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oh. this is g.w. news live from berlin a nam crashes a stolen truck into a line of cars in germany injuring several people police have the driver in custody and authorities are investigating possible motive the driver reportedly arrived in germany from syria in 2015 we'll have an update from the scene also coming up turkey says it's completed preparations for an offensive against syria's kurds a surprise move by the u.s. to pull troops from northern syria has plunged the security situation into turmoil
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kurdish fighters say they are being stabbed in the back by via their american allies. and the nobel prize for physics has announced a trio of space researchers win for their contributions to understanding how our universe of fault and what the earth's place is in it. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program in germany officials are investigating an incident in which a truck was rammed into other vehicles the crash leaving 9 people with light injuries and authorities saying a possible motive remains unclear the incident occurred early monday evening in the town of limburg the driver drove a stolen truck into a line of cars pushing the vehicles into each other police have since detained the driver of that truck there are reports that he is serious and move has been and
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he's been living in germany since 2015 and may have already been known to police. well journalists from the regional newspaper frankfurt annoyer press a spoke with the driver of the stolen truck he described what happened he said the following i was in the truck on the street at a red light about 200 meters away from traffic lights waiting to turn left onto the motorway suddenly a man i didn't know pulled open the door of the truck and started at me i asked him what he wanted and he didn't say a word i asked him again and then he dragged me out of the truck for our reporter rebecca dowd meyer has been talking with eyewitnesses on the ground in limburg i spoke with her a short while ago about the investigation well we ran into an eyewitness who works just around the corner and he told us exactly what he was able to see yesterday evening so he said he saw the truck come right down this road behind me and slam at
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speed into several cars that were waiting at this intersection that's located right behind me and he said that the sound was large large crash he heard he heard screams as well and that bits of plastic and parts of cars went flying several of the cars were shoved into a nearby wall he said that it looked like scenes from from a war that looked like a battle scene he also said that right as this accident right after this accident had happened. there was a van of young people who jumped out and went over to the driver of the semi truck and went to go assist him but also to detain him initially before police could arrive on the scene. rebecca what do police know about the suspect specifically and his possible motive. police have not been releasing a great deal of information about him what we do know is that he is reportedly
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a syrian man a 32 year old who has been living in germany since 2015 police earlier told local media that the that the suspect or the driver in this case was known to police already for different drug or violence related crimes and. currently that is the latest stand on what we know about the driver of this vehicle so police i mean they're very wary about releasing information what else have you found out about the investigation. both federal prosecutors and local police are being very careful with this case they are trying to gather as much evidence as possible before releasing it to the public more information should be and made available later today what we do know is that the apartment of the driver of this stolen truck was searched earlier today by different police units and that they are conducting investigations elsewhere things
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here have already been cleaned up as you can see behind me the road is returning back to normal and and people are continuing to use the road as normal what is the mood there today rebecca people around have been have been very shocked lots of people have been walking by to come look at this intersection where you couldn't really tell if you hadn't seen the pictures that something that happened last night but lots of people told us that they were just shocked that this had happened in limburg limburg is a town of about $30000.00 people an hour outside of frankfurt known for its medieval city center. people told us that they were afraid to come out on the streets and that they had thought that if something like this was going to happen it would happen in a much larger city and not their small town about this town meyer thank you. and german interior minister who as they haul for has been guarded about his assessment of the incident and then. speeding investigated but at this time our
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cannot tell you how this crime will be classified. let's get more we're joined by young st pierre an expert from the modern security consulting group here in berlin we have authorities they're being very cautious you know discussing a possible motive tell us what they will have been looking at in the past 24 hours all the i guess the most important thing that they'll look at is that the contents of the cell phone of computers because they went of course in one security crime scene but it's about the contacts we've learned over the last few years that these so-called actors actually are back bursar web of actors that support them somehow or instead incite them to act and i think this is what they're doing and that's the reason why they were able to investigate or to go to areas today in certain different apartments to see if there weren't more clues more insights as to why he
