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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2019 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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up. front. to flash. this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this week at g.w. . match day 6. the top clubs are going up for midweek european clashes before buying a faceoff against last season's finalists talking they had to go to footballing
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small part of. you could call it david versus goliath but maybe the undefeated the variants would take a tumble last placed opponents. they already dropped more points than bias which has led to some tense moments on wednesday they were off to fairytale prague for a champions league excursion. first they'd have to bring them. after last week's draw could they get it together. and leaving did not take they used to choke a sitting pretty in 5th place a tough challenge before stockpile wednesday. and one more on the subject of france a frenchman is working fans into a frenzy. yes. and this is him around the time his dad one. 1908 well. marcus was hoping to
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continue what he just danced to hoffenheim find the fucker moves. on to match day 6 starting with the half. in part of born it was time for some pomp and pageantry the team with the tiniest of arena in the bundesliga faced an awesome challenge against mighty byron i'm not one but twice they cut and thrust their way through the invaders defenses. keeping a few looking to get money of compliments but not enough points it's frustrating the lads performed well but not well enough. then again part of born up against the side with the most curio puccini in their ranks a man with a market value 3 times that of the entire squad. was a very tough game. with
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a difficult team to play but with defense splitting passes like this part of born initially had greater difficulty with him than vice versa fortunately for the hosts never speak uncharacteristically missed the tap and. then the next by an attack again launched by 2 chino a deft. and serge can operate tucked away to open up after a quarter of an. eye. shadow born trying their best to match the visitors prowess not always with success . but the favorites were likewise prone to unforced errors giago nearly fell on his own sword with that but. otherwise by look dominant and had chances to extend their lead through kingsley c'mon now bring.
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at times it looked like they had biggest challenges in the joule were themselves. the shanks and everyone saw the number of chances we had we should have been up 3 or 4 nil to loosen the shuffle. fortunately his team boasts a formidable sales soared and in the 55th minute could she know made it onto the school boards themselves thanks also to a selfless touch from the nothing. but their boss still was not happy. to. make life harder for ourselves instead of an easier life to live. i'm small i did get difficult when the underdog started fighting back in the 2nd half. i caught up who wanted to make the biggest home game of the season one to remember . the guy threw that 1st one back with
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a sumptuous finish. i then came these close to dropping an unlikely equaliser i thought we had a born being a little too adventurous a pass from nicklaus zillah found love and dusty through on goal and this one he did not miss. that brought his season tally to 10 in 6 games another a new record for the pole. but the only part of born finished as collins gave them renewed hope with the scream i have to manage his energy i didn't see the ball i was standing to the left and looking for a gap between the heads but i saw the ball really late and by then it was just far too late to stop. it because in and unless i would last ball i think our alfonse would be proud of us and a little bit when we come out with all fours to make something out of them the home
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fans were proud of their brave knights and by and what use are all smiles afterwards against unfancied but tenacious opponents they at least had prevailed. so. i. guess. when you walk through the storm hold your head up high and you'll never walk alone as the song goes dormant have had their ups and downs of late and fans are waiting anxiously for the golden sky at the end of the storm. better to make a full point from the previous 3 games not exactly the stuff of champions some say don't want to have lost their focus and need new ideas from newseum. perhaps braman would provide a confidence boost but the visitors did what they've done in every match against
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what went in the last 5 years school. will ever see to put aside a head after just 7 minutes following some hazards and offending by the hosts. not so good so government in the middle allowing day to class and to pick up sheets and early lead against the run of play not that clever and cost of care. but don't mind bounce back instantly with money or gets a heading a new cash the checks cross at the back post one month. this time it was michelle nunn with a lackluster commitment. gets a meanwhile celebrated his 1st start of the season with his 1st league goal since may. the hosts now got properly into gear and enjoyed some 75 percent of possession. and after a number of chances went back and marker was buried
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a powerful head at just before the break 21. at 10 point cross from talk on has out but where was the brain and defense it wasn't game of it yet however. though it might have been my mom or the hood was denied by europe have lenka on the stroke of half time crisis what crisis. they're missing we need to tire out our opponents and we didn't control the game 100 percent clear living don't want to pass the ball around to the heart's content to no effect. it wasn't love em cause outside here we're getting frustrations from . i think it's easy to explain you must be brave to go on a one on one even if this is amazing players like as a central brand always but you must do this if you do not do that if you have no chance the ball will run and run and run and then you get mad and instead of mad braman got even
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a corner flicked on by just such an unlucky think it was on hand to draw the sides level 11 minutes after the restart. despite open far outnumbering brain in the box one burkey was powerless to stop the by minute loaning it was covert ops man looking the move focused. and the might even have taken all 3 points by the end. planning evidently was not working for the moment and fast but didn't seem to have a 2nd strategy. sometimes it's about the final decision straight. to him or to someone else. sometimes it's the wrong decision function and at times we've run with the ball instead of just passing boggle altham and fast pace it's a hard. job and realized too late that instead of trying to pass the ball into the net sometimes it's was just cheating. it was only one has on and subs union
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bontempo casa took the brain and going to sites that don't want a dangerous it's a hold on you're playing at home and you played a sound 1st half of your clue. you can't then play 2nd off like that. we didn't exert enough pressure we just didn't have enough power go forward. a very disappointing to all the top and. whether it's a question of strategy your spirit the caps title hopes suffered another blow. panic breaks out whenever this bus pulls up because outboard haven't won in 18 matches against. martin schmidt wanted to turn this unflattering record around while they've accuse him were hoping to build up confidence to head of this week's big champions league match against eventers this kind of unlikely cristiana right
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now is that one coach will get labor pusing and i will go just right out kid after 35 minutes. and kevin fall and have so much space to the keeper in turin unlikely but the double delete out of the. italian defense should be slightly tougher to negotiate their way through 3 nil from cardiff have. he'll be hoping for another easy topics on tuesday for now will continue to fear pictures against rangers. fans will worry when coach pretend that all 3 of his top strikers go in the off season but the new recruits have moved on picked up the slack. not every attack needs to go but plenty to.
