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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2019 3:00am-3:15am CEST

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this is t w news live from berlin tonight a phone conversation with the potential to end donald trump's presidency a memo a phone call shows trump pressing ukrainian president voted me out selenski to investigate trump's political rival joe biden and biden's son despite evidence of wrongdoing the potential quid pro quo got the attention of a whistleblower and his push democrats into pursuing impeachment. also coming up gets. a defiant boris johnson addresses a reconvened parliament and pledges once more to take the u.k. out of the e.u.
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. people who are supporters of the party or regardless of how the very few 3 years ago think the referendum must be respected right. dawn. breaks down and people will go on october 31st. and the school made out of bottles to students in kenya are learning that one person is trash is another's treasure. i'm william blue cross thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has called the impeachment inquiry launched by congressional democrats a joke but the latest details are no laughing matter a readout of the july phone call between trump. and ukrainian president. shows
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trump urging the ukrainian leader to investigate democratic presidential candidate joe biden u.s. house democrats are calling his actions a quote. damning and shocking abuse of the office of the presidency. not for the 1st time on a difficult day in new york donald trump was forced to defend his conversation with ukraine's fellow timea selenski using a familiar line which continues but they're getting hit hard in this which aren't because when they look at the information it's a joke. impeachment that i didn't do it you take a look at that call it was perfect i didn't do it there was no quid pro quo the allegation trump pressured selenski to look into dealings by his political rival joe biden and his son hunter trumpet hoped by releasing this memo of the call the problem would go away but phrases like do us a favor appear to back up the allegation that there's no mention of military aid
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being dependent on an investigation trump discusses corruption crimes involving biden's son he says joe biden quote stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that the man who's on wishing we walked into a political storm had this to say for himself you sure that we had. i think good phone call it was normal we spoke about many seeing such and say that so i think and you read it is that nobody bullshit bush me yes and no great. no pressure on sense he may be but the impeachment inquiry launched by democrats has put trump under the microscope. that tact is that the president of the united states. in picture of his constitutional responsibilities has asked a fine government to help him in his political campaign that cannot stand he will
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be held accountable no one is above the law and the democrats may now be throwing caution to the winds for trump and looks like business as usual as he tries to ride out the latest scandal. for more now let's bring in alexandra phenomena in new york alexandra welcome so you were there at the press conference with the 2 presidents tell us more what did you make of the 2 of them under these circumstances. it was quite. to watch them and to watch how they were trying to defuse the situation by being humorous for instance when presidents trump rates ukraine for ukraine for its tremendous potential the ukrainian president responded by saying i know that i am from this country but then the mood changed very quickly when both leaders were pressed by
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reporters on their phone call and president trump once again denied any wrong doing and the ukrainian president said that ukraine is an independent country and that there was no pressure no pushing no whatsoever. and on that note of pushing or not pushing trump has said that releasing the phone call would exonerate him so now some of it or all of it or we don't quite know but that record is out there now does it seem that this has this has made things better or worse for the president. worse would say the transcript that was released is damaging for president trump because it is showing that he was trying to pressure president ukrainian president to open an investigation into joe biden his democratic opponents and his son he has said repeatedly in this phone call that the u.s.
