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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin refugees kidnapped and tortured for ransom. these migrants who say they were packed into overcrowded camps in libya and tortured by the smugglers they thought would bring them to europe. also coming out they complained that long certain directional impeachment inquiry inquiry for the 1st time members of congress gaining access to the whistleblowers report on president trumps conversation with his ukrainian counterpart now the assassin of the president abused his power.
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i'm brian thomas great to have you with us. the un high commissioner for refugees is issued a plea for countries worldwide to take in refugees stuck in libya the agency described as a migrant center in tripoli as severely overcrowded but it's not the only camp libya's one of the most important transit points for migrants crossing the mediterranean to europe now holding camps have been springing up in libya for the thousands of refugees stranded in that war torn country german diplomats have described conditions in them as inhuman but investigating those reports as nearly impossible so our reporters travel to the share libya's southernmost neighbor to meet camp survivors a warning this video contains footage some may find distressing. these images were
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recorded by refugees in different camps in libya they show appalling conditions human rights activists say the images are credible we came into direct contact with 2 refugees i am messaging services they have been interred in a libyan migrant camp for 2 years they talk to us by a voice message we change their voices for their own protection. we have been tortured with skid was suffering and dying from various diseases. we were kidnapped we became victims of violence where starving people have died our lives are disgusting so we appeal for our voiceless voice to be hood. we are innocent refugees living in a land of hell. in using our we speak to refugees who went through this hell. one of them is 18 years old we call her she was kidnapped while fleeing from somalia
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and taken to a hidden building in the libyan desert many other star on the journey across the sahara i mean us kidnappers demanded $8000.00 for her release they tortured amina to increase the pressure that parents were forced to listen to it on the phone. which i also see that they changed me up hug me up and tortured me with electric shocks. they tortured men with electric shocks to their genitals and women of with shocks through their press until they cried and screamed loudly. they did it so they would get the money faster than how to stand as a possible floor. the torch a systematic many other refugees describe similar methods. about 1600 refugees live in this camp salt of the sahara they were all rescued from
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libya. this man from sudan doesn't want to reveal his true identity either and asks that we call him he says when he was in prison he was sort of good. people came and bought us like slaves. and they said we let you work and you get money for so. that in the end you didn't give any money. they said you're a slave you're a black man they even work us up in the middle of the night to torture us. horrific stories we're hearing from refugees inside this. they've seen and experienced things are going to have imagined before. the 1st time that life is not easy here too all they hope for is a quick reset and. many hope to reach. we managed to meet someone who profits from the refugees suffering he calls himself of the lizzie's occupation my
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grandmother for $500.00 she brings migrants across the sahara to libya but if they can't pay the driver sell them to torture chambers of the lizzie's understands why they do that. or not is it the women they say i spent money on you know what am i supposed to do i want my money back and i want profit on top of that that was when i started torturing people. we often hear refugees say that they're not put off by stories like this smugglers other only hope and they're prepared to pay any price even if it means risking their lives. mario one of the authors who put the report together is with us now in the store studio good morning mario morning that was a very moving reports a very disturbing 1st firsthand accounts that you found there people being sold to extortion as to use torture. is there any way to tell how common this is very
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difficult to say actually as i just saw the smuggler that we that we have met that we interviewed also in the report he says that sometimes refugees come to his drivers and say you know i don't have any money but i want to travel through this how does the tibia have a friend in libya who will pay for me but then they arrive there and there's no friend so at the drivers such father possibilities to get the money and so they sell them to the to these torture chambers and then they torture the mile and so that they get the ransom from their families back home. but i also spoke to myron's told me well that's simply not true i paid for my travel and i was i ended up in these torture chambers anyway ok what about international investigators getting into libya and looking into all of this i mean these are these are grievous tribes really against the most vulnerable of people is there any push for police from any
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agency and think about interpol for example to get into the camps well into now that doesn't happen there's not no such thing as an international investigators getting into these torture chambers because they're all operating in the hit and nobody really knows where exactly they are of course are some known hops smuggle hops where you know ok there are some but then these are private homes sometimes underground so you don't. even the refugees who escaped from them they don't know where they where. but the international community is aware of the problem they know what's happening in there that they are also aware what's happening in the libyan detention centers for example the united nations the n.h. they are actually are evacuating people from there to share but also to europe but there are some other detention centers where nobody is there so everything can happen to them and the reason they're united nations says we're not there is that. they say we don't have access to the tension centers the government funded
