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and then run a full marathon. sebastian is talking with his wife christina training phonied so i had mine in 10 days time but not everything is going to plan. in order for the other day i was on the cycle track which was really busy someone was coming towards me and i stepped out of the way it went to the skirt with my right foot when i twisted my ankle really badly and then i thought ok that's it i won't be doing any sport for at least a year in this. fortunately he only strained a leg amount. isn't one of the story well you can still see the
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injury on my right foot is a bit taller. so this really doesn't bode well for the new iron man. i was planning on doing a few tough long distance runs to train. but that's not possible now so i'll miss out on 4 or 5 workout sessions and i'll up the i'm dieting. so instead sebastian is trying to regain stability in his foot by exercising baffert. he's reorganized his training schedule to allow for his injury. now he's all about perfecting his running technique. each day sébastien engages until one of the 3 triathlon disciplines swimming cycling all running. after which he hits the gym he usually spends 8 hours training every day. over the past months he's built up his muscles now he trains to keep his fitness
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levels up. by. july you've got to make sure you're not continuously strengthening your muscles is all. you have to use light weights to keep your muscles in shape and do the exercises properly. they sleep with the bottom i mean your muscle side else you. know my coach would probably be appalled if he heard me talk about how to exercise properly. leg which i mean if you do a book or. sebastien then as coach have to vice a training routine with special exercises for his injured foot he wants to do really well in the upcoming hawaii i know the winner takes home $100000.00 neurons in prize money and sebastian wants to secure a lucrative sponsorship deal. women often always. i think judging by a link earn him the more i have a 30 percent chance of winning the race of 4 with them so if that's not bad.
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but winning the hawaii are unmanned costs at least a 1000000 about training and preparation from them you're in with the you spend even more money over the years. that. thought on board with me. getting ready for and participating in iron man competitions is costly sebastiaan needed to pay for training camps and international flights as well as for health insurance and brought. even question a marketing job to support him so i thought about what still needs doing and i would also have requests of yeah i guess i need to take care of those myself package delivery is. there always a few of those with you know while with my hands and all the mail or the bus all the things i need to take to hawaii with. a used to do 10 k. runs herself. but at some stage she decided she didn't want to become
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a professional athlete will be modest you know i think it gets really difficult when both people in a relationship are ambitious athletes before oh. hell. i think those relationships don't tend to last i defied emotions. so what i was probably as one person gives up their ambition so the other one can excel. in mind this is where i keep my bike. today sebastiaan is going for a long cycle right the hotel we're staying has given him a special room to store his beloved bike he designed it himself for the needs and why and mats it's for the bikes and doesn't even have paint on its frame this reduces the weight by an extra 140 grams.
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along with it with. sebastian strong scent is cycling on his bike he knows he can make up for time lost swimming which he finds hardest. today he's psyching up 2 steep mountain passes will cover not a toot of 1000 meters it will be a grueling 4 our tour. is following by car she knows these training sessions are not always smooth sailing. you yod these marvell i don't like him going out by himself i get nervous when i know he should be back in 3 hours but isn't a. 35 year old sebastien became
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a professional athlete 9 years ago he trained extremely hard there he knows injuries are a constant danger and at the end he has a few months years and him as a full time athlete. if i hope. i enjoy the freedom that comes with being an athlete. so when i retire and become an employee somewhere it will be hard to adjust to the. there are days when i wish i had a 9 to 5 lifestyle where i can just come home and forget about work because that's not how things are when you're a sports person it's hard to switch off and we're gone this. is the best and loves to read to get his mind off things and relax. ok and putin i'm reading a book about russian president putin wins that and one by michel you does on the
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middle east. well so nothing to do with sports at all. so mists oh god it's much luck. to you sebastian has decided to compete and the need to i am man after all long and that's why you. think if you. think it's important to have a little bit of this let it go i think you need some races i've been to professional and amateur athletes they only need to check in a day before the competition and sebastien like the others must check and his fine but a few absolute oval this is like fort knox. along at night they even have guard dogs patrolling good enough. that would seem to see one falling flat on either bird with machine.
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guns on. the big day has arrived at some bus town as up at 5 am. a message. to. the many send you my i'm going poc usually i would absolutely hate getting up this early. in the gob put some books thought out before a race like this when my alarm goes off i get up and i'm ready to roll i never feel tired or anything like that. for me but. the competition kicks off into our last semester needs to get his kids ready so he won't get into any time during the race switching to his bike. he's already wearing his cycling slash running outfit underneath his neoprene suit. and carrying the number 3 is germany's last year's eve. i never did research are you going to love me you could still go on everybody come on we're
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here you claiming. the professional athletes start a few minutes before the amateurs. but unfortunately sebastiaan is off to a bad start within seconds he's trailing several swimmers and congress passed him. he loses precious time getting out of the water isn't fair she 1st place a disaster. sebastian gets on his bike and tries to make up for lost time or socking as a strong suit after all he gradually fights his way towards the top of the pack and by the time he has his bike to start running he's already in 11th place. sebastian gives it everything he's crushed has never run a marathon this fast before in his life. but even so it's not quite enough to clinch victory no ways because to even comes 1st sebastian makes 5th place.
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to be a. legal issue and dancing with the flyers everyone is impressed by sebastian's fantastic comeback with the word here is a look at this really is we're looking for 3 years but now he'll need time to recuperate and so will his wife it's been a stressful race for both of us actually on television you know everybody. i believe. but was i supposed to do you think i don't liberals. he swam so slowly no that's not what i'm saying here tonight. i'm going to move. i never get. training i might have more going to be augmented with more time have you heard from them than with me yet so if that means giving him i need to recover as quickly as
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possible to get at is because the big race in hawaii is coming up soon which i'm happy with 5th place but i could have done better. with this that's not what i spent the past year training for. i would but i will focus on the good things the info i know i will have forgotten them by tomorrow or my license from the stylist with a clue to what government. is going to give me here competing in these races is as much about mental strength as it is about physical fitness and it's about being nice to the fans to hear this. rest for 4 days and then get back into training for the hawaii i have my. me just get back. in.
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soccer balls favors. no wonder spectacular goals. plenty of emotion. the best of game day. kickoff w. . the system to entice the empire's came from jurors or dealing with any method i killed many civilians. come including my father while. i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge kind of sob.
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providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall nov 9th.
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this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin environmental activists staged drastic actions to draw attention to the calls of climate change in cities around the world members of the group extinction rebellions are aiming to paralyze traffic and occupy buildings to get their message across also coming up protestors in hong kong braves rubber bullets and.


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