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did this because they were able to find the proper information of possible contacts in the cell phone you know are trying to gear so the 20 next 24 hours will be to see just to find out just how wide this wedding is and also just how deep the rabbit hole and we don't know yet whether this was intentional accidental authorities also really not ruling terror in or out at this point so a lot of questions which are still very much open but you're looking at this incident right now what indications do you think we already have well the fact that the driver the fact that was it started with a carjacking. for me there's already a criminal intent now. how this whether it's politically motivated will determine whether or not to terrorism under german law needs to be at least 3 people so that's why to find out just how did the rabbit hole goes is so important because you need at least 3 people for terrorism lots of come into effect but the fact that it started with a criminal intent then trying to injure others tells me there's
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a deliberate motive so i would at this point in time based on the information that's out i would rule out an accident but whether or not it's terrorism that that is still open because it's very much linked to politics one thinks about the attacks that have been to greece and years of attacks using trucks they seem to be becoming more frequent more common here in europe is that the reality or are we is the media just covering this i would say the media because there are events involving cars that aren't necessarily in the media but we react differently because these attacks of struck our imagination to fight we think about nice needs i would think about barcelona berlin every time a car crash happens involves multiple deaths as specially does not in the car so it's a normal reflex it gives a how a false perception creates the impression that we are more attacks but they are in fact that the switch is picking less but because that impression is there it does
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provide a sense of insecurity and we need to take that into account when developing security measures as well. from modern security consulting group here in berlin thank you thank you. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world european union interior ministers are meeting in luxembourg hoping to end the deadlock over who should take in migrants rescued at sea in germany france italy and multo want other e.u. states to back a plan they agreed last month to distribute migrants throughout the block. german police are removing climate protesters blockading streets in central girl an activist group. extinction rebellion says that several 100 people camped out overnight as part of a wave of civil disobedience similar protests are taking place worldwide to pressure governments to do more on the climate crisis. brazilian police have opened an investigation into possible criminal activity surrounding an oil spill off of
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the country's northeastern coast oil slicks polluted beaches over the weekend and cleanup efforts are now underway the country's coastal region has is renowned for its sandy beaches and is popular with tourists iraq's president barham saleh has condemned attacks on protesters and journalists during a wave of anti-government undressed earlier the government acknowledge that soldiers had used excessive force against demonstrators more than 100 people have been killed some 6000 wounded in a week of demonstrations against corruption and economic mismanagement. donald trump's plan to pull american troops out of syria is drawing fire from both sides of the aisle in washington senior politicians are calling on the united states president to reverse its decision they are concerned that the pullout will allow turkey to launch its long planned offensive against kurdish fighters in the region fighters that have been key allies of the u.s.
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in its battle against the so-called islamic state. leaving in a hurry american troops started pulling out of syria within hours of the fischel announcement they gave behind these empty bases near the texas border bases that had been a guarantee of safety for kurdish forces. u.s. president donald trump abruptly canceled that guarantee saying in a tweet it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous and list many of them tribal and bring our soldiers harm. u.s. troops were in syria to support kurdish forces in the fight against the so-called islamic state but turkey has long resented the presence of forces near its border it considers them terrorists ankara wants to establish effect a kilometer buffer zone along the border and resettle some 2000000 syrian refugees that kurdish groups in the region have protested them if they feel abandoned by the
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u.s. he teamed up with kurdish fighters against i.a.s. they fear a turkish invasion is imminent and he had the hope this green light the trump gave terror to one will actually complicate the crisis in the region of the gun. so it will provide islamic states with an opportunity to regenerate and control areas such as rocco and there as they were again at the cover. turkish president over one gave the cut a stark warning that suited there is a phrase that we always say we can come any night without warning. and our determination remains because it is absolutely out of the question for us to further tolerate the threats from these terrorist groups. trump's decision has and him widespread criticism even within his republican party current.
