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this is deja vu news live from berlin hong kong's leader invokes a merge in c powers for the 1st time in more than 50 years kerry land bans face mass saying it's necessary to prevent violence during anti-government protests in the china ruled city we'll go live to our correspondent also coming up. a high level visit from germany to greece and turkey as the e.u. steps up its efforts to deal with a deepening migration crisis. we report from inside europe's biggest refugee camp 4
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children are growing up in tents and shipping containers closer x. prime minister promises he'll respond to protesters demands after dozens are killed in demonstrations he says the protests are right to call for an end to official corruption. i'm dr thomas thanks so much for joining us hong kong's cheek chief executive kerry lam has invoked colonial era emergency powers bypassing the city's assembly its legislature she's using those powers to ban protesters wearing face masks the changes will come into effect at midnight local time that's in about 8 hours from now lam underlined the threat to the public was quote real. and i would say that we are now in rather extensive and serious public danger. it is essential for us to
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start and restore calmness in society as soon as possible. we hope that the new legislation can help us to achieve this objective. ok let's go straight to hong kong where did have used to be kong is following the story for us today to you this is a colonial era legislation that's being told in these emergency powers how will the government go about arresting people that are wearing masks are they prepared for a massive wave of arrests by police. well i must you have mentioned i carry them has just like and now is to impose a set of laws so they're now banning anyone from one mosque going up like a sample of what it is a lawful one or unlawful assembly so you can dry it all people who appear to be
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prohibited ah from wearing any mosque like even they're just covering part of the face is still prohibited so anyone who breaks the law will face grace and sentence for up to one year and this is a measure as you mentioned this is a set of law under the colonial era so it's highly controversial and this this has been a heated debate hong kong and whether this is really just to me or not to impose such laws and the circumstances in hong kong is still take a hit at the pace in home ok now when we look at the video of protesters they're all wearing masks lot of them are wearing tear gas masks as well is there any way to tell how the protesters are are going to respond to this back. why have to tough. the protesters actually they're already off posthaste and gangs
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these anti maslow are happening across like various districts on the in hong kong already many people had hoped to state a long strike and on some of them they told me that they're not going to back down just because all the polls people showing off east of the mosque and some of the radical post has to they say that they doubt they would keep wearing mosque when they go on streets but this will definitely to turn some won't be brought relatively peaceful protesters they will be some of them low or when i took a picture street against not because of this law and but part of the whole this part i don't think i got at this with the trial stop the ball is on the street is doing out there we're going to have to leave it there so much thanks so much for now if you could kong bring us up to date on the story from hong kong. well the sharp spike in migrants has treated
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a crisis situation in greece the un refugee agency saying more than 10000 people mainly syrians and afghans landed on greek islands in september alone now over the weekend one woman was killed 17 people were injured after a fire broke out at one overcrowded greek migrant center the fire was out the morea camp on lesbos it's designed for 3000 people but currently houses some 13000 are reporters went there to find out what the conditions are like at the morea camp . this tent outside greece's largest refugee camp it's home to 4 people. i man who fled syria has been living here for close to a month the morea campus 4 times over its capacity so thousands are forced to live in the surrounding all this growth. over a cup of tea i'm on tells us what life in the camp is like crowded dirty and
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dangerous every day every day and that's normal no i can feel there are fighting inside and that's normal yeah. bye but then we come to here. we don't want we don't want a problem with anyone. but problems in moria are hard to avoid a fire broke out at the end of september in the camp and at least one person died residents rioted in anger as the firefighters put up the flame and they broke into administrative offices and it was. 7 since that incident i am on says trash has accumulated in heaps he believes the garbage collectors are too afraid now to come to the area. its children who suffer most from the dire conditions they live in. the aid organization doctors without borders runs
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a mobile clinic next to the camp today they will see about 100 children a normal caseload. the most common ailments are fevers lice skin conditions but psychological trauma is on the rise. the organization says many children in morea camp have inflicted harm on themselves and have even attempted suicide in the case he said we are seeing of children traumatize from their a country of origin is for the completely. difficult journey that they took to reach europe to reach us and they end up here in a calm completely overcrowded we don't know services and safe and secure the conditions the mental condition of the children are bigger dating day by day this is daily life inside a refugee camp packed with more than $10000.00 people a result of the resurgence and c crossings to lesbos the trip from the turkish coast to this beach takes about 2 hours and more migrants are making this journey
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than at any other point since 2016 when the european union signed a deal with turkey to prevent them from coming now with thousands waiting on this and other greek islands for their asylum applications to go through people here tell us the situation has become a crisis a situation that worries younus master again as he is the mayor of moria the small town right next to the camp. like many people living here he feels lesbos is being left to fend for itself. if it up another share maybe europe should show more solidarity and support greece with this problem greece alone isn't capable of dealing with this large number of refugees the e.u. member states have to help take in people and at the same time increase the pressure on turkey to stick to their side of the agreement if it was the issue of when you were here. back in the camp i'm on says he doesn't want to be a burden on anyone all he wants is a safe place to live. and he hopes to find this place before winter.
