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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin germany shows her solidarity with germany's jewish community at a pivotal in berlin after a failed anti semitic attack on a synagogue in the eastern city all had suspected me a nazi attack that turned his guns on others killing 2 people and injuring another 2 also coming up. civilians in syria as turkey intensifies pensive against kurdish militants forces say turkish shells have hit civilian areas and a prison holding i is fighters. and the women. don't want
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to be allowed to attend football matches they are protesting against today's world cup qualifying clash between iran and composer with a band will be relaxed for the 1st time. while come to the program. germany is in shock after an anti-semitic attack on a synagogue on the holiest day on the jewish can and or the day off atonement a heavily armed gunman tried to force his way into the building in the german city on wednesday but was prevented from entering he then shot and killed a bystander in the street before killing another person at a nearby. a city under siege does images filmed by
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a resident yesterday in holland show a man dressed in kumba type climbing out of a car and firing off a series of shots before driving away a few blocks away i witnesses recount how woman was shot dead as she was walking need to synagogue. first there was a huge bang and then someone tried to get into the jewish cemetery who fired several times with a shotgun at the cemetery at the door. and then the woman came along the one who was shot she just came along from the tram stop quite by chance. the synagogue was full when it was attacked young kid poor the holiest day of the jewish calendar had brought together between $70.80 worshippers. x.m. an american fresh air ad in germany was one of them i think the energy was fair the given the situation today i feel more kind of.
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just because people were killed but yesterday it was more about just kind of being really think for a kind of america that he couldn't get through the door and that like a much bigger tragedy was. didn't happen the synagogue door didn't open but the attack odenton and his gun too was passers by killing another man at a restaurant. i don't get it i was standing right in the entrance and saw an older woman pass the shop. suddenly a man came up behind her dressed in a helmet and army things or at least very military looking. he was holding a rifle and had a balaclava on. he tried to throw what looked like a hand grenade into the shop. i was also going to hunt but it bounced off the door frame and went off right in front of the old woman with a really loud. and he raised the rifle and began shooting.
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soon after the authorities arrested a suspect outside a holler 27 year old german citizen has a right to be constrained his background. villages were held in front of synagogues across the country chance of anger america showed his support to the jewish community. little by of the unfortunately t.j. on your holiest day we have witnessed something terrible i want you people have lost their lives there was an attack on jews in germany even though it's my goal and that of the government is to do everything possible to ensure that you can live in safety but this stage shows us that this is not so simple and that we must do even more. in the wake of the attack many questions remain not least what could have been done to prevent it from happening. for more on this
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we have our political correspondent simon young here with me in the studio hey simon so what are the latest developments in the investigation here police have been continuing their investigations on the ground they've searched a number of dwellings including the apartment where this suspect is 27 year old man since you've been living with his mother and neighbors there incidentally say that you know they hadn't noticed anything that noticed any ideological right wing extremist activity or background in that sense so not much is really known about this man police have also recovered a vehicle that he used in the attack and i think they're also trying just to make sure that they fully understand what his movements were on wednesday that he didn't have contact with anyone else because of course that's one of the things police want to understand is you know was he acting alone did he have support is as well
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of course as exactly what his motives must have been ok this is closer to some reaction that we've seen coming out of israel prime minister binyamin this now has expressed condolences obvious states are saying is part of what he's said on twitter and it's you know we wrote the terrorist attack against the jewish community and hello on yom kippur is additional testimony that anti-semitism in europe is increasing i send condolences to the families of the victims and call on the german authorities to continue taking action against anti semitism i'll come back to hear it to you simon here i mean just how how bad was serious is anti-semitism in germany and d.c.l. fourteen's acting well anti semitism and the smitty attacks are a problem and jewish groups have been warning about that for a while the number of those attacks incidents most of the not violent but nonetheless. attacks with the insults being caused all graffiti or attacks
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against cemeteries and so on these kind of things have been on the rise up 20 percent last year on the previous year it said with. over $1500.00 incidents in $28.00 so jewish groups are concerned they say they do want to see more action from the authorities that could include giving the police more powers to pursue anti semitic hate crimes specifically rather than just generally racial hatred crimes also giving courts more powers to sentence more severely on that but the other discussion is around what protection should have been given to the synagogue there's been some criticism that there was and a police presence there on young kapoor the most holy day in the jewish calendar and many synagogues in germany do have routine police protection all the time but
