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yes mines. do it yourself and the workers. subscribe don't mention. this is either of you news live from berlin a man crashes a stolen truck into a line of cars in germany injuring several and stoking fears of terrorism police have the driver in custody and german media claim authorities are probing the incident as an act of terror the driver reportedly arriving in germany from syria in 2015 also coming up turkey says it's completed preparations for an offensive
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against syria's kurds a surprise move by the u.s. to pull troops from northern syria has plunged the region security into turmoil kurdish fighters say they are being stabbed in the back by their american allies. walking to the program here in germany 9 people have been injured after a stolen truck was rammed into other vehicles in the german broadcasters e.t.f. reporting that authorities are probing the incident as a terrorist attack but investigators have yet to publicly confirm those claims the crash happened in the town of lim bork the driver drove the truck into a line of cars pushing the vehicles into each other police have detained the driver of the vehicle there are also under can. termed media reports that say he is syrian
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has been living in germany since 2015 and may have already been known to the police . and journalists from the regional newspaper the frankfurter noir press a spoke with the driver of the stolen truck he described what happened he said the following i was in the truck on the street at a red light about 200 meters away from the traffic lights waiting to turn left on to the motorway suddenly a man i didn't know pulled open the door of the truck and started at me i asked him what he wanted but he didn't say a word i asked him again and then he dragged me out of the truck political correspondent simon young is following the story for us so simon what's the latest. well as you say sarah what we know is that a syrian man has been living in germany for about 4 years and has a limited residency status here that's to say he's not officially recognized as an
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asylum seeker or refugee but he is allowed to stay in germany he is the man he was driving this truck he got hold of it. when he as you've reported there pulled the the actual driver out when it was stopped at a red light and he's driven it off subsequently crashed into a line of parked vehicles 9 people have been lightly injured we're told 7 of them are being treated in hospital including the the driver himself and there were reports that the man said the word a lost several times at the scene 2 passes by he came to came to help him in fact but as far as any motive or indeed any characterization of this incident whether it was
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a deliberate attack or an accident or something else entirely the police and the authorities are not yet not yet saying anything on that and indeed their investigation into that is just beginning simon but in the meantime we do have word that police searched a nearby flat what could this be about. well that's right so media in the state of hessen limbo is located have reported that a special and tara unit of police raided a an apartment in a place called lang and that's just south of frankfort. about 5060 kilometers from lynn book and as far as i understand it that appears to be where this man was living so the police have moved. obviously trying to
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assess you know whether he had any radicalization what his motives are we've also heard media reports that he was known to police for drug related crime and what was described as violent criminality so he's not unknown to the police but again as i say any suggestion that this might be some kind of extremist terror attack. which has arisen because of the sort of optical similarity with the 2016 truck attack in berlin that at the moment is purely speculative. i'm young with the latest on this incident thank you simon for your reporting. found the german interior minister who offer has been guarded about his assessment of the incident his war. middle speaking investigated but at this time i cannot tell you how this crime will be classified these thoughts are quality honest and
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with me here in studio now is thomas farrow has been closely following security politics here in germany you know thomas you look at this. what is your assessment of this incident given what we know so far simon pointed in his analysis to maybe the most important point at the moment and that is that authorities still don't know whether this was a deliberate act they still don't know the motive behind this incident in the city of lim book and that is something that authorities are still trying to find out that follows the investigations follow a pattern in these kinds of situations they 1st i was a trance the 2 witnesses they try and see who else was around what kind of information they can got to from the scene they're normally god when it comes to their public reactions that's why we heard exactly that from germany's interior minister and it's only when they start putting all the pieces together that they maybe then come out and talk to the public in a press conference and say what they know and especially what type of investigation
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they are carrying out of what we know so far and again this is not unusual in these types of events is that they are looking into all possible directions that means they are not saying specifically that it might have been a terror attack but they are also not saying it wasn't there for now only investigating what the possible motives might be it seems as if they're not really anything out at this moment on tom's what is generally speaking the state of alert in germany right now if you ask authorities if you are security authorities they would probably say that the state here in germany is still very high that that authorities are still looking into possible scenarios where instances like the attack in 2016 in berlin at the christmas market could happen they still investigating possible networks is still investigating who's coming into the country and so on so if you ask authorities they were probably still say oh there are a lot but it is absolutely clear that the mood in germany has changed compared 220151617
