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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2019 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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today with an open border before them and a green light from donald trump turkey's military begin moving into northern syria the only thing standing in the way the kurds which turkey considers to be terrorists global public opinion which is overwhelmingly against plans and the 10s of thousands of isis prisoners the u.s. president says that turkey will take care of this he also says that turkey will take good care of the kurds i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. until we're ready for any attack by antiphon the point calling on the united nations and international organizations to intervene and stop these pump our i.q. tanks. our mission is clear. we will bring down the corridor of terror. what we want to build is a peace corridor that is our aim
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a safe zone it has been discussed immediately thinks he's looked leading to a good result to toast peace plan involves the creation of. don't expect to be new and to pay for the more turkey goes into syria they're not going to fight isis they're going to kill the kurds just because the games we have makes a good as it is not a puppet and i mean. it's great to be caught. onto. the whole present trumps right every military person is told and don't do this. also coming up to people are dead here in germany after an attack on a synagogue filled with worshipers it had all the makings of another christ church massacre with 2 big differences. the place and the religious right unfortunately
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today on your list day we have witnessed something terrible i mentioned that the people have lost their nights there was an attack on jesus and jesus in gemini in dillard's. but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with turkey's invasion of northern syria i'll bet it's not helped turkey is describing it but the airstrikes and the troops moving across the border well they prove otherwise just 3 days after the u.s. president announced the withdrawal of american troops from northern syria today the turkish military began operation peace spree this was the scene earlier today at the turkish syrian border airstrikes reported as far as 30 miles inside syria by kurdish forces the kurds control the areas that are now under assault by turkey.
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for years turkish president air to one has wanted an offensive to push back the kurds which turkey considers terrorists however everyone appears to have a different mission stating today that the u.s. has passed the baton to turkey to lead the fight against so-called islamic state now that means dealing with the 10s of thousands of isis prisoners in kurdish controlled areas and it also means dealing with the kurds who have vowed to fight against the turks every inch of the way earlier today everyone announced the start of the of salt into tweets. he wrote saying that the turkish and syrian army's have launched operation peace spring against terrorists in northern syria our mission is to prevent the creation of a terror corridor across. the southern border and to bring peace to the area operation peace spring will neutralize terror threats against turkey and lead to
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the establishment of a safe zone facilitating the return of syrian refugees to their homes the creation of the so-called safe zones has long been the goal of everyone's government turkey considers kurdish fighters in syria as we said to be terrorists because of their links to kurdish militants inside turkey or to one wants to repatriate noncreative syrian refugees along the border in that safe zone now the goal is to dilute the kurdish majority there and reduce what unger receives as the kurdish insurgency threat to our let's take the story now is tim vole our correspondent dorian jones is on the story for us a busy day a busy night dorian and so what is happening at the border now this is no longer just an operation of airstrikes is it. yeah that's
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right in fact to turkish defense ministry statement announced the ground operation had started said turkish forces had started to cross into syria into these towns that have been held by the syrian kurdish militia this follows hours of bombardment by took a shit tillery and supported by a turkish fighter bombers that have been pounding all along the syrian border as far as 3040 kilometers deep into this territory a sustained bombardment and this is a bunch of the much the way it's typical techies tactics from 2 previous operations of heavy bombardment the pave the way for the operation which is going expected to be a far more attracted a mole difficult leg of the operation given the fact that some of this fight is expected to be in heavily densely populated towns and this will race a specter of a high and growing number of civilian casualties which we already appear to have
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a code already in dorian with the u.s. security umbrella what are the kurds are they bracing for they say that they plan to fight against the turks but against the turkish military i mean they don't stand the biggest chance are we talking about an imminent slaughter or bloodbath taking place here. well they have also seen initial statement that they would stand and fight but now we're not hearing that so much is not clear what for them the syrian kurds moves will be will they stand and fight and like you say they are facing nato 2nd largest. that has had decades of experience of counter insurgency extremely well equipped and all too they retreat and hope that the pressure from the international community will stop this operation syrian kurdish leaders all looking to president trump to really in turkey present trump did make a statement again tonight saying that he would destroy the turkish economy if the