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that's really in the big cities now there's a discussion that maybe that kind of protection should be rolled out elsewhere because clearly you know violent crimes killings extremist actions and this is the worst that we've seen in decades you know in germany against used that is not acceptable as far as the german authorities are concerned i just coming back to today we know that there is they may be a lot happening in dishonest more about that what are we going to see you have your thoughts and politicians want to show that they're concerned the german president. is in hallam now meeting with representatives from the synagogue and just showing his solidarity there and the german interior minister is going to be there later on giving a press conference together with the leader of the jewish community in germany so you know sending a message of support and condolences at this time and we've all been praying coverage for a fast sending out thank you. it's now to some of the other stories
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making news around the world japan is bracing for its biggest typhoon of the year typhoon haiyan it's has been roaring across the pacific and is expected to tokyo and its surrounding areas over the weekend the approaching storm has already made the cancellation of 2 matches in the rugby world cup on saturday apple has removed an app that allowed protesters in hong kong to track police movements the tech giant said the app endangered law enforcement violating its rules the move follows criticism in the chinese communist party's official newspaper which accused apple of helping the demonstrators. and in the u.s. stimac radix presidential contender joe biden joined the move to impeach president donald trump during a campaign speech biden said the president had quote violated his oath of office betrayed this nation and committed impeachable acts of courage it's the 1st time
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biden has called for trump's impeachment to come now civilians are fleeing northern syria as turkish troops advance in kurdish controlled areas the offensive was made possible by be withdrawal of u.s. troops it's opened a new front in syria's 8 year old war so who are the key players in this particular conflicts and what are they goals let's begin with 2 key uncut who wants to establish a so-called safe certain along its border stretching about 30 kilometers into syrian territory this area is currently controlled by kurdish militias turkey wants to clear it out of kurds then resettle some 2000000 syrian refugees there who are currently living in turkey then they are the syrian kurds scripts like the kurdish people's protection units or y p g who want autonomy the latter force alongside the u.s. and turkey against the so-called islamic state but offensive could now force kurdish militias to throw in there. with the syrian government and its russian and iranian
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allies and then there's the us the main goal for the united states and its allies was to defeat islamist forces in syria and i guess washington c s i s has now been defeated and has started withdrawing its troops from northern syria clearing the way for the turkish offensive. artillery and aerial bombing light up the sky as turkish troops continue their offensive in northeast syria. they're knocking turkey's plan to carve out a buffer zone along the border and to move against their longtime enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces the kurds say several civilians and soldiers have already died in the isolde and they claim turkish bombs are struck a prison holding fighters from the so-called islamic state. retaliates restrikes came from within syria. some
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hitting homes on the turkish side of the border. turkish president rejects edda one over so the start of what he calls operation peace spring it's an offensive made possible by washington's decision to clear the way by withdrawing u.s. troops we were put into this battle interjected it was supposed to be a 3030 day period and we've been there for many many years and it's time to get out we're speaking to bus it's. we've told the president at a gun how we feel but we are speaking to us and we're seeing what can be made out of a situation both the u.s. and turkey belong to nato it's caution. i count on turkey to act with restraint. and sure that in the action it may take in northern syria
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it's proportionate on mission. we must not jeopardize the games we have made together against our common enemy isis but the residents of northeast syria aren't counting on words to save them they're escaping the border towns by any means possible for some it's only been a few years since they fled from the advance of ai ass now they're back on the road with no clear destination. forand this question helps joins me in studio he's a middle east expert at the bettles munched official here in. thanks for being with me so so the take you say is it effects of you wants to create a safe sun in syria where it can relocate some 2000000 syrian refugees currently in turkey just how viable is that. look there are there are in the regional policy of turkey 2 major objectives why this military invasion is is putting forward put
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forward one is to avoid that any form of could have autonomy is created in close to the borders of turkey because in the southeast of turkey most of the people that are living there have. secondly. wants to play a major role in the whole resettlement of syria and wants to show military strength in the region. russia for example iran and the other regional players ok so let's let's look at what this offensive will do we have for example could forces in the east and syria holding what i use feiss that it's. what then happens to them there you know to turkey is holding in the whole northern part of syria also so-called sunni arab regions in the area of it live then they have already captured kodesh areas around of rain and now this is the 3rd invasion into the north an eastern part which is mainly. populated here the kurdish militias have detained
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more than 12000 suspected of as fighters and their families in so-called 7 prisons and camps this is a big and so tended to christie nobody knows what's going to happen with them if they could can flee or if if the reshape of the eye is terrorism can raise again the problem is that that this invasion in this respect creates a lot of inside tenet. these reserve the the i as fighters and their families on the one hand but also refugees in the total on the other because the main objective of the one in this invasion is to reshuffle the demography of the region that means to settle sunni arabs which are already refugees in southeastern turkey in a quarter of a populated area in northeastern syria ok so the e.u. has come out criticizing in fact we've we've we've heard voices cautioning restraint but how much sway does the e.u. have here the e.u.
