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after the fall to. know him or not. i am. this is news coming to you live from berlin hong kong's leader involves emergency powers for the 1st time in more than 50 years gary lamb dance fierce mosque think it's necessary to prevent violence during anti-government protests in the china reduce city we go live to our correspondent that. also coming up. the number of refugees from turkey to greece the rises again we have
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a report on inside europe's biggest refugee camp where children are growing up in temps and shipping containers. and it was joy for germany after ronald plated championships as a youngster nikolaus college grad school in the capital and received a look at a dramatic day in the hot. color of a warm welcome to you i'm. there fears of new violence in hong kong after the territories chief executive invoked emergency powers last used in the 1950s in response protesters have begun blocking roads holding umbrellas and despite the government announcing a ban on face masks many demonstrators have been. in wearing them from midnight
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local time they could face up to a year in jail or jailed for wearing full. face coverings. carry law says she has imposed the ban to detail violent protests from turning out let's take a listen to what she said and i would say that we are now in rather extensive and serious public danger. it is essential for us to stop violence and restore calmness in society as soon as possible. we hope that the new legislation can help us to achieve this objective. kong is following the story for us and joins us from hong kong t.v. very strong words from carrying out the c respond the danger the trees face and what's been the response among the testers to this emergency legislation. well we have talked to some of the protesters about their response to these tough
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laws that. some of them they told me that actually this measure will deter those relatively peaceful protesters from taking to the streets because they fear the white the white terror now in the city. but on the contrary photo valentino's has the war to target all the government some of the radical protesters actually told me that this is not going to deter them from taking any volunteer or going on the streets anymore that they're not going to stop their actions that just because of this law because but them is not the big deal for them to validate and other piece of law so whether this will be like and really a very effective measure to stop the fall is to claim by to come a government is still in doubt and some of the activists they also submits judicial review to the court are ready to challenge the government's decision because they think this is unconstitutional that it mate validates the city main is under the
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constitution and also the human rights law in hong kong so some of they they want to stop the enactment off the law by legal means so some of them have taken this matter to the courts but how this police meanwhile enforce the ban on face mosques because as we could some people are defying this ban and still reading mosques. while. these laws not only to ban people from wearing mouse but also to greater power to the police to conduct searching like under the under the new law the police can search anyone and they can we quiet any want to remove the mosque late doing searching so if anyone refused the request of the police so it will be considered as breaking the law and they will face prison sentence for up to 6 months so this is not
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a law not only going to affect those are participating in public assam police but literally anyway and anyone with mosques that refuse to comply with the request of the police should be with the authorities taking such a strong line not just against protesters as you said is that a fear of this good lead to clashes and violence. yeah we say young doubt there will be clashes for the rest of the day because. you have mentioned earlier in the reports we can see protesters already there gathering i on the streets before tea and off the press conference of the government so there are more sam please call on line 2 to be taken part in various districts it reaches across hong kong tonight so. we expect that the turnout off these protests will be huge tonight because people will like come out to express their anger to us
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to slow light expression before midnight when before the law comes into effect at midnight so very likely that there will be a serious confrontation with the police riot phoebe kong in hong kong thank you very much for the update on the tense situation there. that now being some other stories making news around the wind in iraq antigovernment protests as a defined curfews back on the streets dozens of people have been killed in truthiness of clashes between protesters and police firing live bullets the prime minister has said he addressed the demands of protests as you are angry it's high unemployment corruption and the lack of basic services. ecuador's president has declared a state of emergency on thursday after violent street protests over the government's decision to end fuel subsidies demonstrators clashed with police 5 transport workers blocked the streets in major cities around the country at least 19 people
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were arrested in the clashes it's the last unrest ecuador has seen in the. in france a police employed with a knife killed 4 colleagues at a paris as police headquarters on thursday he was then shot and killed by another officer the motive of the killings is not known rampage again a day after officers marched through the french capital to protest at low pay long hours and rising suicide rates. to greece now but to shop and there's been a sharp increase in the numbers of refugees arriving created what people there are calling a crisis situation the un refugee agency says more than 10000 people mostly of gonds and syrians landed on the greek islands in september alone coming through to over the weekend one woman was killed and 17 people injured after a fire broke out at one crop overcrowded greek refugee center the fire was in the
