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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight a shocking discovery in one area of at a boarding school where the children were kept in chains police have rescued hundreds of boys and young men shackled in what's said to be an islamic school some had been tortured and sexually abused also coming up tonight president donald trump lashing out at the whistleblower whose report includes allegations of presidential
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abuse of power and a white house cover up but for the democrats the case is clear cut. by their very act of coming forward and showing more dedication to country more of an understanding of the president's oaths of office. than the president himself. and that ballot boxes and suicide bombers taliban extremists are threatening to disrupt this weekend's presidential elections in afghanistan. i'm bring coffin's good to have you with us we begin tonight with a disturbing discovery in nigeria police in the northern city of could do not have rescued hundreds of boys and young men many of whom were. shackled in chains some
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had been tortured and we understand that some had been sexually assaulted now they're all said to have been attending an islamic boarding school in the building where they were held in the report that follows d.w. news is not showing the faces of the rescued children. these police were sent to boarding school full of religious education. instead they were starved chained and went to. somebody external sconce of the physical suffering they enjoyed the weaker. people that were told that if they give up this stuff is out of the country study so this is my last ellis' of what it is to live for the islamic it will flash that's all around the sun it was low and look at it which of the it would develop let's watch it one look at me. possibly it's. what access to
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a lot of. the police say it's not clear how long the children were how. not all of them king from nigeria this place is now or an islamic school because you can see it with. small children some of them are brought for in our neighboring countries but you know fossil miley gonna. fall all over the counter of course all over the country they will hear some of the why even change you know i use human ice because. there are many islamic schools across the northern parts of the muslim region of nigeria. the piece of a stick 7 people including the teachers running the school the children are now staying at a temporary camp in the city while peace contacts the talents. of more now we're joined by eva hema. with. language in could do not which is in northern
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nigeria you have been to the scene of this school today what did you see what did you fall. well since from the inception i would tend to. this story since yesterday even in when before this went to the area around 5 down to 6 o'clock when they went about with all these children it's really shocking what we saw from the inside that building what they are bringing out of these children children off load it and been mixing up with the adult in the same class and not the same time what we saw them so many kind of bus caught in the body and then it's all it's a stand that there are a series of chain that the police brought out in this court and then some of them come out if you walked across from what i saw $11.00 in us one elect because he cannot even move his sick so i had to because a lot of that one did it but with everybody in the house including all the school that's not yet certain of that and it took them from what effect what that down to
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one face when it comes down i said if you just come over there are all of them now which you had taken medical attention than team was that when we had some of this yeah i was just going to say i'm going to say you met a parent of one of the children he was at the school right. yes absolutely and that's one of the parents it's not like it was a camp where the police to focus on the children because they depended. if i quit. school for the moment so they decided to strike we had a chance to finally discover that we had something they were accepting one place whereby it was surrounded by the police so the parents started to fall into what is a problem so i saw some parents protesting outside the compound what is the problem there for me and i said. you just missed a day or 2 general actually. did you know the children because. i saw some of the
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children with they don't. know any kind of teaching that the truth that goes through what are the kind of if you may think kind of teaching their kitchen on different you understand i believe in the northern nigeria we have this kind of schools that are flimsy and then so presently let me tell you this school has been in existence for 10 years and this community said they didn't want this school and there is another big one in india and i'm sending this to richard for those that are going to see the actions of our kids in the camp i saw them. on 1st of india and during the last 3 days moving to. the government provide them with food and then just provide medical assistance. to them but on the other side i would say we have this kind of school in different parts of nigeria and then. on the same issues. of young children is very common in the area every time
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that is not the course of our lives in those days nothing to do. with the fact that the parents asked him to collect their food and they were issued on monday so that they can now go back to them but. they're going to check on they have to. really don't start so many. if one did that ok uber hema got to with the language service in couldn't in northern nigeria unfortunately for him we're out of time but we appreciate your reporting in bringing this the sterling story to the world thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world hundreds of south african government employees have protested in pretoria against violence targeting women and children the rally followed a call from the president ramaphosa for all members of society to work together to prevent gender based violence egyptian security forces have sealed off cairo's
