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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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mines. this is day 2 of the news live from britain's prime minister as what he says is his final offer. calls on the e.u. to compromise otherwise he says the u.k. will 'd crash out of europe without a deal also on the program violence anti-government protests spread across iraq a 2nd day of clashes leave several dead and scores injured demonstrators angry about corruption unemployment and a lack of public services we'll take you live to baghdad.
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welcome to the program britain's prime minister has outlined what he said is his final offer to brussels on the terms of a deal for the u.k.'s departure from the european union boris johnson was addressing his conservative party's conference in the northern english city of manchester one of the biggest stumbling blocks in negotiations has been how to prevent a hog border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is in the e.u. mr johnson's new proposals have not been conveyed to brussels and he says they represent a compromise on the u.k. form a position. today in brussels we are taping what i believe are constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides we will under no circumstances have checks at or near the border in northern ireland. thank you will the
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old we will respect the peace process and the the good friday agreement. and and and by and by a process of renewable democratic consent by the executive and the assembly of northern ireland we will go further and protect the existing regulatory arrangements for farmers and businesses on both sides of the border and at the same time we will allow the u.k. whole and entire to withdraw from the e.u. with control over our own trade policy from the start. let's go to manchester then where the conservatives are holding a party conference joint correspondent barbara faisal welcome barbara what more do we know about this new british plan. we know that this plan goes vaguely
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roughly in the direction that early e.u. proposal had been that is it creates a regulatory special zone in northern ireland that was originally called the only northern island only backstop backstop because it was supposed to stop a hard border between the the republic and northern ireland no we're not supposed to call it that anymore by penalty off the last however let's call it the proposal it is relatively similar to that so it is something that the e.u. has already agreed could be a possible solution now as we know and have stressed many times the devil here is indeed in the detail there are many small of things an extra rules that sort of need to be examined and looked at by the general drift off this could be something that could lead possibly if everything goes well to in agreement between the e.u.
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and london the brics it has split parties there is a spade a spade yeah what how has this proposal being received within the conservatives. now it seems that the p. the informal coalition partner is somehow more or less agreeing to it even though we don't really know whether if i understood what they're signing up to punt 1st ascent to dissent votes of dissent or voices of dissent are being heard from within the party steve baker for instance one of the hardest hardline greats accuse the current so-called spartan said yes but there are other things in there was wrong agreement that they don't like and that would need to be changed now there is absolutely no time because there's more or less 10 days left to negotiate in this sort of undo the whole was to draw agreement that goes for both sides know the northern irish solution can probably be dealt with it within
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a week or 10 days but the rest will just have to be swallowed whole by boris johnson's hardliners or maybe not and he will have to find a scent and voice votes on the side of the labor party so if this new prime is a version of an old brussels plan it does sound like a brussels will have something to think about i'm not going to reject this out right. now there certainly not going to reject this outright they will say we need to examine it we will look at it they have to talk to ireland and did the government and dublin whether they think this is sufficient because of course it does have a downside that is that britain wants to have northern ireland out of the customs union too so that means there would have to be certain border checks and customs checks but they wouldn't have to be done exactly on the border they could be in harbors or somewhere back in the country so solutions could probably be found for
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that so they will get sort of look at this very closely and figure out is there enough space for this is a face saving compromise call both sides that is also workable particularly workable for northern ireland will it keep the peace there and island will keep the peace there and will let both sides keep their difficult struggle for their difficult and special identity. thank you. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world hundreds of pro-democracy activists of gathered in hong kong to demonstrate against a police shooting during tuesday's protests and 18 year old protest of a shot at close range after he attacked an officer with a metal bar the incident marks a significant escalation of tension since anti china protests began 4 months ago. supporters of saudi german's jamal khashoggi have called for justice at a memorial events near the saudi consulate in istanbul where he was killed 11
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suspects on trial in saudi arabia but critics say it's a sham to protect the crown prince mohammed bin sultan. now to iraq where violent anti-government protests are spreading nationwide at least 5 people have been killed more than 300 injured in clashes with security forces over the last 2 days it's the largest public display of anger against prime minister. abdullah a year old government demonstrators are outraged about corruption and the lack of basic necessities. back burning for a 2nd day in a row anti-government protests are disrupting life in the city. and they have turned violent. several people have been reported hundreds injured in the clashes on wednesday 2 security forces attempted to
