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this is news coming to you live from berlin it's back to business parliament resumes in london the prime minister suspended it but the supreme court of pull over to a table now lawmakers are ready to question boris johnson on his next move in the brakes a crisis pretty good line to london. also coming up egypt of widens its crackdown on anti-government protesters fear is over mr option over a 1000 people have been arrested since protests is off to last week and its sponsorship of red public display of discontent with the country's authoritarian
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president. and a disaster in the making in the world's oceans scientists on the un climate panel wound up and tired of threats to humanity rising sea levels super strong flooding and more drop. out of a will continue on with that shima in london the house of commons has got back to walk after the supreme court the prime minister abbas johnson of parliament was unlawful and void johnson flew home from the united nations in new york overnight and is back in his official residence number 10 downing street meanwhile members of parliament are getting down to business in the chamber the speaker of the house has said they really be full scope for urgent. yes sions mysterious statements and
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applications for emergency debates the government meanwhile is planning to put a general election back on the table just a short while ago the attorney general geoffrey cox addressed the house of commons he rejected calls to resign and said the government was disappointed with the supreme court's ruling. the government accepts. the judgment and dick separate across the case at all charges the government acted in good faith . did in the belief that its approach was both no food constitution. but we were disappointed they didn't hear the supreme court took a different view and of course we respect their judgment difficult. to london and indeed of these big it must begin it's back to business in the
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british parliament m.p.'s have been debating for just about 3 hours now what's been happening there. absolute absolutely tumultuous scenes of rita and palm and m.p.'s incredibly angry at various johnson at the government demanding the publication of the legal advice that has been given to boris johnson which he then obviously took to the queen in order to ask for their power to provoke parliament but also we have seen the government quite defiant for example the attorney general who gave this legal advice that this was going to be lawful to suspend parliament and he said that parliament is cowardly for not agreeing to a general election at this point so i find that quite astonishing actually that there is a real split between a lot of angry m.p.'s angry at the government and the government themselves who have been well quite defiant really and it's also interesting that the attorney general in 5th that the suspension of parliament was still constitutional and legal
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no job boris johnson is back in london but he still hasn't appeared in parliament what kind of reception do you think he'll get when he arrives there. well given the fact it was already really quite wild here in parliament without those joints and you can only imagine when he is there where so many m.p.'s have been so angry that they were basically dispense of the job they were sent are on a holiday without actually wanting to do it they want to hold the government to account and now they have 4 as johnson who they held responsible for just sending them away and and he's somebody that has acted unlawfully a prime minister acts as unlawfully they were the mind is a resignation opposition figures will demand his resignation but so far boris johnson and the government is sitting tight because i think we have to wait until more cabinet ministers and also other m.p.'s of the conservative party are joining in but so far it seems that the conservative party at least what is left of it
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because several m.p.'s have already left the party but the conservative party here in parliament is standing behind boris johnson at least for the moment and make it one of the options now for boris johnson to deliver on break that on the 31st off with johnson in 50 will do or die. yes yes he has said that he will in any case deliver breaks it i think the chances that some form of agreement with the can in the end go through parliament have slightly increased because of what's going on here and all the chaos surrounding breaks and i think there will be a lot of m.p.'s that will be quite afraid that if there is no deal made with the that also they then accept here in parliament that the chances of unregulated regs of just going without any deal with the e.u. will increase so i think most likely because johnson will go to brussels and maybe
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we'll have to see at the end of october when he then comes back and most likely presents something that he might have been great with brussels or it could be the exactly the other way that he is leaving there goes the asians with crosses and says he can't agree on anything and then all bets are off and most likely a general election is going to follow leaving at the end of october like he has said do or die we'll see if that's really happening the biggest mass just outside the british parliament reporting from london thank you very much for that human rights groups in egypt say that more than a 1000 people have been arrested in a crackdown after protests against the rule of president of the assisi hundreds of demonstrators gathered in cairo and other cities last friday after online course cc's. he ceased power in 2013 man the military took over from the democratically