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tahrir square to prevent expected protests against president sisi several nearby subway stations have also been shut for alleged maintenance closures come amid a harsh security clampdown following anti-corruption demonstrations across egypt last week in. the british oil tankers seized by iran in the strait of hormuz 2 months ago has left the uranium port where it was being detained the stinnett imperio was taken by iran's revolutionary guard 2 weeks after an iranian tanker was seized by britain that ship was released in august. he was president donald trump has gone on the attack against an unnamed whistleblower who reported him for soliciting interference in next year's presidential election trump says that the whistleblowers claims are inaccurate although none of them has been proved false see also blames the democrats accusing them of instigating
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a witch hunt and he says spies were behind the revelations insinuated a harsh treatment for them which critics say amounts to witness intimidation. in the phone conversation between president trump and ukraine's president selenski that gave rise to the whistleblowers report the 2 apparently also criticize the european union and the german chancellor for not doing enough to help ukraine now that's despite germany having given ukraine almost one in a half 1000000000 euros in aid since 2014 peoples of the world she is close to friendship at. a u.n. summit dinner for world leaders u.s. president donald trump and german chancellor angela merkel. but trump has not always treated like a friend the rough transcript of a phone call to ukrainian president flow to him is the lansky cited trump saying
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when i was speaking to angle america she talks ukraine but she doesn't do anything . selenski was quick to agree saying you're absolutely right not only 100 percent but actually 1000 percent. drop then told his counterpart that the u.s. had been quote very very good to ukraine. that's all according to the official rough transcript of their conversation as released by the white house this week with the caviar that it is not a word for word transcript but the german government has pushed back against trump's accusations on ukraine citing hard facts. isn't. according to o.e.c.d. statistics we are the 3rd biggest financial partner for development to the usa and the e.u. . and of kools e.u. contributions support investments and aid to ukraine.
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germany has also been deeply engaged in diplomacy to help ukraine as it struggles with a separatist uprising in the east germany was part of the so-called normandy format that sought to bring an end to the conflict but trump appeared to ignore this at a yet more strain to the german american relationship. over more on the fall well from the whistleblower report i'm joined tonight by jonathan katz of the german marshall fund jonathan spent many years developing u.s. policy in europe including ukraine with the u.s. state department as well as on capitol hill others good to have you on. trump like other u.s. president says that his conversations with other foreign leaders should remain confidential if not embarrassing things are said and revealed what alarms you about what we've heard tonight that this conversation was al did or that both of the
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president's. trashing. i think there's 2 things here one obviously this was a whistleblower that witnessed and was part of witnessing the president trying to use his office. and to go after a political opponent and so there's nothing disturbing about a wistful whistle whistle blower exposing mr trump and this manner and it's quite clear that congress and particular the house representatives think so and that's why there's an impeachment inquiry looking at this issue but the other half is to is quite revealing of course is the conduct towards america's most important allies like germany. the president has repeatedly both both publicly in the past and now we know in these private conversations has use these opportunities to trash allies to weaken relationships but he also i think underlying all this uses these moments
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in order to achieve his own objectives rather than that of allies or even of the united states in this case and i think this was what makes it particularly dangerous in this case is that the president was trying to use his office to achieve political ambitions and power. what do you think the significance of this is for us german relations i mean do you think. do you think that she was surprised to read this. well i'm certain that she is not shocked given the past behavior of the president including direct conversations previously so this this is really not shocking some of the things that were more shocking in it was the response back from president selenski agreeing in effect that germany france in effect i look at all european partners not pulling
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their weight in support of ukraine and that's just not true and of course one of the best parts of that ukraine is experience of the last several years as it moves forward in terms of democracy security economic growth has been this this transatlantic support that included the united states on one hand. germany the european union and so when you look at the bill of who's provided assistance you see that on both sides of the atlantic support for ukraine has been strong and what i think has happened in this conversation particularly for mrs alecky it's actually weakened his relationship with european partners including mr mccraw and chancellor merkel both we mentioned in this conversation and it's quite unfortunate because i think if you look at the scale of support and including recent engagement on the normandy for format to resolve the conflict in eastern ukraine it has been chancellor merkel and mr mccrone have been right there with mr selenski trying to
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resolve this issue and so i think right today they have to be doubting whether or not mrs less he is somebody they can trust this whistleblower report jonathan reveals to the entire world much about help the u.s. president regards the rest of the world in how he regards the rule of law and due process this is what the president said last night about the people who gave the whistleblower that information it was recorded on a smartphone at a private dinner was true but about 50 just take a listen. to. this it was one of these are the reasons it was. you know. we. used to handle them a little differently back then what did you hear in that address. well 1st of all it's reprehensible that the president would make such a statement it's incredibly important that the u.s.
