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this is day 8 of news live from ballet and violence in hong kong escalates as tens of thousands of protesters defy a ban on demonstrations on china's national day and a protester is hospitalized after being shot at close range by police. during restrooms as china puts on a massive show of military might to mock 70 years of communist rule presentation paying tells crowds that you know power on to help the countries that are also on the program u.s. democrats subpoena top trump aides including the secretary of state to say build
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their case to impeach the president over the ukraine whistleblower allegations they sassed new evidence emerges that mr trump pressured australia's prime minister for political gain. time fogle welcome to the program pro-democracy protests in hong kong time to coincide with celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of china of turned violent one demonstrator is in hospital after police shot him in the chest this video appears to show the moment of police officer 5 his handgun close right a protester was treated at the sea before being taken to hospital his condition is unknown it's the most serious incident in months of demonstrations in the chinese territory today's anti china rallies began peacefully with thousands my. in the
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streets it's all about a tough cocktails for threat demonstrators also threw eggs at a portrait of chinese president xi jinping. devaney correspondent shell that chelsea tells in hong kong when i spoke to her short while ago the police had just been trying to clear the streets of demonstrators. go on the 3 in the north in the neighborhood where i am currently under. a lot of people suffering from the. oh. i dreaming about this fight outside of the. people who are gathered through that. you know but of course the people here have been saying that. the response. now let people the right. don't want. so the sad.
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thing with the. protests. in a critical. but i somehow cover weeks now i thought the reason the prize. come to this author all we have live rounds being fired although one of soccer fired up and. today's protests were banned by police why are people so determined to take to the streets on china's national day. now there are more well there are those. are the people. i don't love them off on the strong coast on the phone from problems of all. the mother to long haul down the well who want someone who was once more how come come.
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71 of those who found it was time the people who want to care for all the mobile phones and to some other who are. sort of wild about the money not want to. stay with a shell that will hear from some of the protesters and come back to you. so one thing i got it i think the one called people got to be fully involved if you don't go out today probably even if every last chance that you could go out after after so no less no fight what happened in the last 100 days or so we're seeing that $1.03 to me getting a lot blessed and been told so i feel like today when there was a national day or anything we have to come out we. don't want to be an out of mainland china city because the government and the hong kong police don't one hong kong people to go out today but i think the basic law protect it is our right so we want to fight for our own right and freedom and we don't want to do this
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today we re come to say so why so i would ask have. no. criminal. citizen see your home you just fight for freedom stand for phone call. to show itself some peril and hong kong i shall get your sense of some video footage showing a protest by a lone woman talk us through it as we watch. yeah i'm not that long ago we were soaping district packed with. one woman on the price. but a lot more got out of line with more thought she had. wrapped around her was not the way. so far toward. going back he was confronting. her the break or the number thought to borrow.
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some of the other part of the bargain. we couldn't. confront the one who got. 7 her. the really wrong. child has chosen and hong kong thank you for that. so as you mentioned china is staging huge celebrations to mock 70 years of communist role the people's republic of china has changed beyond all recognition since it was founded after better civil war with nationalists today presentation pink told the guy that crowd said the country's development would be peaceful but that its minute she would safeguard its sovereignty and security. strength discipline and vision this was the message from
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a state that has defied the odds for 70 years on tuesday the world's longest surviving communist nation celebrated its achievements on a grand scale standing where chairman mao proclaimed the people's republic in 1949 president struck a combative note. today a socialist china is standing proudly in the world's east. and no force can change the position of our great motherland and no force can stop the chinese people and the chinese nation from stepping forward. the spectacle that followed was designed to highlight china's rise from a nation in despair to a global superpower. at the forefront of that newfound confidence a display of military might on a massive scale advanced weaponry including nuclear capable mistrials rumbling
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through beijing. the event comes at a crucial time growth is slowing as the trade war with the u.s. takes its toll on the economy and calls for more democracy grow louder both in hong kong and among the middle classes in mainland china. i spoke with former boss is it to china. asked him if the celebrations were purely for domestic consumption. yes indeed you see the whole population is excluded from the celebrations the joy that she jingping in this speech this morning spoke as cannot cannot would be seen why because this is a strong message to the people of the people it is not only china has risen china's the 2nd greatest economic power in the world it is also the party has achieved this this is the best mainly about the party 70 years ago 28 years of civil war and war ended there were 6 super and 6 in the ration of joy because the party had finally