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elected muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi. so. joining me now on the line from cairo is correspondent ruth michelson non-governmental organizations say more than a 1000 demonstrators were arrested that's a huge number what more can you tell us about the arrests. well we've heard that 1438 people have got arrested accused according to one kyra base angio the egyptian commission for rights and freedoms. and that those they come from all in 20 areas across the country what we've seen so far is that these were peaceful demonstrators but also many many bystanders who just happen to have been mere demonstrators that took place we also unfortunately know that the egyptian authorities have since rounded up many prominent opposition figures in advance of these protests that are expected on friday that so far into the well known human rights lawyer who was
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representing the demonstrators in court and at least 3 opposition figures today. protests are becoming rare in egypt under this government one drove people to take to the streets now well absolutely i mean i think it's 1st important to remember that protesting is essentially illegal in egypt and so those that are going out into the street are risking their lives to do so now the call to protest from an exiled military contractor called muhammad ali who is based in barcelona and released videos and their massive corruption by the egyptian military he called for protests last friday and has called for a 1000000 person march this friday but it's also important to remember that this is less about paul and more about the message of how corruption has resonated strongly with the egyptian people this is given that an estimated 32.5 percent of people in
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egypt live below the poverty line and with a lot is the security situation like in the capital cairo where you are. well downtown cairo is essentially on lockdown there is a huge security presence around tahrir square including riot police to her square was the site of the protest of the revolution in 2011 i've also heard reports that street elsewhere in the country saw a protest last weekend also filled with police and access to information has also become part of this crackdown so according to the west monitoring organization net blocks twitter skype. also has is the remains throttled inside of egypt and the b.b.c. website has also been blocked here due to allegedly inaccurate coverage of the demonstrations according to the egyptian media regulator. ruth michelson in cairo
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thank you very much for that update from there. let me now bring up to date with some of the stories making news around the world the german subsidiary of thomas cook has filed for insolvency following the collapse of its parent company earlier this week 140000 holidaymakers are currently traveling with the fam and other local affiliates it's still unclear how many customers will be affected. chinese president xi jinping has officially opened beijing's new mega air force the airport cost $16000000000.00 and has the world's biggest terminal building a starfish like structure designed by the late star architect. it will eventually handle $100000000.00 passengers per year more on that story coming up in business news so. a new u.n. report has issued the stock is warning get off a climate change catastrophe for the planet's seas predicting most super storms
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rising sea levels and ocean dead zones scientists from the intergovernmental panel on climate change say that while seas have been helping the planet cope with rising temperatures unprecedented overheating the ocean poses a huge threats to humanity. by about one meter by the end of the century if global warming doesn't slow down making some island nations on inhabitable. i.p.c.c. scientists say a failure to act on the new data will have grave consequences for the future of our planet the consequences for nature and humanity are sweeping and severe. this report highlights also the urgency of timely ambitious who are needed and enduring action. what is its stake is the health of ecosystems wildlife and
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importantly the world we leave for our children. environment department and joins me now with some very dire warnings in the i.p.c.c. . report which is just come out just how dire is the situation i think scientists agree that it is very very bad so we're saying a very comprehensive report that shows us that sees a woman see devils are rising and bear in mind this is happening faster and faster than even faster than we previously thought and on top of that version is becoming more acidic becoming less productive and the huge consequences for things like fish marine life call of reefs but more than just the oceans what this report highlights and the furries and parts of the planet say the north pole the himalayas the undie the alps all of these mountain region the high mountainous regions are all say on the severe threat from warming temperatures and that for anything huge amounts of
