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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  October 6, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CEST

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described their long journey to germany's bundesliga. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the front of the books $250.00. 4 again on the for your job discovery. expedition one boy's own. hello and welcome to drive with a d w motor magazine this week music and the open road touring europe with a piano and a camera. for the numerous c.v. speak you. in the bentley continental g.t.
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convertible. realize an artist a rhino says we're looking at one of the world's most powerful convertibles the bentley continental g.t.c. it has a 12 cylinder engine 467 kilowatts accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers in 3.9 seconds and tops out at 333 kilometers per hour all this in a very luxurious package we take a closer look at the nose with. the convertible measures a remarkable 4.85 meters in length 22 inch rims underline elegance and sporting. for around headlights and a powerful black grille characterized the front of the bentley g.t. convertible.
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the 2 exhaust pipes and the rear lights catch the eye do to their olympic all shape they emphasize the width of the vehicle. was and i know it says the headlights of the bentley are very special like country of crystal whiskey glasses or the famous quilting pattern of chanel bag. the driver receives all important information via digital displays bentley succeeds in cleverly combining modern with tradition many details in the interior are hand me. embroidery on the head rests and elaborate quilting on the seats testified to the high standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
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in which i know it says the bentley captivates with the finest immaterial and elegant design at the center console is quite extraordinary it's made of wood on one side carries the digital display on the other side and on the 3rd side we see 3 wonderful analog instruments a compass in the middle this is especially beautiful. thanks to the very direct steering the 2.8 times electric convertible response quickly and precisely to any moving the steering wheel active a link to roll stabilisation and 4 wheel drive with fully variable for distribution contribute to the excellent driving characteristics the roof can be opened or closed while driving it speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour.
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the 12 cylinder engine has 900 meters of torque and responds quickly he finds the air suspension empresses the interior is tailored to exactly 2 people with luggage there she has a sporty outline that he would want to sit there for a long journey and. the best place in this dream car is in any case the driver's seat here's the important information at a glance. the g.t. we test in sports an 8 speed dual clutch transmission under the huge hood rests the powerful engine. the trunk is less impressive only $235.00 leaders are available the rear seats can't be folded down.
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just mentally because i know it says the bentley continental convertible has one thing in common with a v.w. golf this size have been struck but the bentley cost $10.00 times more than the golf it's as luxurious as a rolls royce i just sporty is a porsche $911.00 turbo the truck is really a very small but the same can be said of the porsche 2 they're going to plus climb about the impossible. the top can be opened and closed in less than 20 seconds thanks to the heated steering wheel seats an arm rest as well as heaters in the headrest semi moments can be enjoyed it any time of the year especially called and i know it says you can cruise so well in this bentley if you bring it up to full power your fuel consumption will soar as you'd expect with a 6 liter 12 cylinder engine you could easily get up to 20 liters per 100 kilometers but while testing it on country roads they have an average of 12 leaders per 100 kilometers. it's certainly not kind to the environment in every respect
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a car of extremes. it's been a model as have mercedes and stood guard ready for the envy of the new. according to mercedes the toovey is the 1st premium multi-purpose vehicle with an electric motor so he's curious if. it's a world premier with a show to match even if it is a commercial vehicle rather than a sleek sports car. from your mind or says as the name and design suggest the basis for the e.q. is the v. class and regardless of whether you call it a large capacity sedan or just a van let's get to the facts and figures according to mercedes the e.q. v.
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has a range of over 400 kilometers and a quick charge function push but say that. the 90 kilowatt hour battery charges from 10 to 80 percent in just under 45 minutes e.q. me as an overall output of $150.00 kilowatts maximum speed is limited to 160 kilometers per hour to preserve the range. to maximize range the mercedes e.q. he also charges while driving when you step off the gas or break the mechanical energy of the rotating leo's is converted into electric power and used to recharge the high voltage battery. just like the mercedes s.u.v. e.q. see. is enhanced by the m.p.u. x. in 14 exist. visually it's mainly the different radiator grille the. says the e.q. v.