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turkey turkey went too far but if they do stand and fight i think their hopes will be pinned on fighting in the towns and the main city in this region it will minimalize the advantage that turkey has it will be street fighting and the stuckey and the syrian kurdish forces have many years of experience of fighting and they are relatively well equipped much of it provided by america in its war against the islamic state it all depends really what the syrian kurdish leadership smoove will be going forward. today drew a lot of criticism particularly from nato and the european union i want you to take a listen to what the european commission president said today i called on took as well. to be free straight and to stop operations already as we are speaking. if the turkish plan
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involves the creation of a so-called safe zone don't expect. to pay for the if. our european union says we're not going to pay for what you're about to cause or create how is all of this going down the inside turkey what's public opinion like toward. well i mean all the main political parties with the exception of type he's pro petition party support his operation there was a vote in parliament early this week to sanction it and all the politicians knighted within the turkish media low much of it is now under direct rule in direct control of the government. presenting a real nationalist front saying that this is a fight to protect turkey from the threat of terrorism and coding stocks media this and the government that this syrian kurdish militia is linked to kurdish insurgents that have been fighting for decades incite turkey so there is broad support among
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large parts of the public but it will depend on how this operation unfolds in the coming days and weeks if it results in international sanctions of from the u.s. that hits hard take he's economy then that could pose major problems for president if there are mounting casualties will another refugee crisis again bisquick old problems for that one is a high risk operation but especially to one has put his credibility on the line for the success of this operation. story in jones on the story for us tonight it is stamboul story and thank you well as we heard the united states said all of this in motion on sunday with president donald trump shocked announcement that u.s. troops are pulling out of northern syria and leaving the kurds to fend for themselves the move was slammed by both democrats and republicans the president kept pushing back until today the white house releasing this statement on the turkish offensive the united states does not endorse this attack and has made it
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clear to turkey that this operation is a bad idea turkey has committed to protecting civilians protecting religious minorities including christians and ensuring no humanitarian crisis takes place and we will hold them to this commitment. well the assurances of the trump white house don't mean much tonight to the kurds in northern syria the security umbrella provided by u.s. forces has been removed the kurds are now bracing for an assault by the turkish military i spoke tonight with keno gabriele spokesman for the syria democratic forces that's the military arm of the kurds and i asked him does he blame the united states for what is happening now at the border. we know that the trick is. another life for us is bottles nato but we have reached agreement maybe it was by the united states.
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or condition with us 'd we were confused by this the. well kurds there somewhat angry somewhat confused let's go to washington now and bring in bowman he is senior director of the center of on military and political power he has served as a national security advisor in the u.s. senate brad is going to have you back on the show when you consider what all has happened this week and when you hear what the kurdish spokesman there just said what's your reaction to the u.s. role in all of this. and you know i think the kurdish spokesman was being gracious all the more direct i think president trump's decision was morally wrong and search he took the short side and i think in short it's shameful as a patriotic american this is an embarrassing moment for me this is something that i
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think we will look back on and regrets. and i think this is no way to treat our partners well and without their help we cannot deprive isis of its caliphate without sending thousands of american ground forces and all the casualties american casualties that have been associated with that so this is a great you know faith a someone who served in the u.s. army i would suggest is a clear break in a faith and i put the blame at the feet of donald trump what do you make of the report that went out today trump handing over the fight against islamic state to the turkish president i think that's laughable i think that's laughable i think the president's goal is to reduce the demand for u.s. forces in syria in reality he's going in just the opposite use president trump has
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given a gift to assad. so iran and isis already see as the us the guards that are feeling pressure to move. the fight with certainty that means probably fewer guards at their many sentient facilities where thousands of isis fighters are detained so we're probably going to see more isis fighters on the battlefield and when she's going to contribute potentially to regional isis resurgence and more terror attacks abroad some of these isis fighters may find their way through turkey of course to europe and the tension in the united states this is an unmitigated disaster instigated by the known forms decision president donald trump. there are also reports today that kurdish forces have already contacted russia and ask for for cover i mean this has got to be the last thing that the united states wants in terms of foreign policy.
