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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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discovery. expedition can do it on t.w. . i'm rebecca races welcome to the program we open the show with breaking news from here in germany 2 people have been killed in a shooting in the eastern city of hama and they say they have already detained one of the suspects the place indicated they could be multiple suspects with at least
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one attacker opening fire with an automatic weapon before fleeing the say in a vehicle germany's billed daily newspaper reports the incident took place in front of a synagogue in home bulge hasa in the city's powerless district today is yom kippur pool one of the most important holidays in the jewish faith try and company deutsche bahn have confirmed that it's closed down the nearby hollow train station until further notice. i'm joined now by our political correspondent thomas farah thomas thanks for coming in. it's an ongoing situation details a very scarce on the ground but can you tell us what we know so far in this kind of situation it is absolutely normal that there is very little confirmed information that is something that we've seen in the past and that's why it is important a not to speculate about possible motives and be to refer what authorities have
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been saying on this particular case and when we look at what authorities have been saying in how we can clearly focus on what the police has been releasing they have clearly said that 2 people have died that multiple shots were heard that there were possible shooters tural that then fled in a car and just a few minutes ago police added that one person had been detained in how. well we don't know so far the motives so that's something that it will last take a long time before we cannot be identify what the motives would be we have to wait and see what the police says on this particular case the way these things develop is police will 1st try and over the cordon of the area try and speak to eyewitnesses try and also find other pieces of information to try and put the puzzle together and once they have that they will release more information for now the information that we have confirmed is and it is information that i have just
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given to you so one person has been arrested police has said that 2 people have died that multiple shots were heard and that pete that the possible shooters that fled in a car additionally. that germany's railway. train operators they have said that the main station in holly has been closed because of a police operation trains are being rerouted through leipsic so that is the situation now on the ground in the eastern city of how they would by the way is a rather big city in. in germany compared to other it has around 230000 inhabitants and we were just seeing some life the 1st live pictures coming out of hala lots of police action obviously cordoning off as you were talking about now you mentioned that there were reports of multiple shooters do we know whether that's been confirmed do we know whether they are still on the promise of having been arrested one person has been arrested we don't exactly know whether that person was one of
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the possible shooters that police mentioned earlier in one of the tweets we just know one person was arrested and we also know previously what police said again they were speaking of possible shooters in the plural so i imagine that they were looking for maybe a group of people at least 2 people and not just one possible shooter that's information that we know so father comes from police they have been reports that they could have been another shooting incident not far away but that is information that has still yet to be confirmed right and this comes at a time of heightened tension slight more heightened anyway than perhaps in previous months after an incident yesterday in the town of him though there was an incident yesterday in the town of lim book in the state of hessen where a man took a truck and crashed a truck into a series of cars in limbo and yesterday the whole discussion was about the motive
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of that particular incident whether it could have been a terror attack whether they could have been other motives we're still we still don't know what the confirmed motive behind that incident could have been. what we know is that that incident yesterday and this incident today do add to a sense of insecurity that germans may be feeling at least compared to previous months or weeks when that seemed to have been more relaxed although it is also important to stress that authorities had been on alert they. arnold if you ask authorities if you interview authorities they will always say that they're still investigating they're looking at possible security risks in germany and that they're always on alert but if you look at the specific mood that say a few weeks ago people were not necessarily speaking a lot about security in germany there were other topics on the on the agenda but the incident yesterday limb broke on the incident today it highly may well have people talking once again about security in the country and this incident in
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holland happened not that far around about 30 kilometers away from another big city where they're holding commemorative services today and we've been definite covering that this morning. were you know what the security situation there must be heightened the president's currently in leipzig and if you're in the situation in in leipsic as you say we're probably heightened because of the presence of the german president because of these commemorations of the monday demonstrations which happened 30 years ago in the east of german city of leipzig on leipsic on holly a very close actually so probably it now means that police are also looking to try and see what how the security is in both places trying to understand whether they might be any security risks also in considering the fact that the president was there today that we had all these events today but that is again something that we have not been able to confirm and we're not going to speculate about that either