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disperse protests in crowds with tear gas and even life ammunition. in some areas protesters blocked off back main streets it's not the 1st time iraqis have taken to the streets since up till mosty was elected as the country's prime minister last year their demands are clear. number 3 generation all we want is to live and nothing else we want to live just like the rest of the world we want very basic rights electricity water employment and medicine. we don't want power money or property not all we ask for is to live and i have pricked to eat but this government is shooting at the crowd and killing people. that know it's. our demands we want work we want to work if they do not want to treat us as iraqis then tell us we are not iraqis and we'll find other nationalities and migrate to other countries but it. protests are no spreading to other cities in iraq too with
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the death toll among the demonstrators likely to rise. we can get more all this from washington post reporter mostafa salim who joins us now from baghdad on the line he attended the protests and welcome to day doubly so the country has been in turmoil for decades why are we seeing these angry protests only now. looks like we're very we've lost the line to i must officer in baghdad let's move on. indonesia got a new parliament on tuesday more than 500 new members were sworn in their job is to make laws for their fellow citizens but as they took their oaths inside parliament those fellow citizens were outside protesting unhappy critics critics
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they were. serious with. but as they talk about those inside parliament those fellow citizens were outside protesting proposed new laws critics say the planned legislation could water down the fight against corruption and restrict personal freedoms. a violent pushback against the establishment. this is the response on the streets of jakarta from tens of thousands of young indonesians to the proposed reforms reforms that could curb the fight against corruption make it a crime to insult the president toughen the country's blasphemy law and outlaw premarital sex. there are concerns met with tear gas and handcuffs here at least 600 arrests were made on monday and sense last week
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2 students have died and hundreds more were injured in protests across the country . on tuesday to take security as parliament got down to business. 575 new members were sworn in now under pressure to revisit the controversial legislation. president yoko we don't know had urged lawmakers to delay a vote earlier this month the reformed minded leader knows full well the risk of ignoring public opinion. these are the biggest demonstrations indonesia has seen since the student led movement that toppled this in hard to dictatorship 2 decades ago. controversial decision here in berlin that's fueling a divide debate over sexism sport and feminism one of germany's most successful
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basketball teams alba ballot as got rid of its cheerleading squad the team's managing director said that cheerleading is no longer suited to our times but the move has triggered a backlash d.w. matta group of chile those who are worried about the decision. these cheerleaders happen practicing for months if not years to be able to do this they're passionate about what they do and many areas hate it when people underestimate them and at last think ability. by a smile or not in my opinion cheerleading requires all the things that a competitive sport demands discipline ambition and a certain amount of routine you have to give it your all practice your teen and keep on exercising you. had to imagine your. union pal and started she losing at other bilin one of germany's most successful basketball teams. the
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team has now decided to drop that she dances during breaks in alba scapes the parts that. we have come to the conclusion that young woman performing as an attractive break filler at sporting events no longer fits with our times. other big german sports seem such as to burn in volleyball team i keep being that she knows what's. in the lives of women who have to say if they want to do it or not i'm finished and if they see it as sexism or not. i feel like elva made this move because they think it will be trendy right now in that's and possibly that will make them seem a lot more modern more then i'm shaking out about berlin's decision provoked a huge outcry in germany even interior minister haasil 1st wage and he suggested adding may just to be more option tight the burden bears cine just long ago did
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just that they're focusing more on the acrobatic part of cheerleading not the dance routines albums just wanted to see the album decision to drop that she leaders as a setback for the sport. as fans from charter for the i. it's a pity for the dancers because they have to learn the choreographers are performing at each game with entries for the goddess and for them it's a real punch in the very same 2nd because they started to say we don't want you anymore you don't fit in with the modern age as. they are focused on the future and training for the german championship at to 5 times a week they want to be 1st. passengers waiting to board their flights at chicago's o'hare airport on monday witnessed an unusual spectacle in an unmanned catering cart spun out of control stuff unloading drugs onto an airplane when a case of water fell on survey accelerator sent the vehicle into
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a wild reverse spin the cart was stopped from damaging the plane went around instructor rammed his tug into it. don't try this at home business after with ben physical and is next i'll be back at the top of the hour of the day. but i do need to keep a day people for over gretchen home the 4th and for the most recent article about. the families at the last. 3 years. on. welcome to the put is the game here for detail the. future of trying to talk about. this.


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