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torn labrum for w. enough. good. players. this is g.w. news live from turkey is accused of sending refugees back to syria against their will we need a mother desperate to find her son. also coming up china begins events to mark the 70th anniversary of the communist takeover but it will celebrations be overshadowed by on the rest in hong kong. austrian conservative courts looks set to return to
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power after his party wins parliamentary elections but it's unclear who he'll form a government support for his former partner the far right freedom party has collapsed. and it's a scandal that won't go away folks biden appears in court in germany to face compensation claims from hundreds of thousands of drivers of diesel cars. i'm sumi so much kind of good to have you with us. turkish president. hopes a new safe zone in northeastern syria will do 2 things give them a place to repatriate syrian refugees and create a militarized area to keep kurdish militants away from turkey southern border everyone had said he was determined to establish this own by today the end of september but his government and the u.s. have different ideas about how big that zone should be everyone says he will act
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alone if there's no agreement that syrian refugees in turkey say some are already being deported back home to areas including the north which according to them are far from safe our correspondent yulia han met a woman who says her son was sent back against his will. mohammed has been gone for almost 2 months. when offered initial thinks about what happened to her son she feels helpless lost. in early august mohammed was riding a friend's motorbike in istanbul the bike was unregistered mohammed was stopped by police and then sent to a detention center. about 12 days later i got a call from mohamad. he said they've taken me to syria to live that was his last phone call i haven't heard from him since i hadn't read about him
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and that it might have mum heartbroken when me fled from syria he was still a small child. now they have sent him back to that place. and i don't know where he is. istanbul's fattish district is an area where many syrians live many here of heard that the turkish authorities have been deporting refugees in recent months and most of them are fraid that they could be next. that's when they started sending people back i was so scared i didn't leave my house. yeah but they are live and there are more restrictions on us now people are being deported back to syria but we can't escape turkey for europe anymore because it's too dangerous.
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don't it was there and we syrians used to feel welcome here in rio we learn it's changed. now we feel like unwanted migrants again. turkey has taken in more refugees from syria than any other country more than 3600000 people in the space of a few years hundreds of thousands live here in istanbul they set up stores of breast wrongs they've tried to build new lives while turkish society initially responded with more marketable resilience hospitality is now rapidly wearing fit. to cross is both a ransom if more of them come i don't want to live in this neighborhood and in this country anymore. it's me. but just i get along very well with most of the syrians here there are some bad people but you go everywhere you go and i guess we want them to leave as soon as possible we don't want them here anymore big. turkish
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president. has recognized this change in public sentiment in the past few weeks he has made repeated promises that millions of syrians will return home to a so-called safe zone that he wants to establish in the north east of syria. but the government insists the deportations are not taking place and that syrians who are returning are doing so voluntarily. their merit check through those disagreeing is the lawyers trying to help get off the racial son back from syria mohammed and his family have valid turkish documents and protection status checkers has filed an appeal with turkey's constitutional court. so russian though is sending a person to a war zone as a serious human rights violation of the mohammed is not an isolated case result
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from this is happening to many syrians many have been deported in recent months if . not there's a lawyer says that many deported syrians attempt to return to turkey making a 2nd escape from their war torn country illegally and often at a high cost of paying a lot of money to smugness and as dangerous as that might sound. i know how meds mother often is clinging to any hope that she might see her son again in safety. in china celebrations are taking place to mark the 70th anniversary of communist rule the main celebrations will take place on tuesday with a huge military parade in tiananmen square but beijing fears the anniversary could be overshadowed by the pro-democracy protests and unrest in hong kong.