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apart from the standard v. class. anybody in my not only tells us like with almost electric cars the battery is built into the underbody but mercedes says there's no loss of interior space as a result let's see. if the model says mercedes didn't exaggerate he finds the headroom space phenomenal due to the design and leg room is no problem either and you can travel with up to 8 people on board. by networking the navigation data the vehicle can regulate the degree of electricity recovery itself and thus increase the range slightly if necessary and if they be chief you've missed as suggested charging stuff.
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imagine well explains that by using the paddle shifters here on the steering wheel the recovery level can be increased or decreased at the maximum level one pedal operation should be possible that means that when he steps off again yes their recovery system breaks so much that the driver doesn't have to brake with one that's the theory anyway. my thoughts if the money was conclusion the e.q. he has plenty of space and is emissions free with a range of 400 kilometers it could be used for a longer trip but holiday trips over 1000 kilometers could be difficult due to the charging time of just under an hour and when driving on german roads he'd find us a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour a bit of a drag. it's just under 20 meters long. seats 15 people
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a latest model from toyota's luxury brand lexus doesn't travel on road but on water the l y 650 is the japanese company's 1st luxury yacht questions thought that building the yacht would provide new insights ford's automotive operations but 1st and foremost is perhaps an advertisement for elections among well heeled the op lovers the boat is powered by twin wolf and to i.p.s. engines each boasting up to $1350.00 horsepower. with a launch of a new as 60 sports sedan volvo is following through on its commitment to did diesel the 3rd generation as 60 now comes only with a choice have to turbo charge gasoline engines or and the top level version as a plug in hybrid and another premium the s 60 is the 1st to come from the company's new plant in the us and charleston south carolina prices in germany started just
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over 43000 euro. many people dream of owning a motor home where they can head out into the sunset explore far away cities and meet new people is perhaps the ultimate sense of freedom. he looniest and his girlfriend tara bissell from determined city of cologne are living that dream it was music that inspired them to hit the road. alone he is grew up surrounded by music every member of his family played some kind of instrument at the age of 5 he started playing the piano now 15 years later it's still his passion. but to get to the point where sitting at
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home playing is grand piano just once in enough anymore so we had an idea why not perform out on the street for members of the public and so dr crimper which literally means sitting jingle was born of course he couldn't take his grand piano from home he needed something more compact so he went in search online. just to be obvious that session for the lonely who says he bought his piano 4 years ago on e bay for a 120 year a us that was a lot of money for him back then and he wasn't sure if it would pay enough he now says it was the best decision he ever made he's experienced so much with his piano no one expects to see a piano on the street and it's not the off the shop so i'm sorry says the crowds nearly always love it they connect with people in a new way because others are interested in what they're doing that's. the only
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issa greece music brings people together recess. today the pair do long tours but the traveling musicians 1st started out in their own neighborhood with a loan he is performing on the streets around his home. and he says he 1st started out joking with a friend about putting the piano on the street just to see what would happen if you then he started to think about it more seriously and gradually it came together together with his father he built a makeshift subframe using old planks to transport the piano out and initially it only dared go to the street corners in his district but he enjoyed it and everyone loved it so much that he kept going gradually moving further afield to must. but this does i gave him this is the most.
