say that while these have been helping the planet cope with dries in temperatures unprecedented overheating in the ocean poses a huge threat to humanity the report warns that sea levels will rise 3 feet by the
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end of the century if global warming doesn't slow down making some of the nation's inhabitable. turning now to the people working to make our world a better place the winners of this right livelihood awards has have just been announced also known as the alternative nobel prize the award on has people offering solutions to our problems now one of this year's finds venice is a familiar face climate activist greta the 16 year old has galvanized a protest movement calling on governments to do more to combat climate change and she made her case for that at the u.n. this week also being honored for protecting the environment is an amazonian tribal sharman davi campaigns to protect the lost wilderness of the amazon and his tribes way of life and from china we have war gen my she is receiving an award for
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work fighting for gender equality she set up the country's 1st legal advocacy group for women's rights which received little attention in china. and this is honorary award goes to a pro-democracy activist from western sahara let's take a look at her life's work fighting for independence for her homeland. i mean that's why daughter has spent over 30 years fighting for the independence of her home in western sahara it's earned her a reputation as the gandhi of the sahara people for decades had out has been involved in a struggle that has led to frequent clashes between american soldiers and her always she says she has been in prison and tortured multiple times it hasn't stopped the human rights defender from complaining for independence. $97051.00 spanish call on the forces withdrew from western sahara oracle deployed forces to lay claim to the territory but the offensive prompted an insurgency by the harare
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rebels who came to be known as the palace are your friend the group declared the sorrow we ere of them accredit republic in that in 76 rocket took control of the territory shortly before un brokered cease fire went into effect in 1901 since then united nations efforts have repeatedly failed to reach a settlement i mean not haidar won't give up her peaceful protest the right livelihood foundation has honored her for her dignity and resolve making her one of the most respected leaders among the sarai people. joining me now is you leon according she's a board and jury member of the right livelihood foundation welcome to you so we've just seen that report on an inspiring activist who has won this is already award can extend what makes the right livelihood awards so different from other prizes. the right life we go toward is a very open award everybody around the world can nominate anybody secondly we don't
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give awards and specific categories we start a long term relationship with the laureates we say receiving the award is just the beginning the awards doesn't only honor what somebody has done but it also ends to protect the laureates and to support them for the rest of their life spacy cleese so we have to semele of laureates. and the 3rd function is as a set we consider ourselves to be the megaphone and the shield of the lawrence to continue to support them in their ongoing work i think that makes it very different from a lot of awards they often single out people for prizes who are not particularly well known around the world but this is a great attitude and bug is among the majority it's and she's been very much in the spotlight why did you decide to give her an award. well it tension is not much of a criterion for the jury the jury looks for chieftains and although great very
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young she has achieved as much as the laureate so in terms of being a beacon of hope to millions of young people bringing the topic of climate crisis not only in the headlines but also to the talk of minds. she's clearly a call with with other laureates and as i said it's about achievement it's not about who's grabbing headlines i mean you just talked about i mean not to haidar she's certainly somebody where we deliberately put the spotlight on nobody has been you know nobody has been talking about the conflict in the western sahara for a long time that's right because you have highlighted a forgotten conflict to say with the honorary awards to me not to hide it is it important for the organization to draw attention to issues receiving a little attention as well. i think it does i think it does the weight of highlight areas where people are still struggling where people are suffering and
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to bring that to attention to make that part of an international discussion again it's something we can do without a wart and i think there is an ongoing fight for justice for self-determination i mean those are top ix. we talk just about the climate crisis right now but there are topics like justice which make it important to have this planet inhabitable and give people a life of dignity so that's why we picked that. conan jury member of the right livelihood award a pleasure to talk to you thank you. and now to an is inspirational story from south africa john is yani don's company is not the country's best known performing arts groups one of the stop before legs has overcome adversity to take center stage in the company's latest production let's take a look at the show. i. need some alternatives getting ready to burst into the spotlight
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he's up next at the johannesburg theatre motors the lead phone line the latest piece by south africa's most prestigious dance company the yani dances. was was there was dancing professionally is a dream come true and something more to never thought he'd achieved he lost a leg to bone cancer when he was 11 a motel's love for music and movement remained her are not am not on our i was 15 i was a d.j. in name 8 this collating to daisy as i was dancing to merge piano dacia. and starting to love dancing and still are free and took now to dance to it if i you know i'm in it to get serious illness that it is you know as the traditions of
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before i was dancing as pooja and in bands were yet before i can do contribute was much has been a fulltime dancer for a year now it's an outlet for his agility and physical strength he says it also proves his determination but as a disabled densa he has to work harder than the other us full fulford trio able bodies to to catch something it can take in the fresh sequence for me going take me 10 sick you know that's only the difference yeah and then yeah but for their country it. was. when he isn't dancing motor's a motivational speaker he wants to inspire others living with a disability to dream big. when he dances the audience is an all of his effortless grace. it's you can even see on
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the on crutches i think that's one of the one of the things once i finally notice the mouse is like no way so it's just one of those things of it's not even a case of being on crutches it was a case of like once you know simulate mind blowing because they were just a dancer truth be told me it was so amazing it was very amazing see something like that it was actually it was a shock because you couldn't see maybe when you saw it it was like wow. hoping to make it big motor will be heading to new york next to wow audiences there. this is deja vu news and views are our top stories in the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has launched an impeachment inquiry into president donald trump it will focus on whether trump abused his spouse but allegedly seeking ukraine's help in undermining his democratic challenger joe biden. the actions of
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the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections the president must be held accountable no one is above the law. a new u.n. report has issued the starkest warning get off a climate change catastrophe for the planet's oceans scientists from the intergovernmental panel on climate change say the overheating of our oceans threatens to bring more intense storms and rising sea levels. british prime minister bar as johnson is set to face more calls to resign on wednesday as parliament resumes that's after britain's top court ruled he'd suspended parliament unlawfully. this is news from britain you can always find the latest headlines a d.-w. dot com or for us on twitter. that's it for now i'm going to touch him up pleasure
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symphonies of your heart is pumping. how do the romantic master come up with such a piece of. the brahms code. cutover 11th on d w 5 enough. leaders and get a base in climate change in the york china's president sends a powerful message to the opening of the 2nd biggest airport in the world xi jinping a signal that signaling that the beijing economic growth still comes before climate action.


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