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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin tonight a german city in shock after an attack a gunman opened fire in the eastern city of khalid today killing 2 people he used molotov cocktails to attack a crowded city god police are saying tonight that the suspects may have had extreme right views also coming up in turkey begins its military offensive in northern syria warplanes launched raids against kurdish militants in what president richard to one is calling operations peace spring he says he wants to prevent what he calls
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a chair record or a long turkey's southern border with syria. i'm good to have you with us tonight germany's interior ministry is calling a shooting in eastern germany today and anti semitic attack the 2 people were killed in the eastern city of hala when an attacker opened fire outside a synagogue and at a nearby shop authorities say that the government also tried to force his way into the synagogue where worshippers had gathered for young kapoor the holiest day in the jewish calendar police have arrested one person german media are saying that the suspect is a 27 year old german man with a right wing extremist background. all right we've got complete coverage of what
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happened today joining me now is my colleague karl nelson he is on the ground for us in holly good evening to you karl so what's the latest i mean we've got the german interior minister talking about an anti semitic attack what more do we know . right brant and that was not clear throughout the day that is news that is coming in recently as you can see i'm standing here in holland behind me there is still a strong police presence in fact the streets where this shooting took place has been blocked off all day and into the evening there are still emergency vehicles here on the scene as well what we know is that it was a lone attacker police had been looking for tension before additional suspects that was here earlier today in the afternoon and opened fire on the streets in fact attempted to gain access to that synagogue where services were taking place 2 people have been confirmed dead sue others are severely injured and they are currently in the hospital now we know that this attacker was reportedly dressed in
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military style gear was heavily armed carrying military style equipment potentially even grenades some eyewitnesses saying there were grenades involved as well and that attacker attempted to enter the synagogue during the services now there are security personnel outside of synagogues and other jewish institutions in germany they are posted there 247 and apparently that security was able to deter him and propel him away from the synagogue where then the shooting took place a potentially innocent bystander we just know that a woman was shot and killed a few meters away and then another victim was shot inside of a kebab shop a small restaurant nearby so that's the latest that we know so far of course as you mentioned interior minister a horse a horse as a whole for has now said that he believes there are links not only to anti-semitism but also to far right extremism you know and speaking of the bombshell let's take
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a listen to what one of the eyewitnesses said today an employee in that can bomb shop describe the scene describe what happened to goodness. at 1st he threw his grenade into the shop but he didn't get in. he stayed in front of the door. after the grenade he came in with a weapon and he pointed in my direction. i was behind the salad bar and tried to hide. then he approached an old man. and he said please don't shoot i haven't done anything. but the perpetrator continued to shoot. the old man just throughout the room. i came up from behind the salad bar and could see that he had gone outside to his car to get another weapon. he came back to the shop and i guess that was when the 2nd shooting happened. when he killed the construction worker that other decide the man at the bow out of the shays you know
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it's amazing how calm and collected that eyewitness is considering the the horror that he witnessed today we've got 2 crime scenes that police are talking about we've got that synagogue and we've also got this cisco bob diner what are police saying that these 2 locations what does that say about the motive. right now there really is no boat if we're not sure exactly who the suspect is we do know a few details potentially a young german man in his twenty's but it's too early to say exactly what the motive is although we do now hear from a german interior minister horses a all for that he's saying at least that there are links to far right extremism and he is calling this an anti semitic attack of course this attack happened on yom could poor brant that is the holiest day in the jewish calendar there were some 70 to 80 people gathered inside a cording to the local jewish community that's basically at full capacity this is
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the day that if you are observant or even not so observant jew would likely attend a religious service there were services happening in fact throughout the day on a religious day like today so it is easy potentially to infer some sort of anti-semitic motive but we do not have that confirmed at this time and it is also been confirmed girl that the suspect dropped an explosive device in front of the synagogue is that what you've been hearing as well. well we have heard from some eyewitnesses there been reports about hand grenades so we heard there from that eyewitness that there was a hand grenade involved in that attack in the nearby kabob shop we have also heard reports that there was some sort of grenade potentially thrown into a nearby jewish cemetery that's essentially what we know about those sort of explosives we've also heard that potentially the suspect was well armed with some
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sort of homemade explosive devices in his vehicle but there have been no reports of major explosions here it's been a quiet seen tonight brand residents were told to stay inside in fact for many hours that order has now been lifted the main train station here in holland was also closed for most of the day trains were being rerouted to the nearby city of leipsic so there certainly was some concern especially when authorities thought that there might be potentially one or more other coconspirators or attackers involved here but right now what authorities are telling us is that there was only one person who acted alone and he was certainly heavily armed all right he didn't use kong ousmane there in the german city of hala with the latest on the attack that took place today 2 people killed carol thank you very much we'll come back to you a little bit later or if we want to go now to the west german intel newbon where we are joined now by malta or shin ski he is a security analyst jim walsh is good to have you on the program we've got the
