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tv   Close up  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2019 10:30am-11:01am CEST

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have been injured mercifully not killed in this event will inevitably bring that idea to mind and obviously what's emerged in these reports about the background of this suspect does you know will lead people to least think that there could be a link but as i stress police is saying eighty's too early to make that speculation ok but police have not ruled out the possibility that this could have been a deliberate attack so again for reasons you just mentioned the people of i'm sure or quite nervous so can you tell us simon whether there was any reason to believe that a terrorist attack which is what some people are speculating about could possibly be carried out in the border is there any reason to believe that limbaugh itself would be would be the target of such an attack. well i'd have to say not that i
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am aware all of. the. seats by catholic. bishop. but that is pretty much the only reason that it's been it's well known and perhaps beyond beyond its immediate region so. i mean you're asking me again to speculate i really couldn't see a link you know from was all i know. and again of course you know in order to make such a speculation that would involve a really understanding something about what this person has been trying to achieve here. it does rather look random it doesn't appear to have been any markets or any focus he just crashed the truck into a line of standing because apparently. you know. it from the from
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mainly from the events that have occurred it's very hard to just try and put together what might have been as it were the plan all the intention here simon thank you so much for now just if you could just summarize what we what we do know about the details regarding this incident and we'll come back to you later on. you know terry this is this is an event that's happened in the small town of limburg in western germany on monday morning i man who's got control of a truck he's pretty well stolen there from from the drive and then driven it's into a number of other vehicles knowing vehicles on i believe and knowing people have been lightly injured. fortunately no one has been killed and police are investigating as they put it in a wind direction simon thank you so much just remind our viewers we will be for
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coming back to this story this is a developing story we're going to update you of course on details as they emerge about this incident in limbo organ which 9 people have been injured including the driver of a truck thank you very much simon now let's return to our top story that we're covering for you today which is donald trump's plan to pull american troops out of syria that strong fire from both sides of the aisle in washington senior politicians including senior republican senators are calling on the u.s. president to reverse is decision they're concerned that the pullout will allow turkey to launch its long planned offensive against kurdish fighters in the region fighters that have been key allies of the u.s. in its battle against the so-called islamic state. leaving in a hurry american troops started pulling out of syria within hours of the facial announcement. behind these empty bases near the tackiest border bases that hat and
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guarantee of safety the country's forces. u.s. president donald trump abruptly canceled that saying in a tweet it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless war with many of them tribal and bring a soul just hire him. u.s. troops were in syria to support kurdish forces in the fight against the so-called islamic state but turkey has long resented the presence of forces near its border it considers them terrorists. wants to establish effective kilometer buffer zone along the border and resettle some 2000000 syrian refugees back kiddish groups in the region have protested them if they feel abandoned by the us he teamed up with kurdish fighters against i.a.s. they fear a takesh invasion is imminent and there he had the hope was this green light that
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trump gave terror to one will actually complicate the crisis and the region of the . it will provide islamic state with an opportunity to regenerate and control areas such as rocco and terrorism were again the. qualitative for the majority turkish president type everyone gave the attacks a stock warning it suited there is a phrase that we always say we can come any night without warning. and our determination remains because it is absolutely out of the question for us to further tolerate the threats from these terrorist groups. trump's decision has and him widespread criticism even within his republican party occurred when nobody else would buy the poor abandoned good lord. help america in the future will radical islam ok that and i hours later trump appeared to try to placate critics by issuing
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a stand morning to ankara right now we're at a position where if turkey does anything out of what they should be doing we will hit them so hard in the economy mixed messages that the top and meanwhile on the ground in syria the cards are waiting for the next by to fall in a region that seen its share of misery and violence already julie hahn is our correspondent in istanbul and is covering the story for us julia how soon could we see turkish forces moving into northern syria. well they're all a few reports that say the turkish artillery has started shelling syrian kurdish militia positions in a syrian border town late on monday but no scope or timeframe have yet been defined by ankara for this operation the turkish military however seems to be fully geared up for this cross border campaign in ne as syria forces have been deploying along
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the border but it appears they want to wait for the u.s. forces to fully withdraw 1st to avoid any direct confrontation between the 2 nato allies one of the latest official statements we have is a tweet by the turkish defense ministry and that said that turkey is ready and i quote all preparations for the operation have been completed ok before we continue julia let's take a closer look at the region and the u.s. that the u.s. is withdrawing. turkey calls it a safe zone but people living here feel in secure syrian towns close to the northern border could be seized under turkey's plans to redraw the regional map. turkey has its sights set on territory currently held by kurdish forces there it wants to establish a 30 kilometer buffer zone where it will resettle some 2000000 syrian refugees who
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fled across the border. turkey calls the kurdish y. p.g. militia a terrorist organization until now the kurds have been supported by the united states and played a significant role in defeating the so-called islamic state the could still hold some 12000 captured by its fighters and warned they could escape if turkey invades the region. an attack on the area also raises questions about the fate of refugees living in kurdish controlled camps including thousands of children born to foreign fighters the u.s. says turkey will have to take responsibility for them if it seizes the territory. now the u.s. has begun pulling out leaving the kurds to their fate and throwing the tense region into a new period of instability. shoni what does the u.s. withdrawal mean for kurdish forces in northern syria.
