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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is the dummy news line from the ballet and the violence in hong kong escalates this tens of thousands of protesters defy a ban on demonstrations on china's national day the protester is hospitalized after being shot for close range by police the rest comes as china puts on a massive show of military might to mock 70 years of comics troop presence region paying tells crowds have no power on earth compulsed time is a fact also on the program abducted right now forced to kill police in nigeria for dozens of women it was being described as
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a baby factory. and in sports 2 of europe's top strikers clash in champions league football tonight violence from a dusty so called form but with talk of a superstar hurricane by whites as picture showed you some of the cops in the. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program pro-democracy protests and hong kong time to coincide with celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of china have become violent one protester is in hospital after being shot in the chest by police this video appears to show the moment took place officer 5 years had got at close range protester was treated at the scene before being taken to hospital his condition is unknown it is the most serious incident in my. demonstrations in
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chinese territory today and china rallies began thousands marching in the streets if obama tough cocktails were thrown demonstrators also threw eggs into horseshit chinese president changing. correspondent shot chelsea palace in hong kong when i spoke to a short while ago police had just been trying to clear the streets. go on the 3 in the north in the neighborhood where i am currently. with miles out but it was just the middle of the bowery a lot of people suffering from the. oh now i dreaming about this find out. where people are gathered to. go. about of course the people here have been saying that. we have been the response to the program. now let our people the we. don't want.
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the south we found nothing with. our protests. though in a critical. but the way somehow building for cover we now i thought the result of the prize. come to that offer all we have seen live rounds being fired although one of the soccer fired up and. a big mouth i was in. today's protests were banned by police why are people so determined to take to the streets on china's national day. now there are more well there are those. who are the people. who love them are people on the from coast to the phone compel them to the. long haul that the world will be watching number one who was once more how come come. the
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hostler 71 of us are the founding of the common people who want the power of the mother tongues and also the who are. the sort the walkabout the monk not want the monks stay with a shell that will hear from some of the protesters and come back to you. so one thing i got it i think the one called people got to be really about if you don't go out today probably it would if every last chance that you could go out after after so. let's not fight what happened in the last 100 days or so we're seeing that all of freedom getting a lot less than day full so i feel like today when there was a national day or anything we have to come out we. don't want to be an out of mainland china city because the government and the hong kong police didn't one hong kong people to go out today but i think the basic law protests it is alright soviet
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one to fight for our own right and freedom and we don't want to do this is today we we come out to say the wise i would ask have. no. criminal. citizens see your home hobby just by full freedom stand at home call asked to show itself in peril and hong kong i shall that your son to some video footage showing a protest by a lone woman talk us through it as we watch. you know not so long ago we were in a soaping district packed with. one woman as we were proceeding clearing her. but a lot more got out of line with more thought she had. her off number probably wrapped around her was not the word not done so far toward the run along going the more he was confronting them getting up on the brake or them on the right along
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parts of borrowed. some of the other cattle the problem barbaro climbs. on and we could approach the other things on with what i want but i caught up on a kind of bribery problem the one on one pole confronting one who got the 7 must hurt but i thought pulled out the really wrong barring on. childhood's chelsea and hong kong thank you for that. so as i mentioned to china a staging huge celebrations to mark 70 years of communist rule the people's republic of china has changed beyond all recognition since it was founded after a bitter civil war with nationalists today president xi isn't paying told the gathered crowds that china's development would be peaceful but its military would safeguard its sovereignty and security. strength
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discipline and vision this was the message from a state that has defied the odds for 70 years on tuesday the world's longest surviving communist nation celebrated its achievements on a grand scale standing where chairman mao proclaimed the people's republic in 1949 president being struck a combative note. today a socialist china is standing proudly in the world's east. and no force can change the position of our great motherland and no force can stop the chinese people and the chinese nation from stepping forward. the spectacle that followed was designed to highlight china's rise from a nation in despair to a global superpower. at the forefront of that new found confidence and display of military might on a massive scale advanced weaponry including nuclear capable mistrials rumbling
