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lives around the world. he did urgent assistance. the family starts october on. this is g.w. news live from berlin on the eve of presidential elections in afghanistan a picture of polling stations and suicide bombings across the country they're setting up the ballot boxes for saturday's presidential election but taliban extremists are threatening to bomb voters and polling place also coming up u.s. secretary of state my home page you know in the crosshairs
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a democrat controlled committee demanding that he produce documents about that president trump phone call when trump is alleged to have abused his presidential power. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight the people of afghanistan are looking forward with hope and with trepidation after months of delays and uncertainty they are set to vote in the nation's 4th presidential election saturday tomorrow but taliban extremists are threatening to disrupt the vote with suicide bombings and rocket attacks and there are fears that violence during the election could deepen the country's political instability. it's scenes like this that the afghan government is desperate to avoid on election day to see. curity plan to protect voters at polling stations was 8 months in the
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making but violence is just one of the challenges facing the officials organizing the elections 5 years ago allegations of systematic fraud the last one was abdullah abdullah the man who lost to the current president ashraf ghani then is still his main contender now but more because with all our strength we will prevent any kind of fraud in this election at the last election i said we won't accept any government based on fraud but it happened because afghanistan was facing multiple threats at that time at the start of withdrawal of foreign troops the rise of islamic states and also the taliban have an upper hand. to fight electoral fraud around 100000 election observers will monitor the nearly $5000.00 polling stations across the country but they will be allied to candidates. one 3rd of the afghan defense forces will be on hand but that is still not enough some polling stations
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will stay shut because the army cannot protect them coaches are worried both about their personal safety and fair elections without that we will participate in the elections and large numbers that are out of the government that it will provide us with security and she was the terms parents of the election was. actually. threatening us all the time to stop us from participating in these elections that threaten us every day but despite this i believe most people will fight in the elections to defend democracy. and. protecting both voters lives and democracy is a tall order for a government in a country where violent militants control or are active in almost half of the territory. oh my colleague is under paid as one joins me now and she has reported extensively from afghanistan it's good to see you again former president army
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karzai has more on that holding the election now in afghanistan is like asking a heart patient to run a marathon i mean is this the responsible thing to do he does have a point because one thing is for sure and there are no 2 ways about it voters going out tomorrow and the knesset to cast their votes are under threat i mean the taliban have made crystal clear that anyone who participates in these elections who facilitates them is a legit target to them so as we have seen in the 2014 elections i was on the ground to cover them it was really a very messy affair messy because the elections were manipulated there was ballot stuffing all of that but also because security. couldn't be granted and a lot of voters who lost their lives or their fingers because you know they use this indelible in their current get it off so it stays with you for days and the taliban use that to identify voters and to chop off the faces of war i mean considering all of this which candidate is in the best position then to try to
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reach some kind of a peace agreement with the taliban we only have 2 candidates really who have a chance of winning tomorrow's poets and they were potus and government for the past 5 years that this president on the and his chief executive officer. both say they want peace for afghanistan how to go about it is an entirely different question because yes it needs the afghan government but it also needs the ethic and opposition it needs this civil society representatives it needs the u.s. and it needs the international community and in saying that i mean more than just the united states because there are a lot of international players active on the afghan battlefield and we know that there's this threat you know i guess a mortal threat for people going to vote what's the appetite among afghans in for this weekend's election depends on who you are as if you are young people who are part of the liberal young educated elite they see it as
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a sign of protest they will go out and vote because they think this is our right and now we can and we want to cost a vote but if you go to the countryside and we hardly ever get access there millions of people will be disfranchised and for them it's how do i survive the next day how do i get the next nea for my family for them it's bread and butter issues and those weren't addressed in this election campaign that we saw we know the toll of money is very good at making threats but what about curing curing all these threats me how strong is the telly but right now in afghanistan well evidence suggests that they either control or contest top of the country and what we see is basically a back and forth so they. kind of manage to occupy it do. strict stay for a few days and then special forces move and drive them out but what you don't have is the clear front lines so the civilians get stuck in the middle of a lot of militias on the ground that is why we see this ever growing number of
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civilian casualties and it still is the world's deadliest conflict so underpaid has been as always we appreciate your insights and your reporting good to have your thank you. or no to that rapidly moving story about u.s. president donald trump's controversial phone call to the president of ukraine house democrats have subpoenaed the secretary of state might pump a 0 for documents related to that phone call while trump has gone on the attack against the unnamed whistleblower who reported him for soliciting interference in next year's presidential election trump says the whistleblowers claims are inaccurate although he hasn't provided any proof he also blames the democrats accusing them of instigating a witch hunt and says that spies were behind the revelations the house foreign affairs intelligence and oversight committee has set a deadline of one week for secretary of state pompei are to produce documents relevant to the impeachment inquiry. are less discussed were things stand now
