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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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what does it take to change the course of history. raising the curtain starts september 30th on d w. this is g.w. news live from the u.s. president abused his power on the white house company relations of a whistle blower whistle blower by their very act of coming forward has shown more dedication to country work and understanding of the president's oaths of office. than the president himself. democrats work to build on impeachment case against
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donald trump as he tells supporters said soul just a big hoax also on the program afghanistan gets ready for presidential elections on saturday despite a surgeon taliban violence d w joins a teacher in kabul facing the daily threat of suicide bombings. for the 2 drugs fridays for future movement stages another day of marches or asked world's bucks a week off from the biggest mass protests in history. to send clubs to different policy change. welcome to the program. u.s. president donald trump has lashed out at the democrats' impeachment inquiry describing it as
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a disgrace and seeking to end it the whistleblower complaint against him has now been released and it an unnamed intelligence officer alleges that mr trump ukraine's president to investigate joe biden was the trump leading democratic rival in next year's election the complaint goes on to accuse the white house of suppressing the details of a phone call. caught up in events beyond his control polygamy's lenski on his 1st visit this ukrainian president to ground 0 to form a comedian was only elected 5 months ago and now he's at the center of an impeachment inquiry. it was all triggered by whistleblowers complained accusing donald trump of soliciting interference in the 2020 u.s. election by pressuring mr is a lenski to initiate or continue an investigation into form of vice president joe biden and his son hunter biden things this man house intelligence committee chair
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adam schiff precipitated the release of the complaint does not 1st defend clearly this month he said painted u.s. spy chief joseph mcguire to make him explain why he hadn't passed on the letter to the committee that whistleblower by their very act of coming forward as showing more dedication to country more of an understanding of the president's oath of office than the president himself in a tense hearing mcguire defended his handling of the whistle blows let us know when he would not answer if he consulted with the president of the mag round but he stressed that officials like the whistleblower had complied with government rules. i have every reason to believe that they have done everything by the book and follow the law docs for now the mainstream of the republican party is standing by president tromp they say the whistle blows complaint is full of he say and doesn't prove its case a person and that he's democrats of using the letter is part of an ongoing we charge against the president they don't want answers they want to public spectacle
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and so we've been treated to an unending parade of press releases press conferences and fake news stories away from the fury in congress of the white house president trump and supportive sheriffs he was there to highlight his credentials on crime and it's like it's rao over whether he's broken the law. of afghanistan where millions of people will vote in presidential elections on saturday despite the threat of terror attacks the u.s. ended peace talks with the taliban earlier this month and the islamist militant group is threatening to disrupt the election with suicide bombings and rocket attacks with danger and violence a reality of dating life in the country t w joint a teacher in the capital kabul who's determined to lead a normal life nice in their own feces a scene that could be playing out anywhere in the world. he should hope on is
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helping her daughter with her homework after school. khadija is a teacher and has high hopes for 8 year old mariam and for her 15 year old son a solid. but as a parent she has it harder than most she's raising her children in one of the most dangerous places on earth kabul the capital of afghanistan. it's. the overall situation in afghanistan is full of destruction. where every 2nd people are living in fear of an explosion and i worry if i step out of the house i may not make it back alive. their. teacher and her family are among millions of afghans living every day with the prospect of being killed in a bombing or suicide attack. the u.n. says nearly 4000 civilians were killed in 2018 that's the highest figure since it began compiling numbers in 2009. violence has already
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struck at the heart of khadija is family. and 2017 her brother colleague was killed in an attack while on his way to work. on it when i went to see his body it was very difficult for me it had a great impact on my children especially my son for months after he would say why was my uncle martyred it wasn't his time he was so young. sergio and. teachers determined to prevent her life and that of her children from being derailed by the tragedy. she's doing everything she can to lead a normal life and to make the best of the situation in the city convulsed by a tax. law i always say keeping yourself from work from life is wrong we can't just say that things are bad and stay at home to do nothing otherwise your
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life will be paralyzed. took a d.j. her job as a teacher at a private school in kabul is one source of strength she say she is inspired by the children's optimism but she also sees it as a way of making a difference to the future by teaching the next generation about the value of peace . of theirs and i am still hoping for a life where one day it will be completely different from today. where we won't fear that our children or our families are in danger that's the kind of life i dream of. they can feel and that. says. that for the children that could be just school and for others across afghanistan that dream still seems a long way off. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the british oil tanker seized by iran in the straits of hormuz 2 months ago has left the iranian for where it's and its crew will bring to tell us is that it imperils was
