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else is in store. american are his tom sachs has a major retrospective on in germany with the spotlight on his cultures and his d.i.y. methods. october 1st is in full swing and we stopped by the visa in munich to check out one of the oldest attractions there the show variety theater marquee. well it was exactly 50 years ago on thursday that the iconic beatles album abbey road was released and people were celebrating today in london to commemorate an album that many people feel was the beatles greatest. back in 1698 shot to number one in the u.k. where it proceeded to spend a total of 17 weeks hit songs that still resonate today. and my colleague melissa holroyd has joined me in the studio thanks for coming in melissa to tell us some more big occasion for music fans obviously what's happening
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for this that over 3 well at abbey road studios itself at the at the at the zebra crossing that have been lodged crowds of people old day online celebrating taking lots of selfies taking lots of pitches on the crossing traffic was at a standstill people dressed up as rita the maid to made even though she's not even on the album you know people having a tough time there also after 50 years here comes the sun by george harrison is getting its 1st music video and that's just released i think we should now and this is the 50th anniversary reissue of abbey road it features new album as well they also did it for the white album with the same people mixes by giles martin and he is the son of the light based producer george martin interesting connection there keeping things in the family now this is one of the most famous pictures in the history of pop music as we know so. so recognizable and it's been
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imitated a 1000 times tell us more about that you had the album cover that took just 10 minutes to shoot has become one of the most recognizable of all time it's been parodied by both other musicians and everybody else over the years we're looking at a couple of them now they're just hilarious wrote that cover didn't need any text written on it the original one not abbey road nor the beatles the beatles were big enough it looks like a straight forward photo shoot of a fairly ordinary scene of men crossing the road of the beatles crossing the road going to it but it's not supposed to be some kind of a hidden meaning in the cover i'm not mistaken yet that will cause a roof conspiracy theorists back then were adamant that paul mccartney was in fact did yeah that he was killed in iraq road accident in 1000 $967.00 and they pointed to the album cover as symbolic proof of his death saying that his role was played
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by an imposter paul mccartney is a left handed musician why is he cut that why does he have the cigarette in the right hand he also has no shoes on karen. hughes when you go to heaven when you go to the afterlife and also taking. the biggest evidence the v.w. in the back the v.w. in the back with 28 if he would have been 28 if he wasn't that i actually mark the anniversary of the photo shoot itself just a few weeks ago so let's take a quick look at that. moment. hundreds gathered to mark the 50th anniversary of the day to be true to the bones work for one of the best known in music history. one man took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend them. just happy to be.
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i really wanted to come here on race day the oversight feels like they were here 50 years ago in the same place in a way i just connected to the river. 50 years the album there's a rerelease of a super deluxe edition complete with new mixes of the album 17 his 1st released outtakes and focus sessions the album was the last to be recorded but only for members of the group together. less than a year after its release the band split. 5 decades on the iconic album cover still people used to have the road from all over the world. i came here to cross the road on the 50th anniversary of the abbey road album and the piece is tres number one peyton span
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and it was important to him for degree to be here and i want to play here with him to celebrate this special occasion and some people had a special way to celebrate a special day for the very special location. really was the end of an era as you say is a very special place have you ever had your picture taken that no i haven't i've been open on plenty of buses driving past there driving along there of walt pos there but that was also that was in the olden days that was in the days before everyone had a mobile fun and everyone had a camera to take a picture of themselves in the grand scheme of the of the beatles' musical legacy why is this album so important. well as you said it marks the end of an iraq so that that in itself makes it better but there's also huge amount of of imagination
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this is the musical the breadth of the vision also the diversity of the song. that's the top of this year. it's coming in through the bathroom and we're going to be run out of time but we heard the beatles who's laughing now this is fantastic album to commemorate thanks very much melissa for coming in and telling us more about it thank you. finders keepers losers weepers or so the saying goes but it's something that you've lost gets picked up by tom sacks well you can rest assured that it will be repurposed to greater glory or at the very least to a novel function quite early in his career the new york born artist and brace the concepts of hand crafted art and what he calls but equal out which means of course he's a tireless collector of things. that hunting in collecting is something very human