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morea camp on less boss island the biggest refugee camp in europe it's designed for 3000 people but currently houses almost 13000. reporters a mock zonda and amin s.s. went to the camp and sent us this report. this tent outside greece's largest refugee camp is home to 4 people. will too. iman who fled syria has been living here for close to a month the morea campus 4 times over its capacity so thousands are forced to live in the surrounding all this growth. over a cup of tea i'm on tells us what life in the camp is like crowded dirty and dangerous every day every day and that's normal no 5 can feel 5 and they are fighting inside and that's normal yeah. by that we camped out here to go out we don't want to we don't want
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a problem with anyone. but problems in moria hard to avoid a fire broke out at the end of september in the camp and at least one person died residents rioted in anger as the firefighters put up the flame and they broke into administrative offices. oh yeah. since that incident i'm on says trash has accumulated in heaps he believes the garbage collectors are too afraid now to come to the area. it's children who suffer most from the dire conditions they live in. the aid organization doctors without borders runs a mobile clinic next to the camp today they will see about 100 children a normal caseload. the most common ailments are fevers lies skin conditions but psychological trauma is on the rise. the organization says many children in moria camp have inflicted harm on themselves and have even attempted suicide in the case
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he said we are seeing of children traumatized from their a country of origin is for the completely. difficult journey that they took to reach europe to reach at least most and they end up here in a calm completely overcrowded we don't know services and safe and secure the conditions the mental condition of the children are bigger they think they by day this is daily life inside a refugee camp packed with more than 10000 people a result of the resurgence and see crossings to lesbos the trip from the turkish coast to this beach takes about 2 hours and more migrants are making this journey than at any other point since 2016 when the european union signed a deal with turkey to prevent them from coming now with thousands waiting on this and other greek islands for their asylum applications to go through people here tell us the situation has become a crisis
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a situation that worries younus master again as he is the. mayor of moria the small town right next to the camp. like many people living here he feels lesbos is being left to fend for itself. europe should show more solidarity and support crease with this problem greece alone isn't capable of dealing with this large number of refugees the e.u. member states have to help take in people and at the same time increase the pressure on turkey to stick to their side of the agreement if it was the issue of when you were here. back in the camp i'm on says he doesn't want to be a burden on anyone all he wants is a safe place to live. and he hopes to find this place before winter. and including an interior minister horst. has met with top to officious amid growing tensions over refugees turkey has given sanctuary to some 3600000 syrian
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refugees the redoubtable financial support to is threatening to limit its making it easier for refugees to reach the e.u. and put more pressure on the by greece. on the shores of the aegean sea more migrants are trying to reach the e.u. via turkey than at any point since the e.u. and turkey struck a deal in 2016 and korea agreed to effectively close the route to migrants in return for up to 6000000000 euro as of which 2600000000 has been dispersed now german interior minister hosting her for his on a 2 day tour to turkey and greece to discuss the next steps and korea has threatened to open the gates to europe if the e.u. doesn't give more support. for speed right. we are ready to help turkey wherever possible and support the country in various possibilities i'm eager to see what these possibilities are in our talks later. in
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the. turkey one small financial support especially for a possible safety zone in northern syria where president after one wants to accommodate another 2000000 refugees fleeing syria. we fulfill all obligations under the agreement with the you both on humanitarian grounds but also out of fidelity to the steel but we expect the same from the e.u. . big countries to. the project on the turkish syrian border is being hotly debated with fears that the worsening situation in it live in northern syria could put even more pressure on the border region after most talks in turkey on friday they hope to athens where concerns over overcrowding on greek islands are growing by the day the country now finds itself caught both geographically and politically between a year until. joining me now is our correspondents dorian
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jones in istanbul and our chief political correspondent melinda during messed off with you know what happened to this refugee day why is it not working. well this all started when the turkish president may have type one gave a warning that he's ready to open he's bold as to europe if they do not address turkey's refugee concerns why tokyo is now warning about these fears it is ready for another mass influx of refugees into turkey from the syrian province of idlib which is the last rebel enclave i could well full to syrian forces in the coming weeks possibly months turkey says it cannot take any more refugees it needs europe to join in working together to resolve this this is tokyo issuing a law the whole of europe on these refugees going to greece is seen as part of up warming and they don't want to germany and the e.u.