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all germany's interior minister is in turkey today for talks on the rising number of migrants in europe at a meeting in ankara with a start his counterpart apart for say over offered continued support for turkey which he said faces enormous pressure from the increased refugee arrivals from syria passing through turkey greece in turn is seeing a knock on effect with syrians and other refugees arriving in numbers it's barely able to cope with say hall for will also be holding talks with greek officials later today in athens. he sucked to make. good student gun schools and i said migration is one of the most important issues of our era. mr solo so you have provided a great service under solving this issue. not just for this region. but for the
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whole of europe. ok horse a whole for there some very insult or in words for turkey let's bring in our correspondent istanbul dorian jones story and what happened 1st off to the e.u. kerr turkey refugee deal why is it not working. well i mean well there is that we have seen this increase in the number of refugees entering greece from turkey small to the levels that preceded the refugee to. deal but it is causing concern that this deal could be starting to break down because it comes at a time when the turkish president right type of one is warning he will open his orders to europe he does not receive help over refugees and why he made that warning is that turkey could be facing another massive influx of syrian refugees because the last rebel enclave in which borders turkey could be set to be falling to regime forces if that was to happen taiki could be seeing
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a 1000000 maybe more refugees coming into turkey turkey is were ringing the alarm bell saying we cannot take any more it needs help ok well germany is hearing the alarm bell europe is to what could germany and the e.u. be offering today to to get turkey to once again curb the migration flow as it's directed to do with the migration deal into greece. well no one is directly accusing turkey of allowing these refugees to cross the border everyone's being very careful not to upset our own career there is an awareness on curzon in a very difficult position but i think that they will be the author of money on course claiming that this refugee deal with the e.u. hasn't seen the promised funds the e.u. is promising an excess of $6000000000.00 euros on procedure hadn't seen all the money e.u. counters say we can only give the money we have clearly specified outline projects but that deadlock is expected to be lifted more money is expected be on the way but uncle will also be looking for pole for its controversial project of sending
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refugees back to northeast syria an area currently under the control of a kurdish militia considered by our own chorus terrorists to clear what he calls a safe zone and to send back maybe a 1000000 maybe 2000000 refugees back to syria a very highly controversial project but is looking for support for it ok sending a register back to syria is one controversial idea but also the turkish president on his threaten to open the floodgates if he doesn't get more funding one of the issues certainly being discussed today are the stakes that high could we see a repeat of 2015 well you have to understand is the president of one along with turkey already extremely difficult position there is over 3 and a half 1000000 syrians here that many of them have been here for many years the patience of the turks is running out a recent survey found over 80 percent of tokes want the syrians gone and one realizes he's sitting on a political and possibly even a social time but there's been outbreaks of violence in small towns and cities
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across turkey against syrians erd one knows he has to find a solution to this refugee problem that's why he's looking for this project to send back large numbers of syrians back to syria because he needs to send a message to his people he's listening ok thanks so much for that update from istanbul. let's review now on some of the other stories making the news today. president's declared a state of emergency after violent street protests over the government's decision to end fuel subsidy demonstrators clashing with police while transportation workers blocked the streets of major cities at least 1000 people have been arrested in these clashes the worst on ras ecuador has seen in years. in france a police employee with a knife killed 4 colleagues at paris's police headquarters he was then shot and killed by another officer. investigators have not determined the motive at this point the rampage coming a day after police officers marched through the french capital to protest the low
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pay and long working hours and rising suze race. government officials in haiti have distributed food and school supplies and crowds of people struggling under the islands and gama crisis shortages have become more acute amidst weeks of violent protests over unemployment inflation and alleged government corruption. another mass protest is scheduled for later today. is to iraq now and as the death toll from anti-government demonstrations there rises to more than 30 the country's prime minister says he will respond to the protesters demands authorities of bows curfews and internet blackouts there's a growing anger over unemployment corruption and lack of basic services. 6 in cities across the country young and mostly unemployed iraqis but directing their