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created peace in china and now china has achieved so much more under the leadership of the communist party don't forget that that is the message why i one of president g. is his grip on power now absolute and unchallenged. well it's not on challenge because there are unfortunately for him there's the hong kong problem which he has not managed to resolve so that obviously is for the chinese to see even so the interpretation of what's happening there is carefully scripted by the party but still it is obviously a scratch in his image and it creates doubts on this authority but basically of course he has still been attached to show he has it calmed and he may be the strongest political his strongest political leader ever since more it's a term that's is the image she wanted to create and i think he achieved that and so how visible than 30 hong kong protests to people in mainland china. well as
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a set this is carefully. controlled to the news out of our kong so obviously the message is these are. rebels against the mother country and they have no no effect at all but still it happens and it happens since months now and obviously one child and 2 systems is not a system that would enable the communist party to control what is happening in hong kong that is something in which there is xi jinping would like to cool off and so he is powerful and that's what he wanted to show so that as a that's this little scratch in his image that even the majority of the people in the people's republic who quite believe what the party tells them namely these are rebels without consequence what they see. that was former german
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ambassador to china focus so that is some of the other stories making news around the world one person has been killed and hundreds injured in clashes between protesters and police in the iraqi capital that protesters were angry about public services and high unemployment as well as what they see as in radio influence on the government. the u.s. refugee agency has reported that all of the 1000 migrants have died trying to cross the mediterranean sea to europe for its 6 for the 6th year in a row most died on the way to italy or malta. police in nigeria say they freed 19 pregnant women and girls from a so-called baby factory the victims are believed to have been abducted and raped so their captors could sell the babies to female suspects were taken into custody in the raid in the capital lagos. new york city has introduced fines of up to $250000.00 for describing someone as an illegal alien new guidelines
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forbade the use of the term to demean or heris the same old patterns discrimination based on proficiency in english 5 to 6 in the public accommodation employment and house. democrats in the u.s. house of representatives are increasing the pressure on president trump as they move closer to launching him paid in pitchman to proceedings they've now issued subpoenas against his personal lawyer rudy giuliani and secretary of state mike compare the president is alleged to have abused his office by urging ukraine's president to investigate democratic presidential candidates joe biden and now there is evidence of mr trump pressured australia's prime minister for political gain. the story starts to seem all too familiar democrats say that new allegations pointed yet another cover up by the trump administration according to the u.s.
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justice to part. meant in may this year trump asked australian prime minister scott morrison to help discredit form a special counsel robert miller's russia investigation miller let the probe into trump's alleged ties to russian interference into 2016 u.s. presidential election it's alleged the transcript of the call of with australia's morrison was withdrawn as it was with another call from trump to ukraine's president followed him into selenski yes i know a. trump insists he's done nothing wrong medical corps was preferred when the whistleblower reported the very center of. this 2nd case of trump allegedly trying to enlist the help of a foreign leader for his own purposes can only add more fuel to the fire already being fanned by the democrats. on to sports of the world athletics championships in qatar yesterday 3 out of 6 gold medals went to athletes who took
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the top spot at the last event. undisputed leader of the pack of defending champions was russian high jumper maria unless it scana who won her 3rd straight gold medal. this one though as a neutral athlete as russia's track and field federation has been suspended since 2015 due to widespread doping allegations. the men's 5000 meter final had 3 no we didn't brothers competing in debates the youngest of the band of brothers was leading in the final lap only to be picked at the last caller. brisson ended up in 5th gold and silver went to ethiopia with a dress repeating his tram from 2 years ago in london. and finally some joy for i know we didn't actually cost involved home defended his title in the 400
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meter hurdles climbing an unbeaten streak of 14 races meanwhile 3rd place after. in the 1st middle of the championships for. world news at the top of the hour business africa with ben facility is the best of the day. it's all happening today coming. to link to news from africa the world your links to exceptional stories and discussions between you and welcome to diffuse african program tonight from for an easy any. easy town i would say to them .


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