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this is from. kills 4 police officers in the heart of a silent went on the rampage inside the city's historic police headquarters before being shot dead by police bring you a live update from the french capital also on the program germany celebrates reunification today chancellor merkel says the decades long process has been a success but there is still more to do. with the fact that many east germans have said they feel like.
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the chancellor is herself from east germany so could she have to bridge the divide . to british prime minister. is the last chance to get a deal it's now being debated by the way. welcome to the program paris mourns the words of the city's mayor. after police employee with a knife killed 4 police officers of the main police headquarters the public prosecutor has identified the victims as 3 man and woman started in an office and continued in other parts of the building before the assailant was fatally shot by a police officer french president emanuel prime minister and interior minister now
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. straight to pakistan where we join john the stack katherine filled out welcome katherine bring us up today. yes what we know in the last few minutes from any prosecution is that this civilian employee on the paris police is the man who they say is responsible for this he's 46 years old and he went to the paris police at that head courses and it's a 2003 at this stage they say they do not know what caused him to suddenly stand up attack his colleagues and they leave his office move into another area of the building said more colleagues and then go into the courtyard where as you rightly said he was a warned by on down the stairs just don't want to drop his weapon he didn't that was that he he was shown dead at the moment they say they just turning through his back because they haven't found anything but within the last hour and
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a half police have arrived as you heard him and they go into don't move at his home to see if there's anything at all that would give them any indications as to why all of a sudden this police civilian employee suddenly turned on his colleagues so no one else being being hunted what are police saying about the likelihood of this being a terror attack. no one else being hunted at this stage the air is still a lot down it still investigations carrying out their work police are saying they do not think so terrorist attack and in fact they seem to be heading towards the idea that this may just have been some sort of what dispute whether it does have to be pointed out that police have been warning for some time that they're just under so much stress that most of this is that they have been working so many hours since the yell of this protest start they say that they have been just doing over time and over time they said that their morale is very low and that the number of suicides martin french police is high this is minute least 51 suicides by french
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police this year alone and that they're under enormous stress so it's in that background i think is to why we're seeing the french president the interior minister and a french prime minister on the scene at paris police headquarters catherine thank you. here in germany other countries marking the anniversary of reunification 29 years ago east and west germany became one nation after decades of hostile division joining the cold war the official commemoration ceremonies took place in the northern city of kill german chancellor angela merkel hailed the countries of progress in treating fixation but said more must be done to bridge the gap between east and west. sound lines evoking the shifting counters of germany's history as a country marked its 29th birthday in a northern city of q chancellor and go america has severed product of the former
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east germany highlighted to successes of rain if you cation but she acknowledged that there was still work to do. and you know in advance if you are in the 29 years that have gone by since for unification an incredible amount has been achieved overall in both western and eastern germany people are now more content with their lives than is any other time since reunification but we also know that that is not the whole truth surveys show that 29 years since reunification the majority of people from eastern germany feel they are 2nd class citizens. drawing upon her own experience and going to america spoke of the mixed feelings of east germans i think country disappeared. from asia few understood we can feel myself into many others the fall of the berlin wall in 1909 and german reunification in 1991 moments of happiness of confidence and of openness but others were intimidated by this new
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openness for them the east german system was a form of support. chance in america oh so use the occasion to pay tribute to victims of the communist regime. we cannot there's so much that i also want to remember the victims of the dictatorship those who lost their lives trying to flee those who were persecuted imprisoned they shouldn't be forgotten even on a day full of joy like today. focusing on them talk therefore to be avoided and. the german chancellor acknowledged that a gap still remains that the raising of border between 2 states wasn't enough to overcome differences in the tubes and values really got less than half of the east germans were happy with democracy here in germany which means that aside from what happened all of us politicians and civil society like have to understand that and also by german unity it wasn't just a positive experience for many east germans. in a positive of august
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a day of celebration for germany but also in occasion to look at how differences that still exist between east and west can be mended. let's take a closer look at the speech with the political correspondent you know. what did you make of it what i found very interesting that angle america and in something that's quite unusual for her drew so much upon her own person personal experience in that speech as she said upon ramification it was a cultural shock for her and saying that she was actually mirroring emotions from. fear felt by many east germans and it's something that in the past has been reproached trying to america several times that she didn't refer to her bringing in is germany that she didn't make any mention of how life in is then germany and that's something that she actually really put to light today shows so emphasized
