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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2019 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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it should be connected somehow coordinated and this is really something that needs to be considered so that this would point to a certain professionalism to a certain degree of planning so the what we call as security analyst the terrorists or the crime whatever the attack cycle that it requires to prepare such a. such an incident has been executed quite professionally in the case of howlett day. so this would point to a background maybe more in the political sphere rather than in the crime family i could talk to you thank you for joining us that mel to see a security at expert. welcome will turn out for some more breaking news turkey has begun its military offensive in northern syria aimed at crushing kurdish fighters on the move comes immediately after the u.s. pulled its troops out of the area turkish t.v. reports that jets are carrying out airstrikes on syrian kurdish positions on the
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border town of tal abi at the ports from the kurdish that syrian democratic forces say their priority now is to protect the border and focus on confronting the president of unannounced the offensive into tweets before the strikes the turkish armed forces together with the syrian national army just launched operation peace spring against the p.k. k y p g and diet. straight to turkey that day w correspondent dorian jones joins us from istanbul welcome dorian as a tell us more about the turkish military operation. well there has been this ongoing bombardment from the air within hours of the announcement of the operation jets have been relentlessly pounding towns across the syrian border here at least 4 possibly 5 towns have been struck took issue tillery 2 have been bombarding the area along with mortar fire there have been some reports that the
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syrian kurdish forces have retaliated using small fire and mortars attacking nearby turkish border towns and this is just the very beginning of what is seen the turkish forces are laying the ground for a major ground offensive possibly they can start at night in the early hours of the morning part of a very major operation that turkey has been planning for many months i what are you hearing from northern syria. well it's very difficult to get a real report from what's happening but we do understand that from statements released by the syrian kurdish forces if the scribed major panic in town centers with the airstrikes claiming at least one person has been killed several of the injured including reports of 2 children among those injured that numbers are expected to rise as minute much of the 5 by turkish forces is in heavily populated areas we're also getting reports that there are large numbers of syrian kurds
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leaving the border town streaming out of them in spite of appeals by the syrian kurdish forces to stand the reports are they are calling for some human barrier of people to be erected to prevent the expected ground offensive in the coming hours. president says he wants to install what he calls safe zones to syrian refugees in the area that's now remaining controlled by i will add attacks i'm driving kurds out of their homes achieve this. well i think this is part of a very carefully calculated plan that has been in the pipeline for many many months even over a year and this is the priority when the key priorities of this operation is ultimately to return between one and 2000000 syrian refugees currently living in turkey turkey is hosting around 3 and a half 1000000 for many years now and there has been this growing turkish public pressure. to basically end their presence it is
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a major political pressure on facing and he does feel that he has to act and part of his solution to this growing tensions in turkey is to send back these syrian kurdish syrian refugees back to this 30 kilometer deep safe zone that calls now most of these people are believed to be sunni arabs they will be going to an area that is predominantly populated by kurds this has led to growing accusations of turkey's engage in some form of demographic policy of changing the nature of this region to add added protection to the country now that will bring couldnt international pressure and concerns over that is illegal under international law but uncle insists that the syrian refugees have to return and this is a central plank of this operation but it is part of the many months of operation they need to create security they need to create this cauldron of up to 30 kilometers that's going to run for several 100 kilometers along turkey's border
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a massive area and a massive operation is required to restore security before they can even talk about returning refugees and so how is this action being viewed in turkey dora. the turkish media which is most of it is under direct or in direct government control has been strongly behind this operation ever since the american president gave the green light to it. all across the media now is saturation coverage praising the turkish military what they say is a war to protect turkey's border and. the threat of terrorism is that turkey has been fighting a kurdish insurgency for decades and the syrian kurdish militia is seen as an extension of that fight so very much at the beginning of this operation there is grow broad support among the media and even across turkey's main parties with the exception of turkey's pro kurdish party which is of opposed to this operation so for now $31.00 thoughts how broad support will that will that continue that much depends on how this operation unfolds. dorian jones in istanbul thank you
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or of course from the kurdish side syrian democratic forces say asked rags there are causing a huge panic amongst the people there that spokesman had this to say that sat down at the kiev and sit out in a jar turkey's trying through these attacks to open new lands for the mercenaries of the state and is trying to lengthen the life of these groups we do not agree with any attacks by turkey or by the people supporting it and the world knows the reason behind the attack on northeastern syria therefore we call on human rights organizations and all democratic countries the european union and united nations to take a stance against the turkish attack anyone that is not moving against a turkish attack is considered a supporter of it. yet the lot of us are the result of that and of course turkey is a member of the nato defense alliance and that secretary general has responded to this military action against elton burke said at a news conference and it's
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a day that nato has been informed by to. about the ongoing operation in northern syria he said that while turkey had legitimate security concerns its military operations a must be restrained it is important to avoid actions that may further these stabilize the region escalate tensions on course for human suffering. i count on turkey to act with restraint. and sure that and the action it may take in northern syria is proportionate and measured. we must not jeopardize the gains we have made together against our common enemy. is go to brussels not speak to the mugs on the welcome does the you have a law and use incursion into syria well the e.u. is not directly involved in the actions there but the e.u.
