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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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check it out. this is g w news line from berlin tonight solidarity from the german chancellor at a vigil in berlin after and in time semitic attack on a synagogue the assault failed but the suspected gunman still managed to kill 2 people in the german city of hama also coming up tonight in turkey begins its military offensive in northern syria. against kurdish militants in what president
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appeared to one calls operation peace spring he says he wants to prevent what he calls a cherished corridor or a long turkey's southern border. i'm off it's good to have you with this we begin tonight with that anti-semitic attack on a synagogue in germany that took place on judaism's holiest day the day of atonement yom kapoor the attack in the eastern city of hala sale but the frustrated gunman turned his weapons on a nearby shop and shot 2 people to death tonight. showed her solidarity with germany's jewish community by attending a vigil at a synagogue here in berlin the country's interior minister tonight. said that it
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can be assumed that the whole attack was indeed anti-semitic so at the end of that vigil merkel spoke to reporters here is part of what she said. and beyond what it's a little by the unfortunately today on your holiest day we have witnessed something terrible the theme of 100 people have lost their lives there was an attack on jews in germany and in the it's not my call and that of the government is to do everything possible to ensure that you can live in safety at this stage shows us that this is not so simple and that we must you even more. in the us. now is the german chancellor angela merkel this evening here in berlin where police have arrested a suspect in today's shootings he's reported to be a 27 year old german man with a right wing extremist background at 1st police thought that several people had carried out the attacks but they later decided that it was just one man who had
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acted alone. the midday attack filmed by a resident in holland the video shows a man dressed in combat type gear climbing out of a car and firing off a series of shots. a few streets away eyewitnesses recount how a woman was shot in front of the synagogue there of the event 1st there was a huge bang and then someone tried to get into the jewish cemetery who fired several times with a shotgun at the cemetery at the door. and then the woman came along the one who was shot she just came along from the tram stop quite by chance for the post was more than. the synagogue was full when it was targeted was shipper's with celebrating judaism's holiest festival of young kapoor an attacker trying to shoot the synagogue door open a jewish leader says the reinforced structure withstood the onslaught. close by
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a man was killed as adonikam back shop also came under attack. i was standing right in the entrance and saw an older woman pass the shop by suddenly a man came up behind her dressed in a helmet and army things or at least very military looking. he was holding a rifle and had a balaclava on. he tried to throw what looked like a hand grenade into the shop. but also in the hunt but it bounced off the door frame and went off right in front of the old woman with a really loud bang. and he raised the rifle and began shooting. police said shots were also find in landsberg a town 15 kilometers from halla but it wasn't clear whether the 2 incidents were related soon after police arrested a person outside talor who is reported to be a 27 year old white german male with
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a rightwing extremist background. then w.'s cone usman he is on the ground fours in the city of color t.v. do you call it is been a busy day things a lot quieter now than they were earlier today and we know now that the day could have been did much worse it could have been a bloodbath tell us exactly what do we know what's the latest. it really could have been a lot worse brant i'm standing here in holland you can see behind me there is still a strong police presence on the scene there blocking off the entrance to the streets where beyond that is the synagogue and facts just here you can see the very edge of this cemetery on the far end is where the jewish portion of that cemetery is now earlier today was a much different scene of course this attack was described by some officials here as a rampage i mean this suspected shooter try to gain access to this synagogue on the holiest day of the jewish calendar on yom kippur this is
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a day when there would have been prayers from morning all the way until night we believe there were some 70 to 80 or shippers inside to give you some perspective the jewish community link to this synagogue is only around 700 peoples that's potentially about 10 percent of the jewish community here and hala would have been inside of course as we heard those doors were locked the gunman could not gain access and instead wince down that streets firing at random we think killing one woman and then killing another man and that kabob shop 2 other people were seriously injured and they are in the hospital receiving treatment as we speak but certainly it was a chaotic day here and as you mentioned brant if that attacker had made it had made it inside the synagogue it could have been much worse. to the been a lot worse and i and i think particular people in the jewish community were aware of that this evening we heard this evening from the president of germany's central council of jews here's part of what he had to say. that's why i'm so keen and is
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going to that i was and still is shocking off the underside on the one hand we're seeing a new quality and that is horrible. but it's a development that i and we as jews have warned against in recent months you just as i had in let's go let's we are seeing a shift to right wing extremism in society often say it's extremist scene it feels to me that words are followed by actions of i don't see it as an isolated case that just happened. but as a clear and direct development of guns and he said they're seeing we're seeing a shift in society and part of that has to do with with technology and with people wanting to repeat what they had seen today's attack we heard from several security analysts had the hallmarks of the christ church massacre that happened
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earlier this year in new zealand. it did and this is something that's worrying i mean with some experts say that while anti-semitism itself may not be getting bigger the opportunities for people within that community to interact with each other to discuss theories and ideas that have been debunked to even now share violent acts against the jewish community those opportunities are there especially with technology such as live streaming we saw something very similar of course in the christ church shooting where the perpetrator there are live streams his actions on facebook and the video was up for hours even days afterwards it isn't a far stretch to imagine that someone would have seen that video and potentially been inspired to commit copy cat violence we heard from twitch the company where this video was streamed that in fact they have confirmed it was live streamed by