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phillipos to get the ball on target and fresh signing bastille's cleaned up one nil . and to strike back. nothing new come on they still there is running into form 2 now. that kind of play is plenty going about. i'm sure anyone believing can school to anthony john gottman back not back but this time it was too late to wonder frank with a new strike is proving just as deadly as the old ones. welcome to a new reality series sarcastically and you might get thrown out of the shot is the 1st ever coach to receive a red card in the bundesliga thanks to the introduction of a new rule the season. things started pleasantly enough for shots against was bold
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but watching his team get hacked down spoiled his moves past the decision not to award marks a corner here. slowly but surely shots got grumpy especially when both poles were controversially awarded a corner and proceeded to school on the play. one male boss a teacher on. trust and trust god. the rest was hard to watch their minds find the they were clearly better and more dangerous spot they couldn't score. this refereeing decision was the final straw for trotz he couldn't contain himself and he took to the page. and his applause led to his pair of gallows and his place in the history books. abundance niggas too old masters pre-term fungal and. most experienced coaches in charge of
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the group. and 5 of. the visitors were in 4th place but was still surprised by facts in place doesn't offer one else from the paintings but from 2 celebrations remained he says maybe he needs equaliser coming. could try to grab their 4th victory in 6 matches. the game was wide open. to keep snaps lucas had a squandered a golden chance to put friday to head with his penalty. don't count chin up and national. took to heart too on friday. the footballing minutes hold on to that champions league spot and keep flying high. there are some days when everything seems to go broke just oscar they had a good start against. but couldn't school against their potential but
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a geisha rivals and has put the best restaurants away. with 8. that set the tone and for his personal performance the dutchman maybe perhaps had turned a lot in the 1st all but owed me. meanwhile everything went wrong for kind of. a mayday was handed a straight red for this challenge the hosts down to 10 men. i mean how fresh reinforcements. came off the bench and school was just a minute night. shortly afterwards he made it 3. problems misery still wasn't done. i made it for now as half of pummels. in stadium sending them for the bits he.
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did you know kick off is now on you. and. can really feel how high the. that's all right i'm going to cite the stars because they never keep up the culture and discuss football chris here it is. this is going to go on. is a football kickoff on you chase. it in your. last week close to one stone the show could last. not just as fast to close for the cop in that can win of the dozens of semantic games as long to watch for the club but faithful. to try to 2 year old celebrations with pretty
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memorable 2. different track is just the type of attacking player coach marco who's a likes as he was hoping to continue his form this weekend at hoffenheim. tom didn't waste time getting involved pressing matter how creation missing opportunity in the early exchanges. diligence paid off late in the 1st half when he showed tremendous awareness to latch on to walk through as had up on the sun play i. want to thank you tom cole and pass the entire hoffenheim back line that kept things cool languid off to his family frenchmen. set up because marcus anyway. first of all he's already got a nickname. sweetie why is he called to kiss kiss also know what you said from when i was growing up she comes from pity or small she's from our
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kids so just means little mark hughes. and of the last name to them sounds wildly familiar it's because to kiss comes from soccer royalty. he's the son of french world cup winner new. record cap winner for labor. his dad might have been to defend that marcus is involved in the business and as shown when he doubled bloodbaths lead to now midway through the 2nd half. term despite a surprisingly nimble touch given signs before belting the ball found. the youngsters proving to be a central common bowser's brand of dynamic attacking play. contact created plenty of chances against nothing much but another new recruit the tail m.-o. looked like he could have missed some finishing tips from toronto.
