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this is deja vu news live from berlin britain's prime minister makes his final breaths that offer to the e.u. force johnson says he's put forward a roll list a compromise for both sides. as reviewing the proposals especially the provisions for the irish border also coming up they make up a story that's fiction this is a fraudulent crime and the american people. president trump has accused his top
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democrats of dishonestly as the impeachment proper gets him moves forward he also alleges the top democrat could have committed treason. plus marking 29 years of german reunification our reporter explores what remains of the once legal barrier that formerly divided east from west berlin wall. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us the british prime minister has presented new proposals for abraxane deal ahead of a crucial summit coming up with the e.u. are tobar 17th now if this plan gets supported in brussels the u.k. can then leave the european union with an agreement will have the latest from brussels in london after this report. supporters waiting in line in manchester to
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get a glimpse of boris johnson it was the prime minister's 1st comprehensive speech since he took office and the high point to the conservative party conference what he had to say in the breaks of talks with the e.u. was hotly anticipated today in brussels we all taping i believe all constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides top of johnson's list was the so-called irish backstop and the issue of how to prevent a heart border post break this between the republic of ireland and northern ireland to pritish government as opposed to the backstop in its present form johnson said under his proposal there would be few customs checks on goods moving between northern ireland and the republic of ireland britain's breaks of negotiator delivered the proposals in person to brussels german reaction has been to say it will consider the proposals in detail 1st before commenting. events forcefully we
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will take a close look at the suggestions i cannot say anything more about that today because we have agreed to evaluate the issue amongst ourselves 1st for us it's very important that the 27 member states are unified on this issue boris johnson has made it clear that britain is expecting the e.u. to make concessions the ball is now in the e.u.'s court. let's get more with our brussels fair chief max hoffman and also in london from did abuse potts good morning to both of you max is the ball really now in brussels accord and what are you hearing where you are about it. the head of the u. commission reacted already last idea to talk with force johnson and he was skeptical but not entirely skeptical so no outright rejection he said there were some positive signals in here and this is the feeling we're getting it's different
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from the last times because this proposal is more substantial than many would have expected there are a lot of things in there that i believe the european union will have to consider they can't just say this is a no go so this will take some time there are considering and it's considerable as one of our sources involved in the negotiation said but just because it's considerable doesn't mean it's workable and that's the question they're trying to clarify is this actually going to work ok it's not a no go shalott so what about the situation in london can you give us some more details of johnson's plans especially for ireland. now from the sticking point and that is why the withdrawal agreement got rejected 3 times and parliament already now johnson has brought forward these new proposals and under these proposals northern ireland would leave the customs union but would remain somehow in a single market and that would mean according to johnston no checks at the irish
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border on the island off ireland between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and that was also one of the big sticking points at virtually no checks he says some will be made out like glee and we are hearing the 1st reactions that for example the northern irish do you appeal was always against it might now rally behind ok sounds positive does that mean that boris johnson could have the votes in parliament to get the approvals there for this package. well that is the big question right johnson has always breaks it is about taking back control but he really is not in control at the moment as mike said that the ball is somewhat in the european corner now so we'll have to wait and see what the european union says and then johnson is facing a very divided palm and here in the u.k. with really no majorities that the opposition labor party has already said they
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wouldn't really behind those plans he has lost majorities within his own party so the question really is what a deal if the european union approves go through parliament and if not johnston has already said that he would take out the u.k. out of the european union without a deal on october 31st he reiterated that yesterday come what may october 31st is the deadline even though there is a law in place that prevents him to do that that makes him ask for another extension so we are having a very interesting months ahead of us what about dublin it is of course of very important voice in all of this what about the republic of ireland especially about the backstop. i think we need to remind everybody what the backstop is about i know we talk about this all the time but it's probably nothing you would you know if you would read for breakfast each say the backstop was intended as an insurance policy to ovoid a hard border between northern island which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and that's why they