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for now the situation that we're talking about the security situation is happening in the german city of holland and i know we don't want to speculate and i certainly don't want to do that but there have been reports in some german media to suggest that this happened near a city synagogue can you tell us anything more about that there were reports of about that in fact i've got a report just in front of me from the german newspaper build saying that for example a grenade might have been thrown towards a jewish cemetery but that is information that comes from a german. newspaper it does not come from the police it does not come from other german authorities you can say that is something that has been mentioned in the past the beard's has good connections to germany's security authorities but again i would say we have to be very careful when we take this information from german newspapers also from german builds of the massive creation newspaper and we should instead focus on what police has confirmed and what police has confirmed again 2
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people dead multiple shots possible shooter as in plural who fled in a cop one person has been detained and police are still investigating more times will be in touch again very shortly but thanks very much for that and information. local police have tweeted according to initial findings 2 people were killed in hala several shots were fired the alleged perpetrators are on the run with a vehicle when searching extensively and we ask citizens to remain in their homes and just a couple of minutes ago they tweeted again our forces have arrested one person please stay alive it will place in holland now say they've arrested one person in connection with the shooting incident in the city reports indicate the attack took place in front of a synagogue here's a closer look at where the incident is reported to have occurred in home mulched
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hasa and hollows powerless to district today is young kid paul one of the most important holidays in jewish faith police have told residents in the city of holland to stay in their homes until further notice trying company deutsch a bomb that's germany's main train company have confirmed that it is closed down the nearby hollow train station and reverted trains until further notice. kate brady joins us from leipzig which is very close to the city of hama where the shooting took place what do we know anything more about the perpetrators. who are so far back or is that at least for most what we're hearing from police no authority so far is that there were more that well there was more than one suspect involved here we know now that one has been arrested but there were also reports that one perpetrator actually fled the scene in a car so police are currently carrying out
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a huge operation by thin heller and in that maybe i am rhea to arrest that 2nd suspect as quickly as possible that that suspect fled the scene of the shooting in how the in a car and so be very easy for them to reach any name by areas very quickly we have also heard reports now confirmed by police of a 2nd incident close by to an area of lambs back to the east of also closer here in lights and so we'll be getting more information i'm sure on that as well very soon and i spoke to police here in light say just a few moments ago they said at the moment that the police presence here in light sig isn't going there any changes at the moment that they don't plan to expand their operation here in light sake today and they are waiting for more information as well as it comes through because there is already quite a large police presence on the streets here in light sick today as you may be able
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to see behind me and that's because today marks the 30th anniversary of the demonstrations here in. the peaceful revolution in 1989 which eventually helped to bring down the fall and bring about the fall of the berlin wall in november of 1909 so there were already a lot of police officers around on the streets today the germans. president frank to shine my i gave a speech just an hour or so ago in the concert halls to my right here and he has just left just within the last half hour and later on today there are thousands of people expected to fill this square here in lights for the next part of these commemorations for the 30th anniversary of those monday demonstrations in a peaceful revolution and so there are expected to be huge crowds of people here in that light sleep tonight but at the moment police are saying that the operation here in light sake is remaining as it was but just by ari to be fair there does
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seem to be a lot more police officers walking around a lot more movement at the moment certainly keeping an eye on the comings and goings around the center of leipsic here on this main square that's in the center of downtown leipsic there's that same out of the ordinary k given that you spoke to police and they said that they were ramping up more of a presence there or do you think something might change there. i mean i don't think something's necessarily changed but of course they are going to be extremely vigilant knowing that only 30 kilometers away in there has been a shoe saying one of wind which is well 2 people have lost their lives to say far we have heard from police that 2 people were killed in that shooting in color and one suspect has so far been arrested and there are also reports that a 2nd suspect a 2nd perpetrator could still be on the road and said the moment the hollow train
