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this is the news live from perth britain's prime minister says he's made his final offer on birds. with less than a months to go before the u.k. leaves the european union boris johnson is urging the e.u. to compromise on brussels for sponsors to these proposals remind schools so far also coming up they make up a story that's fiction this is a fraudulent crime on the american people. from class a sound that democrats. did launched against him he alleges one top democrat could
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have committed treason. and saudi i.g.s. murdered and dismembered jamal khashoggi in turkey a year ago as these memorials is held at the washington post journalist still no one has been just. imagining how it thanks for joining us with just on the months to go before britain's departure from the e.u. prime minister barak johnson has told brussels his latest breaks at the puzzle is his final offer johnson unveiled the plan today at his conservative party conference in manchester he's hoping it will allow him to finally clinch a deal with the e.u. to allow an orderly exit from the bloc but in brussels johnson's newest plans as yet haven't received a warm reception. supporters waiting in line in manchester to get
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a glimpse of boris johnson it was the prime minister's 1st comprehensive speech since he took office and the high point of the conservative party conference what he had to say in the breaks of talks with the e.u. was hotly anticipated today in brussels we all taping what i believe a constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides top of johnson's list was the so-called irish backstop and the issue of how to prevent a heart border post breaks us between the republic of ireland and northern ireland to british government as opposed to the backstop in its present form johnson said under his proposal there would be few customs checks on goods moving between northern ireland and the republic of ireland britain's breaks it negotiates or delivered the proposals in person to brussels german reaction has being to say it will consider the proposals in detail 1st before commenting. events forcefully we
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will take a close look at the suggestions i cannot say anything more about that today because we have agreed to evaluate the issue amongst ourselves 1st for us it's very important that the 27 member states are unified on this issue that we have trust in michel venue and we will continue to discuss the matter. boris johnson has made it clear that britain is expecting the e.u. to make concessions the ball is now in the e.u.'s court well out a huge correspondent mathis has been following the story and considers what chance there is that the european union will accept bars johnson's proposals. after months and months of break the deadlock in brussels there finally seems to be ward off positive advances even progress the u.k. has made the compromise in the new proposal that northern ireland could remain part of the internal market in other words some products from mainland u.k. could no longer after following regulations go into northern ireland
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a number of problems however the head of the european commission jungle juncker pointed out remain and they need to be tackled for instance the fact that the u.k. wants to withdraw entirely including northern ireland from the custom your customs union which creates big problems for the republic of ireland which is. state and so far the republic of ireland had full rock solid support from the other even member states so 2 things we need to look out for now what does the republic of ireland make of this new proposals and what dewey unique oshie 8 years make of the proposal they now have to decide whether this u.k. proposal that is now on the table could become a new landing zone for a deal to prevent a heart breaks it and from matters in brussels to some of the other stories making news around the world. in peru at least 23 people were killed when a bus plummeted more than 100 meters into a ravine the accident happened that night on the twisting mountain road or than 50
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passages on. the u.s. has been given the green light to impose tariffs on 7 and a half 1000000000 dollars worth of craft and other goods following a world trade organization ruled tariffs in retaliation for e.u. subsidies for the plane. ideation regular it is avoided inspections of nearly 200737 aircraft after structural cracks with found in some planes were applies to 737 next generation models the precursor to boeing 737 max model which has been grounded since march following 2 deadly crashes. in washington president trump has unleashed a 15 minute tirade at his political opponents during a white house photo session with the visiting president of finland he was particularly sky thing about house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff his
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pot of what trumps it adam schiff he's a lowlife he should be forced to resign and frankly they should look at him for treason because he is making up the words of the president of the united states not only words but the meaning and it's a disgrace that should not be allowed to happen. trump was referring to a statement in which shift paraphrased the gist of a phone call between trump and ukraine's president in which democrats say trump abused his office. well in a separate news conference a shift said the president's attacks did nothing to change the underlying facts of that phone call if you think about what the framers were concerned about at the time of the drafting of the constitution they were permanently concerned about foreign interference in american affairs they wanted to ensure that the president of states was defending the interests national security of the united states and not corruptly secretly advancing some private agenda with
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a foreign power it's hard to imagine a set of circumstances that would have alarmed the founders more than what's on that call. for more let's bring in correspondent published foley alias in washington d.c. public even by donald trump standards the last 24 hours have been fairly wild who was in the firing line hi anthony yeah it was a pretty interesting day today here in washington d.c. much of the anger that we saw coming from president trump. it was geared towards the democrats and like you mentioned before in particular to the chair of the house intelligence committee adam schiff and also the have speaker nancy pelosi and he also went on the attack joe biden on his son who he described as crooks and also attacked the media and some in several angry exchanges in fact and he
