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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2019 8:15pm-8:30pm CEST

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correspondent dorian jones is standing by in istanbul good evening to you dorian what kind of operation are we looking at here dorian we just saw in that tweet from rich a thai air to one the goal here is to neutralize terrorist threats but is he talking about the terrorists being the kurds or is he talking about the terrorists being the isis prisoners that are in the area. speak to touch officials they'll say it's both but let's be clear the primary objective of this operation is to drive back the syrian kurdish militia that has been on turkey's border for several years has said that this group is a terrorist organization linked to a kurdish insurgency site turkey and they say that they have been committed to removing this threat from it and it will point to the fact that it has getting support from the international community saying that they are respecting turkey's right to protect its borders now this operation is going to be a major operation this is been in the planning for months turkey plans to create
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a 30 kilometer deep. safe zone as president calls it and it's going to be several 100 kilometers along syria's border a massive area turkey plasticky this area of the syrian kurdish militia and then ultimately to start moving in millions of syrian refugees currently living in turkey the kurdish forces today to fight the turks every inch not to give up one inch of territory what do you hearing from northern syria i mean how. were forces from turkey able to get today. well this is just it's a beginning this is the bombardment ahead of the expected ground operation which could start in the coming hours we've seen the turkish jets taking off from air bases all along turkey syrian border pounding syrian kurdish militia bases and also towns of turkey's border we've heard reports that there's been
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a mass panic in some of these towns reports of civilian casualties and injuries many people are reportedly now leaving the area streams of refugees piling out of these towns that turkey is ahead of what is expected to be a very potentially bloody operation given the fact that the kurdish militia saying they are and fight. today we also has been pounding this area plumes of black smoke have been pouring up into the sky all along to the syrian border but the major operation is expected possibly the next well certainly the next day the ground operation is when the real fighting will start but this is the heart of a very long time operation and one in 2 weeks possibly months and dorian turkish president heir to one says he wants to install what he's calling safe zones for syrian refugees who are now in turkey he wants to repatriate them back to syria but in in his
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a in his mind these areas will only be safe when the kurds are no longer there right so that the ultimate goal is one to repopulate the area demographic engineering and to get rid of the kurds from the area right i mean that there are several goals here. well turkish officials would reject the claim that they are engaged in any demographic changing change in the area they say that they have nothing against the kurdish population living in this area this is all about fighting this militia they call this terrorist organization they say that has to be neutralized or pushed back but they insist that they have nothing against the kurds but it has to be said the fact that the president is talking about returning one to 2000000 of syrian refugees most of them are believed not to come from this area these are sunni arabs whereas his areas predominantly kurdish is leading to the concern that turkey's engage in demographic changes making the area more secure and from their point of view driving out the kurdish
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population or certainly diluting it this is against international law is very sensitive about this but the certainly is a growing fear that turkey is engaged in this game a graphic change and possibly leading to a major exodus of kurds from the region. crisis in a country that has faced so many it's. also the president said that u.s. president has now passed the baton to turkey when it comes to leading the fight against a so-called islamic state. reported inside turkey that now the turks not the americans are expected to lead the fight against isis. but all the statements coming from turkey should fischer's now talk about this is a war not only against the terrorist organization of the kurdish terrorist group but they also say so against the islamic state and they're very happy to take on
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this operation because they say provide legitimacy they see this as legitimizing this turkish operation so they say it's not just against kurdish terrorists but the terrorists and that will be something. from the expected growing international criticism that it face when we get growing reports of civilian deaths and fears of a major refugee crisis writer who responded with the latest from inside turkey dorian thank you. all right let's take the story now to the u.s. capitol in washington d.c. our correspond carlos laker is standing by good evening to you carlos so yes this what we're seeing today has a lot to do with the u.s. president what has been his reaction to the turkish incursion president donald trump has released a statement in which it says that it's that the u.s. does not endorse his military action in syria and that quote has made it clear to
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turkey that this operation is a bad idea so it's spoken out clearly against what is going on and we heard earlier this week in a tweet from the u.s. president that he would obliterate the turkish economy if this incursion goes what he calls off 'd limits what does he mean by that what is off limits. off limits on the one hand what's being turkey is not ensuring that captured so-called islamic state fighters are kept from posing a risk to western nations like the u.s. for example so the one thing is that turkey needs to make sure that these captured fighters are held and cannot escape and the other thing that trump mentioned in his statement earlier today was that the u.s. will hold turkey to a commitment of protecting civilians and protecting religious minority is so if
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this commitment is not kept that could be another red line that that is we heard today that there is the president is trying to draw a red line in the sea and today and earlier in the week he rolled out the red carpet for turkey when it comes to syria we know there's been a lot of criticism in washington republican senators criticizing trump's decision to remove u.s. troops from northern syria what are they saying tonight. they are still very outspoken against what is going on in syria lindsey graham a republican senator from south carolina who's usually known as a big trumps of order has said that the trumpet ministration was shamelessly abandoning its kurdish allies and he has more recently said that the president is doing this completely against everybody else's advice so even even his allies in
