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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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for it it's important to avoid actions that may further destabilization region escalate tensions and cause more human suffering we must not jeopardize the against we have made together against our common enemy isis the european union has called on turkey to stop its campaign in northern syria but with turkish ground forces pushing across the syrian border. and the aerial bombardment continuing into the night. there is no sign ankara is willing to back down or let's take the story down to turkey to be correspondent dorian jones joins me now from istanbul good evening to you dorian the turkish military operation it has now gone from just an air assault to a ground assault what do we know i mean troops forces have actually crossed the border now right. well that's right the turkish defense ministry in
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a statement has said that the operation has begun saying soldiers have crossed across the syrian border into these. by the syrian kurdish militia this follows. by turkish jets and turkish pounding. bases. possibly the turkish military expediting this operation into previous operations in the past couple of years of the air strikes last a full days even one case a couple of weeks this to. me a few. these operations ground operations this could be closely in reaction to the growing backlash in washington you just heard u.s. president trump again threatening to destroy turkey's economy if he if they go too far again so there is a realization. now with the ground forces on the ground this spring tempo in the operation and without the risk of more civilian casualties what do we
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know of the situation on the ground in northern syria. well it's very difficult to get really confirm reports but what we're hearing from the syrian cut issue militia they're describing scenes of. mass panic following the bombing of one of the towns. many syrian people living in these towns streaming out of them heading away from the fighting in a way they will be going to humanitarian groups have voiced concerns that these people who go into places where it's very difficult to deliver aid there is fear that it could be another refugee crisis looming we see pictures of plumes of smoke rising up from these towns that have been a heavy sustained the tillery and strikes with reports of civilian buildings have been among those buildings have been targeted insists that this operation is only against the syrian kurdish militia who they consider as terrorists and say that
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these the safety of civilians is a priority for this operation and the the goal here is to. one called safe zones along the border with syria but for them to be safe. of the turkish president means that there can be no more kurds living there so we're talking about getting rid of the kurds we're talking about demographic engineering in northern syria are we not. well that's certainly is the fear among many about this operation although turkish presidential spokespeople have insisted that this operation isn't again sicko's it's only against what they say is this terrorist organization they say that the priority and safety of civilians is the up most in their minds but the fact that the turkish president is talking about sending between one and 2000000 refugees currently living in turkey to this region most of them are believed not to lived in this area and many are
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believed to be mainly sunni arabs in this area is predominantly kurdish is fueling fears that turkey is in party on a major demographic change of this area this is attacked is being used to centuries in this area where by trying to dilute one group as consider the threat by to another and that is the fear that turkey is embarking on a major dilution of this area turning it from a put on the kurdish area to the sunni arab region that is aligned closely with turkey and this is against international law and this is certainly a growing concern among international aid groups and many foreign governments as well. jones with the latest tonight from istanbul dorian as always thank you earlier i spoke with. he's the spokesman for the us the kurdish forces in syria and i asked him what he and his people are experiencing now. we'll there is little slow. chaos and i think there is not fear specially in the areas that have
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been. tried and shared by the turkish army during the last few hours we have several casualties several kid and others wounded mostly from the civilian population and. i think that created a lot of fear among the people about the gain in other areas little bit far from the border. the life continues as it was and there are a lot of people who are trying to support those in the border cities and towns and everyone is trying to work everything together in order to pass this period of time of peace. that we are facing now. tell me if you can't you know these airstrikes that are coming from turkey what are they targeting i mean what is being hit.
