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the but. the be . this is it really was life from berlin evidence of mergers of u.s. president donald trump product ukraine's president for damaging information on the political rival a memo of a phone call shows president trump urging a lot of resilience he to open a corruption probe connected to presidential candidate joe biden the cult prompted democrats in the u.s. congress to launch a formal impeachment inquiry against president shopped around washington for you also a coming up to get briggs it done it's
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a fine corps johnson addresses parliament and pledges once more to take the u.k. out of the e.u. . must be paid supporters of the talk feel free to regard as a party bigotry years ago think the president must be respected man on the bridge street dogs are born dominant people want us all on october 31st that is the 1st time the prime minister has addressed lawmakers since the supreme court's ruled unlawfully suspended parliament earlier this month. and a disaster in the making in the world's oceans scientists on the un's climate panel more of a dire threat to humanity rising sea levels super storms more flooding more draft. players.
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it's great to have you along everyone we begin in the united states where the white house has released a memo of a telephone conversation between president donald trump and his ukrainian counterpart a lot of resilience kate well it shows that president trump did push mr selenski to investigate former u.s. vice president joe biden and biden's son who worked for a ukrainian energy firm that phone call has triggered allegations that president trump behaved inappropriately and it also incidentally prompted the democrats a congressional leader house speaker nancy pelosi to launch a formal impeachment inquiry against the us president president trump responded with an egg rebuttal of the accusations against him each species greatest which chant in american history probably in history but in american history it's
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a disgraceful thing the letter was a great letter meaning the letter revealing the call that was done at the insistence of myself and other people that read it it was a friendly letter there was no pressure the way you had built up that call it was going to be the call from hell it turned out to be a nothing girl other than a lot of people said i never knew you could be so nice all right let's get you some reaction now from washington d.c. didn't we use pablo foley is there for you public 1st of all phyllis and any reaction so far. oh there has been plenty of reaction as you can imagine i'm going to start with the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff he spoke in the last hour he said that it was own contested. president trump has done and has betrayed his oath of office for them to continue the democrats with their inquiry into possible impeachment of president trump he also
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said that the whistleblower was very eager actually to meet with the house intelligence committee which of course raised a lot of questions over when that could possibly be it could even come as early as this week and we also heard in the last few minutes as well from the speaker of the has not said it is not part of president trump's job to use taxpayer money to shakedown other countries for the benefit of his campaign out of the president doesn't know the weight of his words or he does not care about ethics or his constitutional responsibilities very clear there exactly what the democrats are saying what's interesting though is what is coming from the other side of course from the republicans because we have heard from one of president close or lindsey graham he told reporters not to impeach any president over a phone call would be insane we also heard from the senate majority of your mitch mcconnell in the senate he said speaker pelosi couldn't hold back the far left any
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longer but they're also have been some grumblings within the republican side we've heard from mitt romney who has been a critic of president trump and he said it was very troubling. in this document that was released here today so plenty of reaction plenty plenty of reaction presume a lot more to come as well now let's talk about the ukrainian leader who is due to meet with president later today. you're absolutely right now all eyes are going to be focused on the meeting of course which is going to be taking place in new york some time today and of course the focus now will be on on exactly you know what comes out of that meeting now as well a lot of the focus as well here from the media and from analysts is actually to the bits perhaps that were left out in this document the conversation that took place
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in july between president selenski and president trump. is where a lot of people are now focused and they're hoping that further information comes out of course like i mentioned before. from the complaint from this whistle blower and of course that essentially means that this this meeting that's taking place today the focus is not really on what's going to happen and what they're going to talk about today it's more on the broader picture will. be a fly on the wall. from d.c. thank you. well now to the u.k. where it was another eventful day in an eventful week moments ago british prime minister boris johnson addressed parliament in london and challenge the opposition labor party to table a motion of confidence in his government the british parliament's resumed sitting today after the supreme court declared its suspension by prime minister johnson to
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be a lawful that decision it was welcomed by opponents of rights it but has enraged many of those who want the u.k. to leave the european union well cross over live to london in just a moment for reaction but 1st let's take a listen to prime minister's johnson's call for a confident confidence vote silly pinned by the politburo because it does not have cold feet and in their government they will have a chance to prove that they have been to our house right he's written this and it was. a was a sure this was a speaker they have been to the house right is restricted to table immersion of mary told her it was like oh god god i didn't have the right to her. or mr