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it think after september 11th americans would understand that problems in the middle east that mosque you know there's a famous quote that isolationist the united states like to quote john quincy adams nixon $21.00 america should not go abroad in search of monsters destroy the problem is you're in the 21st century i suppose the 19th century those monsters can and do come here and kill us you think that would be a lesson that americans would not be need to be reminded of after 911 but this is a sure fire way to have those monsters come here and get us in or later this is exactly the kind of deployment we should have been doing should be in the middle east a few 100 or a few 1000 americans working with tens of thousands of partners to address the sharon threat yet that's exactly the kind of plan of the kind of economy of force the planet that is wise that present trump is trying and and i think it's a big mistake that was and i regret unfortunately in your sentiment shared by a lot of people in washington we've seen key supporters of dr condemn the move here
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is republican senator lindsey graham take a listen so everybody is telling him this won't work but he's doing it anyway just like obama and burdwan is not our friend in congress will push back and we are not giving turkey a green light in congress and we're not going to abandon the kurds if the president does so we want. all right we've got clearly there congress saying we've got authority the president's got authority we don't know what's what you know what one hand is doing what the other hand is doing. can trump pull things back and he you know do a 180 here and can we possibly even see some troops or some forces going back in to syria is that possible after what has happened this week it would have been better if the white house would not issue a statement that they get on sunday it would be better the president trying not
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tweeted the frankly incoherent tweets that he did in the last 48 hours. you know i only know it doesn't trump speak to the clear voice to a. position of strength and clarity that that would have some impact but it's going to be much harder to stop something once it's already begun i think the president there's some talk of a meeting at the white house with urine on a president trump what a mistake that would be how awkward wouldn't be for president trump to be meeting with early one as turkey is attacking the syrian democratic forces who helped defeat isis elephants i think we should also katsa sanctions for turkey's are consistent s. 400 at the same at this moment as well i think and a strong approach ness or turkey's prating a huge and disciplined nanterre and disaster in syria on the 4 syrian people who've already endured so much and you know you're talking there bret about a member of nato but turkey is not at the moment is not acting like what we would
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expect a member of nato to act and turkey appears to be doing it with the blessing of the u.s. president. yeah you took the words right out of my mouth in fact that right not sort of publicly yes turkey is a nato member but unlike what the presidents we did they are not a number in good standing at least in my view you know that's not a legal it's x. term but if you look at their actions they're not acting like an ally an ally does not purchase an air defense system from the leading threats of the alliance russia an ally doesn't do this so you know i i was taught early on that you judge someone by their actions and. those allowed by you know you know it's a good point you have to if you're going to talk the talk you have to walk the walk as well fred bowman in washington tonight bret is always we appreciate your insights thank you. we know tonight that an attack today on a crowded synagogue here in germany could have ended in
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a bloodbath 2 people were shot and killed by a gunman as he tried to force his way into a synagogue in the town of hala it happened during services mock marking yom kapoor the holiest day of the year in judaism security prevented the gunman from entering and police were able to arrest the suspect tonight the government says the anti-semitic attack was carried out by a german man with a neo nazi back. the midday attack filmed by a resident in holland the video shows a man dressed in combat type gear climbing out of a car and firing off a series of shots. a few streets away eyewitnesses recounts how a woman was shot in front of the synagogue there of the police and 1st there was a huge bang and then someone tried to get into the jewish cemetery who fired several times with a shotgun at the cemetery at the door. and then the woman came along the one who
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was shot she just came along from the tram stop quite by chance for the post was more of. this in a dark was full when it was targeted what shippers were celebrating judaism's holiest festival of young kapoor an attacker trying to shoot the synagogue door open a jewish leader says the reinforced structure withstood the onslaught. close by a man was killed as adonikam back shop also came under attack. i was standing right in the entrance and saw an older woman pass the show. suddenly a man came up behind her dressed in a helmet and army things or at least very military looking. he was holding a rifle and had a balaclava on and he tried to throw what looked like a hand grenade into the shop. but also in the hunt but it bounced off the door frame and went off right in front of the old woman with a really loud bang them occupied and he raised the rifle and began shooting.
