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jihadist nobody wants to see them returns year up and down does it custody of white p.g.d. syria kurdish forces so any these studies ation of the situation would create great dances for europe and a great i worry for our political leaders that refugee is to people in need thank you so much for your insights that was mark cuban e a veteran e.u. diplomat and now a business scholar at carnegie europe. in luxemburg european interior ministers are making a fresh effort to break an impasse over migration they want more countries to saw it on to a plane to more evenly distributed refugees throughout the block europe is currently seeing a rise in migrant arrivals across the mediterranean and previous efforts to resettle them have led to deep divisions within the bloc. it was a moment that changed the debate around migration to europe 31 year old can hold
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out had forced her rescue ship carrying 40 migrants into the harbor of italy's lampedusa island she was arrested for defying italy's ban on private rescue ships entering its ports as it stands when an aid organization rescues migrants in the central mediterranean e.u. countries are forced to scramble to allocate the arrivals among themselves both italy and malta which lie close to the north african coast say it's unfair that they have to accept so many of those who come to europe's shores at the end of september interior ministers from italy germany and france men in malta to discuss the way forward they agreed on a mechanism to automatically distribute the migrants who arrive by boat to the. coleman was the people who come to shore must be distributed they can do a security check at the point of a level 3 interviews but they can't process all their assigned in claims in such a short time not if we want to comply with the law that must be done in other you countries as well somebody like germany or something now germany france italy and malta are hoping to convince other e.u.
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member states to sign up to the migrant resettlement scheme. did obvious max hoffman is in luxembourg covering that meeting of interior ministers max german interior minister as a whole is there of course has there been any comment from him 1st of all regarding the suspected terror attack in limbo. we asked him that question obviously when he came here he said they were looking into it but you couldn't give us any information about what he called the quality of the incident he couldn't say yet whether this is considered to be a terrorist attack or not of course this incident because it involves a migrant will make it harder for him to sell his whole relocation plan at home in germany where he's already being criticized for germany taking in 25 percent of migrants or refugees in this case rescued at sea in the central mediterranean. the ministers there in luxembourg are seeking agreement on how to deal with migrants
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crossing the mediterranean but only part of the mediterranean tell us more about what's on the table yeah that's a very important point because it's all very limited in scope we're only talking about those rescued at sea on the central mediterranean route as you already said and it's also limited in scope because only 4 countries are participating at the moment that would be germany france italy in malta so the big challenge here is to persuade more countries to be part of that group we do know that some countries are considering joining for example the baltic states or portugal but they're not quite ready yet so as of now at least what that when he came here the german interior minister it doesn't look like we will have a done deal here today in luxembourg now migration of course is a extremely divisive issue in many countries germany obviously to what or what
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sort of agreement what sort of whatever sort of chances are there max that some kind of consensus might emerge if not a solid agreement but at least some consensus on the way forward there in luxembourg. we're very far away from the general consensus on the whole area of asylum in the european union relocation of migrants or refugees within the european union it's been something that's been keeping everybody busy and now since 2015 and really hasn't changed you still have strong opposition in eastern european countries like hungary and poland who categorically refuse to take in any of those refugees and then you have other countries like germany that are looking for a way forward and what we have right now is like the smallest possible denominator because it's only about those ships that arrive in italy or malta where in the past there were phone calls over the weekend to try to figure out where these migrants
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could go and that's why they have this automatic mechanism yet but just to give you some numbers for germany so far this represents 225 refugees a very small numbers compared to the arrivals for example in greece of refugees coming over the eastern mediterranean route what about that eastern mediterranean your group the talks you were just saying in luxembourg are focusing more on the central mediterranean the the when and when the when there is huge pressure going on in the eastern mediterranean particularly on greece why are why are the interior ministers not focusing on that part of the problem that is more severe. 1st of all see hope for the german interior minister when arriving here said we are not forgetting about that region we are helping that region already and let's not forget that he went there at the end of last week but they really felt like they needed to do something immediately about those ships so the refugees or migrants
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rescued at sea because of what i described earlier the headache with having to call around with having those ships sometimes weeks on end on the mediterranean not being able to disembark because the old italian government refused to let them disembark in their ports that other countries saying if italy doesn't help we won't do anything for example like malta generally those countries down there are feeling like they're being left alone by others so they wanted to stop that that's what this mechanism is for but the other route you mentioned where you have most arrivals in greece for example that is a huge problem that's starting to reemerge because the numbers are going up and the situation for example in the refugee camps in greece especially on lesbos are extremely harsh very difficult the circumstances under which the migrants are there at the moment so you don't have the ships involved that's why some felt it wasn't the immediacy of the urgency wasn't the same as for the central mediterranean route
