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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin press doubts emerge about reaching a deal on breaks it crucial october deadlines looming for prime minister boris johnson as a stalemate with the new leaders seems to take shape as more skepticism being voiced about reaching a compromise with the u.k. also coming up the white house spouse to impede the impeachment inquiry against president trump democrats accuse the president of trying to place himself above the law and say he will be held accountable. and
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remembering the protests seen as a turning point in ending the east german dictatorship germany marks 30 years since the monday demonstrations that helped bring down the communist government. hello i'm terry marsh and welcome to the program there's growing deadlock bragg said after fresh talks between prime minister boris johnson and the leaders of germany and ireland dublin says it will be difficult to reach a compromise with the u.k. ahead of a key summit next week and earlier a source close to boris johnson told british media that chancellor kohl called a break that deal quote overwhelmingly unlikely the u.k. is currently slated to leave the european union at the end of this month. $22.00 days until break that time is running out and now it's too late to reach
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a deal with the e.u. at least that's the latest news music coming from london the british government no longer believes and agreement can be reached and that coming from downing street that blaming chancellor angela merkel e.u. council president donald is outraged boris johnson what's at stake is not winning some stupid blame game at stake is the future of europe and the u.k. as well as the security interests of our people you don't want a deal you don't want an extension you don't want to revoke. that follows a phone call between bars johnson and angola machall the chancellor reportedly said an agreement was overwhelmingly unlikely if northern ireland does not remain in the e.u. customs union but did she really say that no comment from chancellor merkel she kept quiet on the subject later to at a meeting in berlin with david the president of the parliament thoroughly travelled
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to london on tuesday afternoon to meet with boris johnson it didn't seem to produce very much progress where there are 2 alternatives to a deal at this juncture extension or no deal. after cicely's departure bars johnson told parliament he still wants a deal giving the impression that the 2 sides are living in different breaks that universe it's. our correspondent is covering this story and joins us now from brussels barbara is there any hope in brussels that a deal between the u.k. and the e.u. can still be reached. hope i'm afraid terry is wasting away fast and at the moment i wouldn't really put a tenner on it that deal can still be reached it looks very very unlikely if you look at the yesterday's twitter war if you look at the increasingly aggressive briefing that has been coming out of downing street since the beginning of the week
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monday for instance there was a briefing that was given to a tare magazine and that said that the conservative party was now getting ready to sort of go to an election was no deal on their manifesto all that shows sort of shows in which direction we are travelling now and know it is very unlikely if we talk about the terms of any possible deal the sticking point remains the border between the republic of ireland and the u.k. what would have to happen in order to resolve that issue. it is the same old old old problem that has been there since the beginning of the bracks it talks so almost 3 years ago the point is if we listen to the 2nd part of what. the irish prime minister's said yesterday he said that what happened
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is that the brits did this government the british side took the deal that was we go shit it was treason made off the table and they put half of it back on that is boris johnson offered to just keep northern ireland within the e.u. rules for producing goods and foodstuffs that is the so-called single market routes that is one part but the customs union the other side that says that goods can travel and people can travel freely back in force that has not been agreed and he does not want to do that so it's only half a deal really that's on the table at the moment and the british side so say the irish and they have a say in this matter say we can't do that we can't bridge the gap as so often this could be coming down to a question of political will but from the position of the e.u. what just you want to see from london in order to move forward. what they would
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want to see is going back to the old northern ireland only backstop the 1st solution for this very tricky problem that had been put on the table call it what you may the e.u. says we can come up with a different name but basically northern ireland has to stay in both sort of regulatory spears of the european union in order to keep things flowing back in force and in order to keep the all ireland economy that is the main point now london is not willing to do that so there could have been some bridging solutions but nothing was offered so now you really sits here and says ok you didn't offer anything we can go for that uncompromising we had a stalemate and now come up and please say you want an extension and things are going to get very tricky next week during the summit because of boris johnson comes here and says i have to ask for an extension parenthesis but i didn't really don't want it and could somebody please vote against it there's still talk that hungry is
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peak to say no to that that will be very difficult situation particularly for the european heads of state and government who then have to decide to be given extension in spite of that in bed face more or less or do we say let's just finish this right here and sort of let them crash out at the end of the month w.'s barbara visual in brussels thank you so much. the white house has announced it will not cooperate with the congressional a peaceful inquiry against president trial is ministration is alleging the inquiry is unconstitutional top democrats are condemning the white house's announcement with house speaker nancy pelosi saying the president is trying to position himself outside the law. he's trying to walk away from what he sees is the latest attack on his presidency with this move donald trump is calling the u.s. constitution into question in the 8 page letter democrats were told we won't
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cooperate with you the letter says that's because quote your inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation and the pretense of fairness or even the most elementary jude process protections it is a very very strong british very strong letter it is supported by footnotes not ball and not political propaganda it's hardly political it's legal and it's beyond their competence because they are so mesmerised we're going to have to trump divorce all common sense democrats say trump pushed ukraine's president to investigate his political rival joe biden and his son hunter using the machinery of government and his personal network and in july phone call with kiev the president repeatedly raised the matter trump private lawyer giuliani is just one of his in a circle accused of working on the ukraine campaign another man involved is schooled in son learned on the right he's trump's u.s. ambassador to the e.u.