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on the eve of the anniversary a ceremony to honor the creation of the communist state and the heroes of the civil war chinese president xi jinping paid his respects to the fallen. in the evening he attended a theatrical celebration that recalled china's rise from a nation in despair to the world's 2nd largest economy. october 1st 194-9000 dong declared the founding of the people's republic of china and transform the country. his great leap forward aim to industrialize the country but instead left it devastated famine was widespread and tens of millions died mouse cultural revolution followed opponents were sent to camps or executed in his attempt to purge china of counter-revolutionaries. after decades of isolation beijing took steps to open the country and its market up to the world. today
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china is on the podium of the world leading nations but rapid growth has come at a cost. cities are choked by pollution and society is strictly controlled. behind the spectacle authorities are hoping the pro-democracy movement in hong kong doesn't mar the landmark occasion for the world's longest surviving communist state. well in the run up to the big anniversary the chinese government has gone out of its way to make sure that no one rains on its parade and our reporter alex forrest whiting is looking into that for us hi alex they really are leaving nothing of the chance here yeah that's right i mean they have been banning things from kites to billions events of pigeons to make sure that none of these things are seen on the day because obviously there there were a devout some of those items and what could happen but they've also been again
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campaign down on the internet and we know that the internet is restricted in china anyway but they've really decided that they need to put more controls out including on social media platforms so way bo which is a very popular chinese social media platform is being restricted and its owners are playing ball with that and in fact on the 3rd of september the way by launch its own cleanup operation promising that it would delete any accounts or posts that distort the history of the party and the country insult our heroic martyrs or spread hong for political information and just a few days ago way bowen ounce that so far that cleanup operation has been successful and more than 33500 posts on the platform have been deleted and almost 2000 accounts closed down and the company is promising to continue that crackdown how is this being received by the chinese where there has been you know
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a little bit of concern about this on social media but remember this is mainland china and people don't really like to be seen to be criticizing anything to do with the government but perhaps the most interesting post on the way bow came from the editor in chief of the global times now that's the state run chinese propaganda mouthpiece really and that editor in chief who's called who g.'s in said own way of own national days coming and accessing outside networks has become extremely difficult affecting all work here at. global times i personally feel this is a bit over the top and he went on to say that the country isn't fragile so china should allow a narrow opening to access outside networks but almost as quickly as he had posted that message it was then deleted so wasn't really there to be seeing for that long seems like beijing really is worried about anything getting in the way of the senators really yeah and i think that they are concerned not just about the protests in hong kong there's also
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a lot of focus on what's going on with the weak is in the northwest of china as this upcoming presidential election in taiwan they've got the ongoing battle with the u.s. over trade so they've got a lot of things they're concerned about and i think what they want more than anything is to see loyalty so they've now launched an app which is like a propaganda telling people chinese that they need to learn all about the teaching of president paying and marxism and even now going as far as saying not only should journalists be versed in that but that they have to sit and examine order to keep their press accreditation otherwise they lose it so it just goes to show how seriously china is taking this and that they're not particularly concerned about what people think about press freedom in that country very interesting a reporter alex forrest weighed in with us thank you. and we will have
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a more on the story what impact this summer's protests in hong kong are having on the anniversary in about 20 minutes time on news asia. let's get a roundup now of some other stories making news around the world at least one person has died in a fire at an overcrowded migrant camp on the greek island of let's cross the blaze sparked riots among residents who said authorities were too slow to respond reports of a 2nd fatality have not been confirmed. world leaders have joined thousands of mourners to pay their respects to former french president jacques chirac and national day of mourning is underway french president in my call led the tributes with a military ceremony in the morning before a memorial service at the san suu kyi stay in paris attended by lattimer putin and also bill clinton. british prime minister boris johnson is denying allegations that he touched a female employee in appropriately 20 years ago a newspaper columnist claimed that johnson squeezed her side during a lunch johnson has also defended himself over reports that he gave special
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treatment to a close friend and business woman during his time as london mayor. you're watching g.w. news still to come on our show 30 years ago a dream came true for thousands of germans fleeing the communist east we look back at the event that changed the course of history. and find out why the opening weekend of the world athletics championships in qatar is top people hot under the collar. but 1st in austria former chancellor sebastian courts and his conservative people's party are looking to build a coalition government after winning the biggest share of the vote in a general election on sunday courts is set to return to power his party secured 37 percent of the vote that's not enough to govern alone what served as chancellor until may when his government collapsed over a scandal involving his fall right coalition partners the freedom part. they saw