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america. hours later trump appeared to try to placate critics by issuing a stand warning to and. right now we're at a position where if turkey does anything out of what they should be doing we will hit them so hard on the economy mixed messages at the top and meanwhile on the ground in syria because are waiting for the next buy to fall in a region that seen its share of misery and violent or 80. 4 let's bring in our correspondent who is standing by in istanbul so yulia how soon could we see turkish forces move into northern syria well the defense ministry in ankara says preparations for this cross border operate all completed they've
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sent out a number of tweets today sounding very determined additional troops and military vehicles have been deployed to the border it seems now they are evading orders and they reportedly are also waiting for the american forces to fully withdraw to avoid any military confrontation between the 2 nato allies but this over a sion is controversial it has drawn criticism from the u.n. from the european countries as well and it seems it appears that there are some u.s. officials within the pentagon the state department who is still hoping to talk turkey out of this iran syrian regime ally has also. reportedly to not you know go ahead with the incursion but the big question is of course well i'm sure a listen yuliya been alternately what does the u.s. withdrawal mean for the kurds in northern syria. well aid
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organizations like the international rescue committee say for example that there are 2000000 people living in these areas in northeast syria many of them most of them have survived the brutal rule of the so-called islamic state they live in displaced camps and camps for displaced people and the military incursion by turkey could immediately displays about 300000 people so that's the civilian aspect of this story the syrian kurdish forces on the other hand say they feel abandoned and betrayed by the u.s. because they say for 5 years they have been fighting alongside american soldiers in the battle against the so-called islamic state they have lost thousands of their fight says in this battle and now basically u.s. president trump is turning his back on them they also to the south face iranian russian backed syrian regime forces and on top of that they have to deal with the challenge of yeah what's left of the so-called islamic state in syria and let's
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look in fact at what the u.s. president did say trump essentially warning that the u.s. will punish turkey if it does anything off limits is it clear what he means by off limits yulia and what is on caressing about all of this. well it's clearly perceived here as a threat and as we know threats never go down well here in turkey but we were waiting quite for quite some time to get an official response now the 1st one to respond was a vice president for type president on himself is on a state visit abroad and mr todd replied by saying our message to the international community is clear this is a quote turkey is not a country that will be moved by threats but at the same time we remember what happened last year when the 2 countries exchange sanctions to fatah sanctions that really hurt the turkish economy so that's what many people here are still afraid of
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when trump is threatening to the strong the turkish economy yulia han in istanbul thank you yulia you're watching deja vu news still to come. would you believe that the 1st time he went against the t u c b c in their eyes the peters' rugby world cup is underway but we will have a look at an alternative rugby event also happening in japan it is the gay rugby tournament. but 1st 3 scientists have been named as the winners of this year's nobel prize for physics in a ceremony in sweden it was announced that the prize will be shared by a trio known for their work in understanding the structure of our universe change people's is being recognized for research on how the universe has evolved from the big bang and michelle maior and d.d.a. quayle oh are being awarded for their discovery of the 1st known planets outside of
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our solar system. let's get more now we're joined here in the studio by. amy sacco joining us from deja vu science so tell us a little bit more about these winners and their work this year then the bell prize in physics basically new understanding of the evolution of our course most and the 1st discovery of an exoplanet which is an earth like planet with the potential to hold life so everybody heard of the big bang model how our universe developed 40000000000 years ago. then state into what it is today so james peoples one of the winner he based his research on this model and will discover or into a present for example of the universe radiation and helped discover new physical process that went on in the universe and the other 2 winners they discovered the 1st x. a planet in 1905 so of course they explained it was really far away so they couldn't
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observe it directly so they had to develop custom made instruments and then discovered a planet which is called. 51 people ok so i mean but overall though what does this tell us about the universe and does it have any practical applications well people's work basically showed us that what we know of the universe is the matter that constitutes treason straws and everything in it is basically just 5 percent and the other 95 percent are dark matter and dark energy is totally unknown to us which is of course a huge challenge for future research and the discovery of exoplanets which is the other research is interesting to us because this totally changes the conception of our world you know because now we know day life is possible on other planets and until now 4000 of these extra plans have been discovered so and it's in every one of them holds the potential of life basically we had 3 we have 3 male laureates now