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police said shots were also find in landsberg a town 15 kilometers from halla but it wasn't clear whether the 2 incidents were related soon after police arrested a person outside talor who's reported to be a 27 year old white german male with a rightwing extremist background. use call now is in hall of covering the story for us and he told us that the suspects could have had his sights set on a much bigger attack. the jewish community here was only about $800.00 people so potentially around 10 percent of the jewish population in hollow were inside at the time as you mentioned he did not make it inside here in germany it's standard practice at community centers and synagogues even jewish schools to have armed security and outside of those doors and today was even higher than usual given that
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it is yom kippur war the holiest day on the jewish calendar. i there was call announcement there reporting from hala here at the big table with me now is rafi elbows on a security and terrorism analyst with the german institute for international and security affairs been to a busy day what do we know when we look at this entire semitic attack what does it tell us about the far right neo nazi scene in germany. well it shows that there has been a rising readiness to use violence and there is of course a long history of right wing extremism in this country and also right wing terrorism going right back to the 180 s. nonetheless the last 34 years have see the general increase in the number of violence of different kinds and this is unfortunate really a surprise that what's happened but germany one has to say is somewhat better prepared than some other countries so why is it why is that well because of our
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history i mean it's not to say that the authorities have done everything right but if you look at you know the u.s. of the u.k. they just this summer the clear that right on terrorism is suddenly it's a teaching threat i mean this is not what we have here in germany what we need in germany is yes more attention more resources but unfortunately this is a threat that we all know too well i know that we've talked about this before and what we hear time and time again is that there just isn't the manpower that it's needed to surveil and to monitor the people that are considered you know to be risk factors from the from the far right scene it's always a challenge i mean the official numbers are that we have 25000 right when it's 3 missed i thought it was what about the same number as jihad as extremists and then half of them might be violent and then drilling down in the 12000 to the ones that are actually taking action is a very very difficult task and yes there is a need to increase the manpower in the summer which was triggered by previous
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violence and the murder of a german petition so there has been a string of attacks. was actually announced there would be $700.00 additional analysts foreign of the police $300.00 of those intelligence services that would take that more detailed look at the scene and hopefully be able to prevent further attacks of this but there is no guarantee what about jewish institutions here in germany synagogues daycare for example we know that they all have police protection 24 hours 7 days a week. against that's the maximum protection you can provide work or is there something else that needs to be done and we have to admit that it was the security at the synagogue today that stopped the gunmen from getting inside well jewish representative complained that actually in a pairing that was in police front off the synagogue where there was some voluntary security inside yes you saw with the c.c.t.v. the executives from that perspective you know that obviously was
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a mistake and there should have been somebody outside. but in the biggest game of things yes it's common practice in germany unfortunate because we are aware of the threat that police station outside so there isn't anything ready to say this must be done of course you can always put in more police and more heavily armed police and this is what i want to see in effect next 3 days there's been there's been a controversy here in germany too we've got about a minute left for this at you that we've heard that there is there's worry that there are elements inside you know police security forces that that are sympathetic towards you nazis in the far right how big of an issue or threat is that well this is another debate we've had for 2 years by now and i can't give you a fixed number but yes thankfully there has been a string of investigations that now raised awareness and there will be more monitoring in the police and in the military and unfortunately yes there are networks that are preparing for a day x.
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and hope that they will be. civil unrest and then they would be ready to take action so this is hopefully some that will stand out in the months to come but it's not a threat that an acute immediate threat for the country hard to say i mean we've discovered some networks of a dozen individuals and but we're not sure that with this is the end and all right well give us long as always we appreciate your time in your insights thank you it's been a busy day. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter at the w. news or you can follow me abroad go off t.v. in the future use the hash tag the date and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then of the.
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6 kilos of plastic waste and a normal couch for italian fisherman johnny calling and his crew. these ocean going garbage men are doing their part every day to clean up the mediterranean sea. and their goal is to help preserve the local fish stocks and create a cleaner environment going out and. next on d. w. . goodbye a sausage and
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a loaf rejects. main changes are underway in the food industry. or the major food companies changing to meet new demand. and a little less meat consumption really help the environment. join us as we explore germany. made in germany in 60 minutes on d w. on the on. thing is everything channing personally i mean i'm listening. so much different culture between here and there challenging for if we. do some business think it was worth it for me to come to germany. in the thick of
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my license to work as a swimming instructor. and now i teach children not to dance just random stuff just to show. what's your story take heart cherish info migrants john. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm larva biloela it's nice to have you with us turkey has taken in one more syrian refugees than any other nation in europe around 3 and a half 1000000 were let into the country as they fled civil war lately the move towards the refugees has shifted to one of hostility southeastern turkey an angry mob.


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