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through beijing. the event comes at a crucial time growth is slowing as the trade war with the u.s. takes its toll on the economy and calls for more democracy grow louder both in hong kong and among the middle classes in mainland china. as take a closer look. china hong kong with a focus down so he was the japanese ambassador to china between 1991993 welcome to day w let's start with the celebrations all the way purely for domestic consumption. yes i did they are 1st of all i was the best of that long ago it was to those in 4 to 2007 but you know on your question yes indeed you see the whole population is excluded from the celebrations the joy that she didn't bring in this speech this morning spoke as cannot can there will be seen why because this is
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a strong message to the people of the people is not only china has risen china's the 2nd greatest economic power in the world it is also the party has achieved this this is the best it's mainly about the party 70 years ago 28 years of civil war and war ended there were 6 super and 6 in the ration of joy because the party had finally created peace in china and now china has achieved so much more under the leadership of the communist party don't forget that that is the message why i want to present genie is his grip on power now absolute and unchallenged well it's not on challenge because there are unfortunately for him there's the hong kong problem which he has not managed to resolve so that obviously is for the chinese to see even so the interpretation of what's happening there is carefully scripted by the party but still it is obviously a scratch in his image and it creates doubts on this authority but basically of
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course he has still been it's to show he has a command and he may be the strongest politically strongest political leader ever since more it's a top that's is the image she wanted to create and i think he achieved that and so how visible than 30 hong kong protests to people in mainland china. well as a set this is carefully. controlled to the news out of hong kong so obviously the message is these are. rebels against the mother country and they have no no effect at all but still it happens and it happens since months now and obviously one child and 2 systems is not a system where would a neighbor the communist party to control what is happening in hong kong that this is not the image that the c.g. people would like to cool of him so he is powerful and that's what he wanted to
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show so that as i said that's this little scratch in his image that even the majority of the people in the people's republic who quite believe what the party tells them namely these are rebels without consequence what they see so how long do you think he will tolerate this little scratch. the problem is. i mean maybe maybe it would even be to the. basically to the advantage of the communist party to move into an kong with power and to show its strength but then hong kong as 7 and a half 1000000 people and it's a large city it's a complicated city and this is not like tiananmen 30 years ago it might end up in a long long extended civil war inside on kong in the city between the buildings it is not something where she didn't pin can easily say i will finish this off he
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cannot as the past weeks have shown if not i'm pretty sure he would have ended it already and a brief word on the other phone in ensuring things outside that this trade war with the united states how much of an effect is it having. well actually. the image that donald trump has in china is not that of a truly strong leader. the us also of course through the media is portrayed as a country that is losing out to china losing out to xi jinping and the way the trade war runs is only a case in point from the point of the point of view of the leadership so this is not really a dent in the image of a sitting pig it's rather showing that he has strong even when he's dealing with
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somebody. uncalled calculable like donald trump are interesting thank you for joining us i focused on so a former drama about us that china. well take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a bridge crossing a bank in taiwan has collapsed on the boats more than the truck carrying oil plummeted from the bridge into the water at least 10 people being injured rescue teams are searching for survivors. the u.n. refugee agency has reported that more than a 1000 migrants have died trying to cross the mediterranean to europe for the 6th year in a row most died on the way to italy almost to. the hundreds of migrants have found a peaceful protest on the greek island of lesbos demanding better living conditions the protest took place outside the crowded morning a refugee camp last rites broke out on sunday after a fire and part of the town killed one asylum seeker.
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the democrats in the u.s. house of representatives are stepping up the pressure on president trump as they move closer to the launching impeachment proceedings have now issued subpoenas against his personal lawyer rudy giuliani the president is alleged to have abused his office by urging ukraine's president to investigate democratic presidential candidate joe biden and now there is evidence that mr trump pressured the australian prime minister for his own for his own political gain. the story starts to seem all too familiar democrats say that new allegations point to yet another cover up by the trump administration according to the u.s. justice department in may this year trump asked australian prime minister scott morrison to help discredit form a special counsel robert miller's russia investigation miller let the probe into trump's alleged ties to russian interference into 2016 u.s.