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the positive response spurred him on after getting his high school diploma and 2017 he bought an old vehicle previously used by a roofing company now both he and his piano were properly mobile he was already with tara and during the summer holidays the 2 of them went right across europe on their 1st tour. human isms out of the vehicle was from 1988 so that history majors him it was so old it was virtually falling apart so they started wondering how they could continue the project and that's when they thought of ford so he wrote them an e-mail and after a bit of back and forth they donated a ford translate for the costs of said come in and see it done it this does i give me 10 tonnes of them one scientist are off go from ford's p.r. department in cologne says they were 3 years to chosen to come to ford they were keen to support this local star who'd been playing on the streets in cologne she
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said it was also a good opportunity for ford to show how versatile their commercial vehicles are that a ford transferred is not only good for business risks they can also offer advantages for individuals and can even be converted into a camper van sign then one then ask about that. and most important of course the piano needs to fit in he now uses a winch to heave it into the van that saves time energy and stress it is after all a key part of their strategy if they can just wheel out the piano for a spontaneous concert whenever they see a good spot. that's
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out of 5 of whom he says the vehicle was just the p.c. shell when they got it straight out of the ford factory but this is a 1st work on the flooring and then moved on to the wall panel that provided the basic structure in which everything else hanks and the interesting thing was they didn't use a single screw but chose to work instead of it with what was already there using a clamping technique to secure the basic structure if they laid a piece of wood in the rails and then screwed their structure to that so very much isn't a single screw in the bus there wasn't there before. alone to use one student internship but it carpentry workshop so the carpenter he worked with was able to give them some advice. such as to whom to use it as they stuck to a relatively simple design which is affective and it suited to their needs 1st they
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always have the piano on board which is probably not something many converted camper fans have then it was also important for them to be able to sleep i thought ways as they're both very tall buildings then they want to maximize the space and also use the height inside to do. so they designed the center aisle to be l. shaped this means they can get out of the van on both sides if they stopped next to a safety pillar and someone's parked right behind them as well so they put all that into one design and learned a lot in the process about planning and structuring a vehicle like this. legal to get. the results are certainly impressive it's a unique camper van complete with piano and his knowledge of pianos also proved useful when fitting out a very different part of the van. that gets you lonely who says this door
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here is fitted with a hinge normally used in pianos but you can open it right out giving you enough space to get out the heavy water canister. and spa and for the water they installed a ford pump taking their inspiration from boat building if you just step on it and it pumps the water up to the time. that's passed and you will. soon know where they're going on their 1st tour in their new van. as tara says they're travelling through the balkan region through a curry shia mosque near montenegro albania and greece they plan to do that right up until their studies begin later this year. after that they'll use the semester holidays to go on tour once they've both finished their bachelor degrees they're hoping to fulfill the dream and do a really big tour but they'll have to wait and see whether it works out something
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really long bike up an american tour. done it's what's going on. and so they hit the road again in their new ford transfer to music ambassadors and their camper van to spread a little joy in the world. the arrival of the b.m.w. 1500 in 1961 marked the start of a new era for the move very in carmaker classic car expert christophe power takes this from a trip back in time. but if he says the b.m.w. was in crisis in the early 1950 s. and was even in danger of being taken over by arch rival mercedes has been. because
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apart from motor bags b.m.w. produce just 2 kinds of vehicles small cars and what's recent dance or as there should be go magazine put it cars for laborers and c.e.o.'s so the $1500.00 was aimed at the middle class as it was the 1st of what became known as b.m.w. whose new class. to make the new class palatable to the middle classes b.m.w. has just the right ingredients to make it practical the 1500 had 4 doors is 4 cylinder engine was thrifty but still delivered 80 horsepower and at a price of $1500.00 marks it made many a family man's mouth water. and said i don't say christiane says the b.m.w. 1500 made its debut at the frankfurt motor show in 1961 it thrilled the crowds and around 2000 orders were taken then and there but b.m.w. took its time putting the model into series production when the association of the