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offering to get it once again behind this refugee agreement that they made with the country between the lines the money that's not what the german interior minister is saying in so many words but if you look at what he is saying he's saying that europe is prepared to do whatever is needed to support turkey and that he is committed to strengthening the deal with turkey and this was very much a financial deal as as was said in the report the e.u. promised turkey 6000000000 euros to essentially help limit the flow of refugees out of turkey toward greece all of that less than half has been paid out although the deal has been in place for several years now so i think it's fairly clear that that is what turkey wants and it sounds pretty clear that that also is what the e.u. is prepared to give so dorrian the money seems to be at the heart of this dispute at present on the tickets president don has tried to do what he calls open the
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floodgates if he doesn't get more funding couldn't see a repeat of 2015 and see a massive flow of refugees refugees coming into the. well yes hannity is definitely a risk because it isn't just about money turkey is facing a massive problem of refugees itself it's the president is well aware that turkey's talks patience is false running out he needs to find a solution himself and that is why he's looking for backing from europe and the west to relocate a 1000000 possibly 2000000 syrian refugees to the northeast syrian eric currently controlled by searing kodesh militia that considers its terrorist turkish forces are ready to great what he called a 30 kilometer deep safe zone in that region where the turkish president says he wants to send back refugees it's a hugely contentious policy but on cross says it has to send but these refugees because the people's patience is fast running out and let the german ministers it
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was into a key scene very obliging why is that the case well i think there is absolutely recognition in europe that turkey has borne the brunt of the refugee flow out of syria 3600000 refugees in turkey an enormous number and in fact the interior minister of germany paid tribute to turkey for that today so certainly there is that recognition and there is also concern that many of those refugees could find their way to greece and then on to western europe if in fact not more is done to shore up this deal with turkey now the the interior minister promised to bring turkey's concerns back to brussels to the new incoming president of the commission and then we will see what she does with them melinda crane in berlin and during jones in istanbul thank you both very much for your reporting.
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tunisians are going to the polls this weekend to elect a new parliament before rejected many establishment candidates last month when they voted in the 1st round to elect a new president now a new independent body has launched an unusual campaign to win over voters fed up but the political elite. sent us this report and. this is not your typical political campaign here in the tunisian town of a self-proclaimed anti-party is hoping to get attention with hunchbacks for beating corruption and symbolic yellow cards against the system i used to see started about organizing cultural events before moving into politics now their goal is very serious they want to enter parliament after october 6. nations in a different way we wanted to approach tunisians with culture we wanted to do activities where there was culture and enjoy 1st nations who express themselves to give their opinion and make proposals. despite being the only country to emerge as
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a democracy from the arab spring tunisia still suffers from corruption and a stagnating economy making many disillusioned with politics among others apathy h 20 sees an opportunity the party is hoping its approach will win over young people frustrated with the country's political elite. it is we i don't see ask him or them or hundreds or thousands tunisians was there are problems and solutions or just a year we've summarize them in 12 measures of these 12 measures have been approved by more than 1000000 tunisia from our campaign promises are we will not accept the privileges granted to members of parliament and we will immediately abandon our political immunity. for some young people the only opportunity they see in politics is the money they can make during the campaign season. in a poverty stricken to a suburb the unemployed know more about how much a candidate. pay to have campaign leaflets distributed in the party manifesto.