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well essentially another battle this time against the turkish military i mean we've seen an angry response by syrian kurdish forces. they basically say look we've been considered not only by the u.s. but by many countries as the most effective group in the battle against the so-called islamic state but now they're accusing president trump of turning his back on them of leaving them exposed to a turkish military assault at the same time and that's maybe hardly surprising they are warning all of a resurgent threat by the so-called islamic state the reasoning here is is if the kurdish militia all busy defending themselves against the turkish military then some senior isis leaders who have been in hiding may seek the chance come out to reactivate some sleeper cells because that's what the current say i says is not defeated yet. don't many people have been surprised by president tropes with grohl
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announcement why is this happening now. well there was a crucial phone call between president the adlon and donald trump on sunday when mr advani reportedly told mr trump how frustrated and angry he is over the situation in north and syria washington and cry had been for months and weeks trying to set up a buffer zone that they had sauced to have joint patrols there but mr adelman wasn't happy at all he said things are moving too slow so they have this phone conversation off towards the white house suddenly published a statement saying the turkish military would soon start its cross border campaign but if u.s. troops wouldn't be involved in it and they wouldn't support it and there are some analysts who saying that even mr advani was surprised by this sudden decision of donald trump to pull. back u.s.
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forces are basically clearing the way for this operation julia thank you very much for filling us in there julia han there in istanbul. now some of the other stories making headlines around the world today iraq's president sali has condemned the attacks on protesters and journalists during a wave of anti-government underestimate earlier the government acknowledged that soldiers had used excessive force against demonstrators more than 100 people have been killed and 6000 wounded in a week of demonstrations against corruption and economic mismanagement. police have opened an investigation into possible criminal activity surrounding an oil spill off the country's northeastern coast or oil slicks polluted beaches over the weekend and cleanup operations are now underway at the country's coastal region is renowned for its sandy beaches and it's very popular with tourists here in germany 9 people have been injured after
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a stolen truck rammed into cars german media reporting the story is believed the incident could be a terrorist attack but officials have yet to publicly confirm those reports the crash happened in the city of limbo the driver drove the truck into a line of cars pushing to be a kohls into each other police have detained the driver of the vehicle who was also injured there are also unconfirmed media reports that the driver is a syrian who has been living in germany since 2015. our political correspondent simon young is following this story for us simon what more details can you give us at this point. would terry the latest reaction that i just received a statement from germany's a d party this is the far right to turn to the german polity that has made headlines with its opposition to both to islam and also to
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migration to germany they have saved the this man the chief suspect in this incident. was known to police now i can't confirm that police are confirming that at this stage but they are. drawing a conclusion from that the. ease in all likelihood a terror attack and then they go on to say in their statement that interior minister horst they hope. to be concentrated rather than on saving people from the mediterranean. risk of drowning in the mediterranean he ought to be protecting germany's borders and people who've come to germany from syria all in relevant cases to be sent back to the peaceful
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areas of syria so quite a strong statement pretty immediately emerging from the alternative for germany party. other than that as we've been reporting the police are saying they're in the heart of their investigation and clearly they are focusing on what the man who was driving the truck when it crashed into these cars and indeed injured these people what he might be able to tell them about any motives he had or if this was indeed possibly just an accident ok now that's a statement from germany's far right opposition. part of the alternative for germany what about the government the official government of the state government or the federal government or even the authorities within limbaugh or good self what are they say on it. yet well at a political level there hasn't been
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a net have been too many statements yet so i haven't seen everything but the most senior. voice that we've we've had is from hosts a over the german interior minister himself but he is merely confirmed he's in luxembourg going to meeting of european interior ministers and he's just confirmed that. so far he cannot give any details or any clearer description of what has happened in this event now local police are saying that they are investigating all directions as they posted they're not ruling in all ruling out any specific motive so you know it's open at the moment as to what is exactly happened here whether it's even a deliberate attack and or any kind of attack and if so what might be the reasons for it so i mean what more can you tell us about the town or the city of lim borg