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station has also been a block trains are now being redirected to here in light stick around 3034 kilometers away from hala so of course a huge disruptions as well hala which is considering the size of cities in eastern germany one of the most central cities in eastern germany and an import . connection for many people so days will have been disrupted there as well but at the moment the main focus of police is finding that 2nd suspect and they have also be warning people in how to find shelter or stay inside while this operation is still underway and while there is still the charms that perpetrates may be on the run ok brady in leipzig i'm sure will be speaking to you throughout the day thank you very much for that update and we'll bring you the latest information on the aftermath of that shooting and the ongoing investigation as we get it. from turkish
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troops building up of the border with syria ahead of a possible offensive against syrian kodesh fighters military vehicles have been arriving at the border and a turkish presidential an aide said they would cross into syria shortly as follows the withdrawal of u.s. troops from kurdish controlled northern syria turkish considers kurdish fighters terrorists it wants to create a safe zone and resettle millions of refugees their critics accuse the u.s. of abandoning an ally who fought against the so-called islamic states they fear the withdrawal could cause more instability in the region. and for more on this i'm now joined by our turkey correspondent in istanbul you know do we know when this offensive in syria is supposed to start. well it seems there's some last minute diplomacy going on right now phone calls have been exchanged again between washington on korea and ankara and moscow so we might see some developments there
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but according to turkish officials and the tenor of the media reporting here all day it seems like this so peroration could start to any moment now possibly within the next 24 hours as the turks defense ministry says the preparations all continuing but the troops already so it seems they are waiting for green light now which would probably come from prison at all on himself he just returned from a foreign trip today and he's also the commander in chief of the turkish armed forces the turkish government also says it would inform all relevant countries including the syrian regime bashar al assad about this oh peroration so this might also have an impact on the time frame and how is this in an offensive being looked at inside turkey how the media covering it. what broadcast and print media here are dominated by pro-government outlets and their reporting has been very supportive of this so peroration patrie or take even
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nationalist i've brought you one example here that's a daily newspaper and they have line says the turkish nation stands united wholeheartedly behind the turkish army and it goes on saying that women and men young and old are sending a message to the work that they will fight the terrorism threat once and for all but not all outlets are overwhelmingly pro-government there is another one i've brought you this some more critical newspaper and their headline says at the end of the road there is talk now as they are not openly criticizing this operation but they are talking about the risks and the many questions and the area where the long ones to install what he calls the saif zones for syrian refugees are now mainly controlled by kurds what would an invasion mean for the kurdish people there. well probably difficult times aid organizations are warning that a turkish incursion could immediately displace about $200000.00 people probably
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within syria not to cross the turkish border and this is also because the kurdish a fighters there are determined to defend the territory against a potential turkish assault they have said there should be 3 days of general mobilization so they call on civilians to defend the area in the east and north in syria against the turkish all me so the situation on the ground could potentially be very complicated and messy to say the least what about the other big players in the region like iran and russia what have i been saying to turkey's invasion plans well we have a reaction now by bashar al assad's regime in syria the foreign ministry that says and i'm quoting them they are determined to thwart turkish aggression by all legitimate means so no good news there they're probably also coordinating their reaction with russia and iran both allies of bashar al assad the iranians the
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iranian president has been very clear about this he says turkey is right to worry about border security but he also urged to show restraint and not to go had with a military action in within syria your reporting for us in istanbul thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world german police continue to hunt for clues as to why a man hijacked a truck in the western german town of nimble crashing into several cars 9 people suffered minor injuries in the incident including the truck's driver the suspect from syria has been charged with attempted murder in the case. the white house has announced it will not cooperate with congressional impeachment inquiry of u.s. president on a trump releasing a night page letter addressed to democratic party late is the trumpet ministration has also blocked gordon the u.s. u.s.