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you know what we should all of the political parties by people with money during the election campaigns to give about 10 euros to people who sit in cafes doing nothing but they use them to do their campaign work and then they fired and when they become presidents ministers or whatever that's when they send us back to misery to let my share cook a little good if it was that good let people don't think about the future they only look at today and tomorrow how do you want them to think about the future when they have nothing if they make enough money to eat to live and feed their children it's a good otherwise they have no money for anything else where do you see the future. how disillusionment will play out in the election and whether race to approach works only become clear once the polls close. joining me now for the tinnies in captivity unisys correspondent said that mash said it quite clearly that appears to be a strong anti establishment wave in tunisia like in many other countries as well
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but how do you see this playing out as the country votes in sunday's elections. well what i can say definitely is that countless little bit stronger it's already seen the sound of. election a last year with a lot of anger. or. having a majority in aren't very understanding or going to foreign or government within a coalition might take some time an action out there it's. like this what went wrong in the past few years has led to such a strong sense of discontent specially among the young as we saw in our report. well a lot of young people said they politicized where power got the priorities wrong and they didn't really care about social and economic. and which is most important to a lot of this in
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a study that recently. 80 percent more than 80 percent of tunisians actually don't trust her and harry. and a lot of people aspect i'm very interested in politics they aren't following very closely what is going on but it's just a matter of trust and they say. it's not mainly about money you know people wanting to get positions and immunity and part of not a lot of people have the feeling that tensions don't really care what people suffer for the tunisia is where the arab spring began it was the one country which made the transition to democracy successfully right now how stable is that democracy. well it has been a lot of special a when a constant democratic preceeding has been a new constitution responsible but there are also some institutions that are fixed in the constitution that still exist for example the constitutional court which makes is very difficult if there are conflicts of knocks and potations of laws and
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so on and on the other the country needs comics ability to to to stab allies and to distance things democratize crowd become political. things. like solutions need to go around and around and this is what hasn't happened yet and that's why there are still some some dangerous to the development of the country. send a message in the capital have to me thank you very much. turning now to sport on the one athletics championships on thursday soar several athletes produced top flight performances the women's 400 meter race featured one of the most blistering laps of all time and there was joy for germany in the dic kathlyn with a performance to savor from exciting young talent. germany's 21 year old sensation stunned his feet nicholas cowdery was world junior champion in the
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decathlon and on thursday became the youngest ever athlete to take the senior title french favorite kerry maya had been forced out of the competition by injury leaving the field wide open and cows stepped up to the plate to make the gold medal his own . another 21 year old became the 1st asian ever to win the women's $400.00 metres world title and did it historic pace bahraini so worried nasser took just 48.14 seconds to claim gold the 3rd fastest time ever. meanwhile british heptathlete catarina johnson thomson produced her 3rd and 4th personal best of these games in the javelin and then the 800 meters to defend her spot at the top of the field and claim her place on top of the podium yet another major in title to round off a day of insurgent success in doha. finally
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police and why live rescuers in australia or call it in to have a baby whale who was tangled up in fishing nets off sydney's northern beaches and after an 11 hour rescue operation the efforts ended in success the tide in distress tom back where he was seen dragging 2 orange boys for several days in a bid to have swallowed part of the net which had been wrapped itself around its body another whale believed to be its mother's fan at a close distance crews finally managed to cut the whale free and it was able to continue its journey south. this is the deadly news these are top stories hong kong's leader carry llamas involved colonial era emergency powers bypassing the city's assembly she's used those files to ban protesters wearing face masks. saying it was necessary to prevent violence during antigovernment protests the ban ticks effect on saturday and failing to adhere to
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it could result in a jail term of up to one year. dozens of people have been killed in the 3 days of anti-government demonstrations in iraq security forces fired on protesters who defied kofi is in baghdad and other cities there's widespread anger over corruption unemployment and poor services. government officials in haiti have distributed food and school supplies to crowds of people struggling under the island's economic crisis shortages have become more acute amid weeks of violent protests of unemployment soaring inflation and alleged government corruption another mass protest is planned later on friday. a french police employees stabbed for colleagues to death at police headquarters in paris before another officer shot him dead the rampage came
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a day after thousands of police marched to protest against low pay long hours and rising suicide rates. this is deja vu news from berlin had to do doubly dot com for more news and information. coming up next is the diving is business that's with my colleague gary l. 1st i'll be back with you at the top of the hour with more news look forward to seeing is that.
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don't kill me that he was into them don't tell me that there is he never wrote. for yourself and the jointer come a phenomenon you blame them. for you feel the symphonies of you how this becomes. the problems cause. starts oct 11th on d'italia enough. off the w.c. oh as allowed the us to slap tariffs on the cross then all of all from europe germany's foreign minister says the e.u. will hit back but that's easier said than done and now his american counterpart michael pay was extending an olive branch saying the u.s. is ready to hold. on until we have
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a well on the in crises all mobs don't laugh all of a sudden on a major producer india has even stopped exports altogether.


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