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but everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say. this is g.w. news live from berlin australia's conservatives win of big in snap elections former us about former chancellor sebastian kurtz and his austrian people's party emerge stronger than ever just months after a scandal brought down his government now the hard work of building a coalition government starts we'll get the latest from vienna. also coming up 2
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people are confirmed dead on the greek island of the west coast after fires broke out in an overcrowded refugee camp the chaos horse and when angry migrants clashed with police. say stupid and in sports instead of programming resumes in formula one as lewis hamilton takes a giant leaps toward a 6th world title at the rushing crown trini. imus waiter thanks for joining us austria's conservatives have want to resoundingly victory in the country's snap parliamentary election early results indicate former chancellor sebastian kurtz and his austrian people's party have taken some 37 percent of the vote it's a clear show of strength for kurtz just months after being ousted as chancellor amid a scandal involving his far right coalition partners. the recent scandals that triggered
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the government's collapse apparently didn't hurt sebastian courts at the ballot box . the former chance. as poised to return to power the results show his people's party is the clear winner support for the conservatives jumped more than 5 percent i was thank you thank you very much my dear friends i lost the confidence vote in may. the past 4 months were difficult and today the people voted us back into power thank you very much i mean there were many long faces at the headquarters of the conservatives former coalition partners the far right freedom party decides an expense scandal a covert video showing former chairman heinz christian struck appearing to offer favors to a woman posing as a potential donor devastated the populace their support tumbled by some 10 percent . unfortunately the results are not a mandate to resume
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a governing coalition now the once and likely future chancellor will have to be creative the slightly weakened social democrats with nearly 22 percent of the vote or a potential coalition partner so are the greens they almost quadrupled their support to 14 percent enough to re enter parliament. we will soon be holding talks with other parties above all the peoples party that's correct i've been striving for that but it will be a discussion about possibilities and whether it makes sense to hold talks atoll for handling on something it could still be days before all postal ballots are counted then the focus will shift to the difficult task of coalition building and deciding the balance of power in austria. max huffine is in vienna covering the elections he says sebastian cross will face some difficult choices when it comes to selecting a coalition partner. suppose the courts wanted to keep his options open and now he
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really does have options 3 of them he could form a coalition either with his former partner or the far right freedom party with the social democrats or with the greens but it will be difficult to align the positions for example with the social democrats or with the greens on topics like migration so the easiest way could be with the old freedom party but they are involved in so many scandals that it might not be a viable options so where will serve us to scold the coming days will show us for now it is unclear. at least 2 people have been killed after fires broke out at an overcrowded greek migrant camp the blazes struck the morea camp on the island of lesbos the 1st was quickly extinguished at the other spread rapidly leading to clashes between migrants and police conditions at the camp are at a breaking point after a recent jump in micro crossings from turkey. misery upon misery on the
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greek island of last boss migrants scramble to escape a cloud of tear gas fired by police as a tragic chain of events unfolded at the marri a town. the fire broke out inside the camp quickly spreading through containers used to highways residents there are conflicting reports about what happened next and then joe working in the camp says a group of migrants rushed to extinguish the blaze and police used tear gas to chase them away. police say they fired tear gas to disperse rioters i heard by the time to talk to the deadly fire. what's undisputed is that his group of migrants attacked firefighters who arrived on the scene a video posted on facebook shows the damage it did police officers were flown in
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from athens to help restore calm conditions of moriah have always been difficult but in recent months they've gotten worse migrant arrivals to greece from turkey have surged reaching their highest level since 2016 when the european union signed a deal with ankara to stem the flow. about $12000.00 people are currently has done the camp though it's only designed for a quarter of that number the deadly fire and rioting will increase pressure on the greek government to ease the situation with the harsh winter months approaching fast. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world chinese president xi jinping has commemorated the millions of people who died in the struggle leading up to the communist party seizing power the annual event takes on special significance this year as china marks 70 years of communist party rule the
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main celebrations will take place on tuesday. a fire has swept through a new high speed rail way station in the saudi city of jeddah at least 5 people were injured authorities said it took crews 12 hours to bring the blaze under control the railway linking jeddah with the holy cities of mecca and medina opened just last year. rebels in yemen say they've launched a major attack on the border with saudi arabia hooty insurgents claim to have captured dozens of vehicles and as many as 2000 troops a saudi led coalition is battling the who to use on behalf of an internationally recognized yemeni government. in paris thousands of mourners have paid tribute to former french president jacques chirac he died last thursday at the age of 86 and is lying in state at the in the lead monument some 30 world leaders are set to attend