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a dramatic slump in votes yesterday. and let's go right to the man he is in vienna for us hi max you've been talking to voters there are in vienna how do they see last night's result. we tried to feel the wind of change on the streets of yemen that you have to keep in mind before watching those sound bites that we collected that this really isn't the place where people vote for the right wing freedom party that's outside of the and i'll side of the big cities that's where the strong holds are for the far right freedom party we try to look for supporters of the freedom party to have a balance but we didn't find it here still very interesting what these people had to say take a listen. to i'm disappointed about the social democrats results and wanted them to do better so i'm i'm happy about the greens and yes i find what's been happening with populism in austria and europe quite difficult. i had been hoping for the greens and the
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liberals but thank god in the end the far right lost. it's alarming brilliant green indeed and i'm glad the greens are back in parliament but it still doesn't say right with me right off because the right wing populist party so have so much power and nobody really understands what sebastian courts would have us quits repeat most touched and it's a close honestly it's great you know exactly what i was hoping for and i'm not curious so much coalitions and what the coalition talks will bring on them and what about that coalition building max abbas in courts has to form a government now what are his options. sebastian coe it's kept all his options open for the elections but you're right now of course you will have to choose and one option is this former coalition party the freedom party but they have already announced that it would prefer to be part of the opposition for them it's about
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rebuilding the party about rebooting the party they want to focus on internal compliance as you know their scandal britain they have huge corruption problems and they want to get rid of that to get back into politics afterwards 2nd option social democrats with their worst result in the history of the austrian social democrats so that might get them inclined to being part of the government to increase their relevance on the other side they're very far away of that bus and coaches policy especially in social policy matters so experts here in vienna think that is not very likely either and that leaves us with the surprise winner of sunday with the greens mathematically it would work between the austrians people party as a bus they're called and the greens people didn't really anticipate that happening they probably would be quite close together on certain issues but just like with the social democrats it might be difficult with social policy nevertheless here in
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vienna most people think this is the most likely coalition yet mathematically mexican but how about practically how would this coalition with the greens work. yeah let me get into into that and those details a little more really mentioned climate policy economic policy so this would all be green economics you could imagine them coming together there a very difficult topic though would be migration it's about some quotes known for his hard line the greens not so much and in social policy it's about setting goals wants to cut taxes the greens want to invest in that area so it would take them some time to align those positions most definitely did at his next huffman for us in vienna thank you. folks is in court in germany today the carmaker is facing a huge lawsuit over the diesel emissions scandal hundreds of thousands of diesel drivers have teamed up to demand compensation for the v.w. cars that they bought the lawsuit is the 1st of its kind in germany lawmakers pave
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the way for a class action proceedings after the diesel scandal broke in 2015. this could be a watershed moment for germany's legal system 4 years after the emissions scandal broke hundreds of thousands of diesel drivers now have the chance to hold the carmaker to account. it's the 1st ever class action lawsuit to take place in the country similar auctions in the united states have seen consumers come away with billions of dollars in compensation. for the good of analysis which is football and we're confident about winning the argument speak for themselves 1st the leaders knew about things from the start and b w how to put forward anything for that you can't contradict us. lawyers maintain that the carmaker has removed the emissions cheesing devices and argue that diesel owners cannot claim for compensation while continuing to drive
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the offending vehicles in the heart of to this day hundreds of thousands of vehicles are still in use by customers for us this means that there is no damage and therefore no reason for compensation these days hearing comes just a week after german prosecutors charged 3 v.w. executives including current boss happy with market manipulation accusing them of failing to inform shareholders about the financial impact of the emissions scandal . a further indication that the costs of germany's biggest post-war industrial scandal are still being counted. now to some other headlines from around the world in moscow authorities have scrapped a prison sentence for actor faster a public outcry had been given 3 and a half years for assaulting a police officer during a protest but authorities backtracked after footage emerged showing security officials beating him he's been given
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a one year suspended sentence instead and 18 members of an alleged neo nazi terror cell of gone on trial in the eastern german city of dresden the men are accused of planning attacks targeting immigrants political opponents and journalists the trial is set to last until april of next year. 30 years ago thousands of east germans fleeing communism made their way to czechoslovakia in capital prague their destination was the west german embassy there they were hoping to use it as a staging point to get to freedom in west germany their gamble paid off and on the 30th of september 1909 they packed on to trains heading west 3 decades later some of them have been retracing their steps. a journey back in time. 30 years ago sunday i was traveling in