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anger at officialdom they blame the government for failing to create jobs here thirty's heavy handed response to the protests only increases their resentment. when we are peaceful but they meet us with bullets and tear gas the government is fighting us but we will carry on and we will not retreat. university graduate mr fay here lives working as a shop keeper to make ends meet. there's corruption everywhere. graduated from the same color just she's unemployed but there's no work and that's because of corruption in the government they promise but they never deliver. 2 years after the end of the war against the so-called islamic state terror group there's little sign of any peace dividend. one in 4 young iraqis are out of work basic services like water and electricity are unreliable hospitals roads and
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schools old lack funding. i don't i just love young people have no jobs and no money the countries taking money from abroad but it doesn't benefit their own people we have very time to look at a video for the job we say those who are corrupt should go we have protesting for our rights. which. even the government admits that protest has a right to demand an end to corruption the prime minister is proposing a new law granting families a basic income that may not be enough to end the un rest in the short time. iraqi journalist amir masowe is now in the studio to talk about the situation in the country good morning to you amir nice to see you again you are back about a week now from iraq what triggered these protests did you have a sense they were coming when you were over there you know they have as
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a clear demands they just one tool using the unemployment specially with that people being graduated from the college for universities and also fighting for ending the corruption which is over iraq institution and the government and beside of that the public service like it was the simple things hospitals which i think through city water and so on we should not forgot that iraq spent fuel from 2005 to now about $450000000000.00 for that sector and nothing happened really those are some trouble numbers $450000000000.00 you know when you look at these protests and how quickly they've spread across the country you know there's the question can the iraqi government survive this this level of protest i think it depends on what's going to happen today and to morrow and then the next 24 hours. i think the most
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important think what is going to happen today in the friday with the speech of the merger of the religious leader in niger. well that they are going to give him a last chance to survive for mr prime minister. of the maggi and the 2nd things is also the protesters coming from the political part of a sudden also a religious leader which also part of participating in the government what are they going they did going to do i think the next 4040 or 48 hours it's really very important one of the government is going to respond or not we should wait ok now when we see these purchases spread across the country it's very cross the mainly shia areas so far the sunni and the kurds have not been joining in these protests why is that for the sunni cities they are really tired from the fighting is so cold islamic state and the 2nd also that. big one to go through the
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streets there is a geisha in that they could. support the islamic state and they want to come back that's why it is that cities are the 2nd and also the kurds they have of almost public services in the end of the day the shia dissolved cities they were the main player in the war against islamic state and they wait 2 years after that and most of the the law just to enhancing that situation nothing happens ok amir this hour great to see you again thanks so much for coming in thank you very much. it's to the united states now where u.s. presidents donald trump has appealed to china to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter this is house democrats move forward with an impeachment inquiry sparked by information that during a phone call the president asked ukraine to investigate the bidens joe biden is
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president trump's potential democratic rival in his bid for reelection. donald trump certainly cannot be ques of shying away from controversy right now democrats are looking into impeaching the president for soliciting foreign help to win next year's presidential election still trump is on the offensive. well i would think that if they were honest about it this sort of major investigation it is about the very simple and. they should investigate the bike because that is a company that's really formed and all these companies if you look at it by the way likewise china has started investigation is that abide because what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with. with ukraine democratic presidential candidate joe biden is one of trump's biggest rivals for next year's ballot this could explain why trump asked his ukrainian counterpart
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flooding is a lengthy to look into the biden family in a july phone call democrats cite constituted an abuse of power. again they. suggesting. here that our president like. this illustration that this president or that you rightly. 2 years of the nation is that you feel as if you do anything with. the trump mankinds the support of most of his own party and after having been silent on the issues so far vice president mike pence on thursday through his white behind trump . i think the american people have a right to know if the vice president of the united states or his family profited from his position as vice president during the last administration executive order said despite the pressure from democrats trump is scorning the efforts to remove