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water down into the and into the planet and so what are these changes which i detail in the report mean for people especially those people living in situations like indoor lying islands so these people are the most boner boats or the effects of rising sea levels and so on side one particular stock finding from the report. storms are going to get much much stronger so by 2050 they're expecting that the sorts of freak weather events that we maybe saw once a century should start happening once a year in some of these crystal cities and low lying islands and when you think about how an increasing percentage of the world population is living in these sorts of regions cities and megacities across africa asia that are on the cards they hugely threatened by this and on top of that small island nation that they're seeing sea levels rise increasingly they're losing the amount of land from which they can move to and. i think i mean one of the scientists said to me that i think
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in fiji every had instances of relocating communities because of rising sea levels so there's a certain asians do see to this problem what can be done in fact to deal with the situation again we do anything to address and change goals we set an economy the report lays out very clearly different policy options that government actions that government can take so one of the key things being true few things are of the being that we need to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time we need to adapt to the changing planet that's almost inevitable say in some great case of we're seeing these changes already happen and even if we are to cut emissions immediately we will still have sea levels rise a certain degree what that means is that we need to both cut emissions and create new infrastructure needed for instance to protect cars by building sea walls we need to do those things and under so clearly we have to adapt to rising ocean levels will more water is how well prepared i'll be for that with made some
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steps that would be i think foolish for anyone and the scientist and see the kind of claim that where to actually properly cope with it and particularly to protect the most vulnerable people in society the report says that we need really investment to the tunes of i think up to several hundreds of billions of dollars adequately protect our costs. but what it does say that by doing so we can really protect people from floods and reduce the risk of flood by the magnitude and to hundreds of times safe as it were and the clear implication for people that means that we're protecting governments would be protecting the livelihoods their health their ability to get clean water their ability to feed themselves and i think it's worth stressing in the report that this doesn't just affect the people living on price and the people living on islands the effects of any sort of sea level rise in extreme weather will ripple inland as well. yeah i think. it's something that we
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are adapting to and need to go. right. environment disc thank you very much for those insights thank you you're watching the news still to come and activists escapes the violence. within. she was the german government to do. women in country. but 1st to the us only 2 presidents have been impeached in american history may become the fed nancy pelosi the democratic house speaker has accused the ukraine to help smear joe biden the democratic frontrunner for next year's presidential election. committees gathering evidence the inquiry could ultimately see trump the 45th u.s. president removed from office it was a long time coming. but nancy pelosi has finally made the announcement many in her
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party have been waiting for the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and the trial of the integrity of our elections the president must be held accountable no one is above the law strong words from the speaker but why now a complaint about donald trump from a whistle blower has focused her attention it alleges that the president put pressure on ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son biden is one of the potential challengers to trump in the american presidential elections next year. we have a president who believes there is no limit to his power the president believes he can do anything and get away with it but the president believes he's above the law . other nation to investigate. not to
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conduct. knew the inquiry announcement was coming and he wasn't impressed. look it's just a continuation of the words we're. trying to space down multiple scandals since taking office with the republicans controlling the senate even if he is impeached whether he is removed from the white house is another matter entirely. and we have some breaking news coming in the white house has just released a transcript of the disputed phone call between donald trump and you create in president. and the transcript confirms trump asked to investigate presidential candidate joe biden that's the call which prompted house speaker nancy pelosi to
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form an impeachment inquiry against strong and of course we'll bring you more on the story as details become available. turning an hour to on next story it's been 4 and a half years since a saudi led coalition began a military intervention in yemen since then the country's civil war has become a proxy conflict for regional powers saudi arabia and iran with yemeni civilians bearing the brunt of the suffering but the country already had plenty of problems before the war began women in yemen have long suffered depression in the country's highly patriarchal society our reporter on the met a yemeni activist who was visiting berlin. a few days of tranquility. and she's far from her war torn homeland of yemen. it's also kind of relaxing to be 3. werry.