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but the topic itself in the european union is making a huge comeback thank you very much. in luxembourg. now back to our breaking news story here in germany 9 people have been injured after a stolen truck rammed into a series of cars german broadcaster z.t. yaf is reporting that authorities are probing the incident as a terrorist attack but investigators have yet to publicly confirm those claims the crash happened in the city if limbaugh in the state of hessen the driver drove the truck into a line of cars pushing vehicles into each other police have detained the driver of the vehicle there are also unconfirmed media reports that he is a syrian who's been living in germany since 2015 and may already have been known to police or political correspondent simon young is following the story forests
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simon what's latest. terry the latest update that i have is that of the 9 people that are reported to have been lightly injured in this incident 7 of being treated in hospital and we believe among those the driver of the truck the other detail is that the security expert from the that suggestion is public broadcaster. quoting sources saying that this man had apparently tried several times on monday to get control of a of a truck or similar vehicle so it looks as if if that's right that this wasn't absolutely spontaneous but what we still can't say is really what might be the motive was was it sort of a you know
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a deliberate terror attack something planned or was it just a crazy incidental was it possibly even after gaining control of the truck stealing it from the driver did he he just lose control and crashed into these other cause those are the things we don't know the police are saying that they're in the hot phase of their investigation and you know they're going to continue to update us through the day so i mean thank you very much for now d.w. political correspondent simon young there now as you heard earlier german interior minister all say hoffa has been guarded about his assessment of the incident let's listen in. middle speaking investigated but at this time i cannot tell you how this crime will be classified these thoughts are qualified siennas. that was german interior minister haas they hope they're obviously being very got
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guarded about this arc correspondent told a sparrow is now with us here in the studio he's also following this story for us tell us what's your assessment so far it is not unusual for germany's interior minister to be god at this stage of the investigation in fact we've seen in previous instances that they normally are very guarded at the beginning until they can confirm some of the details simon just mentioned some of the issues that we know he also mentioned some of the key elements that are being investigated by authorities in the main invest the main element that is still being investigated by authorities is the motive behind it and until authorities can actually decide what the motive might have been the statements that come out of different regional and federal authorities are going to be caught it what happens normally also in these cases as events progress as more information becomes available there is often a press conference where the federal prosecutor or the regional prosecutor depends who is investigating the case then updates the public on what is known what we know so far is that this is being handled by the regional prosecutor in front foot it
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has not been officially given to the federal prosecutors that's information that we had some time ago if it had the if it were moved to the federal prosecutors then that would be a clear signal that authorities are handling this issue something related to terrorism but until then authorities are being very very guarded very careful about what they say which again is not unusual no germany of course has been targeted it by terrorist attacks in the past and in fact the one that occurred in 2016 at christmas here in berlin at a christmas market involved a truck running into pedestrians that resulted in 12 people getting killed so having a truck again ram into cars injuring people in a city and the driver of the truck being identified as a syrian who is been living in germany since 2015 as has many people concerned there was. there's a lot of speculation right now but again we we deal in facts and not speculation
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can you tell us what the current state of alert is among the security authorities in germany regarding the possibility of a terrorist attack perhaps one that falls into the pattern of what we saw before when everyone sees the images that we're seeing now here in germany they would most certainly think about that terrible night in december 2016 that attack in the christmas market right here in bahrain which as you say left 12 people dead and led to a very very big and detailed investigation by german authorities into the possible motives and also into the general situation the general mood here in germany we can say that maybe compared to 2016 the mood has changed a bit but i would not say that authorities have been less careful in trying to understand whether this still awesome risks in germany related to these kinds of instances but again i would be very careful when we're talking about possible motives because authorities have still said that they're investigating in all directions and i think until we know more it is important to mention this time and
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time again it is unclear what the motive these thomas thank you very much for now a sparrow our political correspondent you are watching t.w. news course we'll bring you up to date on that story and all the latest stories around the world in just a couple minutes i'm terry mark and thanks for watching. jim and with. any time any place. video an event that. we have at the end of the. songs to sing along to download it is to come from super. bowl to be able to. into active exercises are you talking about mt devon you
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don't come slashdot on facebook anymore still. gemini for free with the devil you sure you see the people the world over t.w. on facebook and twitter to date and in such.