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had this backstop in this withdrawal agreement it was unlimited that's important to know because an insurance policy always an unlimited because if you limit it it's no longer an insurance policy at least that's the position of the european union now in this new proposal by boris johnson there is a limitation it's not a time limitation it is the limitation by the northern irish to accept this meaning that they get a vote every 4 year saying ok we're just still fine with this or no we will reject it and the limitation is the problem and the over of the irish prime minister already has said he doesn't consider this a complete replacement of of the backs up as it was originally intended he did not flat out rejected and i think that's the theme here in the european union skepticism but no outright rejection at the moment ok so what comes next then max for thinking you where does it go from here. negotiation teams have already been scheduled to meet here in brussels they will try to work on this try to compromise
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because even of course john says this is the last proposal they will work on the details they will have to see if this like i said earlier if this works if they find yes we can submit this to the heads of state government they will do so in 2 weeks when we have the summit here in brussels they will decide on it if they say yes this is good we can work with this then maybe there will the u.k. the british parliament will agree on it and then we have a deal if not it gets complicated because then boris johnson would be obligated by the parliament in the u.k. to ask for an extension he already has said he would not do that so then we're either heading for an extension or a no deal bracks and you can see brian all the options are still on the table ok max thanks very much from brussels enchilada thanks to you as well from london let's break down some of the other stories making the news this hour in iraq at least 9 people have been killed hundreds injured in violent anti-government
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protests across that country security forces using live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowds demonstrators angry about corruption and a lack of basic necessities a curfew has been imposed on a number of cities until further notice a world war 2 era aircraft has crashed during an emergency landing in the u.s. state of connecticut killing 7 people on board the vintage the 17 bomber slammed into a maintenance building a bradley international airport after encountering mechanical problems during takeoff. the u.s. has received the green light to impose tariffs on 7 and a half $1000000000.00 on each aircraft and other goods that following a world trade organization ruling the tariffs are in retaliation for cities for plane maker airbus. a cambodian court has ordered a new probe in the case of 2 reporters charged with espionage saying previous
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investigations were insufficient to to face up to 15 years in prison on charges of undermining cambodian security by passing information on to radio free asia a media outlet funded by the us. well police in hong kong say criminal charges will be filed against the teenager who was shot in the chest by a police officer earlier this week the 18 year old who said to be in stable condition faces charges of rioting and assaulting the police after hitting an officer with a metal rod anger has been mounting since that shooting on tuesday was repeated clashes between demonstrators and hong kong's police the city's police force has called on the government to impose a curfew to curb the violence. this is deja vu news still to come the remains of a divided past we look at why people from around the world feels so drawn to this
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relic of history. but 1st it's to washington where president trump has attacked his political opponents during a white house photo op with the visiting president of finland he was especially scathing about house intelligence committee chair the democrat adam schiff here's part of what the president had to say adam schiff is a low life he should be forced to resign and frankly they should look at him for treason because he is making up the words of the president of the united states not only words but the meaning and it's a disgrace that should not be allowed to happen. that sample is referring to a statement in which shift paraphrased the gist of a phone call between him and ukraine's president in which democrats say trump abused his office. and directional democrats have a cost launched their impeachment inquiry over the president's alleged abuses which trump has condemned as an attempt to subvert the will of the american voter.
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the white house is boosting its self defenses out scientists security fence is being raced from 2 to 4 meters to keep out unwanted visitors and inside it's all hands on deck for the impeachment inquiry on wednesday the president continued to defend himself against accusations of misusing his position as well as having acted against the u.s. constitution trump alleges he's facing a coup and he says he was in the right to ask ukraine's president to investigate his political rival joe biden and his family i have a duty to report corruption and let me tell you something biden's son is corrupt and biden is corrupt and i'd rather run against by then almost any of those candidates and i think they're all week. but i think by has never been a smart guy and he's less smart now than he ever was one of the main witnesses
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called forward in the investigation into trump it's us secretary of state mike compay who's currently in italy on wednesday he admitted to having been present during chump's call to the ukrainian president but he voiced frustration at subpoenas from congress. and we won't tolerate folks on capitol hill bolling intimidating state department employees that's unacceptable and it's not something that i'm going to permit to happen the political climate in washington is getting even hotter in congress democrats accuse the secretary of state of keeping key witnesses from testifying any effort by the secretary by the president or anyone else to interfere with the congress's ability to call before it relevant witnesses will be considered as evidence of obstruction of the lawful functions of congress the battle of the questioning witnesses and turning over documents is only beginning lawyer john decker reports for the conservative fox news network and is an expert on impeachment he claims the facts known so don't prove any illegal