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and the past campaign donor text messages released last week appear to show how he supported pressuring ukraine zone choose day the state department's blocked him from testifying to democrats by preventing us from hearing from this witness and obtain these documents. the president and secretary of state are taking actions that prevent us from getting the facts needed to protect the nation's security democrats now being the mc issuing a subpoena for some lens and that clear if trump continues to block install the legal process they could use the matter is one of the articles of impeachment. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today turkey says it's ready to launch an offensive against syrian kurds following u.s. president trumps decision to pull troops out of northern syria president trump now faces accusations that he has abandoned kurdish forces who were a key u.s. allies in the fight against the so-called islamic state. german police continue to
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hunt for clues as to why a man hijacked a truck in the german town of limbaugh crashing into several cars 9 people suffered minor injuries in the incident including the truck's driver the suspect from syria has been charged with attempted murder in the case. or today germany is marking the 30th anniversary of peaceful protests seen as pivotal in toppling the dictatorship in the former east germany tens of thousands turned out for peaceful marches on october 9th 1909 in leipsic it was a decisive moment in a chain of events that led to the collapse of east german communist. brady met with 2 opposition activists from the time who showed tremendous courage in facing down a repressive regime. on october 9th 1909 kathleen hatton hala was in a stasi prison in light sick in east germany she was just 20 years old on this day
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you could feel that the guards were already nervous and you could hear sounds later in the day close to get moving and what relate to create fear but maybe what we have heard. where the sound of 70000 people walking. among the crowd much ng for freedom and democracy was that 18 year old opposition activist catalan model of. german reunification just didn't cross my mind at the time my motivation was things can't go on like this a stings are this country has no future we have no freedom of expression no free elections i wanted to reform the country i wanted democracy in the g.d.r. and it is. for months premie things have been held at leipsic said nicholas church
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on september 4th catherine hutton how an unfilled abana it called for an open country with free people the protest was captured on film by western media. it was important to us that our own people in our country could see it and they could see oh wow there's something that has started in life and it's not as g.d.r. media tells its like they are criminals and they want to destroy our country know their girls they could be my friend they could be my daughter she was imprisoned soon after for riotous assembly but by october 9th knowledge of the growing protests had spread guidance life the best and. it was clear throughout life what was at stake. vance for post at our own town full of soldiers and police on
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a call. on the roofs in downtown life in the hospitals blood reserves were being stocked up in car who hasn't been put. in but the protesters marched peacefully around the city of lights like in the following weeks the demonstrations continue to grow and within a month the berlin wall had fallen and after the in the heart it just gives you goosebumps it was unbelievable to see that so many people had overcome their fear who mustered up their courage and decided to join these demonstrations and i think that's asked of us again today to engage in advocating for democracy and to nurture it together. so that one of them might authentic i think the group always stay with me but i have been growing up in a dictatorship for that. i how i would like people remember that. democracy. is
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a living so we have to be part of it. and there's no one out. i would really like people to remember that. you know he's cape radio reporting there now one of germany's footballing greats is hanging up his boots bastian schweinsteiger has announced he is retiring after playing the final game of with his current club chicago fire last season on sunday. made his name at munich where he spent 17 years as a youth player and full professional winning 8 bundesliga titles and the champions league he also played 121 games for germany and was part of the side that won the 2014 world cup in brazil. you're watching d.w. news join us in half an hour for special coverage of the ceremony commemorating the
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monday demonstrations 30 years ago we just reported on a key moment ahead of the fall of the east german regime and the berlin wall and 1989 they're getting get the latest news all around the clock on our web site that's t w dot com i'm terry martin it's been a pleasure thanks for being with us. and i'm dave i'm the brand new w. gendarme as opposed to this person it's device rental place that affects us all water pollution climate change and the return of. only rain since check out.


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