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a good look at the. fridges that no was at the door talking losses and robots that mow the lawn on their own smart devices are meant to make our lives easier but they also gathering all private data the internet of things the smog but how secure is it i want toppings are they on shift. i old see all the internet all things is a network of devices that can communicate by a big. in many computers smart heat of for example has integrated senses that money
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to and regulate room temperature that can safe heating costs of vacuum cleaners that operate independently can save us time boys assistance always have an open ear for us and can even tell other devices what we want by the way what do you think alexa is used most for they've limp head of amazon hardware has some interesting news customers ask echo over a 1000000000 times a year. this alexa what time is it. the internet of things has a lot more to offer from time sensors that measure air quality to cancerian networks to surveillance systems for industrial plants a recent study expects that over 50000000000 devices and sensors will be connected by 2022 professor from the visited specializes in the internet of things. the professor. has been studying. the internet of things
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for over 10 years and. he's fascinated by the idea of making everyday objects smart. consider the light bulb you can control it with a switch on the wall or you could use your phone. you might want to add features like making a light flash when a storm warning is issued. but then your light needs to be able to receive that information from the web it's not stored locally. so your light has to be able to communicate with the cloud. industry promises smart devices will make life easier like with autonomy as long. as they're around on their own and heaters that automatically adjust the room temperature is everyone is left. a smart fridge that monitors
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which groceries are running out can be very inconvenient imagine being out of butter and then the doorbell rings with a fresh delivery of more butter but this also lets companies analyze which products you consume. the data collected in transmitted is mostly invisible to ordinary users the same goes for the socket where built into their devices. says to the data collected and in the worst case who can remotely control the smart device these are the largest concerns this has with this new technology. right now the biggest challenge the internet of things faces is security and privacy imagine someone with access to your stove they could cause it to overheat and maybe even start a fire in your home. or someone with control over a power plant could cut the power to an entire city.
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the possibilities seem endless but the risks involved and not to be taken lightly users should think twice about how much small technology they want in their homes families 11 is not too worried they enjoy the convenience and futuristic fear this modern network provides or would like to see even more technology online at home my in wouldn't i want my house to be able to tell when i get out of bed when i come downstairs i want my favorite radio station to start playing my favorite coffee brewing and if it's cold outside my car to automatically start heating up and it. can already remotely control who has access to his home he has a smart door his children don't need a key to get in they simply scan their fingerprints. i can see if my kids are home from them this camera has facial recognition.
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it's. remotely. the voice. shopping list. service is. very interesting.
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they all had to confess to analyzing. how. these digital help. times pick up on. constantly checking in. able to understand. now people using this technology. now it's become. so. default my
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privacy being the default setting people who don't mind their actions being recorded to improve their experience can still change their settings or use a smart technology at home should really know what they're dealing with security expert martin shuttle believes small technology required smart handling the money found thought if you're responsible for a household full of smart devices then you've basically become a system administrator like with like the ones that many choose data centers by acknowledging that means you need to treat your home like one catalog in the devices you are installing security patches checking for software updates changing passwords and perhaps even setting up protocols like to make sure there were no hacking attempts to invention and clings for who got a good point security analysts say the number of cyber attacks on either t. devices is on the rise in the 1st half of 21000 there were more than 2900000000
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hacking attempts 3 times more than last year one hacker showed us how simple hacking can be. to your floor. spy on you. 3 hackers have commandeered the device gaining access was pretty straightforward. by this manufacture i connected through one data cloud for control let's move it. a slight change the source code was all it took to access the controls in camera. the vacuum cleaner receives its commands through a built in microcontroller connected to the internet. security gaps make the entire network of devices vulnerable. i can start. with and then i can look which device is there reason. to move to do. so it's like it's
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a related. but there is no limit the problem is just one device can compromise the entire system no matter if it's a home or industrial network as soon as hackers get into one device they have access to all other secure devices on the network and they can reprogram those devices to launch new attacks that makes it all the more important to understand the technology behind the internet of things but he recommends open source solutions they don't rely on just one manufacturer for security or data protection . with bold names riot. but riot is meant to become the new global operating system for the internet of things. will provide the users need for that visit but if you're interested in the internet of things and want to make your devices smart then it's important to use open source solutions that aren't bound to a specific manufacturer. and always be aware of which apps you're using on and
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what private data they require. part of. one possible solution is the operating system ryan developed a 3 year appeal in universities the right source code is openly accessible so anyone can check it and modify it to their own needs but that won't let users program their own devices yet they need other apps to do that. much as they wish wants to offer these apps on grab store and app store for the internet of things currently it's still being tested but in the future it will let users download all kinds of apps for their smart devices so they can individually tailored their devices features. for the internet of things operates across a lot of different devices so it's not easy to make sure the software always runs smoothly there's not just 3 or 4 platforms to consider there's thousands and
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ideally you want your software to run on all of them. using. riot focuses on small processors with low storage capacity in performance and minimal mostly battery power and energy consumption there's 2 reasons why much yes delish prefers these kinds of applications. you know about that well 1st of all every object requires a visible space that you might not always have. secondly each additional component costs extra when you manufacture small scale devices you can't use too much space and you need to be cost effective. the industry is also very interested in open source io t. technology one car manufacturer is currently testing digital keys that run with the riot operating system smarts and say. one main software that keeps my network safe and make sure my o.t.