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government in particular have people making certain that officials who are not above the law are held accountable for using power in a way that they should not so it's reprehensible 2nd i would say the president has used this tactic just lets recall this whole incident really is connected directly to the reelection or the reelection efforts of president trump he is using this and i think he wants to use this incident to rile up his base in the past he has used or at least thrown up the idea that his own supporters should use force and in this particular incidents it's quite disconcerting that i think what he's trying to do is to send a signal to anybody within his administration that might be thinking of doing something similar not to do it so that you could read this is intimidation if appears to advocate the the death penalty or extra judicial punishment for for
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traders i mean what does that say to germany in europe about our shared values with the united states. well i think this president has long ago abandoned the idea of shared values with his partners in berlin paris brussels and across europe the president has not been a exporter of u.s. values as being about democracy and what we're seeing today is more about corruption. something that i think is unusual coming from the white house he's really the 1st president that has really not advanced the issue of democracy and human rights in any way and so there is this disconnect and you're seeing a disconnect that has led some european leaders to think heavily about strengthening european security without the united states and so this is having it's not just about the values issue itself it's about the overall relationship and
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the core of that relationship revolves around democracy human rights which i believe americans still believe strongly in and a bipartisan way in the u.s. congress and many people in this administration believe in this type of engagement and also how important it is to transatlantic unity german think of the german marshall fund joining us tonight from one she drove that we appreciate your joining me and your insights tonight thank you thank you. thank you ari to afghanistan now where after months of delays and certainly people are due to vote in the nation's 4th presidential election on saturday security is a major concern taliban extremists are threatening to disrupt the vote with suicide bombings and rocket attacks and there are fears that violence during the election could deepen political instability. it's scenes like this that the afghan government is desperate to avoid on election day the security plan to protect fotis
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at polling stations was 8 months in the making the violence is just one of the challenges facing the officials organizing the elections 5 years ago allegations of systematic fraud at the last one abdullah abdullah the man who lost to the current president ashraf ghani then is still his main contender now but. with all the strength we will prevent any kind of fraud in this election at the last election i said we won't accept any government based on fraud but it happened because afghanistan was facing multiple threats time at the start of withdrawal of foreign troops the rise of islamic states and also the taliban how to not be harmed. to fight electoral fraud around 100000 election observers will monitor the nearly $5000.00 polling stations across the country but they will be allied to candidates . one 3rd of the afghan defense forces will be on hand but that is still not enough
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some polling stations will stay shot because the army cannot protect them coaches are worried both about their personal safety and fair elections without that we will participate in the elections and large numbers that iraq is a government that it will provide us with security and she was the terms parents are free election was. threatening us all the time to stop us from participating in these elections they threaten us every day but despite this i believe most people will fights and the elections to defend democracy. and a couple of them nick women protecting both voters lives and democracy is a tall order for a government in a country where violent militants control or are active in almost half of the territory. on my colleague papers when joins me now and she has reported extensively from afghanistan it's good to see you again former president army
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karzai has more on that holding the election now in afghanistan is like asking a heart patient to run a marathon i mean is this the responsible thing to do he does have a point that because one thing is for sure and there are no 2 ways about it voters going out tomorrow and that's the to cast their votes are under threat i mean the taliban have made crystal clear that anyone who participates in these elections who facilitates them is a legit target to them so as we have seen in the 2014 elections i was on the ground to cover them it was really a very messy affair messy because the elections were manipulated there was ballot stuffing all of that but also because so. security couldn't be granted and a lot of voters who lost their lives or their fingers because you know they use this indelible ink of concrete it off so it stays with you for days and the taliban use that to identify voters and to chop off the fingers of i mean considering all