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public for the aliens is sitting by in washington good evening to you pablo so what is the latest on president donald trump and the house impeachment inquiry. it's a very fast moving story brenda you said it yourself and you've just said it with so much of of what's been happening in the past few minutes of course the secretary of state mike pompei o has been subpoenaed and it's over several requests for documents regarding the complaint made by the whistleblower and also interesting lee rudy giuliani the attorney. the private attorney to president trump is also mentioned and actually just want to read part of what they said in this subpoena to mr pompei oh it says mr giuliani's recent public statements raise more troubling questions about state department officials possible involvement in the president's efforts to press
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ukraine to interfere in the 2020 you ass election now pretty serious words there brant we're hearing and like you said as well he's also being told that he needs to hand those documents over by the end of next week friday and that this is also a key date because also house intelligence committee are jew to begin their hearings it said adam schiff said that the chair of the house intelligence committee said they would start at the end of next week friday so it's all beginning to come together amongst those people apart from rudy giuliani who was mentioned that we're knowing we know that my pump it's also the attorney general william barr it's also expected will be requested to appear before those hearings you know we see the administration responding to these demands from the committees or from the. well i mean we've been hearing
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a lot coming from the republican side from president trump i mean there has been many tweets coming from president trump in the past 24 hours you know claiming that it's fake news claiming that the democrats are sort of essentially to get him in in many respects they're trying to steal the next year's election even is what's being said also trying to discredit the whistleblower you know we've heard some pretty shocking words coming from president trump to. you know we've also heard from other republicans claiming that it's on founded and they don't understand why it's being why the democrats are pushing forward with this inquiry this impeachment inquiry. saying that there has been some grumblings within the republican party to perhaps some questions do need to be answered with regards to this complaint made by the whistleblower before we remove them briefly what the american public is there an
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appetite for. generally the american public is not very much in favor of impeachment but what the democrats want to do is they want to make this inquiry very simple they want to focus on the ukraine allegations which is something that is very clear cut that americans can understand very clearly why they are pushing forward with this and you know in recent polls and there's ones taken earlier this week there has been a slight shift but they need to gather all the evidence 1st and foremost and then they can sort of gauge whether they are going to continue forward with the impeachment inquiry and the possible and president trump was through these subpoenas already to be used. should want you to think you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world nigerian police have rescued more than 300 people held in chains in
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a building in the northern city of could do know most of the captives were children a police spokesman says that the building held in his wall mixed school and that several teachers have been arrested hundreds of south african government employees have protested in pretoria against violence targeting women and children the rally followed a call from president ramaphosa for all members of society to work together to prevent gender based violence egyptian security forces have sealed off cairo's tahrir square to prevent expected protests against president. sisi several nearby subway stations have also been shut for alleged make the closures come amid a harsh security clampdown following anti-corruption demonstrations across egypt last weekend. german police say that they have smashed an influential criminal cyber network in a raid in the west of the country 7 people were arrested on suspicion of trafficking weapons drugs and child sex abuse images the raid follows 5 years of
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investigations that involve more than $600.00 police officers it looks like the set of a hollywood movie a fulminate a bank converted into a. 500 square metres of service exclusively used for a multi 1000000 euro criminal enterprise police seized 200 service here in a major operation. the bunker was hidden 5 stories below ground in the small town of tub and harbor in germany southwest a humvee an issue it wasn't just that we had to secure the physical location we also had to crack the digital storage at the data center. the solution to the drums . it was likely from this location that an attack on door to telecom customers routers was carried out in 2016 this was also the home of illegal online stores like wall street market selling millions of euros worth of drugs illegal documents
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and even tiled pornography the investigation was complex and lengthy lasting more than 4 years. at the a news organization sentinel purchasing a data center like place in germany isn't illegal to say 1st you have to prove that online crimes are being committed by 3rd parties then you have to prove that the people running the center and you have outed and supported it. the main suspect is a 59 year old dutch man the investigation and analysis of the data which could include customer data could take months if not years. when the international olympic committee president almost box says a fresh look is needed at russia's participation in next year's tokyo games that comes amid another possible doping scandal but said that at the world athletics championships in doha and event that russia was not allowed to participate it although the countries olympic ban was lifted just last year russia is now being
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investigated for manipulating laboratory data that data is related to the state sponsored doping scandal that followed the 2014 winter games in sochi. you're watching d.w. news up next business news with stephen beard please stay tuned for that have a good weekend everyone. i'm scared that. not and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you that. are you familiar with this. witness smugglers we're alliance and. what's your story.
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'd on world numbers and women especially in victims of violence and. take part.


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