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the victims of there is 10 germany she said that should be remembered today even if it's a day of joy and yet like i said it's unusual for her to draw so much attention. and to our own personal experience of the whole event and nearly 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall it was interesting that the chancellor to the significant difference is that still persist between east and west project could touch on them and why they have remained yet said those differences are quite blatant if you look at the economy situation of the former eastern regions of germany economy the east like the former east germany still lags behind if you look at the docs for example there are 30 biggest german companies not of them have their headquarters in eastern germany and that's quite telling unemployment rate in those eastern german states is still. higher than in any other states in germany and like angle americans say they're in if it wasn't seen as something positive for everyone i see
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so that there is a sense in the east that when the country was put together again of century the east was plundered family history and is it right is it the theme of this year's unity is a is courage connects was. how did the chancellor speech connect with the let's cover a story it was quite interesting when she called out a petition for maybe having failed to understand the differences of mentalities between the east and away i should say is quite easy actually to to raise a border but it's not that easy to activate a shift mentality as you kind of do that overnight then she calls for politicians to actually take that into account that there is a different mentality between the east and the ways that cannot be mended just as easy as order can be raised so that's something she emphasized so she praised the courage of people who tried to leave east germany and those are the 2 notions of courage that that shone through our speech emmanuel shows thank you so much.
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this is the doubly news live from but it still to come much more on german reunification including us i look at the story of the berlin institute. that helps bridge the divide between east and west during the cold war and continues to unite people today. just under a month until of britain's shadow departure from the e.u. prime minister barak's johnson's latest press it plan is getting a frosty reception from brussels today a european council president on tosk said he was unconvinced european officials say they are particularly concerned about the prospect of customs checks on the irish border boris johnson has been defending his proposals in front of a skeptical british parliament. this government's objective is always be to lead with a deal and these constructive unreasonable proposals show our seriousness of purpose they do not deliver everything we would have wished they do represent
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a compromise but to remain a prisoner of existing positions is to become a cause of deadlock rather than break through and say we have made a genuine attempt to bridge the chasm to reconcile the apparently irreconcilable and to go the extra mile as time runs short so let's go through this with that correspondent mass in london and banter in brussels welcome let's start with you back it took us to the main points of london's latest proposals. well phil you have to remember that the deadlock in the negotiations was mostly about northern ireland and here it's very useful if we look at the situation as it is now with northern ireland and the republic of ireland both being in the european union so goods move freely people move freely there is in fact not really a border that's visible at all because everyone is in the european union how this
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is going to change boris johnson and his government are proposing that as far as regulation for example product standards are concerned that northern ireland was is going to stay aligned with europe however when it comes to customs the u.k. wants to leave the european union and its customs union as a whole so when it comes to customs northern ireland is going to be aligned with the u.k. now that requires some sort of infrastructure that requires more bureaucracy for importers for export us on the island of ireland but also some sort of infrastructure for example to prevent smuggling and this is the crucial point boris johnson is saying there will be minimal infrastructure but still there will have to be some there will have to police there will have to be customs officers patrolling basically and just checking that there is no smuggling so there will have to be some sort of sentence and the question is where will they be will it be near the border will they be away from the border this is going to be the crucial question
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for us johnson says not near the border because that's very emotive for the people of ireland who don't really want this at their border i'm just been putting this forward to parliament today what sort of reception did he get. well from parliament really not a great reception at all from his own party yes there was cautious support from members of the conservative party also for from there do you peter was a party in northern ireland who is cooperating with boris johnson and it's conservative but from the opposition parties there was a lot of criticism they say it's worth worse than the withdrawal given that reason may have negotiated so really the question whether he could get through parliament here at school. in brussels. was outlining that the british position has changed significantly in as much as they are looking at the difference in the
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way parts of northern ireland are treated with regard to the rest of the u.k. . how's the e.u. responding to this. well not only the president of the yukon sedona to scott but many e.u. diplomats are saying today we hear the message but we're not convinced because in fact this new proposal would create 2 borders one border between great britain and northern ireland for the e.u. internal market and one border between ireland and northern ireland when it comes to customs this is not the book about the saying there's lots of negotiating necessary to resolve that and friday the negotiation teams from britain and the you will meet and to try to sort that out but it's very unlikely that they have that they will find a quick solution and it's upon the u.k.