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attentions of those don't let us in but i talk to humanitarian workers from doctors without borders he said we have no problem in getting into these centers we don't know why the united nations are not there so we don't be possible for international investigators for interpol for example to to follow the story run it down as he was happening with these extortionists well as i said it's very difficult to to to find them you know libya is a war torn country there's no you know structure of security so it's very difficult i think for for investigators to get anyone yess or anyone to do that ok you know there's smugglers that are working the people people traffickers or the part of larger networks that these networks they start their work and that home countries of the refugees for example every trails we've done somalia and they have reached to libya or even to italy sometimes and they work very professionally they hand over the migrants at the borders they're also violent gangs who kidnapped my gran's
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from one group to another but i also talked to a guy who worked you know who did this job of transporting migrants through the truth through the sahara desert since decades he says it was a noble job before 2015 when the law was passed and the european union put pressure on the government of new share to close the border of course in order to prevent migration to europe. so you can say in some points that the 1st european border to africa is now in the chair ok in human trafficking smugglers that's your next report you'll be looking into that for us as well looking forward yes thank you looking for to see that tomorrow thanks of a very much for coming in. u.s. lawmakers are reviewing a classified whistleblower complaint against president trump has prompted an impeachment inquiry a complaint science a phone call between trump and ukraine's president at issue that the president abused his power by urging ukraine to open a corruption investigation into his political rival joe biden and his son. not for
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the 1st time on a difficult day in new york donald trump was forced to defend his conversation with ukraine's fellow to me it's a lengthy using a familiar line which continues but they're getting hit hard in this which aren't because when they look at the information it's a joke. impeachment that i didn't do it to take a look at that call it was perfect i didn't do it there was no quid pro quo the allegation trump pressured selenski to look into dealings by his political rival joe biden and his son hunter trumpet hoped by releasing this memo of the call the problem would go away but phrases like do us a favor appear to back up the allegation that there's no mention of military aid being dependent on an investigation from discusses corruption crimes involving biden's son he says joe biden quote stopped the prosecution and
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a lot of people want to find out about that the man who's on wittingly walks into a political storm had this to say for himself you sure that we had. i think good phone call it was normal we spoke about many seeing such and a story so i think when you read is that nobody bullshit bush me yes or no predicate. no pressure on sudan ski maybe but the impeachment inquiry launched by democrats has put trump under the microscope. that attack is that the president of the united states. in picture of his constitutional responsibilities has asked a fine government to help in in his political campaign that cannot stand he will be held accountable no one is about the law. the democrats may now be throwing caution to the winds for trump it looks like business as usual as he tries to ride out the
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latest scandal. of some of the other stories making news today in hong kong preparations under way for a public meeting between a battle between kerry lab and 150 members of the community the dialogue will address hong kong's political crisis has been going on for 4 months now but critics doubt that the beijing backed leader was he. stance and concede to protesters demands. on going on rest in the caribbean nation of haiti has left at least one person dead number of others injured demonstrators clashed with riot police used tear gas the protests were sparked by food and fuel shortages spiraling inflation and government corruption. the families of $43.00 mexican students and their supporters who vanished 5 years ago a march through the country's capital remains unclear what happened to the students who went missing after a confrontation with police investigators are still looking for them an
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international report found the initial mexican inquiry was flawed. in britain lawmakers are back to work after the country's highest court ruled that parliament suspension was unlawful today the parliamentary speaker urged lawmakers to stop treating each other as enemies in this fall's yesterday's better confrontations with prime minister boris johnson facing angry m.p.'s. the speaker of the house of commons pretending to oversee m.p.'s many of whom are crowing with rage of the prime minister's unlawful suspension of parliament's i think prime minister to talk about the are all right actually it seems like this right course johnson had to do all he could to be hurt this is this is the 1st person. i think they should listen to music because the prime minister dead the opposition to trigger an election accusing them of cowardice you know. he's he actually going
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to vote no confidence in this government is he going to doj a vote of no coal produced in the crimea. in order to escape the burden over a vote. no vote followed instead a call for accountability the highest court in this land has found the prime minister broke fool when he tried to. when he tried to shut down our democratic accountability at a crucial moment in our public life the prime minister should have done the only able thing and resigned. but there's no sign of that for now the opposition is refusing to agree to an election and celebrex it delays
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a kid's name but with johnston repeating his vow to take the u.k. out of the 31st with or without a deal parliament. it's in style mate's justification is that of years live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being with us i'm rita will join you at the top of the hour have a great day. after . language course a. video. anytime anywhere. this.


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