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sees many issues that are connected to the invasion and this might have severe consequences for members of the bloc. one of one of these issues would involve isis fighters in kurdish guarded camps in northern syria. there's the fear that if the kurdish guards would have to abandon these camps and move towards the northern border and fight the turks that this could ultimately lead to a resurgence of ice's isis loyalists and fighters escaping and these people in the long run making their way to europe another issue would be. that these resettlement plans and the fighting would increase the pressure on migration and that also people here could end up making their way towards europe so has there been a formal a huge response to this action yet. so far not the the e.u. parliament is scheduled to have
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a debate later today. commission the president don't call juncker earlier said that . the european union is not going to. finance the safe so that the turkish president is planning on implementing in northern syria. the idea probably here would be that. that the president this president was planning on sending $2000000.00 syrians back to syria and to resettle them to to the northern to northern syria that this would be funded from by funds coming out of the e.u. turkey d.-o. money that's provided by the european union used to accommodate up until now 3600000 syrians in turkey within the turkish borders but make clear that if these people are not in turkey any longer that the e.u. will not foot the bill for them and the longer in syria so does the e.u. have any sort of leverage on turkish actions in syria. turkey needs the e.u. and the e.u.
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needs turkey they do have a quite complex relationship and the e.u. essentially needs turkey to help with with migration with as part of the e.u. turkey deal where turkey is supposed to host the refugees in turkey and keep them from moving further west to 2 european member states such as greece but then turkey at the on the other hand needs the european union they want a visa regulations for their citizens and they also want a customs union expansion so there's multiple issues here. in brussels thank you and i will take a look at some of the rest of the day's news the white house has announced it will not cooperate with the congressional impeachment inquiry against president trump is administration allies use the inquiry is unconstitutional but top democrats are condemning the white house's announcements of yet more grounds for impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi says the president is trying to position himself above
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the law. he's trying to walk away from what he sees is the latest attack on his presidency with this move donald trump is calling the u.s. constitution into question in the 8 page letter democrats were told we won't cooperate with you the letter says that's because quote your inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation and the pretense of fairness or even the most elementary jew process protections it is a very very strong british very strong letter it is supported by footnotes not ball and not political propaganda it's hardly political it's legal and it's beyond their comprehension because they are so mesmerised we're going to have to chop this was all commonsense democrats say trump pushed ukraine's president to investigate his political rival joe biden and his son hunter using the machinery of government and his personal network and in july phone call with kiev the president repeatedly
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raised the matter trunks private lawyer giuliani is just one of his in a circle accused of working on the ukraine campaign another man involved discord in song law and on the rights he's trumps u.s. ambassador to the e.u. and the past campaign jonah text messages released last week appear to show how he supported pressuring ukraine zone choose day the state department's blocked him from testifying to democrats by preventing us from hearing from this witness and these documents. the president and secretary of state are taking actions that prevent us from getting the facts needed to protect the nation security democrats are now upping the ante issuing a subpoena for some lens and that clear if trump continues to block install the legal process they could use the matter is one of the articles of impeachment. so here's a reminder of our top stories at this hour 2 people have been killed in shooting
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attacks near a synagogue and at a kebab shop in the eastern german city of hama gunfire also erupted in the nearby town of lon's bad place of arrested one suspect john did not say they believe he acted alone and the city was in lockdown but that is not being lifted. and turkey has begun its expected military action in northern syria president branch of tire heard on tweeted that the turkish army has begun operation peace spring against kurdish militants secretary general of nato which turkey is a member does call for restraint. up next that news africa without much more world leaders at the top of the hour have a good. after
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the fall of the berlin. illinois. this is a state of being here's africa coming up in the next 15 minutes kenya's green future at the price of heritage. the messiah community fears small evictions from their ancestral land as the government moves to expand its bring new of all energy projects. one of the me that was also born off and will take it somalia wave one.


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