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to come up with better proposes says the you the ball is not in our field this is saying here and the commission spokesperson said we would not catch any ball coming from london or any other flying object and bad that republican of course is going to be most affected by its next door neighbors departure from the from the bloc one of they've been saying they leave at the prime minister the tea shock of ireland who is visiting is sweden today said this proposal is well come but it does not. substitute the backstop the insurance policy which is enshrined in the current agreement the assurance that there will be no hard border so i didn't is not convinced and if i didn't is not convinced the whole of the e.u. will follow. but rigorous and brussels blanket mass in london thank you bill.
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now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world rescue teams in south korea's port city of tucson are trying to locate 4 people feared buried under a landslide after a typhoon maytag at least 6 people nerds who have died in the others are missing after the intense storms hit southern parts of the country on wednesday night. climbs activists in london have used a fire engine to spray hundreds of gallons of fake blood on to the facade of the treasury was done to him to draw attention to what activists say is the government's failure to address a looming global climate catastrophe. opera singer placid though domingo has resigned his general director of the los angeles opera amid allegations of sexual misconduct the star teller also withdrew from future performances numerous women have not accused him of sexually harassing them over 3 decades he denies the allegations. and the captain of the migrant rescue vessel sea watch has been
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addressing the european parliament ahead of next week's meeting of e.u. interior ministers which is due to address migration policy kept in a wreck at made headlines in june after she took a 40 refugees to the mediterranean island of lampedusa ignoring orders not to target territorial waters as she was and briefly arrested and fined today her message to european lawmakers was clear we need a system change temporary read relocation agreement with a focus on returning robin well coming mrs human rights based criteria for relocation applicable only to people rescued by n.g.o.s leaving out merchant vessels not recognizing the central role. a realistic short term solution. we shall ensure people's right to seek asylum. relocation from ports of the some back cation along with the creation of
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humanitarian corridors from libya. captain katter now the face of berlin has changed dramatically and they thought here since they you know that divided the city came down old buildings were restored thousands of new buildings have got up and one institution has survived pretty much unchanged clash and bad houses an old fashioned as popular as ever with people from the east from the west. couples have danced through berlin history under this roof here in clear him spohn house swing night is just as popular now as it was 100 years ago. berlin might have lost some of its charm but you can rediscover it right here in. your party now to the glitter might be dripping off the walls but we've been coming here for 10 years now it's a berlin tradition so i mean to put someone in maybe me to this and of course there
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were one big family over the years you get to know each other everyone comes here and we love it that's true ziggy marquardt has been coming here regularly for 6 decades he lives in the west half of the city in the ball houses in the east even after the wall went up in 1961 he continued visiting the club despite border controls. that was put in the back then you have to cross the border at st if you've got a day pass and in the evening at midnight you have to be back again. today the dance club in the middle of berlin also boasts a restaurant and is popular with locals and tourists alike. author maki and keizo research the history of clear his ball house for years and interviewed many eyewitnesses who danced here when the g.d.r. still existed and berlin was divided into east and west. my come to see what comes before today you can't even imagine that they built a wall through the middle of the city but this is
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a place where east and west germany met up and became close because me. zick and dance and alcohol all that brings people together. in her book and he's a tells the story. in 1913 clavicle brewer opened the ball house together with her husband to entertain berliners from all walks of life clear hints survive 2 world wars and the division of germany and hardly changed. but the neighborhood surrounding the club has changed today it's an expensive residential and shopping area back then when berlin was divided ordinary people lived here it's far money to be a normal street with a lot of small shops with houses built in different times but recently things have changed a lot and quickly now a lot of yuppies have moved here the old shops have closed there are
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a lot of art galleries but luckily a location like clear hume's ball house still fits in nicely. snap. the ball house never fell victim to trends even after the berlin wall fell in 1909 visitors from east and west continue to dance together but in january things may change a new owner plans on renovating ziggy marquardt hopes that things will continue as usual afterwards. we just want to stay here and keep dancing to swing music like we used to like in grandma's time so to speak. claire his ball house takes its visitors back in time to a bygone berlin dance still unites people here as it always has a clear hints. for the day's news at least 20 people have been killed and hundreds injured in violent
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protests across it. back security forces use ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowds demonstrators angry about corruption and the lack of basic necessities a curfew has been one post and several settles. 'd on the world war 2 era aircraft has crashed during an emergency landing in the u.s. state of connecticut a killing 7 people on board the vintage b. 17 bomber slammed into a maintenance building of the bradley international airport after encountering a mechanical problems during takeoff. and called in not come bodhi has ordered a fresh investigation into the case of 2 reporters charged with espionage saying the previous inquiries were insufficient to face up to 15 years in prison on charges of undermining the country's security by passing information to brady a free asia an outlet funded by the united states.