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devices work together smoothly and that's would want my smart home to be a reality is a big deal. friend manufacturers are reluctant to hand over their software and aside from that i think i owe t.d. vices should offer more than just convenience they should promote sustainability a smart thermostat that helps save energy great smart feed of a mad dog no thanks otherwise the end of things becomes the internet of jack what's your opinion how smart do you want your data data be to under discussion for example here buy and see if there.
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birth place home. of species. a home worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps but global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. but here's the country's oil rich least green energy solutions and resource stiction. interactive content teaching the next generation doesn't want metal detection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. i'm not laughing at that well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and pretend you haven't think deep into the general culture of looking at the stereotype of quechua but if you think the future
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of the country that i now live. via needed to be taken as grandma down to you cos it's all about ok look i'm a joke join me to meet the gentleman from v.w. . post. who are find his want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan to get into for you. so nothing is just that the children who have always been the lawyer and those that will follow are part of a new kind of says. they could be the future of the economy. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made some minds. grappling with such claims expressed feelings i am not very creative yet but i would love to be considered an artist one
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day looking for new perspectives clearly to him not really replaced brake with the camera doing things differently. come to a place where we reflect on society. march 21. w. . cutler. sébastien king that is one of germany's top triathletes trying very hard and competes against the world's best athletes in the i mean you need to work hard every day so you have even a very good chance of making it to the finish line of the hope of for the place of us town as an italian alps now live in your training for the upcoming triathlons the season in mid october he'll compete in the why and matt richtel swim 4 kilometers psyco a 100 and easy kilometers and then run
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a full marathon. length . sebastian is talking with his wife costner training for nits iron man in 10 days' time but not everything is going to plan. you know the other day i was on the cycle track which was really busy someone was coming towards me and i stepped out of the way it on to this curve with my right foot on the news i twisted my ankle really badly and then i thought ok that's it i won't be doing any sport for at least a year in this. fortunately he only strained elegant. on the serve well you can still see the injury on my right foot is
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a bit taller. so this really doesn't bode well for the new iron man is the case i was planning on doing a few tough long distance runs to train. but that's not possible now so i'll miss out on 4 or 5 workout sessions and i'll up the i'm dieting. so instead sebastian is trying to regain stability in his foot by exercising baffert. he's reorganized his training schedule to allow for his injury. now he's all about perfecting his running technique. each day sébastien engages until after 3 triathlon disciplines swimming cycling all running . after which he hits the gym he usually spends 8 hours training every day. over the past months he's built up his muscles now he trains to keep his fitness
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levels up. but. so i you've got to make sure you're not continuously strengthening your muscles is all. you have to use light weights to keep your muscles in shape and do the exercises properly. they need to disprove the bible. i mean i must decide else you. know my coach would probably be appalled if you heard me talk about how to exercise properly. legless i mean if you do a good run. so fast and then his coach have to pass the training routine with special exercises for his injured force he wants to do really well in the upcoming hawaii i know the winner takes home 100000 neurons in prize money and sebastian wants to secure a lucrative sponsorship deal. with muffin always. i think judging by a link earning the office or more i have a 30 percent chance of winning the race for work and for that that's not bad.
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but winning the hawaii are unmanned costs at least a 1000000 about training and preparation from the me you're in the front so you spend even more money over the years. that. thought on board with me. getting ready for and participating in iron man competitions is costly sebastien needs to pay for training camps and international flights as well as for health insurance abroad. even question a marketing job to support him so it's not about what still needs doing out or sort of requests of yeah i guess i need to take care of those myself package delivery is . there always a few of those with you know while with my hands and all the mail or the bus all the things i need to take to hawaii. or. castine used to do 10 k. runs herself. but at some stage she decided she didn't want to become
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a professional athlete the marshes you know i think it gets really difficult when both people in a relationship are ambitious athletes for a lot of help. i think those relationships don't tend to last i defied emotions. there was probably less one person gives up their ambition so the other one can excel. in mind this is where i keep my bike. today sebastiaan is going for a long cycle ride the hotel we're staying has given him a special room to store his beloved bike he designed it himself for the needs and why and mats it's federal bite and doesn't even have paint on its frame this reduces the weight by an extra 140 grams.