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the shooter if you saw on social media some pictures being circulated of that shooter we saw some video earlier of the helmets and then some sort of camera in front of them this video was being live streamed from the 1st person perspective clearly this was somebody who wanted to share what he was doing with the world and fortunately he didn't get the chance to get that big audience that's for sure conde nast moments were forced tonight in the german city of crows always thank you. we're here now in the studio with me is rafi obo song a security and terrorism analyst with the german institute for international and security affairs it's good to see you again we are talking there it sounds like what we saw today in holland was an attempt to be a copy of a copycat crime if you will of what we saw in christ church earlier this year do you agree well that's pretty obvious i mean think goodness the perpetrator wasn't
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as well prepared and armed and effective as what happened in christchurch and as we also just heard authorities think fully also better now to stop the spread of such material. but yes it's still possible and this person's so far seem to have acted on this is very difficult to prevent we heard from the interior minister here in germany tonight that this was indeed an anti-semitic attack what does that tell us about the strings of the far right the neo nazi scene in germany well unfortunately over the last 4 or 5 years we've seen an steady increase in. readiness to use violence and the right wing extremists even germany which is also been always been considerably large but also growing in numbers and by now. estimate is about $25000.00 people and half of them are considered to be generally prone to violence of course that doesn't mean they're terrorists but that means
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that there is a very large people that is potentially taking the next that are not all being monitored or watched by authorities are they not all i mean the question is are there watched in the sufficient depth i mean germany has long looked at radical right wing extremism but mostly on an organizational level and i think in the recent 3 or 4 years there has been more. risk. missing out on individuals and small cells and i think now in the last 2 or 3 years there have been efforts to catch up on this and actually this summer the interior minister offered to sort of hire up to 700 new analysts just for writing stream ism to go on this granular level not just full of parties and groups but really look at the individuals so hopefully that will help in the future we know that here in germany jewish houses of worship they all have some type of police surveillance 247
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and that was the case in holland today as well but it was the security the c.c.t.v. cameras for example the security guard all that came together and prevented what could have been a bloodbath well yes thankfully in this case security did work i mean there is always the risk and the possibility that attackers can strike somewhere where we don't expect it but it makes perfect sense to prepare in this balik targets and unfortunately it's necessary yes do you see the need to increase security i mean when you when you've got 247 police protection at a synagogue for example how much more can you do not much more i mean in this case in the hollow there was some debate that apparently that wasn't police stationed outside of the synagogue as in many other jewish insolation as in berlin here is the case so that could have probably been added and acted as a deterrent in addition to what happened. but yes unfortunately we already have
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a very high level of preparedness and there is not that much more that can be done rafi oh well song with the german institute for international and security affairs review we appreciate your time in your inputs and i thank you. are you the middle east now and today's other top story turkey has begun ground and air attacks in northern syria aimed at crushing kurdish fighters the move comes immediately after the u.s. pulled its troops back from the area a spokesman for the kurdish fighters said that several people have been killed including civilians the military operation has drawn criticism and calls for restraint from nato turkey is a member of nato. black smoke fills the sky above. the town on the turkish syrian border is one of the targets of unclear as bombs. turkish armed forces say the strikes aren't aimed at civilian areas. but despite
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the assurances many local residents took to the roads to bring their families to safety. the kurdish forces here are once part of an uneasy coalition with turkey with both sides working to defeat the so-called islamic state in syria however i'm korea has branded the kurdish led forces terrorists because of their links to militants who have carried out attacks against the turkish government in a tweet turkish president to one said his armed forces intended to neutralize the terrorist threats against turkey and set up a safe zone allowing the return of syrian refugees to their homes. a kurdish spokesman called on the international community to pressure turkey to stop the bombing saying the syrian democratic forces would be forced to halt their campaign against us to deal with the turkish threat. many of turkey's allies also warn the military campaign could rekindle the fire in syria's civil war it is important to
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avoid actions that may further destabilization the region escalate tensions and cause more human suffering we must not jeopardize the against we have made together against our common enemy isis the european union has called on turkey to stop its campaign in northern syria but with turkish ground forces pushing across the syrian border. and the aerial bombardment continuing into the night. there is no sign ankara is willing to back down. or listing the story down to turkey to be correspondent dorian jones joins me now from istanbul good evening to you dorian the turkish military operation it has now gone from just an air assault to a ground assault what do we know i mean troops forces have actually crossed the border now right well that's right the turkish defense ministry in
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a statement has said that the ground operation has begun saying soldiers have crossed across the syrian border into these towns help.


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