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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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what's the connection between bread. and the european union the nose gear. correspondent and baker john stretch this line with the rules set by the deep. cuts. being recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . more than 400000 feet in germany are getting their day in court for years after it broke diesel that is still haunting the comics of the past 4 ready to pay down $30000000000.00 euros to customers around the world. and german companies may be investing but doing it at home anymore. is set to open a new plant in turkey
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a $1000000000.00 will be invested production is set to start as early as 2022. also show china fights the full lot of that swine flu crisis releasing its strategic reserves of coal to cool the market. is a state of your business i was in berlin fox augers appearing in court in germany today to face civil compensation claims related to the diesel emission diesel emissions scandal it's the 1st time the comic will face the courts and its home country a lawsuit a speedboat by some 450000 diesel drivers veiling of a recent change in the law which has opened the door to class action lawsuits previously not allowed in the country. watershed moment for germany's legal system and a day v.w. had hoped to avoid 4 years after the emissions scandal broke hundreds of thousands of drivers have joined forces to hold the car giant to account consumer rights
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groups with to avail of a change in the law which opened the door to u.s. style class action lawsuits in germany. a region of german consumer associations believes volkswagen deliberately ethically harm to diesel customers and that compensation must therefore be paid so far the cheating scandal has cost the v.w. nearly $10.00 times more in the us than in germany lawsuits of the kind being heard today could regress the balance speaking last week the company's lawyer came out defiant. the heart of it to this day hundreds of thousands of vehicles are still in use by customers for us this means that there is no damage and therefore no reason for compensation clark. monday's hearing comes just a week after german prosecutors charged 3 v.w. executives including current boss martin d's with market manipulation accusing them of failing to inform shareholders about the financial impact of the emissions
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scandal yes another sign that the costs of germany's biggest post-war industrial scandal are still being counted. the markets. she joins us from frankfurt not really a precedent for this. market's expecting. well investors really aren't sure what to expect out of this just because it is such a novel legal precedent here so you know investors don't know exactly how courts are going to interpret this but the time line is also extremely long for this so. you and legal experts are saying we probably won't see some sort of for effect from this case for at least 4 years and even when that comes you know it the system here is different and so you won't get
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a damage to the people involved in this case won't get damages immediately so they'll have to file more cases after that so it's really unclear what the legal what the financial cost you're going to be for. the legal costs. for the already paid 30000000000 to other cross was used in the u.s. for example all these oldies the recalls already priced in the process. certainly not you know as you said it's an uncertain exactly what the costs are going to be here and so you know investors are sort of taking a wait and see approach to that and at the same time you know there's there's a lot of criminal cases that are still pending there are still you know cases all over the world pending against you and the company is not at this point. making more legal provisions for that and they've been adamant especially with this with
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this case that they don't expect to see a big a big damage settlement for and for the plaintiffs so for now investors are sort of. taking this pretty easy and the stock is up about 0.5 percent this morning shows lamie in frankfurt for us thank you. well folks one is still busy cleaning up its past but it's also focusing on the future comic or is involved talks about opening a new plant in turkey construction is expected to cost around a $1000000000.00 with the 1st car expected to roll off the line by the end of 2022 the investment is another sign off the deep diplomatic and economic relationship between the 2 countries germany has invested more than $14000000000.00 in turkey in the last 4 decades more than $7000.00 german and turkish companies based in turkey have received equity investment from germany only the netherlands has invested slightly more germany is also turkey's biggest single trading partner of tens of
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ungar us trade crosses german borders however german exports to turkey have been falling since 2015 partially because of a cooling in diplomatic relations so what does he w.'s potential investment in turkey say about the relationship between the 2 countries that's a bring in adult yell see he's a professor for economics at the university of applied sciences in konstanz and joins us now from from there was the odd thing why did v.w. choose turkey to build a new factory. i think to understand the motives it's important to put aside the recent political aspects and have a longer view on the developments in turkey and so turkey actually developed as a very attractive to move to production country starting in 2000 to today basically all major conflict futures are already producing in turkey and you have
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a ballast of the supply chain by supply essential meaning if a new company like slog and sets up a plant there is a good infrastructure and then there are additional aspects for example the attractive neighbor market conditions wages the minimum monthly wage in turkey is that about $400.00 euros if you compare it to eastern european country even on the lower bond you still have minimum wages let's say in vogue areal hungry reaching $450.00 to $500.00 euro so it's very attractive and last but not least the turkish market even so we have recently economic difficult conditions the market is very huge 80000000 potential consumers so producing a turkey means you can sell cars in turkey and then you can utilize this scaling to to export to eastern european countries so it's a very rational decision potential decision and i believe these sort of investments which be much more often on the table if the public political conditions in turkey
