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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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after the fall of the berlin november 9th to w. this is news coming to you live from a man crashes a truck into a line of cars in germany injuring several people police have the driver in custody and there are reports that officials are probing the incident for possible links to terrorism the driver reportedly arrived in germany from syria in 2015 also coming up turkey says it's completed preparations for an offensive against syria's kurds
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a surprise move by the u.s. to pull troops from northern syria as plunge the region security into turmoil the kurds say they're being stabbed in the back by their american allies. also coming up in european interior ministers to address the growing numbers of migrants arriving across the mediterranean they want more countries to share the burden of. refugee. oh i'm sorry martin good to have you with us here in germany 9 people have been injured after a stolen truck rammed into cars german media are reporting that authorities believe the incident could be a terrorist attack but investigators have not publicly commented on the cause of the crash the crash happened in the city of. the driver drove the truck into
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a line of cars pushing the vehicles into each other police detained the driver of the vehicle there are also unconfirmed media reports that he is a syrian who has been living in germany since 2015 and may have been known to police or. political correspondent simon young is following this developing story for us saima what more can you tell us at this point. well the latest terry that we've heard from d.p.a. needs agency germany's main news agency they are saying that the police have had contact with this man before as you mentioned in relation to drug crimes and also what's described as violent criminality but they go on to say that. or at least
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a source is say that he did not have always not known to have had contact with extremists islam aist salafist and so on so although police are still officially saying that they're not speculating about exactly what has happened here whether it's an attack and what the possible motives for such an attack might be they are at least allowing through the media. a certain distance to emerge from the idea that they seize some sort of islam is attacked maybe this man who's been living in germany as you say it is reported since 2015 and has a residency status here that allows him to live here although he's come from syria . he may be you know there are other reasons why he has
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done this it's what's reported and allege is that he may gain control of of this truck by simply pulling the driver out when the truck was stopped to the red light and and then he's driven off in the truck crashed it into a line of 8 parked vehicles and as you can see from these pictures it's a pretty sort of horrific smash that is left knowing pay paul. including the driver himself what's described as likely angel. and police is still investigating and trying to piece together what's happened i just want to ask you again about the truck because we've seen several trucks in the in the images from the scene we are now looking at the back of a large white one which we saw just a moment ago from the front that appears to be a very large truck indeed there we go there we see it again can you confirm that
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that that that was indeed the truck that was used or that it was driven into those cars. i don't have any more information in terms of the visuals than then you'll seeing they are. as far as i would know i think it's the big the big one but i mean that's i'm joined that conclusion from the fact that it's from 10 seems to be waged. some of those smaller cause then. and but no i you know i can i count on having visited the scene i can't tell you exactly which vehicles were involved in which i don't look at the the man who was who apparently commandeered the truck the 32 year old syrian understand that he is he was also injured do you know the extent of his injuries and whether police are able to question him at this point because presumably they would be very interested in
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knowing what he has to say. yeah i mean according to the media reports and it is those that we're relying on because the police are being very. very cautious and not really giving any details. this is what we have heard is that this man as i said was likely. it is not clear what that exactly means one media report said that he had received 1st day from pastas by at the scene of the crash and. we were also told that the police have not yet been able to interview him or he hasn't given a statement to the police but i would assume that in so far as he's injuries allow he will be being he will be being interviewed by police very soon ok silent
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thank you very much for now we'll be coming back to you later in this half hour and just for our viewers who are just joining us now that we are following a developing story in the city of a limb blog in central germany a 32 year old syrian man has been identified as the driver of a truck that rammed into a number of cars pushing the cars into one another the occupants of those cars apparently been injured a total of 9 people including the driver of the truck have been lightly injured one of the one of the passengers in one of those cars apparently was more severely injured the police are investigating the attack they have so far not ruled out that it could be a terrorist attack but no conclusions have been drawn yet to determine whether this this crash was accidental or deliberate we'll bring you up to date of course as more details become available you're watching d.w. news for let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the
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world today several climate activists have been arrested. in australia as they kicked off a 2nd day of civil disobedience it's part of the global wave of protests organized by the group extinction rebellion to pressure governments to do more on the climate crisis brazilian police have opened an investigation into possible criminal activity surrounding an oil spill off the country's northeastern coast oil slicks polluted beaches over the weekend and cleanup efforts are now underway the country's coastal region is renowned for its sandy beaches and it is popular with tourists and iraq's president barham saleh he has condemned attacks on protesters and journalists during a wave of anti-government and rest of earlier the government acknowledged that soldiers had used excessive force against demonstrators more than 100 people have been killed and 6000 wounded in a week of demonstrations against corruption and economic mismanagement.