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him from power. if you want to drive him crazy just say 8 more years or 12 warrior's 1616 would do it good there with it you'd really drive image of the loony been. ill and that's why they do the impeachment crap because they know they can't beat us fairly that's the only reason they can't win. but the president is trailing his democratic rivals in several posts so impeachment is not the only thing threatening to end trumps time in the white house. now they're populated south asia for thousands of years but the survival of each and elephants is now under threat they live in the wild but they're being hunted down by poachers and they're facing resource competition from farmers our next report looks at their situation in myanmar. helping this 4 month old
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get through the hardest part of her day a deep cleaning of the nasty wound on her leg caused by a poacher snare. and as an adult watch you know we don't appear to let her stay with the other elephants because she's still young and her leg is still in pain we couldn't find her parents and we're not sure whether or not they were killed by elephant poachers. the orphaned calf arrived here last month. her carers have named her a our same after the forced region where she was found she appears to be on the mend but staff warn she's not yet out of danger. on a lot of these and the big challenge for us in taking care of baby elephants is to keep them alive and it's kind of a big problem because too young elephants have already died before so these young
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animals are very important for us question if i would have none of them having mothers to feed them that fed with milk powder. feed us by all of us trainer and competitions are looking after them very carefully and a priority is to prolong their lives ok for them to have several rescued elephants live at this camp. at lyons and a former logging region where many elephants once served as draft animals around 2000 still live in the wild in myanmar but their habitats shrink as humans clear land for rice and palm oil plantations and more than ever before they become targets for poachers after their tusks and skin. it's turned into medicine and so-called red blood beats highly sought after in china for jewelry. a fashion trend with
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a high cost researchers warn that the skin trade could wipe out myanmar's wild elephant population in less than 60 years. we have some sports for you now in the world athletics championships continue in doha today yes they saw several athletes produce some top flight performances the multi-discipline events for example the tough along and the cats along for deuced 1st time world champions and the women's 400 meter race featured one of the most blistering laps of all types. germany's 21 year old sensation the stunned his feet nicholas cowdery was world junior champion in the decathlon and on thursday became the youngest ever athlete to take the senior title of french favorite kevin maia had been forced out of the competition by injury leaving the field wide open and cal stepped up to the plate to make the gold medal his own.
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another 21 year old became the 1st asian ever to win the women's $400.00 metres world title and did it at historic pace bahraini sour aid nasser took just 48.14 seconds to claim gold the 3rd fastest time ever. meanwhile british heptathlete catarina johnson thomson produced her 3rd and 4th personal best of these games in the javelin and then the 800 meters to defend her spot at the top of the field and claim her place on top of the podium yet another maiden title to round off a day of insurgent success in doha. well don't forget you can get news on the go with our app just download our app from the apple store. for example or from google and they'll give you access to the latest push notifications on your phone or any breaking news you can also use that app to send us photos and
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videos you think we might be interested. that's all we have time for our bride thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us today.
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the latest and then we're all materials research. nickel that can be harvested. nylon made from chicory. and cobalt from the seabed. scientists look for new resources and test them. their ideas to to to morrow to do next on t.w. . demarc unification fatherland and
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blooming landscapes that's what east german citizens were promised in 1900. instead the entire country ended up on the auction table. its main auctioneer the so-called. their job to liquidate and privatized they didn't leave much behind. in 45 minutes w. d t you know that 77 percent last week are younger than 35. that's me and me and you. can you know what it's time all voices. on the 77 percent talk about the issues. from politics to
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flash from causing big boom town this is where they are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on d w. sand you'd think there's more than enough of that out there for anything. but desert sand is totally unsuited for construction the sector that uses most of this moment terio. and that's not because the grains are too rounded scientists now say but because they're too boy.


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