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presidential election it's alleged the transcript of the call of with australia's morrison was withdrawn as it was with another call from trump to ukraine's president followed him into selenski yes i'd only trump insists he's done nothing wrong i made a call who always preferred when the whistleblower report of the very center of. this 2nd case of trump allegedly trying to enlist the help of a foreign leader for his own purposes can only add more fuel to the fire already being fanned by the democrats. as get more from washington bureau chief alexandra welcome alexandra so how does this 2nd allegation of abuse of power feed into the impeachment inquiry that's already begun. for the democrats this is another example and now for evidence for the president hughes in
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his office using high level diplomacy talks to advance his personal political interests with regards to the impeachment inquiry i would say that the democrats. prefer to focus on the ukraine and the phone call president trump had with the ukrainian president because they want to stay on message they want a clear result for the american public and they want to be finished by thanksgiving so this is the 2nd instance in which democrats say president trump tried to pressure for a leader into doing him political favors there must now be words that goes. well there certainly are because they believe that there is a certain pattern of behavior in presidents trumps dealings with foreign leaders but we also have to keep in mind that after back to back leaks of controversial remarks president heads made in the phone calls with international leaders at the
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beginning of his presidency the white house has decided to restrict access to those phone calls and to reduce the number of aides there were allowed to be present so it is difficult it will be difficult to find more evidence there therefore i believe that the democrats now are pushing forward with their inquiry with by requesting more information from president trump's close aides and cabinet members they have subpoenaed secretary of state pompei oh they have subpoena rudy giuliani president trump's personal lawyer however it is not clear now if pale and giuliani will comply secretary pompeo has already accused the democrats of bully like tech takes. no the republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said that he would have no choice but to take of articles of impeachment if the house approves
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them so is it likely to come to that well we have to keep in mind that the impeachment inquiry inquiry has just taught sets and staff we have a majority of the house membership saying that they are in favor of beginning the proceedings but they have not committed to how they would vote on the impeachment articles however we have to say that in the house of representatives. they just need a simple majority in the senate this is a different think there. is needed 2 thirds super majority and we have to say that the majority of republican senators are still behind the president supporting here so it doesn't seem that this is likely to happen in the senate i was under for a moment in washington thank you for your thing d.w.
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news live from brother and still to come using technology to say time a new service is helping thousands navigate dot com infamous traffic jams more efficiently. and about to police it's nigeria's very very rich 19th pregnant women girls for so-called baby factory the victims are believed to have been abducted and raped so their captors could sell their babies to female suspects were arrested during the raid by girls. and women impregnated by their captain is now free to tell a story said they were subjected to serious abuse. a woman gave me a drug suddenly labor started although i was only 7 months pregnant. i was in labor for 3 days and i did not deliver until police came to free us. the victims say they were tricked into coming to lagos by the promise of jobs as domestic staff poverty drove them to seek work far from their home some are as
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young as 15 which. could not and think it is a future. at this time of year. to see kept. to himself if. it's police say this baby girl would have been sold for around $900.00 and a boy for about $1400.02 women suspects have been arrested and or thora these are still looking for a fat so called baby factories run by criminal syndicates are not a mutual in nigeria but for these women at least their ordeal is over. the bangladeshi capital dhaka house one of the world's worst traffic problems the world bank says more than 3000000 working days and working hours are lost every day as commuters sit in bumper to bumper traffic as a result many are now turning to
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a new ride sharing service but even that comes with its own problems. for decades nearly 20000000 residents getting from a to b. is a daily nightmare the bangladeshi capital is one of the most congested cities in the world. to me is 6 kilometers by can take up to an hour which isn't much faster than walking. now technology's offering a helping hand. carrying a bag wait it says a lot of time. i can reach anywhere on time usually all other rights it's takes time because all the traffic so sharing a bike ride really helps me a lot swapping full wheels for 2 allows drivers to navigate narrow alleys and congested traffic lanes and as well as cutting travel time ride sharing has created thousands of jobs one local company alone has more than 200000 registered drivers.