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we really don't know what what they are trying to target but mostly they are targeting civilian populated. mostly neighborhoods in the cities of the towns where the border. is that is why. the casualties are from the civilian people so we don't know what they are what they want. shelling to get within the site each city what is going to be in for for them so we are still more interested to ation and we are. or so far we haven't not responded against those attacks made by turkey and we are waiting for what is going to happen in the next few hours and that was kenya gabriele's spokesman with the s.d.f. the kurdish forces in syria here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in the united states jimmy. presidential contender joe biden has called for the impeachment of donald trump for the 1st time during
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a campaign speech he said that the republican president has violated his oath of office betrayed the nation and committed impeachable us in ecuador protesters have clashed with riot police at anti-government rallies in the capital quito ecuador have seen 6 days of nationwide protests following cuts to fuel subsidies and other all steer were the measures the government has decreed a state of emergency nearly 700 people have been arrested. it is not enough that is how climate activists are describing the german government's draft for a controversial new climate protection lol the movement extinction rebellion has been holding a series of protests here in the german capital this week to make the point. a wave of plastic symbolizing the waste in our oceans climate activists from the extinction rebellion movement say drastic measures are needed to fight
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environmental pollution and global warming. immense and at the moment we're still in the privileged position here it's often not noticing the effect so much other countries are far more affected we have to act something has to happen on a political level the citizens have to be taken so that there can be a stop to this. doesn't stop them con. while climate activists were taking to the streets the german government introduced a whole package of measures it's the 1st time germany's climate goals could become legally binding. starting in 2021 a ton of c o 2 will cost $10.00 euros. greenhouse gases should be reduced by 55 percent by 2030. the german government had already made a decision to phase out coal by 2038. complete miscount promises i want something when we manage to bring together different interests these compromises will be
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sustainable and they will restore peace in we got societal conflicts all the phaeton. compromises are not what these climate activists were hoping for. a c o 2 tax is not enough to deal with an issue like climate change that's a global topic and calls for drastic measures but the government delivered in a weekend version enrages me to put it mildly. the german parliament still has to vote on the new climate bill these activists say they'll continue protesting to keep the pressure up. well the nobel prize for chemistry goes this year to 3 scientists who developed lithium ion batteries the swedish royal academy of sciences praising john b. good of him stanley winning him and a cure for developing batteries that are white weight and can be used in many devices we know them very well from cell phones to laptops to electric vehicles.
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wireless digital devices are everywhere nowadays and the lithium ion batteries made them possible today the scientists behind the innovation were honored with the nobel prize in chemistry the royal swedish academy of sciences has today decided to award the thew 1900 nobel prize in chemistry jointly to john be good enough m. stanley wick to him and i fear not. for the development of lithium ion batteries. back in the 1970 s. and eighty's stanley witting amen john be good enough laid the foundation for the 1st batteries made from the light metal about to truly take off the technology had to be refined by akido yoshino in the mid eighty's he began experimenting with lithium ion making batteries that were light nearly endlessly rechargeable and safe
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for everyday use. the impact on industry and society was massive today lithium ion batteries are used in everything from smart phones to scooters and automobiles and because the energy used to recharge them can come from renewable sources they're helping us usher in a more sustainable world even off the grid for years scientists have been looking at new ways of storing energy but nothing has managed to beat the lithium ion battery for capacity and reliability it was a development that changed the world. it's a sports news now germany hosted argentina for friendly in dortmund minus barcelona superstar li you know messi germany took the lead in the 1st half through goals from sitting in our body and try hobbit but it was all argentina after the break as they came back to level the score. our here's
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a reminder the top stories that we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel has shown solidarity with the jewish community by attending a vigil here in berlin after a failed attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of holland but but these suspects in the are not to gunmen they are still able to kill 2 innocent bystanders turkey has launched its expected military offensive in northern syria president wichita you're fair to one tweeted that the turkish army has begun operations of peace spring against kurdish militants the secretary general of nato which turkey is a member has urged restraint. don't forget you can always get to news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store or give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that he w. out to send us photos and videos when you see news happening.
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you knew this live from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company you will see you tomorrow. 6 kilos of plastic waste a normal catch for italian treasure and johnny calling his crew. do you suppose you're going garbage man are doing their part every day to clean up the mediterranean sea. their goal is to help preserve the local fish stocks and
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predict. bernie going to give. him 60 minutes w. . i'm not going to think out of the chair. just sometimes out of place and nothing which means that you haven't think stevens or german culture looking at the stereotype that indians think you see these are countries that are not. needed to take his grandmother there you go it's all out there. i might show join me to meet the germans on the w. . post.
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after the fall of the berlin. summer night. this is the that the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes kenya's green future at the price of heritage. the messiah community fears small evictions from their ancestral land as the government moves to expand its renewable energy projects. self was. also born wrong and will take it somalia where one woman is raising her voice for peace.


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