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johnson there challenging the opposition a leaderless has straight to london to do his bare get a mosque better get prime minister facing the music in parliament. well 1st of all he started very very defiantly i mean providence a johnson i think it quite unusual attack own parliament no apology that he has through a parliament and found to be a no 4 by the highest court in the country but instead he accused polman of basically sabotaging democracy so tanning everything around and saying that the people in the opposition benches just don't want to leave at all and that they even involve the courts and basically every trick in the book in order to prevent any sort of threats and he furthers this narrative of the palm and versus the people and putting him and putting the people who want bragg's it and possibly without any deal breakers and putting them against palm and so quite
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a polarizing speech and and really quite aggressive towards his parliamentary colleagues yeah let's talk a little bit more about that because that was a really interesting tactic it seemed that he was using there he was doubling down he was i felt at times that just challenging the opposition leader jeremy corbett but kind of goading him you know you've got to call this confidence vote do you dare to call this confidence vote then jeremy corbin bite. well no the opposition has always made clear that they want to prevent britain leaving at the end of a tube out without any deal and palm and he has also you concluded some legislation in order to prevent that they don't want boris johnson just to walk out from negotiating with the european union and just saying well there is no agreement and then we just have to leave so palm and wants are prevented has legislated against it and jeremy corbyn has once again said that this is the 1st priority that they want to make sure that this really doesn't happen and if then it and election can
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fall off about this is the priority not just for the labor opposition but also for the other opposition parties bit where does this leave everything i mean is the u.k. still on course to leave the european union at the end of october with or without a deal 'd. well i think one consequence of this how mild could be that parliamentarians would be if prime minister johnson indeed did get a deal from brussels that he finds acceptable something that's cross of a very close it's reason may still but maybe a little bit speak that if he did freeze and that he had to parliament that is a bigger challenge that this time this could be voted through but we don't know if this is what he's going to do the other scenario could also be that at the summit in brussels which is going to happen in just a few weeks time he could also turn around and say well no agreement with the us
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possible and then just he has to also an extension because paul amend has found his hands to do so but then there will be a general election so it'll be interesting in the next weeks that's for sure perhaps for sure due to his record most reporting from london thank you. want to tell you now what some of the other stories making news around the world. israeli president roof and rivlin is asking prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a new government on the move comes after deadlocked elections last week that knows likud party came in is single seat behind the blue and white party led by ben he got so neither leader has been able to put together a coalition with a majority in the 120 seat knesset. human rights groups in egypt say that more than a 1000 people have been arrested in a crackdown after last friday's protests against the will of president added to his
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says that he sees power back in 2030 in the military took over from the democratically elected muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi. a un report has issued the starkest warning yet of a climate change catastrophe for the planet sees predicting more super storms rising sea levels and ocean dead zones scientists from the intergovernmental panel on climate change say unprecedented overheating in the world's oceans could raise sea levels by about one meter by the end of the century rendering some coastal regions uninhabitable. one senegal's coast the village of popping greenness already feeling the effect of rising sea levels the atlantic has washed away several houses and a mosque the scope was a sort of when people's houses have been destroyed they pack up their fingers and
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try to make a new start and the countryside if they have the money they go to the car another city. in the boot for their cause. their situation as a result of events happening around the world sea levels are rising due to climate change carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases making the earth warm up. polar regions are seeing the permafrost thaw glaciers and ice sheets are melting rapidly. flooding storms and erosion on intensifying. the fund the water global warming is also having an impact increased c o 2 levels are turning our oceans more acidic and that along with higher temperatures will cause fish stocks to dwindle especially in tropical areas like
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senekal. the i.p.c.c. report says that in order to avoid even more severe consequences the world needs to reduce carbon emissions immediately. back and coping when authorities have already built a sea wall. and the wall is a big help if it weren't very even the hill nearby would collapse and the house there to win the battle but. put the sea wall will not be enough if water levels continue to rise and even more people off forced to look for a new place called home. and a reminder now the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour. british prime minister boris johnson has challenged opposition lawmakers to call for a vote of no confidence in his government was addressing parliament for the 1st
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time since the supreme court ruled the suspension of parliament earlier this month was unlawful. plus fresh evidence has emerged that u.s. president donald trump the fraud at the leader of ukraine for damaging information on the political rival a transcript of a phone call between the 2 leaders shows trump urging the ukrainian president to open a corruption probe that does it for us thanks for watching. stores that people for information provide. the fenians they want to express g w on facebook and twitter are up to date and in touch follow us. and.


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