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donald trump's plan to pull american troops out of syria is drawing fire from both sides of the aisle in washington senior politicians are calling on the u.s. president to reverse his decision they're concerned that the pullout will allow turkey to launch its long planned offensive against kurdish fighters in the region fighters that have been key allies of the u.s. and its battle against the so-called islamic state. leaving in a hurry american troops started pulling out of syria within hours of the fischel announcement. behind these empty bases near the tackiest border bases that hat and guarantee of safety to cut his forces. u.s. president donald trump abruptly canceled that saying in a tweet it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars many of them tribal and bring a soul just hire him. u.s.
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troops were in syria to support kurdish forces in the fight against the so-called islamic state but turkey has long resented the presence of forces near its border it considers them terrorists and para wants to establish effective kilometer buffer zone along the border and resettle some 2000000 syrian refugees back kiddish groups in the region have protested them if they feel abandoned by the u.s. he teamed up with kurdish fighters against i.a.s. they fear a takesh invasion is imminent and there he had the this green light to trump gave to air to one will actually complicate the crisis in the region of the gun. so it will provide islamic states with an opportunity to regenerate and control areas such as russia and there as there were again the. majority tech is president tricep tired everyone gave the tax a stock warning if. there is
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a phrase that we always say. we can come any night without warning and our determination remains because it is absolutely out of the question for us to further tolerate the threats from these terrorist groups. decision has and him widespread criticism even within his republican party occurred when nobody else would defy the police abandon the good lord getting ready to help america in the future will radical islam al-qaeda and isis hours later trump appeared to try to placate her takes by issuing a stand morning to ankara right now we're at a position where if turkey does anything out of what they should be doing we will hit them so hard in the economy mixed messages that the top and meanwhile on the ground in syria the kids are waiting for the next by to fall in a region that seen its share of misery and violence already. i'm joined now by mark
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peeler me he's a veteran diplomat and know a visiting scholar at the carnegie europe think tank he's also served as ambassador to both syria and turkey mr putin the thank you very much for joining us today on t.w. news why does the turkish president want to move his troops into northern syria and what does he intend to do there. well essentially what he intends to do is and nick engineering that he's removing as many curse as he counts from street belong to both you say such economic terms and then have higher up center man staying in power in these villages and cities this is not you this is something he has been saying for a long time it's also the long time worry about kurdistan emerging on the border in iraq in syria and in turkey of course but what we're seeing today oh
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and since a couple of days these basically 2 very strong leaders and on and tram were strong narratives and we have to remember that both of them are in great trouble politically at home so essentially that they're trying to divert attention we've had a lot of words we've seen a lot of images off on mcveigh killed some time some saw but we haven't seen any operation yet so she dition is still in flux but then she has a very very high as you just illustrated in your reporting for us ms isis of course the rebirth of isis is the bull civility 2nd of all small suffering and then i believe another then in nato struts in turkey as you know turkey has been and the law in nato for many decades but recently the the move towards a rapprochement with russia and saw has then to distrust and this operation here
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will do more damage although there is no nato operation in northern syria but it is watched very carefully here in brussels now the european union clearly has interests at stake in the region as well what if anything is the e.u. doing to help stabilize that region. well as you know 2 e.u. member states as of today france and the u.k. have special forces in in the region cooperating with the u.s. forces but of course but if you into all the shit the sheer numbers they are dependent on on us decisions so that's the 1st difficulty then the real issue for european countries such as france belgium germany u.k. is that you have. hundreds if not a couple of saddam in total european jihadists and families that are not along the
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border we start keep a focus on it but secret of the how the whole refugee camp and these jihadists nobody wants to see them returns year up and down does a custody of white p.g.d. syria kurdish forces so any these devotees ation off the situation would create great dances for europe and a great i worry for political leaders that refugee is to people in need thank you so much for your insights that was mark cuban 8 a veteran e.u. diplomat and now a visiting scholar at carnegie europe in luxembourg european interior ministers are making a fresh effort to break an impasse over migration they want more countries to sign on to a plan to more evenly distributed refugees throughout the bloc europe is currently seeing a rise in migrant rivals across the mediterranean and previous efforts to resettle
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them have led to deep divisions.


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