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described what they were providing to the american people as fake news but of course what was quite interesting was to see the finished president standing there rather perplexed at times but of course president trump is appearing as a little bit rattled by this ongoing at impeachment inquiry which every day appears to be gathering more and more pace anthony. yes in the middle of that secretary of state mike pompeo clarified his position on the phone call that's right it took him almost a week in fact to clarify it and he's currently on a trip to europe and he had been dodging questions but finally he admitted that he was he had been president for this phone call that took place on the 25th of july between president trump on the ukrainian president selenski so it now shifts a lot of attention on him and of course he'll now potentially and most likely
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become a witness and in they say impeachment inquiry in public what about public opinion i want to bring up a map tweeted by the president that shows perhaps why he's feelings bullish it shows the electoral college is won by him in the 2016 election is slightly misleading but it says try to impeach this he of course one less votes than hillary clinton but the point is that he's trying to make is the enjoys widespread support and perhaps those wanting to impeach him should be way. well it is quite interesting that he's using that because actually in polls conducted since this inquiry this impeachment inquiry began have shown an ever increasing number of democrats of course. favor at this impeachment inquiry but also interesting the republicans as well and number of them and also independents believe that this
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impeachment inquiry should continue saying that though the majority of republicans still back president trump but i think it's very key here that we wait and see how the inquiry proceeds that's not forget that on thursday we're going to be hearing from the former u.s. special envoy on ukraine kurt fulker he'll be giving you know he'll be speaking to this inquiry and giving well answering questions so will be interesting to see walk and how public opinion changes in the coming days and weeks anthony very interesting days ahead public for the elites in washington d.c. thank you. now it's been one year since the saudi journalist and washington post columnist jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey supporters of course mocks the occasion by calling for justice at a memorial event in istanbul a u.n.
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investigation found what it called credible evidence linking saudi crown prince muhammad bill someone to the murder but he later no one has been brought to justice for the killing. of 1 14 pm friends and family marked the time to show she was last seen alive a moment of silence to commemorate his murder and the sense of a crime gone unpunished in the years since i feel he just says i want to know what happened so he's body i once he's praying to be released from jail i want those in power i hold accountable for day actions. 1 14 pm one year ago a c.c.t.v. camera captured because shoji walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul his body is believed to have been dismembered and disposed of saudi arabia initially hampered turkish efforts to investigate but i'm correct had audio recordings of exactly what happened turkey also released c.c.t.v.
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footage of 15 saudi government agents arriving in istanbul on the day of the killing and leaving just hours later among them a top adviser to saudi crown prince mohammed bin. the us and us come out told that left little doubt was conducted and done by state official who said it used it create lined upon state and resources. that came into. a private chat with diplomatic clearance. the murder drew global condemnation. denied all involvement in the killing recently he gave a us t.v. interview defending himself in the run up to the anniversary shows he's fiance had to change told that was a calculated move. these statements made at this particular time seem like an attempt to quell pressure from the public mohammed bin soundman said he accepts responsibility but at the same time he says he didn't know anything about it and in
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doing so he's trying to dodge responsibility the saudis have officially blamed rogue elements instead and put 11 people on trial for the murder amnesty international told you it seized little value in that. there is. a trial process apparently going on in saudi arabia now that locks the most basic standards of independence and due process what needs to happen is for an international investigation under the auspices of the u.n. secretary general that has you know qualified criminal investigators were able to speak to all the suspects to go to all the crime scenes to uncover all the evidence and only then will we get answers to these crucial questions the saudis have powerful allies as they stonewall any inquiries despite placing some sanctions on saudi officials washington has been reluctant to take things further but because
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shows he's fiance and his friends say wednesday's memorial was a message they want to ensure the murderers are punished to football now dortmund have secured their 1st champions league win of the season after vibrate slavia prague. kimi scored both goals as the germans lead to a 2 no when another german team lost 2 nil to french side leone with memphis to pile on the scoresheet running champions liverpool dead 3 nil against but the austrian side roared back must sell a save the day for liverpool with the game winning. and before we go a former colombian politician since to 15 years in prison has made a brazen escape from custody. had been a school to the dentist in downtown bogota by a prison god but she was let the run inside the office that's when she used to raid drugs you can see on the left of frankie the shimmy down to the street below and somewhat limp away to a wife and motorcycle officials. and the director of columbia's prison system as
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being fired after she made a getaway on a motorbike. with gotta get out of here to stay tuned to dave. welcome to the book is the game here. we have plenty to talk about since. we have. let's have a look at some of the government. so you still want.


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