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all of. it with. sebastian strong suit is cycling on his bike he knows he can make up for time lost swimming which he finds hardest. today he's sucking up to steep mountain passes and will cover not a tube of 1000 meters it will be a grueling 4 our tour. that is following by car she knows these training sessions are not always smooth sailing. when you yacht is marvell i don't like him going out by himself i get nervous when i know he should be back in 3 hours but it isn't a. 35 year old sebastien became
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a professional athlete 9 years ago he trains extremely hard that he knows injuries are a constant danger and that he only has a few months years and him as a full time athlete. if i hope. i enjoy the freedom that comes with being an athlete. so when i retire and become an employee somewhere it will be hard to adjust to the. there are days when i wish i had a 9 to 5 lifestyle where i could just come home and forget about work because that's not how things are when you're a sports person it's hard to switch off and we're gone this. sebastien loves to read to get his mind off things and relax. ok putin i'm reading a book about russian president putin and one by michel you does on the middle east
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. had been through it was this so nothing to do with sports at all. so mists oh god this match ball 3 to 6 of us to has decided to compete and the need to i am man after all no longer lets are you. if you. think it's important to. give them a little bit more i think you need some races i've been to professional and amateur athletes they only need to check in the day before the competition and sebastien like the others must check and his fine but a few absolute oval this is like 4th knocks. at night they even have guard dogs patrolling in my name that would suit him on falling flat on i would work with machine.
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guns on to the big day has arrived at some bus town as up at 5 am. message. to. the members on the i'm parked usually i would absolutely hate getting up this early. in the gob puts into a pit stop before a race like this when my alarm goes off i get up and i'm ready to roll i never feel tired or anything like that. for me but. the competition kicks off in 2 hours sebastian needs to get his kit ready so he won't get any time during the race switching to his bike. he's already wearing his cycling slash running outfit underneath his neoprene suit. and carrying the number 3 is germany's last year's killing. candidate recapture. the i mean you could still go on every morning come on here
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here you are claiming. the professional athletes start a few minutes before the amateurs. but unfortunately sebastiaan is off to a bad start within seconds he's trailing several swimmers and congress passed them . he loses precious time getting out of the water isn't fair she 1st place a disaster. sebastian gets on his bike and tries to make up for lost time while cycling as a strong suit after all he gradually fights his way towards the top of the pack and by the time he ditched his bike to start running he's already in 11th place. sebastian gives it everything he's coming he's never run a marathon this fast before in his life. but even so it's not quite enough to clinch victory no way because to even comes 1st sebastian makes 5th place.
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a little bit. least one grandson was fired everyone is impressed by sebastian fantastic comeback with the record here for a look at history will look a little more regret now he'll need time to recuperate and so will his wife it's been a stressful race for both of our actually i mean you know everybody. i believe it. was i supposed to do you think i deliberately. he swam so slowly no that's not what i'm saying good night for me i'm going to move. i never make it. right i have my. heart madwoman everything but one name i mustn't yet so it's never easy getting my need to recover as quickly as possible to
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get at is because the big race in hawaii is coming up soon which i'm happy with 5th place but i could have done better. with this if it that's not what i spent the past year training for. i would but i will focus on the good things they employ i know i will have forgotten them by tomorrow or by the time the stylist political mood over government. is going to hear competing in these races is as much about mental strength as it is about physical fitness and it's about being nice to the fans to hear this. supposed rest for 4 days and then get back into training for the hawaii i and my. me just get. a.
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what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos gilberto t.w. correspondent at abbot baker john stripes this week in line with the rules set by the team. one thing recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . cool. welcome to the girl max you tube channel. good line of stewards. with exclusive inside. the must see concerning clarkson culture to europe. a place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers food. subscriber and don't miss out on the food.
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place blame. this is either of you news live from berlin a man crashes a stolen truck into a line of cars in germany injuring several and stoking fears of terrorism police have the driver in custody and german media claim authorities are probing the incident as an act of terror the driver reportedly arriving in germany from syria in 2015 also come.


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