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the republican party are very critical of the secession to pull out of syria the democrats were that were they saying now that this incursion has begun. one democratic senator chris van hollen is actually working on a bipartisan bill with graham to put sanctions on cherokee if for this for this invasion so they are also very very critical of current events and of an hollande has said that. that turkey must pay a heavy price for attacking our syrian kurdish partners so trump is really getting a lot of criticism from both sides of the aisle and do we know. how was this all playing out in terms of public opinion because there is the impeachment inquiry that is taking place right now in the united states and now you have the president getting a lot of blowback because of his decision with syria i mean how are those 2 things
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interacting when it comes to public opinion while they are putting the president under a lot of pressure and you could see earlier today that the trial was very active on twitter basically firing on all cylinders and that is usually something that that happens when when he is aware that really. he isn't doing too well in the public eye and that that is currently the state authority washington correspondent carla bley can with the latest tonight from the u.s. capital. thank you. are let's take a look now at some of the day's other stories the white house has announced it will not cooperate with that congressional impeachment inquiry against president donald trump is administration the wages that the inquiry is unconstitutional but top democrats are condemning the white house's announcement as yet more grounds for impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi says that the president is trying to
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position himself above the wall. he's trying to walk away from what he sees is the latest attack on his presidency with this move donald trump is calling the u.s. constitution into question in the 8 page letter democrats were told we won't cooperate with you the letter says that's because quote your inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation any pretense of fairness or even the most elementary jew process protections it is a very very strong british a very strong letter it is supported by footnotes not ball and not political propaganda it's hardly political it's legal and it's beyond their comprehension because they are so mesmerised we're going to have to chop this was all commonsense democrats say trump pushed ukraine's president to investigate his political rival joe biden and his son hunter using the machinery of government and his personal
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network in a july phone call with kiev the president repeatedly raised the matter trumps private lawyer giuliani is just one of his inner circle accused of working on the ukraine campaign another man involved schooled in sunland on the rights he's trump's u.s. ambassador to the e.u. and a past campaign donor text messages released last week appear to show how he supported pressuring ukraine zone choose day the state department's blocked him from testifying to democrats by preventing us from hearing from this witness and obtain these documents. the president and secretary of state are taking actions that prevent us from getting the facts needed to protect the nation security democrats are now upping the ante and showing a subpoena for some lens and that clear if trump continues to block can stall the legal process they could use the matter is one of the articles of impeachment. and
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this comes as public opinion in the u.s. is shifting the latest polls out today show that a majority of americans are now in favor of both impeachment and of removing donald trump from office congress will not deal with that directly it is on break this week most members of congress are spending time in their home districts talking to their constituents face to face for the very 1st time since these impeachment proceedings began the w.'s alexander phenomenon traveled to the battleground state of wisconsin to see how the washington battle is playing out there. on a town hall tour in wisconsin one of the stops the ton of shelter over the last 2 weeks congressman mark cook and a democrat has traveled across his district to talk to his constituents about health care education and does anyone here would like the teacher and. i know you
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know we have a motive we have a problem we have a confession here we have it right i mean it's pretty. pretty right here like many of his fellow democrats to congressman support the impeachment inquiry but here in his district among farmers who color workers he's facing some tough question was what are your republican colleagues say plus that was really really a unfortunately what i've seen is more of them decided to just leave rather than say anything because there's a lot of pressure on them especially if they are running for reelection the only problem with everything that's going on in the hopes is that to get serious you have to have so much more stuck a vote so that there is a so that there becomes a tipping point is a server and toes are reached a tipping point no one's going to oh yeah this is a president who thinks he's above the law you think a hole is huge so. he's trying to prove it right babies do stupid well thank
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you all very much appreciate the good wishes results of. explaining the impeachment inquiry to voters means walking a tightrope for democrats in swing states like wisconsin according to recent polls the support for the decision to look into donuts trumps conduct has grown at the same time many republicans still sees as a political move to bring down their president and it appears at least for now that impeachment has only white. the existing partisan divides. the city of one pond wisconsin congressman glen growth man a republican has been representing this district for 5 years he stands by the president i think there are too many people who ever since donald trump was sworn in spend all their trying time trying to kick him out rather than dealing with
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issues that should be dealt with now and then just trying to beat him in the next election. all but shortly after the beginning of his town hall the congressman is being grilled by his constituents on the issue or so for republican support for another country to interfere with our elections is on and he notes from all the whole show i feel the president's using his political power for political personal gain i also believe that the former constitution and no one. so have you stated support for the pietschmann for asking if we're going to interfere in our life seems like every other president who has yet a little more people to liam from office almost all of the.


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