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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2019 9:15am-9:31am CEST

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you're watching the news up next hour arts and culture shock and a trip to the circus set swap live animals for a 3 d. hologram i'll be back at the top of the hour with more headlines and as always don't forget you can stay up to date with all of our stories on our web site that's d.w. dot com thanks for joining us and we'll see you very soon. buddy . welcome to the what is the game here one day just. trying to talk about the 2 the song the bridge that's a little. clearer more. good.
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when your family is scattered across the globe. the things that you could do. to get a minimum of the. bush family from somalia live around the world. needed urgent assistance a. family starts october on. greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to arts and culture and heading into the weekend here's what's coming up on today's program. germany's simple song hali is the world's 1st circus to swap live animals for 3 grand elephant in a future looking move to fight cruelty against. and you can leave your
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hat on we head to a region of italy that's especially famous for producing a very large percentage of europe's headgear. we start with some real life greek drama it's nearly 5 years ago that the extent of the greek government's budget deficit sparked a debt crisis that threatens the viability of the eurozone itself well this provoked a bitter standoff between greek leaders and the e.u. oscar winning director costa well known for his political thrillers has made this the subject of his latest film adults in the room. ok so. it's a trap the chancellor is waiting with all the other heads of state outraged over the referendum in new york. the financial crisis in 2015
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greece is bankrupt and threatens to track the whole of europe down with it prime minister elect says secrecy and his finance minister you can inspire a farkas who want to salvage what they can in return for propping greece up brussels is demanding radical reforms that are almost impossible to implement vera farkas wants to give greece breathing space but the e.u. is unbending in particular german finance minister volved scheuer blood. pressure jewish. by the way i'm not your enemy. veteran director cos the governor attended the world premiere in venice his film dissects the ways the financial bureaucracy in brussels functions. that was the important thing for the movie not to harm people. even sometimes he can look i think the good thing.
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for someone whose life he lives. by just yanis varoufakis was greek finance minister in 2015 he wrote the book the film is based on using recordings made meetings he attended as head of negotiations for the greeks saeed the economics professor stubborn rejection of the bailout terms and his radical view of the crisis made him a global media star the financial planners were not interested in warnings that the bailout conditions would destroy people's livelihoods and the fragile economy we are highly dissatisfied with our new start up. governments are floor uphills and. this will be dealt with by those few years. for now we've come to request fires of the ports and the neighbor shipyards to put them up for sale. your mere civil servants you come here to demand files from the minister that's what you've always
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done from now on you'll have to close your quest to our civil servants trying to bring out the news from the from the death. was very negative for the people who are still there high year than before and the people are suffering. the film that takes an unflinching look at the weighty e.u. political establishment functions and highlights the plight of those who are suffering in a story that is still waiting for a happy ending. so here you are with us eliciting. durex the phone number of chemical youngsters. so both. anyone with a streak of animal rights activist in them will sit long since have poo pooed the circus especially those troops that travel around with story looking lions and mangy bears because they're just no longer in keeping with the times which is why
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germany's famous so close fung kali found a clever high tech way to forego any animal cruelty but still have that magic of their beautiful beasts. in the beginning was a horse. there are horses made of gold dust and an elephant performing tricks but there are no live animals here a longstanding german circus from college is introducing a new era by using holograms. if you read me everything no longer set up our tents on the meadows but often in a parking lot in the middle of a city as a people in the living conditions for animals have changed through we have to take this into account we have to observe the changing world around us and constantly make the necessary adjustments because for t.v. movie the holograms or the new stars opening the show. welcome to
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circus or on kali. and then we'll performers take over the circus ring is clear let us began. the circus is currently in the northern german city of loopback performing their program storytellers yesterday today and tomorrow the idea is to transport the romantic world of the circus into the 21st century the future is represented by an acrobat interacting with an industrial robot to the circus come as a surprise for people to know what is coming home they should say that i've never seen that with spin machine electric lighting. all these courses and sensation at the circus back in the day and now. we're introducing him. into. levin digital laser projectors beam images onto wafer thin metallic netting. a company based in germany's were region which is specializing in augmented reality implemented the
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ideas that one county had come up with. under lease team also created a virtual version of the circus tent to calculate the viewing angles of the audience members and then adjust the animations accordingly. that's fun to recreate the huge surface of an elephant is a very complex topic and we use photos to help with the text but another friend also has over 14000 little bristles some of these are. the holograms were tested in a huge studio at a quarter of their eventual show size. in future they'll be much more interaction and that will be even more interesting element into bats will be able to interact directly with the holograms just like an artist makes new arrangements creates new worlds and moves within them to understand. what are the
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audiences think is there something missing. or do they think it was about time that real animals left the circus. and i think it's good that there are no more animals because it's not right for them if you really want to see live animals you can go to a zoo and here i thought look i think it was breathtaking i really liked it and i've never seen anything like this before but sometimes you need to put as it is the real truth you closer i was missing the romantic wrong country spirit of the past holograms and technology are not giving me the same flair. the f.b.i. did smell of horses was missing a bit but on the whole i liked it and can see. in the next show the virtual world. merge with the real world to even more. what seems certain is that the circus will remain the only world of magical surprises.