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thankfully gladbach did have others to do their duty when time was not available. this time player turned provider of a florian or house to put the cherry on top for gladbach with another stylish finish 3 now. that's what handed to them and the rest of his boys were firing on all cylinders and it's like a star in the making hantavirus clearly telling what fallon forwards and below and players they're building up chemistry on and off the pitch a fit a brilliant other son and i were like really friends we like to laugh a lot training and in everyday life so you know we're friends so if you play with your friends i think it's easier to get along on the pitch and that's what we try to do. around looking so good at that expect to see some more flag waving as the season continues right now arguably the top encounter of the weekend is.
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yes. we've planned for a rainy day one featuring yet again how would you. it's a fair top of the table headed into the weekend they were hoping to maintain their incredible film opponent where they are eaten in the last 9 meat matches. the fight for dogs is shot in size take $13.00 straight games like a lion had a born handsome minds impregnable fortress would be a different outing together. the 1st thing you need if you're going to escape lights is with the result is defensive stability alexander newton is a double save helps at that time. plus the leafs on a snuffed out chances before they even materialized. the next
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key was capitalizing on set pieces sunday was again at the heart of things this time the other end of the pitch one. dead boop decision was vital to the 2nd place finish 2 seasons back when they bagged a neat leading 25 set piece go. back bencher had a ferocious mental willpower that seems to finally be back western mckenney refused to give up on this play and that determination paid off when i mean how every went down in the streets before the interval. after checking vs the rest pointed to the spot. irate slammed home himself to make sure. he is on a 10 finally delivering on the spot potential he showed in his 1st 2 years in the bundesliga his for me goes already eclipse his previous season best while most
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clubs would go into bunker mode when tuning up at like they kept on attacking with robbie much forcing a neat save early in the 2nd half an hour in shock approach on the counter working the full forward and feeding. tonto and the 19 year old welshman calmly took a touch and finish like it was a walk in the park. his 1st poem is the appearance of the season i we wanted to use his speech against him so this was for sure the idea against leipzig who usually play very high line a very brave high line we wanted to use the space in behind tend to be wanted to use the context and. this was why we have chosen him and on how he played on the number 10 as well so i think this idea sometimes i dream will show him the right calling it the worst is an understatement wagner's plan works like a charm and he brings an attacking fearlessness even 207870.
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but he didn't even play badly and they remain dangerous and so before he was. following marcel heisenberg's crossbar cracka lives he did score courtesy of a rare blonde from. i know pretty from a keeper but a mere 4 specs both came too late to make a difference. and that was a design a must on the i'm sorry to an incredible free one with something like c.c. lengthy home unbeaten streak thanks to their coach showing the league how it's done . we stuck together with the team we stuck to the game plan the manager give gift to us and yes that's why if you feel like you got the victory today because we with the team and we've done our individual bits so his version of patting himself on the back for engineering that said. and if anyone talking about being euphoric
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after 6 match days needs to take a pill to get into. a period as an actor because it is certainly karma about the result than the shock of fans. who just. prize open the lights and fortress some of wagner's pillows because they're probably still partying. as men and gives them plenty to cheer about but it wasn't the only went on following tough this weekend. 9 visiting teams one away. one solitary point $400.00 sides not that it's much consolation. are now top of the leak. drop further down to 8 it's still pretty close at the top with everyone from 2nd to states on threats and points right now anything is
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possible. what about the clubs chasing that pack there are still any 2 points between 12 and 17 so things could look very different off to next week even for last place the foot so bravely by am. well very it was a match day 6 comes next. just a appetizer main course. to go from here 3 goals in life could this be the start of something beautiful between the club and coached. response or the last will they see power or pump them up for the next match. youngster in the tondo put cheika friends in a state of pandemonium yet again. when you will miss
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a part of born finally celebrate a win of their own. on how long will friedberg maintain their flights of fancy boxes to these questions and plenty more next time here on. kick off so you know.
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they're striving for reconciliation and the rebuilding of their young nation the people of kosovo a war widow founds a successful company. an artist a realizes his dream man a journalist fights persistent prejudice. old wounds new perspectives kosovo 20 years after the war. close up 60 minutes on t w. e k
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education is not only fault i'm glad i'm an educator and his father empowerment but i'm saw that in coming 1015 years the one of the think about how to in colcord the values of tolerance. rigid understanding these things cannot be ignored forever because the fundamentalist forces and the fanatic forces are also acting very deeply and intensely and they cannot undermine their power the power of communication the power of technology ordinary people must not morally support them must not socially support them the international community has to invest more on the education which can prevent young people to enter into that type of kind of the forces.
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of what. the book. this is news live from the more pressure on us president donald trump house democrats of trump's personal loyalty giuliani as the time in time towards pitchman hearings cabinets and more allegations of improper behavior by trump and he's a lot coming up. on the moxley 70th anniversary of communist government in beijing is going.


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