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that is a city that many people might well know as a historical town or christianity for the catholic church it's a bishopric on the very active there tell us a little more about limbaugh and what its relationship might be to refugees there because i know that the town and the church in particular have been active in hosting a number of refugee. ok terry you there your asking me something ike i can't answer very well i'm not really familiar with the situation there what i can say is that the media reports suggest that the man the police saw interviewing or seeking to interview here the chief suspect as it were. has been in germany is reported for 4 years since 2050 and he has this
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so-called limited to put residency status i.e. not a fully recognized asylum seeker but he has the right to stay in germany in particular i think because he's come from syria that's recognized as a country where people can't currently return because of the conflict there and he for that reason he wouldn't have to leave in a specified accommodation as far as i know unless of course he he is he is in some special process but. what i can tell you about limburg is it's a small town of around 35000 people it's not far from the main city of frankfurt. in the state of hessen and as you say it is the seat of a catholic bishop rick which is one reason why it might be well be known nationwide
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but. if this attack ease of course something that will call to many people's minds the christmas market attack in 2016 in berlin where 12 people lost their lives it has the similarity at least that back to was a truck that had been stolen from from its driver and then was driven. into a into civilians. who were at a christmas markets and as i say 12 people were killed that was subsequently shown to have been a premeditated attack and believe the superficial similarity that a truck is involved here with well and we're seeing those pictures that i think will inevitably remind. all of those events just
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a few years ago so the vaccines the basis at this stage for for a link. between the 2 events or any idea that they smite this might be in premeditated attack ok of course you're free to around christmas of 2016 resulted in 12 people being killed in this case we have 9 people injured i'd like to maybe hear a little bit from you about the the people who have been injured if we know the state of their health at this point how severe those injuries were but i want to ask you simon if it does turn out in the investigations of the police that this incident is indeed a terrorist attack and again they do not know that to be the case yet if that does turn out to be the case what would that do to the ongoing debate concerning right refugees and migrants in germany. yeah just concerning the state
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of the angel i mean they've been described as slightly injured and we were told that the least in these media reports that have emerged today that the the driver. himself was slightly injured he was even given stayed at the scene by pauses by. mercifully it seems nobody has been killed here but it's clearly you know that could've that. could have gone another way as one could see from the pictures of wrecked vehicles story so i'm interested to interrupt you at this point i just want to point out to our viewers that we're now looking at some morning pictures from daytime pictures that were taken at the scene of this incident we so far had only had nighttime pictures of this crash did occur at night but we're now seeing what the situation in limbaugh is looking like this
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morning in the aftermath of that incident where you can see that there are a large number of emergency vehicles on the scene but so far again we don't know exactly what transpired there at least what motivated the attack sort go ahead simon. yeah and i'm sure she's going to be you know a story that will dominate dominate news coverage today and in the coming days. if it turns out that. you know something that's been. intended is an attack if that was an intention to kill or injure people rather than what is still possible which is that it's just some kind of freak accident or. reason behind date if it turns out that they say man is confirmed as a migrant then you know it's coming from syria coming from the. from the middle
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east that will undoubtedly give fuel to those who seek to say that you know germany has made a big mistake by. allowing large numbers of refugees to come to germany from the middle east in recent years and they seek to make political capital out of any any problems whatsoever however small however a lot. and as i was saying earlier the tendency for germany policy that really has its headline policy opposition. to migration. has already released a statement saying that you know germany ought to be protecting its borders and getting rid of getting rid of syrians and they've also made this claim with ice as i say unsubstantiated at this point that this man the chief suspect as it were the