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when we had those when have these that incidence in 2006 you know the christmas market a terror attack on the investigation that came afterwards so i think it's important to understand the differences between the public mood the public understanding of all these all these. somehow authorities are actually investigating no one looking into those possible motives and the city itself the city of limbo where this incident occurred they've been criticized actually for how they've been handling it so far some say that they're actually downplaying the situation thomas i mean is that a fair assessment probably at the beginning of these kinds of instances authorities also local authorities will not want to give much information and will not want to sort of play into the speculation that tends to grow in these kinds of reasons in fact police have clearly people not to stop speculating not to start giving any folds and that is a false information and specifically wait until authorities both at the regional level and at the federal level give more information about what they know what they have been able to find out in particular when it comes to what is there at the beginning namely talking to witnesses at the scene actually looking at the scene
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itself trying to gather information from from that in order to understand what exactly happened and what their motives might have been behind this attack. thank you. and we will of course here on news be bringing you more about the investigation and the incident later in the program and as new information becomes available but 1st we'd like to report now on another top story that we have because donald trump's plan to pull american troops out of syria is drawing fire from both sides of the aisle in washington senior politicians are calling on the u.s. president to reverse his decision they are concerned that the pullout will allow turkey to launch its long planned offensive against kurdish fighters in the region fighters that have been key allies of the u.s. in its battle against so-called islamic state. leaving in a hurry american troops started pulling out of syria within hours of the fischel
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announcement they gave behind these empty bases near the turkish border bases that had been a guarantee of safety for kurdish forces. u.s. president donald trump abruptly canceled that guarantee saying in a tweet it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous and less wars many of them tribal and bring our soldiers home u.s. troops were in syria to support kurdish forces in the fight against the so-called islamic state but turkey has long resented the presence of armed forces near its border it considers them terrorists and carol wants to establish a 30 kilometer buffer zone along the border and resettle some 2000000 syrian refugees that. dish groups in the region have protested them if they feel abandoned by the u.s. he teamed up with kurdish fighters against i.a.s. they fear a takesh invasion is imminent and that he had the hope this green light the trump
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gave her the one will actually complicate the crisis in the region of the gun. so it will provide islamic states with an opportunity to regenerate and control areas such as russia and there as there were again the cover of the resort new jersey turkish president tricep type added one gave the attacks a stock warning if. there is a phrase that we always say we can come any night without warning and our determination remains because it is absolutely out of the question for us to further tolerate the threats from these terrorist groups. trump's decision has and him widespread criticism even within his republican party current state of. american radical. hours later trump appeared to try to
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placate critics by issuing a stand warning to and. right now we're at a position where if turkey does anything out of what they should be doing we will hit them so hard on the economy mixed messages at the top and meanwhile on the ground in syria because are waiting for the next buy to fall in a region that seen its share of misery and violent or 80. 4 let's bring in our correspondent who's standing by in istanbul so yulia how soon could we see turkish forces move into northern syria well the defense ministry in ankara says preparations for this cross border operate all completed they sent out a number of tweets today sounding very determined additional troops and military vehicles have been deployed to the border it seems now they are evading orders and they
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reportedly are also waiting for the american forces to fully withdraw to avoid any military confrontation between the 2 nato allies but this so peroration is controversial it has drawn criticism from the u.n. from the european countries as well and it seems it appears that there are some u.s. officials within the pentagon the state department who is still hoping to talk turkey out of this iran a syrian regime ally has also. reportedly to not you know go ahead with the incursion but the big question is of course well i'm sure a listen yuliya then ultimately what does the u.s. withdrawal mean for the kurds in northern syria. well aid organizations like the international rescue committee say for example that there are 2000000 people living in these areas in northeast syria many of them most of
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them have survived the brutal rule of the so-called islamic state they live in displaced camps and camps for displaced people and the military incursion by turkey could immediately displace about 300000 people so that's the civilian aspect of this story the syrian kurdish forces on the other hand say they feel abandoned and betrayed by the u.s. because they say for 5 years they have been fighting alongside american soldiers in the battle against the so-called islamic state they have lost thousands of their fighters in this battle and now basically u.s. president trump is turning his back on them they also to the south face iranian russian backed syrian regime forces and on top of that they have to deal with the challenge of yeah what's left of the so-called islamic state in syria and let's look in fact at what the u.s. president did say trump essentially warning that the u.s. will punish turkey if it does anything off limits is it clear what he needs by off