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and making decisions you find is the basis of civilization tom sachs says the fact is this message these works are all about searching and finding he is a mom star of collage and specialty is prequel laws and. means to build and repair with available limited resources. so you'll find so many of these materials are. made with found things. at the heart of the exhibition is the ceremony it relates to an ancient japanese ritual in which one step follows very precisely after the other sacks this is a very personal the installations in 3 different rooms over like to tom sachs is experience. it's also my tea ceremony and one of the important parts about the tradition is innovation and patient to
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the current situation it's very personal experience what the pianist has personal recollections of. is not known but this is a faithful reconstruction of the original genuine fake as sex calls it hot artistic work. so for me the ritual is really about making and. the reward for good work is more work many many months many things at once so that the ideas can cross pollinate so that one problem can be solved by another problem rituals and ceremonies are reflected in sex was his work and life are a high office the central element is water the water of life at the end all food in a teacup. but sex does have a sense of irony when it comes to his passion for collecting. so this is my 1st 100
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attempts these are all failures this is a cabinet of losers. this is me learning because the great privilege of being an artist is to educate and entertain myself so these are my 1st attempts and as we walk over there you'll see if these are all losers those are the heroes tuxes works are about searching for and finding beauty and about the odds of making the best of it. playful stuff well speaking of playful it's that time of year again when the beer is flowing down into the area for the world's largest folk festival the one and only october fest and even if you don't like beer there are many reasons to go starting with all those roast chickens or the chance to don a pair of lido who was but one thing that many locals wouldn't miss for the world as she does her id theatre to whom we raise right now. the official opening in the shop in how will be attend. talk to. the official taping ceremony
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over at the shick tomake is much smaller this show the 1st original is celebrating its 150th anniversary for back to back for the entire generation of the 1st huge challenge for the own song led by manfred showing off for 2 weeks straight the pictures and singing those go on stage come to 30 times a day isn't producing it's going to use it's all about passion otherwise you shouldn't even bother getting on stage one of the last carnival attractions here but we love what we do and the audience can tell that we do it out of conviction isn't it sir pete. the variety a. good spot i'm sure to 1st opened its doors in 869 today it sounds like a relic of days past between point a and flashy roller coaster ride. on the play the fest's famous avengers alley how
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stella stross. but chick show does have a loyal following of munich regulars. long before this but the opening acts here are my favorite the things i say are just outrageous the sheep with the stick to theaters an old tradition in munich it's all about using your imagination of any think you can picture nothing is more important than the imagination of. the toba 1st can appear to be a well oiled money printing and amusement machine. but the cost at the ship to theater make sure that the world's largest public 1st of all doesn't lose its heart and so i made all the hubbub when asked how he sees the future of his little cabaret the owner even gets a little sentimental. i just want things to stay the way they are. and i want to keep great joy in what i do now. he might not be able to jump as high
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as he used to but that won't stop him from entertaining the october 1st crowns for years to come for that's what makes him a true munich tradition. now of kids who barely. powell a reminder that you can find more on our website at d w dot com slash culture or on twitter at e.w. culture and on not very boisterous no tweet that you alfie does it thanks for watching and all the best for lent.
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d.w. some talk show strong opinions clear positions from international perspective. saudi oil fields are all loaded powder to the us as a rand came close to wiping the fuse coming up onto the point will discuss the gulf crisis no threat it poses the president trumps reelection joins us. right. through the spot tucker. gold. and. the both new training.
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is g.w. news live from berlin tonight the whistleblower report against u.s. president donald trump claims of a cover up in the white house as the country's spy chief test of all. everything here and this matter is totally unprecedented did the president of the trump abuse his power by prodding the president of ukraine to interfere in next year's u.s.
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