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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2019 3:30pm-3:45pm CEST

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the impact of a situation like this one when young from the modern security consulting group here in berlin thanks very much for your expertise and. well bringing the latest information on the aftermath of that shooting and the investigations as we get it but some breaking news coming in turkish turkey's president richard tayyip erdogan has announced the start of turkish military action in northern syria and on tweeted that the turkish army had begun what he called operation paced spring against kurdish militants for more on this i'm joined by our turkey correspondent yulia han in istanbul yulia can you hear me yeah i can hear you you know what do we know. well the operation has officially started that was just announced a few minutes ago by president and on the turkish president himself he tweeted the
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open ration has started and he says this is to destroy and i quote him here a peace accord or and bring peace to to destroy sorry of terror kori door and bring peace to the region of prison and on off role is the commander in chief of the turkish armed forces so it was expected that it would be him to officially announce the beginning of this offensive they also reports that turkish warplanes have started carrying out air strikes in the north and syria this has also been confirmed by turkish officials now so so this offensive has officially sausage now this is the latest here from turkey so it's very early days of this offensive details on a very scarce so far but how it has the the lead up to this offensive being looked at in turkey however have the media there been covering it.
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well let me let me add one more detail actually because that's also coming in the kurdish side of the kurdish fighters then within syria also reporting air strikes and they're saying as one quote that there's a huge panic among people so the situation there must be right now very messy and very complicated aid organizations have been warning about up to 200000 people that could be displaced by a turkish military assault immediately displays and the kurdish fighters there had also said that they want to fight the turkish assault until the very end these offer will fight as a trained and equipped by the us experience fighters that have battled the so-called islamic state so they said they are not going to give up that terror. tory without a fight so this is essentially not only an operation but a war that's coming up now and the situation is very complicated and further
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details are soon going to emerge and what does this mean for the 6 security situation in the region you know the fight against ayers has been for largely or at least in large part by the kurds what does that mean for the security situation on the border. while security here is the main all came and all of the turkish government they are saying the y p d fighters in the north in syria allied with the p k k here in turkey that has waged a decades long insurgency so they are saying these fighters are national security threat so we have to move we have to have this operation to get rid of the security threat but of course they all analysts are saying this operation is very risky the cuts themselves were the ones who have joined the american forces in the battle against isis and who have taken the responsibility of you know taking care of the ice is a threat there are isis prisoners in that area and donald trump and the turkish
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president have agreed on the turkey now taking over this responsibility at the same time turkey says now your old has to take back foreign isis fighters so the whole isis topic it seems has no clear solution at the moment so this makes the whole situation very very difficult what about the other big players in the region iran or russia has there been any reaction sort of fall from the u.s. . well yes there has been a direct reaction for example from the syrian regime and they said they would you know fight back in case of any aggression from the turkish side they would use all legitimate means that was a quote here from the syrian foreign ministry the russians have been kind of cautious openly. addressing this issue but the iranians the iranian president who is an ally of bashar al assad an important player said that he has urged turkey not to go ahead with this operation so i'm sure there is some kind of last minute
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diplomacy still going on that the turks now have created facts by starting this offensive. syria hand in istanbul thank you very much. for. and we bring you more on that developing story as it comes in but 1st the white house has announced it will not cooperate with congressional impeachment inquiry against president president trump his administration is alleging the inquiry is unconstitutional but top democrats are condemning the white house as announcement house speaker nancy pelosi says the president is trying to position himself above the law. he's trying to walk away from what he sees as the latest attack on his presidency with this move donald trump is calling the u.s. constitution into question in the 8 page letter democrats were told we won't
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cooperate with you the letter says that's because quote your inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation any pretense of fairness or even the most elementary jew process protections it is a very very strong brief very strong letter it is supported by footnotes not ball and not political propaganda it's hardly political it's legal and it's beyond their competence because they are so mesmerised we're going to have to trot this was all commonsense democrats say trump pushed ukraine's president to investigate his political rival joe biden and his son hunter using the machinery of government and his personal network in a july phone call with kiev the president repeatedly raised the matter. trump's private lawyer giuliani is just one of his inner circle accused of working on the ukraine campaign another man involved is golden son learned on the right he's trump's u.s. ambassador to the e.u.
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and the past campaign donor text messages released last week appeared to show how he supported pressuring ukraine zone choose day the state department's blocked him from testifying to democrats by preventing us from hearing from this witness and of these documents the president and secretary of state or taking actions that prevent us from getting the facts needed to protect the nation's security democrats are now upping the ante issuing a subpoena for some learns and their clear if trump continues to block installed the legal process they could use the matter is one of the articles of impeachment. while the fight over the impeachment inquiry between the trunk ministration and the democratic committees is intensifying congress itself is on a break most members of the assembly is spending time in their home districts talking to their constituents face to face for the very 1st time since the start of the impeachment proceedings they'd only as alexander phenomena traveled the battleground state of wisconsin to say how the story is playing out there.