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actions by the president but that a lot still remains unclear. if there were evidence for instance of a quid pro quo of a deal that the president made with the president of ukraine saying essentially if you investigate the bidens i will then release the $400000000.00 in aid that the united states has promised you that would be hard to defend for republicans even if you are the biggest supporter of the president the president's fortifications are holding so far with senate republicans continuing to support him it would take a 2 thirds majority there to remove him from office. or with the opening of impeachment proceedings there's also growing scrutiny of the bidens full article on business relationships in ukraine and how they intersect and ukraine's biggest producer of natural gas very small a company that is no stranger to charges of corruption. joe biden arriving
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in kiev in 2015. it was one of many visits by that then u.s. vice president who was tasked by president obama with helping ukraine get back on its feet after the my dad revolution and tackle the country's endemic corruption. but around the time biden warns of the perils of corruption in a speech in ukraine's parliament his son hunter took on a management position at. the country's biggest gas producer. the company was in need of an image boost in market having had close ties to the pre-revolution yahoo covert government. caught up in the news of bushnell news through his men began to whitewash itself
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the hard people with big names including hunter biden well we think their positions were symbolic such they had a title but liesel sayi was. her response efforts did not seem to amount to much at 1st as the government launched an investigation into company had me call it slopes have ski in all the dark with a dubious reputation but then victor shocking the attorney general investigating the case was sacked after biden senior had pushed for his dismissal. this has led to allegations that the former vice president was trying to shield the company employing his son. but experts caution that show can himself was accused of corruption and that many voices including from the e.u. had also called for his dismissal. of the. delight many of the big investigation including the one interest. nothing happened there for an entire year everyone
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wants to get rid of him. but the movie mineable. never opened an investigation into hunter biden's role that charisma being a lobbyist for an embattled gas company is not illegal but it does raise ethical questions over the employment history of the former vice president's son. it's a national holiday today here in germany 29 years ago east and west germany were reunited the country was divided by the curtain the front line between the communist and democratic worlds for 4 decades the cold war pitted the soviet union and eastern bloc allies against the us led west here's a look at the events that ended the cold war and that led to the fall of the berlin wall. maybe 989 the iron curtain was starting to fray hungary wanted to pull down forward as people in east germany just wanted to
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leave many fled to west german embassies in eastern european countries hoping to continue on from that to the west. despite the warnings of east germany's leadership more and more people left the country took to the streets in october 190-913-0000 people demonstrated against the east german regime. a month later it was half a 1000000. i. then on the 9th of november 1909 the unimaginable happened the berlin wall fell the i inherited was history germans were overjoyed. chancellor helmut kohl took advantage of the euphoria he convinced france britain and finally soviet leader mikhail gorbachev that's a united germany would be at the service of europe. in record speed german unity was a great both nationally and internationally the 5 states of the former g.d.r.
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joined west germany on october 3rd 1990 called finally attained his goal a unified germany. a stark about this more now with the views of thomas sparrow from our political bureau here in the studio good morning thomas morning brian we've just seen some incredible images of the hard to forget if you saw them all those years ago when the wall fell to the germans still feel that same enthusiasm that they did back then i probably wouldn't describe that as who is yes i'm older probably when they do look at those images they feel very happy about it most germans i think do feel that reunification is a very important step for germany in fact a recent poll also stressed that a majority are. once feel that unity has been achieved there are still very clear differences and i will speak about those differences in a moment but i would say that there is a big understanding among germans about what unites the country on the one hand but
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also among what divides the country and what tasks still need to be achieved. what are the divisions what are the tasks that still need to be addressed that have been at home i would say there are mental differences on the one hand perceived differences if you will but there are also real differences on the other hand if you look at the real differences you can clearly see that between east and west germany there are difference when it comes to salaries when it comes to unemployment when it comes to pensions those are just 3 clear examples where the german government has said we have to do more and when we talk about perceived differences mental differences you clearly see that among some east germans there is a sense of feeling like 2nd class citizens feeling that they have been left behind that is something that was absolutely evident only a few weeks ago when some regional elections were held in the eastern part of the country and you could clearly see that some people x. and specifically said we feel left behind we would want politicians to do more for us because they feel safe
