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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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i am i. am. i am. this is the w. news live from burning germany's chancellor shows how solidarity at a vigil in a ballet an offer an anti-semitic attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of hama this is spectate near nazi gunmen shot 2 people dead and seriously wounded 2 others. also coming up turkey steps up its military offensive against kurdish militants in northeast syria troops are crossing the border as artillery and both planes pounded the region kurdish forces say turkish films have hit civilian areas and aid prison holding on u.s.
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funds. i am. a man and i am free glad you could join me germany is shock find anti semitic attack on a synagogue on the the holiest day of the jewish calendar year on kapoor the day of atonement the gunman shot a bystander and then turned his weapons on a nearby combat shop in the eastern city of hama killing 2 people and seriously wounding 2 others now chancellor angela merkel condemned the attack and showed solidarity with germany's jewish community by attending a vigil at a synagogue in berlin earlier her interior minister said it would be it could be assumed that the attack was anti-semitic at the end of the vigil machall spoke to reporters here's what she said. if you are more it's a little by the unfortunately today on your holiest day we have
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witnessed something terrible that's the unfortunate people have lost their lives there was an attack on jews in germany. though it's not my goal and that of the government is to do everything possible to ensure that you can live in safety but this station shows us that this is not so simple and that we must use even more. death. or police have arrested a suspect in the shootings now he is reported to be a 27 year old german man with a right wing extremist background the 1st police to several people had carried out the attacks but they later decided it was just one man who acted alone. the midday attack filmed by a resident in holland the video shows a man dressed in combat type gear climbing out of a car and firing off
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a series of shots. a few streets away eyewitnesses recount how a woman was shot in front of the synagogue there of the 1st there was a huge bang and then someone tried to get into the jewish cemetery who fired several times with a shotgun at the cemetery at the door. and then the woman came along the one who was shot she just came along from the tram stop quite by chance. this in a dog was full when it was targeted was shippers with celebrating judaism's holiest festival of young kapoor an attack a try to shoot the synagogue door open a jewish leader says the reinforced structure withstood the onslaught. close by a man was killed as a donna combat shop also came under attack. i was standing right in the entrance and saw an older woman passed a show of like suddenly a man came up behind her dressed in
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a helmet and army things or at least very military looking. he was holding a rifle and had a balaclava on. he tried to throw what looked like a hand grenade into the shop. but also in the hunt but it bounced off the door frame and went off right in front of the old woman with a really loud bang. and he raised the rifle and began shooting. police said shots were also find in landsberg a town 15 kilometers from halla but it wasn't clear whether the 2 incidents were related soon after police arrested a person outside talor who is reported to be a 27 year old white german male with a rightwing extremist background. calling osman joins us now from hala can bring us up to date with the latest. well certainly a much quieter scene right now than before only
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a few police officers left guarding the area you can see behind me this is actually where that shooting took place the synagogue is just down the street behind me this is what officials described as the scene of a rampage earlier what we know now to have been a lone gunman was essentially trying to gain access to that synagogue he was reportedly heavily armed he was dressed in they were tired military style gear with military style weapons and he was unable to gain access to that synagogue instead he winced a little ways down the street a few meters fired shots at a bystander killed one woman as we heard before then entered a nearby kabob shop and ended up firing and at and killing a nother innocent bystander in terms of the synagogue itself we know that it was a full congregation some 70 to 80 people were there for prayers because today of course is yom kippur one of the most holy days in fact the most holy day on the
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jewish calendar to put that number into perspective the in community the jewish community within that synagogue is estimated to be around $700.00 so if you think about $70.00 to $80.00 people that's about 10 percent of the population as we heard the gunman was unable to gain access to the synagogue so it could have been certainly much worse. and the german central council of genes has reacted to the attack i want to take a listen to what its president to has to say and then come back to you call. yes well i'm sure people understand his i was and still is shocking of the underside on the one hand we're seen a new quality and that is horrible. but it's a development that i and we as jews for the i'll have warned against in recent months it's in let's go to let's we are seen a shift to right wing extremism in society often safety extremists it feels to me
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that words are followed by actions of i don't see it as an isolated case that just happened. more but as a clear and direct development of guns guns as i 5 day it's perceived it's on any client we feel right so we had it there a warning that these kinds of sentiments and actions have been ramping up of late better put that right in anti semitism into context for us. yeah i think rise perhaps is the right word we heard there a clear development if you look back at some of these statistics that germany does keep from 2017 to 2018 there was an increase in the number of reports of anti semitic incidents in germany of about 10 percent now during that same period of time even more worryingly there was a doubling of violence anti-semitic attacks in germany so this is certainly not the 1st attack that germany has seen in recent years there is a feeling in the statistics back it up that there has been
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a rise in anti-semitic attacks in the country not just in and germany but across europe as well in fact earlier this year one main jewish community leader in germany warned jewish citizens about going out in public wearing any sort of clothing that might identify them as jewish so perhaps even avoiding wearing a yarmulke or kippah in public that's how perhaps afraid some members of the jewish community are in germany we also know of course that for many decades there has been security stationed as a precautionary measure outside of synagogues jewish schools jewish community centers across germany although there are questions now it's a night about whether or not there was a strong security presence at the synagogue here in holland and briefly call this attack in germany deeds that a rather disturbing to mock of an attack in new zealand didn't. it did in the had to do with the way that this attack was actually live streamed on the internet on