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limits yulia and what is on grossing about all of this. well it's clearly perceived here as a threat and as we know threats never go down well here in turkey but we were waiting quite for quite some time to get an official response now the 1st one to respond was a vice president for type present add on himself is on a state visit abroad and mr oktava replied by saying our message to the international community is clear this is a quote turkey is not a country that will be moved by threats but at the same time we remember what happened last year when the 2 countries exchange sanctions tit for tat sanctions that really hurt the turkish economy so that's what many people here are still afraid of when trump is threatening to the stroy the turkish economy yulia han in istanbul thank you yulia and
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a quick check now some other stories making news around the world european union interior ministers are meeting in luxembourg hoping to end the deadlock over who should take in migrants rescued at sea germany france italy and malta want other e.u. states to back a plan they read last month to distribute migrants throughout the walk. german police are removing climate protesters blockading streets and central berlin activist group extinction rebellion says that several 100 people camped out overnight as part of a wave of civil disobedience similar protests are taking place worldwide to pressure governments to do more on the climbers. on the shamrocks president barham saleh has condemned attacks on protesters and journalists during a wave of anti-government unrest earlier the government acknowledged that soldiers had used excessive force against demonstrators within 100 people have been killed
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and 6000 did in nixon's demonstrations against corruption and economic it's shit. here in germany 9 people have been injured after a stolen truck was rammed into other vehicles german broadcasters e.t.f. reports that authorities are probing the incident as a possible terrorist attack but investigators have yet to publicly confirm those claims the crash happened in the city of limburg the driver drove the truck into a line of cars pushing the vehicles into each other police have detained the driver of the vehicle the man is reported to be syrian who has been living in germany since 2015 and was already known to police as a possible drug crime violator every reporter rebecca stout and meyer has just arrived in member of the scene of that overnight incident she's joining us now rebecca what is the scene there.
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well the scene right now is actually one of relative calm as you can see behind me this is where the accident took place last night after the driver still reportedly stole the sun my truck he then right behind me rammed it into several cars injuring 8 people now the scene is already cleared up there are there are other than some police tape that is that is lying on the side there doesn't seem to be any sight anymore of the accident around it seems business as usual in limburg but people around are definitely taking care and taking note of the scene going on right now and you know you mentioned those people who are taking note of the scene i mean what are the locals making of this rebecca. well it appears to be one of confusion so far we so far we have seen people continuing to go about their days the but they see increased media presence here there were lots of police
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and fire on the scene last night. and i and they appear to be appear to be concerned about what had happened at the intersection right behind me tell us what security measures you've observed that are now in place in the city. currently we haven't been seeing any increased police presence it appears that the investigations have moved off of this site there were reports that the apartment of the driver had been searched that had been had been raided by police and they're conducting investigations it sounds like elsewhere but for now this scene. they've cleaned it up and they've gotten traffic back moving again and are continuing investigations in other directions now rebecca describe this town for us. yeah limburg is a smaller town in western germany it's just it's located just
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about an hour outside on. the it's a pretty classic smaller german city. it's not it doesn't have a very large. it's not a bustling metropolis it's just a smaller town. where i think a lot of people have been surprised that this would or that an accident of this size and that there's so much confusion about the background of this incident people people are surprised to believe that this happens here in limburg rebecca south meyer thank you. and the german interior minister haas a hole for has been guarded about his assessment of the incident let's have a listen. middle speaking investigated but at this time our colonel turner you how this crime will be classified these talks are quite a few on the list let's get more now we're joined by thomas sparrow who closely
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follows security politics here in germany so what's your assessment of this incident just mentioned analysis from limbo the fact that there might be confusion there in limbo regarding what exactly happened and what the motives might have been and i would say that that is a fair assessment of how these events of these incidents initially developed there is always a sense of confusion at the beginning before authorities actually announce what they have been able to find and what they believe could be the motives behind that incident for now we know from local and regional authorities that they've been trying to get information from the scene that includes not only actually looking and analyzing the scene but also talking to possible witnesses who might have seen something or heard something and then based on that and also based on a search of an apartment nearby they will probably give more information to the public later on that's what they believe might have been the scene but authorities and again that's something also typical in these kinds of incidents have been very guarded about their comments and they have said that they're looking at every