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ambassador to the european union from testifying at impeachment hearings the probe is examining a whistleblower complaint that trumps all political favors from ukraine. from the german government has passed a draft for a controversial new climate protection law that includes a package of measures aimed at curbing global warming but climate activists and some scientists allege the plans don't go far enough the movement extinction rebellion has been holding a series of protests in the german capital this week. a wave of plastic symbolizing the waste in our oceans climate activists from the extinction rebellion movement say drastic measures are needed to fight environmental pollution and global warming. moments and then open at the moment we're still in the privileged position here it's often not noticing the a fact so much other countries are far more affected we have to act something has to happen on a political level the citizens have to be taken so that there can be
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a stop to this. doesn't stop them con. while climate activists were taking to the streets the german government introduced a whole package of measures it's the 1st time germany's climate goals could become legally binding. starting in 2021 a ton of c o 2 will cost $10.00 euros. greenhouse gases should be reduced by 55 percent by 2030. the german government had already made a decision to phase out coal by 2038. complete compromises i want something when we manage to bring together different interests these compromises will be sustainable and they will restore peace in regards to societal conflicts. that compromises are not what these climate activists were hoping for it suits my story c o 2 tax is not enough to deal with an issue like climate change that's a global topic and calls for drastic measures which is what the government
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delivered in a weekend version enrages me to put it mildly. the german parliament still has to vote on the new climate bill these activists say they'll continue protesting to keep the pressure up. and with me now in the studio is ricardo lang she's the spokes person for the grain use here in germany we're going to thanks so much for coming in now the government climate package has been heavily criticised what one of your main issues with the package well i think all together it's just not enough the government is always telling us ted well it's a step in the right direction but a step in the right direction is not enough of the resa cream and the international like all the countries together came together and said what is necessary to to keep our planet intact and how and what is necessary treats to one pot of 1.5 to tree gold and now the government especially if this package has said good bye to peruse
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extreme and like they're saying us well we're doing you're giving a separate their action but when until now you have found nothing next to nothing is not good enough we have to do what is necessary that would be for example the exit of coal until 2030 that would be massive investments and rest in the new bill and a cheese mess of investments in transportation that is truly neutral and to have well we're just seeing baby steps that's not going to be enough i mean they're always he worried about the economy and worried about jobs what do you think is needed to make this a better package i think the problem is today i'll tell. today i'm not going further because of social justice but all like to things that are not done now they have to be done in the future but one day i have to be done in the future the time is going to be even shorter and even going to be even harder to put them in the social chastise actions i think that the moment a government is creating a massive source for social com in the future i think what we have to do is invest
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we have to get costs. like we call the shots nor we have the spend money we have to have investments we have to have. the infrastructure that provides every person no matter how much money they have the opportunity to lift climate neutral and then we also have to put a price on c o $2.00 because i have to it's already having a price at the moment but it's not paid for by assets paid by future generations and what the government like with in true years emma going into little prize we have to stops now with the brightest that actually tells us what's cost c o 2 is having at the moment and this package is going to be debated in parliament what chances do you say that you can make get any changes put in there well i think that's what brought us a fog the moment we have to be loud we have to be clear we have to show them that we're not going to go away if they stop doing their like if they are not doing enough when that's just going to say oh well we failed now we're going to go away and i think it's going to be hard because the government seems like they're not
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capable of really acting on the climate crisis at a moment so i am not really sure but i think we as protesters we as people who care for the future of our children have to do everything necessary and even if they go true if that is we will have you silence because then we will stay loud and we will get even stronger and so distraught over yet. spokesperson the grain youth here in germany thanks very much thank you very much. well there's a growing deadlock on rex that with top officials saying britain's latest proposals on a possible deal not satisfactory earlier a source close to boris johnson also told british media that chancellor merkel called breck's a deal quote overwhelmingly unlikely the u.k. is currently slated to leave the european union on october 31st. $22.00 days until break that time is running out and now it's too late to reach a deal with the e.u. at least that's the latest news music coming from london the british government no