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has been doing a lot for ukraine but that this relationship has not been reciprocal so far and then he went on by saying now we would like you to do us a favor and to work with the attorney general to get to the bottom of the allegations against joe biden and his son and for the democrats it is clear that the president was trying to to use state power for political ends and that he was willing to work. together with a foreign power to get their art piece off on his opponent and to secure his election. so there are facts and there's interpretation it seems so far that democrats and most republicans who support donald trump agree on the facts the basic facts of what's what's happened here and yet still such different conclusions such different interpretations how can there be such different interpretations when
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both sides seem to agree on the very basic facts here. well we don't see at the moment. that republicans are not behind the president anymore darr still supporting him however it will be interesting how to how the democratic. republican party is going to respond to a whistle blower complaint that had touched off for this impeachment hearing and the 1st place this complaint was delivered today to congressional intelligence committees and the democrats are saying that this complaint is going to be yond the transcript and that that is very disturbing and very very alarming all right alexander phenomena in new york thank you very much. now to a dramatic day of developments in the united kingdom's grex it saga it began with
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the u.k. parliament reconvening for the 1st time since the supreme court ruled that prime minister boris johnson acted unlawfully when he suspended the body earlier this month last night johnson showed no signs of remorse in his 1st address to lawmakers since the suspension he challenged his opponents to call a confidence vote on his government and defended his attempts to take the u.k. out of the e.u. deal or no deal. this person was happy to reenter the house of commons but there was also anger that parliament had been suspended in the 1st place it's only done i think this prime minister to talk about you are all right you're here he's like this right. course johnson had to do all he could to be heard this and this is the 1st person. i think they should this was busy speaker. the prime minister went on the offensive and attacked the leader of the opposition
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. he actually going to vote no confidence in this government is he going to dodge a vote of no co-produce in the primaries. in order to speak the good do over but. no vote for moot since that's a call for accountability the highest court in this land has found the prime minister broke school when he try to. when he try to shut down all the democratic accountability at a crucial moment in our public life the prime minister should have done the only able thing and resigned. i.
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would divide and britain's parliament issus widest ever if not even wider for now parliament as in session but there is no end in sight to the statement in british politics over bracks it's devastating now to some of the other stories making news around the world israeli president robin rivlin has asked benyamin netanyahu to form a new government the move comes after death lots of elections last week that's in yahoo's likud party came in. behind the blue and white party led by benny gantz neither leader has been able to put together a coalition with a majority in the israeli parliament. human rights groups in egypt say that more than a 1000 people have been arrested in a crackdown after last friday's protests against the rule of president sisi he seized power in 2013 when the military took over from the democratically elected muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi. rocket
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has docked at the international space station after blasting off from the back door space center in kazakhstan one of the 3 member crew is. the story from the united arab emirates he's making history by becoming the 1st arab astronaut on the i.s.a.'s. the un has issued even more drastic warnings due to catastrophic impact of climate change on the world's oceans a panel of scientists says unprecedented overheating could raise sea levels enough to wipe out some coastal habitation by the end of this century. now the health of the oceans is most obvious to those living near them like the people on the canyon island of lamu that's where. he is teaching his preschoolers that one person's trash is another's treasure our reporter went there to see what they've done with it.
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it's ocean clean up the here. in kenya the children might have made a game out of it but for omar ali this is more of a possible conservation mission. for me we have 1520 minutes. every friday every friday to get it when they are you know money spent again we're doing here and. like many of you can countries kenya is grappling with a garbage problem there are no public dustbins for people to dump their trash and there's no garbage collection center with the trash piling up people have had to take matters into their own hands collection and recycling initiatives like omar's help to plant pick up. he told us we can
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go to the beach to swim after collecting trash i connected. to. 80 years ago at the extent of ocean pollution really he told form our studies have shown that the agent ocean is the 2nd most polluted in the world this affects both the marini life and the human food supply here in london amar decided to start doing his bit to protect the ocean. but one time the boat. you know. him. bad bad bad. everywhere and there was kings around you know. there was a lot of there was no doing anything. you. know just. to have kids playing you know. but
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omar didn't just collect the boxes he used them to build an asiri school. but ease a conservative island and some locals were not happy when omar opened the school. no one has this kind. of i want to be what it is or move. towards. everything but my. the whiskey and the wine used to getting the book for the community important because. 2 i don't mars with these youngsters and i mean high time lessons not only in the classroom but out in the open air where the ocean needs their help. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you fresh evidence has emerged that president donald trump prodded the leader of ukraine for damaging information on
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a political rival a readout of a phone call between the 2 leaders shows trump urging voting as a landscape to open a corruption for a connected to the presidential candidate joe biden. they're watching g.w. news up next hour documentary the great leap folks are just fishel intelligence change our society of the future don't forget to get all the news if you have your doctor or twitter do you. stand for. one which of course a. video or audio. anytime anywhere. w. this.


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