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possible direction when it comes to this this in plain words means that they still don't know what the motives might have been but that they're not ruling any possible motive out there handling of this issue those authorities there and limburg it's already though come under fire i mean some people critics saying they're downplaying the incident and that is also something that's not uncommon in these kinds of situations but you have to understand from the authorities point of view how they try to understand these issues they have been specifically asking people not to speculate not to try and analyze without having any concrete information they try and make sure. they can at least understand what the general situation is before they can actually present more information because they also understand that this is a very delicate issue that is a very important issue as well based on the information that they provide to the public all sorts of and all sorts of information that is will also be done later in the day and also in the next few days it is important also to understand that
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although we do not know the motive when people in germany actually look at scenes like these everyone would probably think of december 19th 2016 when there was an attack at the german christmas market here in berlin which left 12 people dead and many many injured and that's why there is so much that relation and i would also say again to use the word confusion not only in name but but also in general about what this civic incident could be but i would really like to stress that authorities still don't know what the motive is in this particular case did ever use thomas farah thank you. in other news 3 scientists have been named as this year's winners of the nobel prize for physics in the country in a ceremony and sweet and it was announced that the prize will be shared by james peoples michelle maior and did da. bear research into the universe's evolution and structure the remainder of the prizes will be
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awarded throughout the week with the prize for medicine announced yesterday. we're joined now by amy sacco from d.w. science to put this into context for us to tell us a little bit more about these winners and their work sure so this year the committee acknowledged basically physical. aisle physical understanding of cosmology which means the research that was awarded it helps us to understand the cosmos the wool to basically badger and how. how it developed. surprise goes to the american people so the health of the press goes to 2 swiss people who researched that and who actually found an exoplanet and exoplanets earth like planets like the earth that orbits stars and the exciting thing about exoplanets is that they have the potential to hold life so exoplanets have been
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a trend in the last couple of years and so that was also acknowledged by the committee but bottom line i mean what does this tell us about our understanding of the universe well it helps us to understand how everything formed and away it could lead to in the future and. how something about our own life obviously. the nobel prize for physics we have to mention ranks the lowest in terms of female laureates if we look at statistics are there any indications that that could change i mean now we don't see that in this case you know no i'm a little bit disappointed as well last year we've done a strickland who won the nobel prize for her research in short pulls lasers i thought that there would be a trend that some more women who'd be acknowledged by the prize we haven't seen it disappear it seems that the committee went back to their traditional pick of the
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usual suspects i mean it bottom line it's about the research it's not about the gender but i was hoping that they. maybe you would acknowledge more women in the field because they have been women for the last centuries as well in physics especially but they've moved they've picked another trend which is x. the planets which is exciting for us because maybe someday we'll need them in usaca from t. davies i think. coming up now in d.w. business the u.s. puts chinese artificial intelligence firms on a blacklist ratcheting up trade tension ahead of high level negotiations between the 2 countries speak. all that more is coming of course kober in just a few minutes time you're watching news live from berlin i'm sorry kelly i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get all the latest news from around the world on our web site that's d.w.
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dot com and you can follow us on social media thanks for watching have a great day. welcome
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to the real world byron munich suffer a humiliating last time. welcome to the chalk mark on the town hall for the movement of 1st place in the night to.
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60 minutes d w. r's after the fall of the berlin november 9th t.w. .
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play a male and i'm gay and with a brand new z.w. from buying his books it's personal devices it's about topics that affect us all our solution climate change and the turn. all of your insights shutout. right before the next round of trade talks the mood turns sour beijing is fuming over the u.s. adding over 2 dozen chinese companies to a blacklist but washington claims thursday's trade negotiations won't be effect also coming up another mega merger not materializing the hong kong stock exchange drop its $39000000000.00 bid for the london burst will file fill you in on all the
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details and as andress over subsidy cuts rattles tech would work to con.


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