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longer believes an agreement can be reached and that coming from downing street that blaming chancellor angela merkel council president donald is outraged boris johnson what's at stake is not winning some stupid blame game at stake is the future of europe and the u.k. as well as the security interests of our people you don't want to deal you don't want an extension you don't want to revoke. that follows a phone call between bars johnson and anglo machall the chancellor reportedly said an agreement was overwhelmingly unlikely if northern ireland does not remain in the e.u. customs union but did she really say that no comment from chancellor merkel she kept quiet on the subject later to at a meeting in berlin with david the president of the parliament for soli travel to london on tuesday afternoon to meet with boris johnson it didn't seem to produce
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very much progress where there are 2 alternatives to a deal at this juncture extension or no deal. after cicely's departure bars johnson told parliament he still wants a deal giving the impression that the 2 sides are living in different breaks that you know about it. for more i'm joined by correspondent barbara vessel who joins me from brussels. is there any hope in brussels that a deal can be reached before the october deadline. it seems throughout this day the hope is fading quickly because it is going from bad to worse so this is not the time to put money on the breath's a deal definitely because today even more voices emerged saying how difficult it is and how near impossible it is the dutch finance minister to go hawks are for instance he just said at the meeting here in brussels we should have the softest brakes that possible it's a tragedy for all of us but it takes 2 to tango indicating that the british side is
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not willing to tango and the german u. official from the commission there he said that you couldn't time limit the solution for northern ireland pouring cold water on some of the attempts behind the scenes to sort of still come to some sort of compromise so it is not going well at all no tangoing for virus virus johnson the view prime minister that so the issue seems to remain the sticky issue is the u.k. border with the republic of ireland why is that proving to be so difficult to result. that was the most difficult issue index of talks from the very beginning because northern ireland and the republic of ireland which will remain a member of the european union have a common economic sphere they sort of do their economics together there isn't any open border that is not even visible if you cross from one village to the next so
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if you put a border up there everybody says it cannot be done it's against the good friday agreement that brought peace to the era area and all governments have said that is not doable we cannot ever do it because violence might flare up again so abortions and offered to keep northern ireland the british side with in the right european rules for the single market with production for production of foodstuffs of hygiene and other industrial goods that is one part of it the other part to keep them in the customs union which organ which sort of. guarantees the border traffic between the 2 sides being friction is sort of more or less like with in one country he doesn't want to budge on that and so there is no movement in this and it is squaring the circle everybody has said so from the very beginning on and london sort of says now we are at the end of what we are willing to do and can do and so
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it seems a compromise is not possible at this point in time not possible but if there was to be a compromise on what to brussels want to see from london what would get them over the line. what would get them over the line is if a london moved with regard to the customs union if they said ok we'll leave that northern island more or less with in the territory of the customs union so the trucks and people with their goods in these sheep from want to the next and so on can just cross the border like they used to there will be no problems was the key which would under different circumstances offer great possibilities for smuggling and that would get it over the line but london is adamant that they can do it said absolutely not moving under no circumstances ever so the 2 sides seem to be digging themselves in and it looks really very bad for the summit next week yes
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quite a stalemate barbara vessel in brussels thanks very much for that analysis. and we're following breaking news for you out of a city in eastern germany at least 2 people have been killed in a shooting and police have detained one person local newspaper the middle daughter sidetone is reporting a man opened fire from the doorway of a synagogue in the north of the city he then fled and the local broadcast a n d r us has there was a shooting in a nearby straight people in hama being encouraged to stay alert and if possible at home and indoors police say they have deployed a large number of officers the city's train station is also closed while the area is in lockdown and today is yom kippur war also known as the day of jewish atonement that's the holiest day in judaism the site where the shooting reportedly took place is a historic site for the city's jewish community with me to discuss that a little bit more here in the studio is mom.


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