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a train just like this one. spike. and it's like reliving it all over again. back then sunder was one of thousands of refugees fleeing east germany they travelled in special trains from prague to the west but to get there they had to pass through east german territory where they feared they'd be arrested. in order to keep memories of those journeys alive some of the people who made those trips then doing it again. they all left east germany that way. after several tense weeks in the west german embassy in
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prague. in september 1989 east germans were poor ng into the embassy the building was quickly overwhelmed. many ended up camping out in the embassy grounds it was cold. sanders spent 3 weeks here with his wife and 2 children new arrivals came in over the fence every day. for them. it never stopped raining the cut down board so you didn't have to walk through the mud the. tents wherever they could find a space and doing much with the tents were all crowded up against one another. their strength and. then the fateful moment on the 30th of september west german foreign minister hans dietrich genscher arrived speaking to
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the refugees from the balcony his announcement that they could leave was drowned out by cheers. i was. i can't show promise that everyone in the embassy would be allowed to go to the west stand was there and heard him. standing right here. but. it's all coming about israel. that same night santa and his family left the embassy and boarded the train to west germany. i thought the war story it was a very emotional journey they shifted very difficult or the way it would show for
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us it was a train to freedom. just a few weeks later only citizens of east germany gained their freedom on november 9th 1989 the berlin wall came down. through sports now and the world athletics championships in qatar have been dominated by empty seats in the stands and athletes complaining about the heat organizers say they have done all that they can to mitigate the effects of the high temperatures and to get in more spectators but it does not bode well for the football world cup in qatar in 2022. i the women's 100 meters is always a crowd magnet you think the world athletics championships in doha would be no different jamaica's shelley and fraser price is the fastest woman on the planet
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that few fans came out to see her victory and. take a look at the thousands of empty seats behind her put attendance is just one concern heat and high humidity are also big problems the women's marathon on saturday had to start at midnight to avoid daytime high temperatures of 38 degrees celsius still the heat on the streets of doha was unbearable 28 of the 68 runners failed to finish many to try it medical attention and. it was the slowest marathon winning time ever at the world championships. the men's 50 kilometer walk had similar issues with france's world record holder johan denise having to drop out. of much trouble talking about short of breath my legs a finisher sushma through my head starting to spin a lot that you don't know. who those competing inside the stadium things aren't as
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bad organizers are trying to do everything to keep the athletes cool air conditioned stadiums are also planned for the 2022 football world cup despite objections from environmentalists. the commission works similar to your conditioning so you pull air from outside you pass through a cold media and then after that the air will lose its heat and then go directly to where people are. the only difference between this and a car that i would read it is a little bit bigger but at the same time we don't call the whole car this is a big stadium to be had to be called. but even the promise of an air conditioned stadium has not attracted bigger crowds. if the doha snakes is a test of what's to come the next football world cup in qatar as likely to be equally controversial. coming up on the
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w news asia little to celebrate hong kong protesters are feeling anything but patriotic and the run up to china as the 70th anniversary bus in beijing they're putting on the finishing touches ahead of one of the biggest celebrations the country will ever see. here is banners and it has those stories and more coming right up on d.v.d. news asia stay with us. to. the
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latest of the role materials research. nickel that can be harvesting. good night long made from chicory. and cobalt from the sea bed. scientists look for new resources and test out their ideas. to explore oh
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today 60 minutes on the w. . is coming. from the bench or some of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the from the most from 250. marking on the for each of discovery. expedition in boyd dino. whatever we begin to do that they will affect get out of c o 2 in the atmosphere of the increase of the temperature. probably 50 we have to start down by starting to decrease the amount of c o 2 are there now this is actually not a hard problem that just takes will however there are very important economic interests to hold all the lot of coal. all of
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a lot of oil that are doing everything possible to make sure this doesn't happen we have to fight that by 2050 will be well on the way to a reliable or adorable solar wind i'm optimistic that. we're not totally it's a species. this is the dr news asia coming up a sign of things to come protesters clashed with police on the streets of hong kong ahead of trying those most important celebrations in decades the people's republic turn 78 on tuesday but hong kong shows it has nothing to celebrate. it's completely the opposite in beijing but the capital has pulled out all the stops.


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