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a 2nd class citizens so you have once again real divisions divisions of the country has to work on but you also have mental divisions that people are trying to address as well ok most of those being expressed in the voting patterns in eastern germany israel the rise of the alternative for germany. party what unites the country today 29 years on there certainly is in spite of all these divisions you mention in the differences surely a lot that brings people together most people think as you mentioned unity has been achieved exactly and i think that's one very important point what i see where people would mostly find commonalities is that's among younger generations i do think younger generations especially those who have who grew up in a unified germany do feel part of one soul project they don't feel that they've been. to the east or to the west they do they belong to germany as a country and i think that by the way i've seen personally not only covering eastern and western germany as a correspondent but also i lived and i studied in eastern germany so it's something
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that i saw myself the fact that probably among the younger generation that's not the case among all the generations i would say but especially among younger generation there is a sense of belonging of a common goal of being germans and i think that's something that the german government by the way is also trying to understand and is always trying to make sure that it's not only something for the younger generations to feel but all something for all other germans as well it's almost thanks very much for coming in on this a small town a sparrow force both for decades the berlin wall was a brutal symbol of germany's division today there's almost nothing left of the wall except for a few scattered reminders aren't easy to find where did the pearland wall go luckily this metal strip marks where it once stood but where can you see pieces of the wall itself we are some tourists if they found the wall no. i have it up there ok good yeah because i'm going to head up that way. i don't
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know $900.00 brigade was no no there that somewhere else i don't know on both sides of the former border lin has grown and grown together only long time residents remember it where all the wall just behind you behind me yes. there's nothing there. on the that's tough luck but it was there parts of the walls still it's around at least a few meters worth original sections with missing ones marked by metal rods to form an iron curtain. tourists who want to touch the concrete that once divided not just but in the eastern and western blocks like this man from california. actually expected to be more tall. but on the other hand tools like it's extremely durable and impressed that it's still here the remains of the wall
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a real tourist drool guided tours take place daily these areas he was controlled by border troops in the end in 181-2000 of them and watch towers in this area every 2 to 400 meters tourists can see the one watchtower still standing here otherwise the tool guides have to help people visualize what this area used to look like. as just one thing there are traces you can show how the city's changed and what the war meant for people who live here. without a guide like andrea's new to berlin often look for the bull indenting. have no clue. we just arrived recently so there's a well of it there but i doubt it. but this actually was part of the village rule east german authorities dubbed the anti fascist protection beriah one
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stretched for 160 kilometers now just a few kilometers remain on the border is gone for good. we have some football now dortmund have secured their 1st champions league win of the season after they beat slavia prague kimi scoring both goals as the germans secured a 2 nil when another german side leipzig lost 2 nil to lee all with memphis to pile on the scoresheet reigning champions liverpool lead to nil we go again salzburg but the austrian side roared back to equalise most law saving the day for liverpool with a match one. while there were 3 gold medals up for grabs at the world athletics championships and qatar here's a round up of basics. colons hammer thrower pavol fighter sealed his 4th consecutive win at the world championships. but apparently his mojo only works
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at this competition at the olympics he's never even made it to the final round. drama in the 110 metre hurdles in lane 4 jamaica's omar macleod current olympic and world champion was well on course to grab his next title but then he blew it allowing american grant holloway to win in his world championship debut. deena asher smith became the 1st british woman to win a sprint world title she dominated the 200 meters to win in 21.88 seconds to gold in the 200 meters team after winning silver in the $100.00 her personal medals tally is also great britain's entire medals hall. a former colombian politician sentenced to 15 years in prison has made a brazen escape item along it was a score to the dentist in bogota by a guard but was left alone inside the office that's when she used the red rope that
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you can see to the left of your screen to shimmy down to the street and limp her way to a waiting motorcycle. this is news from berlin. up next focus on europe looks at the plight of asylum seekers on the greek island of saw most i'm brian thomas from the entire news team thanks so much for being here.
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when much of europe wanted to kick them out. in finding them in. the sun most is home to one of the worst pretty key cancer in the mediterranean. but one woman makes life a little better for her new neighbors. mama maria and the refugees of somerset.
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next. to the conflicts with sebastian quick talk from you now call from foes among them to get a fair. cecile b. you were planning to keep the blame on the britain for negotiations file my guest this week here in prague is the czech foreign minister patricia he has surprisingly clear differences with the government to do so so why doesn't he resign. in 60 minutes g.w. . oh. you know that 77 percent clapping are younger than think. that's me ends meet and you. think you know what time all voice is
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what. the 77 percent talk about the issue. from politics to fashion from calzaghe to top this is where. you welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend d.w. . alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with a curry even europe is still struggling to get the refugee crisis under control with tensions running particularly high on the greek islands.


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