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how often have you been on holiday somewhere in the sun is so hot that you decide you have to spontaneously buy a hat well if this happens in europe there is about a 50 percent chance that your hat comes from one small region in italy that's somewhat off the beaten tourist path and that is the market are huge and where they really know how to keep a cool head. the countryside is a picture perfect italian landscape with hills topped by mediæval villages city walls to one's underpants. must tourism hasn't discovered the region of market yet. the locals don't live only from agriculture cultivated crops on and on natives but also from millinery. there are some 60000000 is within a 7 kilometer radius. they export their huts all over the world.
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these might be made of felt for school. so what you evacuees family has been making hats here for quite a while. it depends on where we've been making hats by hand for 3 generations that began with my granddad and then my dad and now me when so about 150 years dedicated to this marvelous product i mean yours or. many of the villages in the display codelco bello all had district have a beautifully restored center. must have a man a has a historical games but it's back to the 14th century. for much of a key it all began with straw hats. there was only weighs an abundance of wheat in this region people made straw hats to protect themselves while they were working in the fields. at the heart of the hot districts is known to pour now with
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some 1700 inhabitants. the local museum shows visitors how hats making traditions have to develop since the 17th century. originally only straw hats were made but then people started using other materials to. film director federico fellini his favorite tat also came from mom to plan to. making a hat by hand is very time consuming delicate work and i ask you when he shows her granddaughters how the work is done when she was growing up she had no choice undergone no consequence when i was a small child and came back from school i was allowed to play a little after lunch but then my parents would give me a bundle of straw like this and say that i had to make a straw plat before dinner. i had to do it because it was our only source of income at the time didn't you get a source at the. monaco so bad he likes to get around to porny on his best but.
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it's factory on the edge of the town is one of the biggest in the region. some 250000 tents and camps amazed each year. about 60 percent go aboard. things which it's about to label them a need to depend on what's next known is that many famous italian fashion houses have to have made in these factories around monte borna which is 250 kilometers northeast of rome. will remain the pornographic of the model of course each fashion house tells us how to customize the cabs or prefer not to drop locations or embroidery or adjustable structures like this one or never will our border. sometimes it's a special combination of different prints and fabrics. brotherhoods and so on i mean with this. so let's take hand that stuff to the
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italian hat industry. or should i say cup and know. and there it is cup a low well that's all for this time but our quick heads up before we go that you can find more on all the stories on our website and twitter is full. also lots of fun at the w. culture without until we meet again all the best from last year in berlin and. in good shape. but i'm sorry. if you ever said to yourself oh just another simple. but that one last sentence might be one too many. what makes alcohol so dangerous and how best to avoid
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dependence. much of it. your link to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions on the news of easy i want website debited come so much for joining us on facebook at g.w. for guy. well coming soon in good shape coming up want to alcohol does to your body. result clinics for addicts in nigeria. and
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a recovering alcoholic on why giving up is so hard. here's your host dr cotton like you tot eh.


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