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driver of the truck. that he's known to police which would suggest that he has. some kind of police record has been in trouble with the law at and you know if any of that confirmed then you know it will only add to the to the sort of temperature of the refugee and migrant debate which is baden i would say slightly cooler in the last few months of course we did see not just a few days ago an attack in paris which was shocking as well and and you know which again has caused people to say you know we have to get a grip on what people see as the potential threat from within when when large numbers of people come from the middle east to the european countries. and we
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should remind our viewers that in that case of the truck attack in central berlin at the christmas market in 2016 which left well people dead in that attack it took several days for the police to actually confirm that it was indeed a terrorist attack these investigations of course are carried out of carefully and the police are to not jump to conclusions until they do indeed have. some clear evidence in that particular case in 2016 the driver was able to flee the scene and he was apprehended abroad. is a different situation the driver apparently has been detained and they are i presume the police are presumably questioning the driver though he reportedly injured himself in the attack we don't know about the verity of his injuries just to bring our viewers up to date on what we know about this story so far it's
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a developing story taking place in limbo in the state of central germany not too far from frankfurt 9 people have been injured one seriously after a stolen truck into a line of cars damaging those cars and leaving a number of people who were inside of those cars injured police are investigating the incident as a possible terrorist attack now the crash happened as i said in the driver drove the truck into that line of cars. pushing the vehicles into each other the police detained the driver he was injured and it's not immediately clear about whether the incident was deliberate or accidental we are looking at pictures now and you can see just how severe the how severe that crash was the a number of cars were involved in it. apparently the truck was driven with great
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violence into this line of cars leaving numerous people injured. we have our correspondents we have our correspondent simon young who is following this for us simon can you tell us exactly anything about the vehicle itself that was used in this incident. i can't tell you much more about. big truck there. rising that it's done that kind of damage to those other private cause it's the main thing that strikes me about it as i was saying before is that it's very reminiscent in appearance of the truck that was involved in that 2016 christmas market attack that. you know killed 12 people in lynn and you know that that image is very strong terry if
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i could just update you on one other point that we were speaking about there been suggestions that this man a 32 year old syrian the man driving the truck. was known to police now there is a new report from the d.p.a. knees agency saying that he indeed had to be. known to police because of drug crimes and also of violent criminality. so they also go on to say and i presume that this is d.p.i. quoting a police source that he is not known to have had contacts to islamists or salafist or other extremist groups. we're also seeing that the police have searched a an apartment in the in the town of lang and has said so that's not
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far from limbo. one might suppose but i can't cause i this for sure that that that's where this man was living but in any rate so that just clears up the point that i was speaking about earlier the a.f.d. alternative for germany far right party have made the point that this man is known to police well it seems to be true simon thank you very much others are political coup. or spawn it simon young just to recap for you here breaking news from germany 9 people have been injured after a stolen truck was rammed into cars german media are reporting that authorities believe the incident could be a terrorist attack but officials have yet to confirm that's all for now thanks for watching.
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wealthier than ever more an equal than ever. european union. the e.u. provides billions in subsidies but the prosperity gap among member states is growing. why is this happening and what role does the euro play. winners and losers in the e.u. putting a cost on solidarity. after the fall of the berlin wall november night w. .
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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin a man crashes a truck into a line of cars in germany injuring several people police have the driver in custody and there are reports that officials are probing the incident for possible links to terrorism the driver reportedly arrived in germany from syria in 2015 also coming up turkey says it's completed preparations for an offensive against syria's kurds a surprise move by the u.s. to pull troops from northern syria as plunge the region see.


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