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were developing better talk about talking about the political conditions turkey's relations with germany for example it's been fraught recently the economy in turkey is not doing very well so is this a little domestic triumph for mr. i mean this sort of debate will certainly come up and of course i mean not only the president of turkey any politician who is able to attract 1000000000 up investment is going to communicate this as a success of his or her story. the debate will be potentially on the european side also is this something which should take place and my view on that is this is a we should consider it as a positive aspect you know turkey is not only a one man country it's a very diverse country still with all 'd the difficulties the country has and folks walking is a private company to a large extent so it's a private decision and it opens the possibility that the conditions in turkey can improve economic conditions on the 1st down and this may have a chance to have
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a positive spillover on the political developments not only within turkey but also as you indicate with respect to the european union and in germany particularly. else's thank you very much i think you. now bringing home the bacon but it won't cost chinese consumers beth polk in take off of the staples price nearly doubled the hike in cost follows polk shortage caused by an outbreak of african swine fever beijing is now taking steps to counter the surge and price of the nation's favorite meats chinese consumers are hoping to bag a bargain before the country's national day celebrations but an outbreak of african swine fever has put a damper on the food heavy festivities more than 100000000 chinese pigs have been lost to buyers depressing the nation's ports supply and sending the proteins prices skyrocketing beijing shoppers are still stocking up on the country's favorite meat
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but high prices are leaving a bad taste in some consumers miles right now leave me the sight at work almost every week sometimes when the price is good i'll buy more to put into the fridge took place there now it's become very expensive and i only buy what i need it doesn't make sense to buy too much pork i'm expecting the price to drop but i'm going to be a pork is one of china's most important foodstuffs with more pork mining on chinese tables each year than poultry beef and mutton combined the country is also responsible for more than a quarter of global meat consumption china's government has released $30000.00 tons of frozen pork from the reserves to supermarkets the move has helped keep the proteins price from rising further at least in the country's capital were wary customers are substituting their pork purchases with alternative options. than i was in the past i like to buy pork ribs and phyllis. see the end of the
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prizes or else i started to eat more chicken and beef true show we'll see the kind that can go beyond that you'll find the truth the true you were not. china may soon have to increase its imports of foreign pork following a drop in domestic pork production a development that could benefit european export hers. china's industry has a reputation problem cambridge university conducted an international poll on the quality of consumer goods coming from 12 different nations and made in china comes last nearly half of respondents came to a negative verdict on the quality of chinese goods just 15 percent had a favorable in impression of those products other asian countries that much better south korea with popular brands like l.g. and samsung comes in a nice place 9th place and japan home of high profile consumer brands like nicole
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or sony is on 5th place the top spot is easy to guess for acts made in germany still have the best reputation of them all despite standards like v.w. is diesel gates half of all respondents had a positive view and only 6 percent expressed a negative sentiment towards products made here. that's good news and that's it from me on the business to berlin for more business news and lots of stories to check out. slash business a comprehensive web sites also do follow us on facebook and twitter if you don't already do them before i let you go here's a quick look up the global markets at their cellphones which.
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i am male and i'm game on the ground news delusions on this post it's closer to vice destructo place that affects us all the foolish climate change the return of. only green fans check out.
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earth home to millions of species home we're saving. google ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world is the protect the climate boost to clean energy solutions and reforestation . using interactive content to inspire people to take action. on the series of global $3000.00 on t.w. and all mine. in libya over 5000 refugees are languishing in detention centers in inhumane conditions hundreds of people are crammed into gether they're hungry have no clean drinking water and many are ill reports of human trafficking torture and random shootings are common. they said you're a slave and you're black brown. even woke us up in the middle of the night to
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torture us. german diplomats talk about serious human rights abuses so what exactly is going on there and why. our journalist reports from neighboring news there which has taken him 3000 refugees from camps in libya. to. these images show the conditions in the libyan jails they were taken by refugees in different detention centers human rights activists describes the mistrust was he so messaging services reestablished direct contact with 2 refugees who've been trapped in a libyan detention center for 2 years their voice messages reveal their plight we've altered their voices to protect.


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