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a memorial on monday. pope francis has condemned countries that produce and export weapons but are reluctant to take in refugees the pontiff was addressing tens of thousands of people in rome on the catholic church's world day of migrants and refugees he also called attention to the plight of migrants in italy where the government has tightened its asylum laws in recent months. the area surrounding rome central station a spot familiar to tourists the world over it's also home for thousands of migrants getting by in at least capital most say they're unaware that today is the world day of migrants and refugees. people are scared of us but we don't want to take over we want to survive. a few kilometers away pope francis speaks at st peter's square about the fate of one refugee in. one of the world's many millions who have fled home. unity give
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a new if the lord asks of us that we come back to the injustices that cause people to be excluded from the privileges of the few that cost much suffering for others when most capito the more. the pontiffs appeals to show more compassion to migrants often go unheeded initially many facilities for asylum seekers were closed under the previous populous government. and fought italy no longer grants humanitarian asylum following a decree from former interior minister matteo salvini that forces many refugees into illegality. italy's new government is also planning to deport those not recognized as refugees among them these migrants at a detention center near rome now due to be sent back home. argentina's president has told thousands of supporters he can he can still turn the tide and
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when the country's upcoming election over mockery lags far behind his opponent citizens have turned against the president for failing to fix the country's economic problems. argentina's president moritz mockery basking in the adulation of the crowd as he kicks off his reelection campaign yes we can is the slogan but makris chances look slim. we're better off than we were 4 years ago the economy can grow. many virtues no longer believe that machree took office in 2015 promising to eradicate poverty it's risen by a 3rd runaway inflation and the shrinking economy a fuelling discontent on the streets of the 1st done. no work is in short supply and it's hard to access health and education services. still. critics say machree has racked up record public debts foremost amongst those
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critics to time former president cristina kishner she left behind a budget deficit and this facing corruption charges but still commands widespread support she's pushing for a center left alliance with herself as vice president serious challenges lie ahead . of the new government will have to get its priorities right. we have to create jobs and increase productivity and. getting out in tina back on its feet will be a massive task. space exploration company space x. has unveiled a new. craft it says can carry people and cargo to the moon or even to mars the company hopes to launch of the starship next year. a rocket launch but with a difference introducing starship it's 50 meters high we surveyed 120 tons
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and could play a key rule in building a city on the moon. but we're faced with a choice which future do you want do you want the future will become a space frank civilization and or in many worlds and out there among the stars one where we are forever confined to earth and i say it is the 1st and and i hope you agree with me. for commercial space travel to be viable states crafts need to become reusable this is the plan for star ship which will go into orbit and dock with tanker starships already there that will enable it to gather the huge amounts of propellant needed to travel to the moon and beyond space x. hopes to put the starship into orbit in 6 months tell you and make it feasible for humans to some day inhabit worlds beyond planet air.
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in formula one racing lewis hamilton is back on track in his quest to win a 6th world championship he took the checkered flag at the russian grand prix and it was a great day for his mercedes team want to forget for ferrari as driver sebastian vettel and shyla clear out freighted blows over the team radio. ferrari's recent resurgence in formula one have injected some new life into the category and when sebastian vettel overtook lewis hamilton things were going even better than planned to was flying and that was the problem the team had planned for the younger team mike to be given the leave little said no and then the team ready i got very interesting. to put 15 i respect. everything. you speak of. as it was like the lock prevented the need for a conversation the 4 time world champion out with engine trouble that was the end of the race as a contest and all but the end of the driver's championship. the savings dominance
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will be restored in russia lewis hamilton finishing in front of both us and chelsea clear in the ferrari 5 races to go camel to lead by $73.00 points ahead of both just 6 world championship used to take. jamaica's shelley and frazier press has won gold in the 100 meter dash at the athletic athletics world championships in doha the victory gave her her 4th world championship gold and the 1st since her return to the sport after having a baby her winning time 10.71 seconds is just 100th of a 2nd off her personal best britain's dina asher smith came 2nd. coming up after the break my colleague nick mckenna klein is in the hot seat for the bundesliga show 2 games on sunday rounded out match day 6 you'll see all the goals from both head from both as head to berlin sprung back to life in cologne
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it's a must see for football fans and it's all coming up next right here on d w. you're watching t.v. news live from berlin to forget you can always catch all the latest headlines on our web site t w dot com and follow us on twitter at d w news from all of us here in studio thank you so much for joining us. world unto itself. with its own gravitational pulls out. the finest musical compositions. with some mysteries terrific.


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