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item would have industry threatened to penalize b.m.w. it took $35.00 preproduction models put them on the assembly line for another model and got some mechanics to look like they were tinkering around with the car then they said look mr inspector we're building it and it worked. which was a good thing as with the new class b.m.w. was one of the 1st european car makers to venture into new automotive terrain a modern 4 cylinder engine used in the 1500 would be fitted into other b.m.w. models for the next 25 years to 1500 came to define what b.m.w. stood for as a brand. christof says the car looks small and refined from the outside but inside it's quite spacious which was by no means a given for a car of its class in the sixty's it's a matter of geometry the experts know that a cube provides more usable space in a car. that is fear of the same surface area and b.m.w.'s head designer view how
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hoffmeister used this to his advantage he defined the b.c. features of b.m.w.'s design language including the famous hoffmeister kink a firm still uses today. the characteristic kidney radiator grille was the only homage to b.m.w.'s glorious past otherwise the 1500 broke with tradition completely the car's delicate and almost rectangular roof lets in plenty of light shar bangles inside beams were a novelty at the time but continued to add verb to automotive design to this day. the form of post re on the steering wheel was an early concession to passive safety shows like the sunken instruments which don't reflect in the wind shield the new class offered drivers and passengers lots of room in a relatively small space. absolutely christo says that the
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1504 cylinder power plant quote is the stuff of legend it has a cast iron engine block with an aluminum cylinder head and overhead camshaft and a forge crankshaft is engineering route automotive history in the 1980 something m.w. design engineers took a couple of these engines a service life of over 100000 kilometers fitted them with a turbo charger and sent them on to the formula one circuit so this world with as much as 1300 horsepower under the hood it sounds absurd but it was enough to win the 1983 formula one world championships. this modest looking engine ranks among the most legendary in the history of motor sport never in his wildest dreams could develop or alexander from falcon house and have imagined that his generation would end up writing. formula one history. with
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the help of the m 10 engine nelson piquet took the 983 drivers' championship with his problem b.m.w. . the 4 speed transmission shifts crisply and the suspension as well soon and the early sixty's the b.m.w. $1500.00 even game porsche is a run for their money topic as aristo says it might not sound like much today but at the time 80 horsepower out of 4 cylinders frighten the competition that porsche is based model 356 had just 60 horsepower a german weekly called the 1500 a sprinter and a touch and christoph thanks that's an apt description of this one and a half liter engine is very responsive but in $4500.00 r.p.m. it's pretty loud and sounds labored like the b.m.w. already have improvements in the works the. later new class models like the b.m.w.
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2000 t.i.i. with up to 2 leaders of capacity and $130.00 horsepower drivers such as hoover khana right touring car history b.m.w. produce the model range for a decade selling over 360000 vehicles. kind of christophe says there is no question that as the 1st mid-sized b.m.w. of the post where era the new class road automotive history and almost single handedly save the company from bankruptcy even today folks at b.m.w. are proud of this cars most important feature how fun it is to drive so christophe says that b.m.w. 1500 is definitely a milestone in automotive history. you could say that the b.m.w. 1500 fill the gap left by the board fired isabella its modern design was inspired by the american chevrolet corvette. and numerous and talian models but in its day
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the b.m.w. 1500 was pretty much in a clash all its all. mixed time on driving going off road to iceland with the v.w. touring. and opals best selling astra is revamped with a new range of ensures. the
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before. kick off like. they're stars in germany but their roots lie elsewhere. higher next sam's dymov macusi bailey. and life's exclusive cars. 3 soccer giants. described their long journey to germany's
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bundesliga. coming up. next 30 years after the fall of the moon. everything seems possible here. 19 as you. can see is where the peaceful revolution began. today it's a creative and pleasing the truck missed. those just the right time for a trip into the city's past and proof of. the demon spawn culture. where is home. with your family scattered across the globe. sun.
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the journey back to the roots which again minutely. the shah shallowly from somalia live around the world to them one of them needed urgent assistance to. the family starts october anything on t w. a world unto itself. with its own gravitational pull down allowing. the finest musical compositions. with some mysteries to reveal. the most. don't believe that he was into them don't tell me that this you never spoke. of oh yeah and the joint should come a fellow morning plaintiff. preview of the symphonies of john.
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how did the romantic master come up with such a piece of. the secrets of some magic. box code that starts october 11th w. talk you know. this is d w news these are our top stories right police are out on the streets of hong kong as pro-democracy protesters held candlelight vigils and defied a ban on wearing face masks a group of lawmakers has filed a legal challenge to the facemask probation. iraqi security forces
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have again fired live ammunition and tear gas at demonstrators a cautious came after authorities lifted a curfew in the capital baghdad.


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