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right no female or it's actually in physics it's quite rare to see that. yet still last year we celebrated on a strickland she was only the 3rd female a winner in a 100 years of the nobel prize in physics and we actually thought that would set a bit of a trend that more female scientists would be acknowledged but it wasn't like that that being said of course science is in the in the most important thing it doesn't it's independent of gender but yeah we are a little bit disappointed that we have the same usual suspects again this year but on the other hand the science is the exciting part of it of course and a psycho from the science thank you. the battle of stalingrad marked a turning point in world war 2 the moment when soviet troops halted nazi germany's invasion of russia and began driving the german army back across europe now russia constructed one of the largest statues in the world to commemorate that victory 50
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years on a huge renovation is now underway to restore the statue to its former glory. to arms against heat last army a cry of victory of a nazi germany. the motherland towering at 85 meters commemorates a world war 2. the view from up here is breathtaking is the motherland cole style tallest in the year up and it's reconstruction now here in volgograd is in most extensive reconstruction it's meant to be and has had its unveiling in the 1967. the monument has aged quite a bit since then winton have taken their toll and since chunks of concrete have fallen off in some places this could have been positive visitors. extensive for
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innovation work began 3 years ago. by it. this project is unique so all the work here is unique to the statue was female so we treat her like a real person which i. think you did for us that she's a woman who's suffering from various illnesses that we are healing after 50 years. like anyone her age she needs a range of doctors who can help her in different ways to somebody i mean when your previous what visitors can see this done to skeleton. the gigantic structure is supported by almost a 100 steel cables that the way it can withstand strong winds. also have to be replaced this sculpture is the centerpiece of a memorial on the mama if he'll involve grout formerly known as stalin grot.
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it was here that one of the world's bloodiest battles ended in 1943. with more than 100000 that. the battle of stalingrad a victory for the soviets marked the turning point in the world to hold to. this isn't just any construction site. it's a symbolic place for russia. working here is a big honor for all of us and it requires a very specific approach. that's why we're busy around the clock. here. is a model and goals still covered by scaffolding but had to be will be unveiled in time for the 75th anniversary of the soviet union's allied victory of
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a nazi germany. the rugby world cup is winding toward the knockout stages in japan a key matchup today saw south africa blow past canada the win by south africa ensures their spot in the next round. well just outside of tokyo a global gay rugby tournament took the pitch the 1st of its kind in asia and while the teams might be competitors the message is inclusion. the sox make a statement the jerseys these players wear as well and when it comes to the rugby from the line out to the scrum. all 80 minutes. these mostly l.g. players are making a statement to the greater rugby playing world. who are here clear and ready to take on anyone. i honestly think rugby is such an inclusive sport
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so welcoming our club welcomes any age any religion any race and he sexual orientation so i think rugby just has yet thinks in the morals of what we stand for now that's all well and good inclusive welcoming ethics but in fact world rugby while it's taking steps toward greater inclusive it. is taking its time fighting homophobia. i'd like to see more of the home unions. really step up and say we will. back you up we will we will be behind you we have currently we only have 5 home unions that have signed a memorandum of understanding that says they will combat homophobia in sport 5. world rugby has more than 100 member countries so the battle will rage on for these players not all of them l g b t though the clubs take in all who want to play and they take on many many clubs
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that have never encountered a gay team. well the book going out on the pitch and then. the 1st time that he went against the tea you see you see it in their eyes. and you know that you've earned their respect you have gone out and you change people's minds. in this match up on the fringes of the world cup just up the road the pink clad beijing doubles edged out the world barbarian turns out of course the street players included they're really all on the same team 2. a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you here on news german police are reportedly probing an incident in the town of limburg for potential terror links a 32 year old syrian man drove a stolen truck into a line of cars injuring several people police have arrested the driver the for coming up next on to the few news of war generation
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a look at children in afghanistan who have seen only conflict in the past 18 years . that story and a whole lot more coming up in d w news asia with my colleague barack's banner jake i'm sorry kelly in berlin big you so much for joining us have a great thing. a
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that thinking new of the man to get close otherwise. it's. exhausting like a tough interview really when interviewing politicians all culprits c.e.o.'s you have to wait for the right moment just to get around that defensiveness then make your move. you have to take risks to get results. i've got alphas and i work at d w. level we were. when we were. in the percent of americans and sampling and allies will experience hardship listen up. double. binds cool. logo to the girl next new to china.
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