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turn in my free time i'm right sharing it's a good opportunity to earn some money. millions of bangladeshis now use one of several companies on the market reducing travel time has also been a boon for a business. trip with used to be 2 hours before people were uncomfortable riding on rickshaws on you know buses now only takes 40 minutes and that. not only save their time but also increases their productivity. but despite the numerous perks critics say ride sharing has led to a spike in traffic accidents in a city that already has one of the world's highest road death tolls. meanwhile italy's capital rome has a completely different problem a garbage inefficiency and corruption in the rubbish is going uncollected about the city's transport authours a found
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a solution turning trash into tickets travelers can exchange a 30 faster office for a pass to rome's metro system recycling machines have been placed in 3 train stations with more to be added across the road was the 1st european companies from adopt such a system and residents who are sick of the rubbish piling up welcomed the plan. or us opera star jessye norman has died at the age of $74.00 during a glittering career she sang more than 80 times at new york's metropolitan opera and was showered with honorary doctorates and prizes she sang for to us presidential inaugurations queen elizabeth's birthday and the opening ceremony of the atlanta. into football in the champions league returns tonight to byron munich is facing off against tottenham the game comes at a perfect time for byron struck a raw but definite dusky he set
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a record by becoming the 1st place and that 10 goals in the opening 6 on this league games there can be no doubt who the main managed by it is this season robert leaven dusky just keeps getting better and better the polish striker has scored 12 goals in mind games in this campaign but in buy ins champions league clash against tottenham he'll face another of the best strikers in the world english forward. this key piece was unleashed and there's nothing he can do and he's a very strong striker i'd say that at the moment him and love and dusty are among the top 2 or 3 or 4 strikers in the world. cain's goals helped drive tot into their 1st ever champions league final last season their fans hope they can go one better this time around but coach mauricio pochettino is wary of buy in a team with a more storied past in europe's top club competition. up.
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or liberal in the sense to try to win the competition which i believe because the story say that by and will become the 1st german team to play it tottenham's new stadium it cost more than a $1000000000.00 euros to build the 2 strike is set to grace its pitch up priceless earn the world athletics championships in qatar yesterday 3 out of 6 gold medals went to athletes who'd also taken top spot at the last event. undisputed leader of the pack of defending champions was russian high jumper maria less at scana who won her 3rd straight gold medal. this one though as a neutral athlete as russia's track and field federation has been suspended since 2015 due to widespread doping allegations. the men's 5000 meter
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final had 3 no we didn't brothers competing in debates the youngest of the band of brothers was leading in the final lap only to be picked at the left corner. engebretsen ended up in 5th gold and silver went to ethiopia with a dress repeating his tram from 2 years ago in london. and finally some joy for i know we didn't actually cost involved defended his title in the 400 meter hurdles climbing and impede the streak of 14 races meanwhile 3rd place after him some 6 in the 1st medal of the championships. this estate coming up next in news asia will have more on china celebrating the 70th anniversary of the people's republic we'll hear from a communist party insider about where the country's heading. back correspondent in hong kong brings us more on tensions there on china's national day.
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we'll have those stories in just about i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world used. around the clock on the website w dot com have a good day. and
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i'm getting a little brand new b.m.w. from bottom and it's close and it's divisive it's about topics that affect also some water pollution climate change and the chance of. thanks. paula being such about.
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literature invites us to see people in particular because i don't like to see myself as the kids. growing up her. might. be books on youtube. india. how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people meant. when there are do workers who look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces many challenges and people are striving to create a sustainable future. clipper project from europe and. eco india on g.w. . i'm not laughing at them well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that the german thinks deep into the german culture of
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looking at the stereotypes of class but if you think the future of the country that i'm not. yet you don't seem to take this grandmother down to me it's all about ok know i'm a joke join me for me if you haven't funded up the. post. this is a damn good news they sure are coming up pageantry like you've never seen before showing off puts its best foot forward to celebrate its vote as its own 17th president xi jinping promises that its rise is unstoppable so where are these china headed we speak the communist party inside out. in hong kong.


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