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football and don't want to have secured their 1st champions league win of the season after beating slavia prague ashraf a key meet a scored both goals as the germans labored to a 2 no when another german outfit leipsic the last 2 notes in french side lille with a memphis departing one of the scorers reigning champions live a full length read elegant sounds book but the austrian side roared back to equalise most solace save the day for liverpool with the match winning. so the champions league triumph adornment decade as a relief to the club after a run of shaky domestic form in recent weeks tactical director sebastian cad was keen to see the positives this is a good to have them up let's just be positive and we'll give only 12 no against a team that hardly ever concedes i think maybe 3 goals in about 24 games they all must be into milan away from home why should we look for the negatives but we
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want to know we kept a clean sheet obviously it wasn't perfect but i just try to take the positives for once and i hope that you will cheer missiles in hope that if he does also talk. that's day 6 of the world athletics championships in qatar 3 gold medals were up for grabs on wednesday as a round up of the action from da. colons hammer thrower pavel fight a sealed his 4th consecutive win at the world championships. but apparently his mojo only works at this competition at the olympics he's never even made it to the final round. drama in the 110 metre hurdles in lane 4 jamaica's omar macleod current olympic and world champion was well on course to grab his next title but then he blew it allowing american grant holloway to win in his world championship debut. i seen a asher smith became the 1st british woman to win
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a sprint world title she dominated the 200 meters to win in 21.88 seconds to gold in the 200 meters came after winning silver in the 100 her personal medals tally is also great britain's entire medals hall i know a former colombian politician sentenced to 15 years in prison has made a brazen escape from custody i don't know a lot i'm being escorted to the dentist in downtown by the top by prison guards. that was left alone inside the office when she used to read rope to slide down to the street below. and then paul white to a waiting motorbike. officials are still searching for her you know all the director of columbia's prison system has been fired. this is d.w. news these are our top stories a knife attack of paris at police headquarters in paris is that 4 officers dead
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another officer shot dead the suspected assailant has been identified as a civilian administrator officials have not determined to a motive but they do know suspect terrorism. germany's marking 29 years since east germany and west germany were reunited after decades of cold war division speaking at the official celebrations in terms of i said more were still needed to achieve equal conditions between west and east. hong kong is to ban face masks in an attempt to months of anti-government protests the city's police force has also called for a curfew to restore order and violence has escalated over recent days after police shot a protester. on the british prime minister johnson has presented his new branch of proposal to parliament he said he could prevent a hard border between the republic of violent the northern ireland after the u.k. and leaves the e.u. the irish prime minister and key e.u.
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lawmakers say the proposals do not go far enough certainly this is d.w. news from berlin you can step to date with all the latest headlines on our website that's t w dot com. coming up next here on d.w.p. suffering on the somme most are residents on the migrants on the greek god god divided about how to address conditions of the overcrowded refugee camp.
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when much of europe wanted to kick them out maria microbiome he invited them in. this week islander so most is home to one of the worst pretty cheap camps in the mediterranean. but one woman makes life a little better for her new neighbors. meet mama maria and the refugees of somerset . next on g.w. .
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where the real talent resides. i come from there at lots of people in fact new to the beat and feature but not just democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and i am taken to. the television reporters try checking the names after the fall of the want to remember thinking at the time to fix a black hole going forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a call to. do the news how often confronted you could situations for conflicts be just some scale i see despite my job to confront lightspeed as on policies and development of the spotlight on issues that matter most to security national
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you should. not have to cheat the so much more needs to be jobs and i feel people have to be a constitution my name is on the tax and i walk into the jungle to feed. to. school to. thank you. all on a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peace occur even europe is still struggling to get the refugee crisis under control with tensions running particularly high on the greek islands and in recent weeks thousands have been making their way across the mediterranean to greece like this family most of them were previously encountered in turkey.


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