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a forum called twichell live streaming platform it seems that the assailant was wearing some sort of video device a video camera and was live streaming that's been confirmed now by the company to which this attack online that's very similar to what we saw in new zealand earlier this year where the assailants decided to stream his attack on facebook and that video was up for many hours and even days the video this time around was taken down fairly quickly but it seems like this could bear those same markings this could have been inspired by what transpired in new zealand earlier this year certainly another disturbing development congressman. thanks for your reporting. and here with me in the studio is d. w. political correspondent william know what do you cross now we missed on that you spoke to someone who was inside the synagogue tell us who this person was what they had to tell you about what it must have been a very disturbing moment indeed it was i had a chance to speak rather extensively with
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a young jewish leader from the united states he's actually with his wife moved to berlin recently to try to be part of reinvigorating jewish life here in berlin they run an organization that tries to bring young jews into the community to become to grow the next generation of jews in germany and they went down to holland he said exactly because hollande is a small aging community and they wanted to bring some young life specifically specifically for young people was just such a a solemn holiday. and he was telling me that they were in the middle of reading from the torah during the morning services when they heard a boom the the private security guards saw someone on the camera there and that's when they called the police and there was a very quick reaction he said the leaders of the synagogue the president the the rabbi and so on immediately told people to get down put your heads down get up stairs to a safer part of the synagogue he said it took about 10 to 15 minutes for police to arrive until that point happened the only security person on the premises on the
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property and of was this private security guard working for directly for the synagogue unclear if he was armed or not i mean this must have been an absolutely terrifying experience but the way that you will contact you eyewitness recounted it was quite an orderly reaction which sort of begs the question whether people in the community have been preparing for something like this i mean he was just visiting so he's not of course aware of of what the exact protocols are but it definitely seem that this is something that they were prepared for that they knew what to do something was happening but that said security seems much more lax in a hollow than for example in a place like berlin where in berlin it's very common fact it's. it's required of the police presence at every synagogue and jewish site in berlin and hollow there is no police presence at all private security and of the community members actually seem not to be fazed by this in fact she told me that just the night before they were discussing why there's not more security and the committee member said well
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it's a holiday it's probably not going be very dangerous so is this rather a tragic words that that force that foreshadow what came today absolutely tragic foreshadowing really american cross thank you so much for your insights on this story. artists to the middle east now and today's other top story turkish forces have carried out ground and air attacks in northeast syria as they attempt to crush kurdish fighters now the kurds say several people have already been killed including civilians they claim turkish bombs have struck a prison holding fighters from the so-called islamic state u.s. president donald trump has called takis assault a quote very bad idea he earlier withdrew u.s. troops who have been supporting the cuts. black smoke fills the sky above across a line in the town on the turkish syrian border is one of the targets of un chorus bombs. turkish armed forces say the strikes aren't aimed at civilian areas.
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but despite the assurances many local residents took to the roads to bring their families to safety. kurdish forces here are once part of an uneasy coalition with turkey with both sides working to defeat the so-called islamic state in syria however on camera has branded the kurdish led forces terrorists because of their links to militants who have carried out attacks against the turkish government. in a tweet turkish president. said his armed forces intended to neutralize the terrorist threats against turkey and set up a safe zone allowing the return of syrian refugees to their homes. the kurdish spokesman called on the international community to pressure turkey to stop the bombing saying the syrian democratic forces would be forced to halt their campaign against i.a.s. to deal with the turkish threat many of turkey's allies also warned the military campaign could rekindle the fire in syria's civil war it is important to avoid
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actions that may further these stabilize the region escalate tensions on course for the human suffering we must not jeopardize the gains we have made together against our common enemy isis the european union has called on turkey to stop its campaign in northern syria but with turkish ground forces pushing across the syrian border. and the aerial bombardment continuing into the night. there is no sign ankara is willing to back down. all right let's go to turkey now waiting correspondent dorian jones is standing by for us to tell us more about this turkish military operation. well the ground phrase of the operation has started according to a statement from the turkish ministry that was after a sustained day of bombardment by turkish fighter bombers and turkish should
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tillery that hit a whole variety of of towns and settlements all across the syrian border of this syrian port on the syrian kurdish region all the main towns are believed to have been hit by strikes as well as targets of belonging to the syrian kurdish militia we also according to a statement released by turkey's defense ministry said $141.00 targets have been hit and underlines the scale of the operation that is unfolding it had been expected be far more limited at least in the early stages but this indicates that the turkish government all keen to get on with this operation. and underlines how large an operation this is going to be absolutely does indeed seem far more expansive than rapids than many observers had at the haps though and with that what do you then hearing from northern syria well we are getting it's very difficult to actually confirm these reports but we hire hearing reports very distressing reports from the.


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