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you will. at any time of the day but sharon is a women's rights activist with the aid organization care a long awaited has allowed her to visit berlin for a few days to appeal to german politicians to take more of an interest in her home country she's trying to improve women's rights in a place where civil war has raged for years and 80 percent of the population depends on humanitarian aid her task is becoming more difficult. when the priority is to find food and you don't know from where you are a 2nd release coming. the talk to talk about tribes people like feed me 1st and then talk about tribes discrimination against women is worse in yemen than anywhere else in the world according to the global gender gap report equal rights activists cite child marriages female genital mutilation and domestic violence they
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want to at least give women their voice but sometimes more presents opportunities. because families who lost their. own who'll spank. their families and you find now a lot before mine and they use. traditional skills. and determine business big achievement. is hoping the german government will agree to put more pressure on the warring parties it might help end the conflict there and ensure her children. and doping remains a concern in the world of sports authorities are working hard to try and catch cheats before the. championships begin and on friday several medal
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hopefuls have been banned but a potential star has been cleared to compete despite missing drug tests. kid sorry capital doha is preparing for its biggest sporting event to date but ahead of the world athletics championships doping is again the dominant topic you same bolters retired an american christian coleman is a favorite for 100 meters glory but he is only competing after successfully appealing against a suspension us off already has had a nationally banned him from missing 3 drug tests in 12 months coleman argued one of the violations on a special whereabouts app should be backdated. i mean i don't really know. the situation. in my given abilities continue to do.
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anything. but some athletes have been stopped from taking part in doha. michael cave it is among 2 top kenyan 5000 meter runners to be barred after failing to undergo sufficient doping testing. to d.q. stands and then pick how much champion dilshad now sort of is also suspended after failing a drug test on a sample from 2011. russia has been banned from international athletics competitions in 2015 because of allegations of state run doping the suspension remains but sebastian coe reelected as the head of will def let exporting the i.w.a. after thinks the sport faces a bigger battle than just being you know these are the challenges that a sport confronts but they are not remotely the largest challenges that we face the largest challenge we face is to maintain our sport at the top of the sporting pyramid and to remain exciting and salient for young people hope the
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athletics would show how ready the country is for the football world cup. in 2022 but doping may overshadow their efforts. finally as the buy a house move one celebrates its 100th anniversary a museum in the german city of came it is focusing on the villain of the architectural and artistic movement have. the water glass redefined. here the water is trapped inside the glass making it a permanent part of a sculpture the chemist's glass exhibition is a bit like a laboratory with artists exploring different aspects of the material. it's dedicated to as a material it was very important the material in the beginning of the battle house movement creates wonderful possibilities of displaying objects and spaces.
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smartphone screens magnified many times are also part of the show traces from fingers wiping the screen or frozen for eternity the title of the exhibit i made entirely of glass comes from a quote by bauhaus artist mariana and it includes her self portraits seen in round glass bulbs. one in a punt as an employee in a brand is a famous daughter of cam that says and she's one of the best known figures from the bauhaus one of the women who developed iconic objects. to and for from the time its residents were also invited to contribute by donating glass objects that had special value to them this lamp for instance was the sole surviving object from a house that was destroyed in a world war 2 bombing raid. cue to for the rule of cloth in the movement you're watching the news coming up on the news. what does
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a busy backpacker hostel in central berlin have to do with north korean sanctions. and proud and plus sized really need one indian yet a group fighting against schatz she. on that and more coming up on news asia and don't forget you can always get news on the go just download. from the app and still. give you access to all the latest news from around the world. as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use after send us photos and videos very human i think will be interesting for us. that's it for me understand i still have your company and remember you can always follow us on facebook as vent as on twitter
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coming up next news is just stay with us for that if you get.
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own to me it's all about who they know i'm rachel join me for me the german sunday w. post. you're watching t w news coming up to death and destruction was a text message really behind the deaths of more than 30 people in indonesia as part of problems also. is this burgeoning youth hostel violating u.n. sanctions against north korea. plus the big if that fight against fat shaming we meet the indian theatre group stand.


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