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on a town hall tour in wisconsin one of the stops to tone up shelves over the last 2 weeks congressman mark cook and a democrat has traveled across his district to talk to his constituents about health care education and does anyone here want to talk about teacher and. i know you know we have a motive we have a crime we have a confession here we have it right i mean it's pretty. pretty right here like many of his fellow democrats the congressman supports the impeachment inquiry but here in his district among farmers who color workers he's facing some tough question was what are your republican colleagues say plus the other when i was running. a unfortunately what i've seen is more of them decide to just leave rather than say anything because there's
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a lot of pressure on them especially when they are running for reelection the only problem with everything that's going on in the hopes. to get serious you have to have so much more stuff of all so that there is a so that there becomes a tipping point is a certain. reached a tipping point no one's going to know yeah this is a president who thinks he's above the law the guy who told us he should so. he's trying to prove it right babies do stupid well thank you all very much appreciated again for his results just. explaining the impeachment inquiry to voters means walking a tightrope for democrats in swing states like wisconsin according to recent polls the support for the decision to look into donald trump's conduct has grown but at the same time many republicans still sees as a political move to bring down their president and it appears at least for now that
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impeachment has only white and the existing partisan divides. this city of one pond wisconsin congressman glen growth man a republican has been representing this district for 5 years he stands by the president i think there are too many people who ever since donald trump was sworn in spend all their trying time trying to kick him out rather than dealing with the issues that should be dealt with now and then just trying to beat him in the next election. all but shortly after the beginning of his town hall the congressman is being grilled by his constituents on the issue or so pretty republican support to another country to interfere with our election to go on and you know once more on all or more should come to a few presidents using his political power for political personal gain i also believe the word for prostitution and no one. so have you stated support
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for the internet through of asking if we're going to interfere in our elections but i don't mean every other president who is in the little bit more people who do the interim office almost all of the or. you know there's a lot of people out out there like. that really appreciate everything. and i think people will be surprised when he is voted back. or if they're already. reelected or impeached and convicted the dispute about that is likely to intensify and not only in better ground wisconsin. or turning to the breaking news story and at least 2 people have been killed in a shooting and grenade attack in the eastern german city of hama police have arrested one suspect and are looking for others who are thought to have fled the saying a local newspaper is reporting that a man opened fire from the doorway of
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a synagogue services were taking place for young poor the holiest day in the. calender there are reports of a separate incident at a combat shop in holland and a 3rd shooting in the town of lundberg outside hella federal antiterrorism prosecutors have taken over the investigation and police have warn the public to remain alert here's a closer look at where the synagogue shooting is reported to have occurred in. polish district german railway authorities have confirmed that they've closed station until further notice. well i'm joined again by thomas sparrow a political correspondent thomas of bring us up to speed with all of the latest information that we need know is confirmed from what you've just said i would highlight 2 very important things one we're talking about various locations where this incident or series of incidents might have happened police and authorities in
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general are trying to put the puzzle in a way to get them to try to understand whether these different incidents are in any way connected and how that's one key question the 2nd one which you already mentioned is the fact that the investigation has been taken over by federal prosecutors this follows a pattern in germany at the beginning this is normally taken by regional prosecutors and then it is only moved a step up if authorities consider that for example it might be related you don't want run over to tara and in this particular case although we don't know the motive yet we do know that federal prosecutors have said that they're taking the investigation and they are going to be leading that investigation in order to understand what happened in the german city of holland what we know so far comes from 2 sources from the police in the city of and from political authorities in the city of what we know from the police is that at least 2 people have been killed that's the official statistic that they have said that there were multiple shooters
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on the on the run they used that word in cruel so they're probably looking at most about what is more than one person a 2nd important element and the 3rd one they've asked people to stay indoors and be cautious and they've also stress that they're talking to witnesses and they have cordoned off the area to try and sort of put all these pieces together that's what we know from the police what we know from the political authorities in but you can for example the mayor in the city of how is that all of these in and around how they are on high alert and that a special committee that deals with these kinds of emergencies has been called in order to support the investigation in any way that they can do. now he spoke of witnesses in place talking to them one witness who was in the shop who claimed to be in the shop when they alleged shooting took place there has been a contingent of local media and we have listened. to you come on man i saw a man in the helmet he was right outside the combat shop behind an old lady he was
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wearing an army uniform everything looked very militaristic he had a weapon in his hand in the mosque on. and it looked like he had a hand grenade of something else maybe a firecracker and he wanted to throw it into the shop. but it hit the door and exploded in front of the old woman with the huge bang then he came into the shop and opened fire. and everyone ran away shouting and screaming towards the staircase which was heading out the back of the shop. and i saw the entrance to the toilets where i here and everyone else tried to find a way out or even a window. if that wasn't on that and. there was another loud explosion and a lot of shouting opposition that picked. up one by 20 and then suddenly grew silent.


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