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interior minister of germany horse does a whole for confirming that the synagogue attack has in. anti semitic a for right background motive if you will i mean how strong is this far right scene in germany now. well the far right scene in germany has certainly been emboldened by a number of fact is over the last 23 years. we've had. allegations of actually investigations going on by the german authorities for the past year 2 years looking into right wing extremists networks for example last year in the town of chemists of the city of kemet such a network was discovered so it is actually. increasing the threat this increasing definitely and there has been a demonstrated will to use firearms to in the past and now it does have actually
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happened would you would you say that this has the hallmarks of a copycat. crime we understand that the police said that the gunman also had a mini cam on his helmet that was live streaming he want to do to get inside a house of worship that was filled with people i mean it does sound like another christ church massacre in the making what do you say about that. yes it definitely carries the whole mocks of the christ church attack that happened in mid march in new zealand where the attack also was transmitting his killings live on social networks now the same thing appears to have happened now in hollywood so the attack today was apparently really looking at. what the christchurch attacker had
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been doing and was obviously trying to at least copy some tactics so there is also a very strong vesper also very strong indication of a right wing act and a jewish house of worship in tell me the size of holland in germany. not be the 1st place that maybe people would expect to find an anti-semitic or a far right crime being planned but that is indeed what police now are looking at or talking about so what does that tell us then about intelligence and security across the country i mean was is this a case where the country's security agencies intelligence did they let someone get through did they fail or how would you describe what happened today. first of all specially in east germany also in. the region where this happened there has
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been an increase in an overall. right wing sentiment. not the majority but that is fertile ground in this particular case. it's hard to say whether there was an intelligence failure before and. as it stands now it looks like it was a single attack so there was no network whenever there's a network involved in terrorist attacks it's easy to place intelligence sources near it's all eavesdrop for example on communications if there's a single attack of this is of course not the case and the other thing is that the weapon used by the attack appears to be a homemade submachine gun for which you can find instructions online on you tube for example and might be you know we're looking at video right now of the gunman that was taken as this incident was taking place what do you make of the fact that this is the gunman he's standing out on the street broad daylight knowing that he
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can be seen and yet he's still you know going ahead with with this attack i mean that's a brazen attack in your face kind of and does that does that shock you that you are seeing that or how do you read this. well it's obvious that the attacker expected some some kind of showdown and he was. he was equipped for some sort of shootout he had a protective helmet he was allegedly wearing some sort of ballistic vest so he was expecting that there would be a confrontation with the authorities with police at some point and it looks like this would at least indicate that this would be something expected by by the a taco so he was he was trying to make a very obvious and. he was trying to make a point a political point he wanted things to be seen that's why he also streamed live and
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he apparently calculated. others would see this and would maybe record this on their mobile phones which has also happened so he was really trying to make sure that everyone that's a lot of people would actually know about this so in order to maximize the shock effect and it certainly has done some of its. rights multiverse security analysts thought he was denied from the western town of bon mots we appreciate your time and your insights tonight a very helpful thank you thank you welcome. our now to the day's other big story breaking news tonight a turkey has begun a military offensive in northern syria aimed at crushing kurdish fighters the move comes immediately after the u.s. pulled its troops back from the area turkish jets have been carrying out air strikes on syrian kurdish positions on the border between the 2 countries reports
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from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say their priority now is to protect the border into focus on confronting turkey the military operation has drawn media criticism and calls for restraint coming from nato turkish president richard wanted nelse the offensive into tweets before the strikes. the turkish armed forces together with the syrian national army just launched operation peace spring against the p.k. k y p g and terrorists in northern syria our mission is to prevent the creation of a terror corridor across the southern border and to bring peace to the area operation peace spring will neutralize terrorist threats against turkey and lead to the establishment of a safe zone facilitating the return of syrian refugees to their homes we will preserve syria's territorial integrity and liberate local communities from terrorists are let's take the story now to turkey our correspondent dorian jones is
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standing by in istanbul good evening to you dorian what kind of operation are we looking at here dorian we just saw in that tweet from richard the goal here is to neutralize terrorist threats but is he talking about the terrorists being the kurds or is he talking about the terrorists being the isis prisoners that are in the area . you speak to touch officials they'll say it's both but let's be clear the primary optics of this operation is to drive back the syrian kurdish militia that has been on turkey's boulder for several years except that this group is a terrorist organization linked to a kurdish insurgency in the site turkey and they say that they have been committed to removing this threat from its from its border and it will point to the fact that it has getting support from the international community saying that they are respecting turkey's right to protect its bolt and now this operation is going to be a major operation.


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