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of this which candidate is in the best position then to try to reach some kind of a peace agreement with the telephone we only have 2 candidates really who have a chance of winning tomorrow's follett's and they were potus and government for the past 5 years that this president connie and his chief executive officer. both say they want peace for afghanistan how to go about it is an entirely different question because yes it needs the afghan government but it also needs the f.k.n. opposition it needs this civil society representatives it needs the youth and it needs the international community and in saying that i mean more than just the united states because there are a lot of international players active on the african battlefield and we know that there's this threat you know i guess a mortal threat for people going to vote what's the appetite among afghans in for this weekend's election depends on who you are as if you are young people who are part of the liberated young educated elite they see it as
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a sign of protest they will go out and vote because they think this is our right and now we can and we want to cost a vote but if you go to the countryside and we hardly ever get access there millions of people will be disfranchised and for them it's how do i survive the next day how do i get the next meal for my family for them it's bread and butter issues and those weren't addressed in this election campaign that we saw we know the taliban is very good at making threats but what about curing curing all these threats i mean how strong is the telly but right now in afghanistan well evidence suggests that they either control or contest half of the country and what we see is basically a back and forth so they. kind of manage to. districts stay for a few days and then special forces move and drive them out but what you don't have is the clear front lines civilians get stuck in the middle there are a lot of militias on the ground that is why we see this ever growing number of
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civilian casualties and it still is the world's deadliest conflict so underpaid as well as always we appreciate your insights and your reporting it's good to have your thank you we're here in germany police say that they have smashed and influential criminal cyber network in a raid in the west of the country 7 people have been arrested on suspicion of trafficking weapons drugs and child sex abuse images the investigation that prompted the raid have taken 5 years and it involved more than $600.00 police officers it looks like the set of a hollywood movie a former nato bunker converted into a data center $500.00 square meters of service exclusively used for a multi-million euro criminal enterprise police seized $200.00 service here in a major operation the bunker was hidden 5 stories below ground in the small town of top in taba in germany southwest but how munitions knew it wasn't just that we had
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to secure the physical location we also had to crack the digital storage at the data center. the solution turned up it was likely from this location that an attack on dota telecom customers routers was carried out in 2016 this was also the home of illegal online stores like wall street market selling millions of euros worth of drugs illegal documents and even todd pornography the investigation was complex and lengthy lasting more than 4 years. it's. a data center like place in germany isn't illegal to say. you have to prove that online crimes are being committed by 3rd parties then you have to prove that the people running the center and you have found it and supported it. the main suspect is a 59 year old dutch man the investigation and analysis of the data which could include customer data could take months if not years. this is g.w.
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news and these are our top stories police in nigeria have rescued hundreds of boys and young men who had been held captive in a building in the northern city of could do not many were found in chains a police spokesman said the building housed an islamic boarding school several teachers have been arrested. for isn't trump has it condemned an unnamed whistleblower of you have reported him for soliciting interference in next year's presidential election trump says the whistleblowers claims are inaccurate although none of them have been proven false he also blames the democrats accusing them of instigating a witch hunt and says spies are behind the revelations. preparations for afghanistan's 4th presidential election are being overshadowed by taliban threats the extremist group has vowed to disrupt tomorrow's vote with suicide bombings and rocket attacks there are fears that election violence could deepen the
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country's political instability. this is g.w. news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at w dot com or follow us on twitter. you're watching the w. news live from berlin and i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see you then.
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