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taken by iran's revolutionary guard 2 weeks after the iranian tanker was seized by britain but ship was released in august. saudi arabia says it is to stop offering tourist visas for the 1st time as part of the leadership's push to diversify its oil based economy the ultraconservative kingdom will elicit initially allow holiday makers from $49.00 countries visas with previously only granted for short term business trips religious pilgrimage or for travelers with family in the country. protesters in hong kong have blocked abroad for a public dialogue between battle and be declaring mom and a 150 members of the community of knowledge that trust in how the government had fallen off a cliff the meeting was called to address the chinese tariff is form of political crisis. france is remembering its former president jacques chirac who died on thursday aged 86 in office from 995 to 2007 mr chirac dominated french
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politics and was known for opposing the u.s. led iraq war and oversaw france's adoption of the euro however these lazy years were of the shattered by scandal and the corruption conviction. for friday's have come to be linked with climate change demonstrations and more protests are being held around the world. today tens of thousands of students are crowded into public spaces in new zealand and they'll be joined by parents and grandparents in what's being billed as the country's 1st intergenerational struck demanding more action on climate change fridays for future says it is staging much as if you were on the americas. let's talk about the difference these protests have made to climate policy here in germany look as carla speaks on climate policy in the german bundestag for germany's opposition free democratic party welcome to d
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w let's start with friday's for future what your party is feeling about these demonstrations well 1st of all we have to say that they used generation that is inspiring so many politicians to ward small climate action is great however what when we see the changes we see in the movement in germany right now it's still good that we challenge that there's a challenge posed by them to was put in to act to do more but on the other hand there are movements within the movement right now that are going democratic that are going to watson and see the market oriented approach and that that is moving away from the agenda is that a more come for more climate change and jojo your party's leader has tweeted a tweet it in german but it in english i think political engagement of students is great however children and adolescents cannot be expected to see all global context the technically meaningful and the economically feasible this is
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a thing for the pros i'm just stunned by that well i i i would say that this is not the not the way to phrase to phrase it but the very sense of self i do think in its core is correct because he's not saying that the pros are the politicians but he's saying the pros are the scientists for future and fridays for future have at least in germany move towards how from scientists futures from engineers for futures from people who deal with tackling climate change from a scientific but also from an engineering based you every day ok so. it's hard to know if it is a very interesting policy results that you so your leader says to the children leave it to the pros you say as you say that you will your leader phrased it badly but he was writing what he said absolutely ok germany's coalition parties last week we could go today in fact announce their response that they if they headed to new york
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a series of proposals they talked about carbon pricing phasing out coal power getting more electric cars on the road. is that enough well we already see that this will not be enough to meet the $1.00 degree target and that is bad for the climate but that it's also bad for politically for the political well for the political worth in germany just because we would have had the chance on friday to set a real goal to really propose positions that will reach these goals and all they want is at least they would have gone further yes of course was a different approach what is what is so what is the biggest failing and what the german government has proposed on the c o 2 limit there is no c o 2 limit there is no there's no good way to to see that the goals will meet their targets but. what it and what is missing or what is badly designed says you $2.00 pricing because that should be the backbone of every climate change policy if you
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will go to emit c o 2 then you need to pay for it and pay big absolutely and you don't believe the price is set a high enough well the price is set on a while for our proposal the prices are not the problem because we would have set the limit and then have a trade in emissions trading system but if you choose the way to go for a c o 2 texting then the prices are not by by any means near enough to what they have should have been on the one hand and then the other hand they are badly designed because there are lots of law. or juridical questions this is not clear if there is a tax weights and working in germany all this stuff is not clear you can read it does sound like really the pressure is on from from whichever whether it be from politicians like yourself or indeed from the public finance. co from germany is a free democratic party thank you. sport now in brazilian football a name serving his former club boss alone to the 27 year old was linked to
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a return to the league champions in the summer which eventually fell through today using court claiming that barcelona failed to pay a loyalty bonus of $26000000.00 euros the club rejects a claim and is counter serving for part of a bonus they say they've already paid bosler also a huge superstar of breaching his contract when he joined. in 2070. on the 2 extremes for some a fascinating and terrifying world of free solo climbing this is out finished on hold climbing cim a grand day in the italian alps no ropes no safety harness just sits back and a vertical rock face this 1st national climb the 550 meter in a record 46 minutes and 30 seconds smashing the previous record about 19 minutes you know home safely so climbing refought on 4 of europe's most difficult north facing peaks. there is
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a reminder our top story u.s. lawmakers are crashing the new countries acting national intelligence director about allegations that president trump tried to pressure ukraine's president into investigating former u.s. vice president joe biden the complaint from 2 democrats to begin an impeachment inquiry which mr trump describes as a disgrace. up next here on the don't do a documentary about how an audio visual in television could change society world news at the top of the i'm going to. stand for. language courses. video. anytime anywhere. w.t.f. .


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