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has launched this morning joint declaration which is criticizing harshly the turkish invasion saying it's creating a lot of and so tendencies and instability is already in syria and in the region was a saw volatile there is no talk about sanctions or other practical measures against turkey we need to know the e.u. and turkey is a very fragile relationship on the one hand turkey is member of nato turkey is a session candidate of the e.u. turkey needs the e.u. very much turkey turkey and the other one is now in a very heavy financial economic crisis there's a lot of inflation lot of criticism the power is shifting away from party so he's a big concern and he tries to mobilize now all national and military forces to show strength in order to push away. the attention from the social economic
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situation to a more national thing where he can count on more support within the population. interesting dynamics there. christiane handouts from the battles munched. thank you it was a pleasure. and you're watching the news still to come the women of the run who don't think they should be allowed to attend men's football matches they want to keep the ban that's been lifted from today for a world cup qualifying clash between iran and cambodia. but 1st let's catch you up on a few other stories making headlines in ecuador protesters have clashed with riot police in the capital quito it was the 6th day of nationwide protests following cuts to feel subsidies and of the stairs the measures the government has declared a state of emergency and nearly 700 people have been a risk it. police in honduras have fired tear gas at protesters demanding the
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resignation of president one all until one day as the protest is oh rather proteus was sparked by claims by u.s. prosecutors they allege the conservative president took millions in bribes from drug traffickers he denies the allegations and to avoid his have released opposition presidential candidate and media mogul now bill cut away from prison the move comes just days before the country's presidential runoff arroyo had been jailed since oldest on money laundering charges he say's the charges all part of a smear campaign against him. now this his nobel prize for chemistry has gone to 3 scientists who developed lithium ion batteries the swedish royal academy of sciences praised the trio for developing the nitrate polyp packs that are now widely used in devices from mobile phones to laptops and electric vehicles . wireless digital devices are everywhere nowadays and the lithium ion batteries
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made them possible today the scientists behind the innovation were honored with the nobel prize in chemistry the royal swedish academy of sciences has today decided to award the 2900 nobel prize in chemistry jointly to join the good enough m. stanley with him and i keyed out your she no. for the development of. batteries. back in the 1970 s. and eighty's stanley witting amen john b. good enough laid the foundation for the 1st batteries made from the light metal about to truly take off the technology had to be refined by a kid. in the mid eighty's he began experimenting with lithium ion making batteries that were light nearly endless li rechargeable and safe for everyday use.
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the impact on industry and society was massive today lithium ion batteries are used in everything from smart phones to scooters and automobiles. because the energy used to recharge them can come from renewable sources they're helping us i'm sure in a more sustainable world even off the grid for years scientists have been looking at new ways of storing energy but nothing has managed to beat the lithium ion battery for capacity and reliability it was a development that changed the world. now 2 nobel prizes in literature will be announced in about an hour's time one of them is for last year it was postponed following sex abuse allegations that rocked the swedish academy keep it on data will be covering the announcement live. now the world coalition against the death penalty is holding its 17th annual day against capital punishment today more than
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$100.00 nations have abolished the death penalty including south africa but cost to reinstate it they have grown louder in recent months as authorities struggle to contain violence last year 21000 people were murdered that's 58 people a day on average our correspondent adrian krishna reports. every month visits his son's grave room was just $27.00 when he was shot in front of his 3. yes ago. he was june 2nd son killed by warring gang members in his neighborhood was this a good son eve when they was much younger i used to call him love that was my little thing for you and i used to for years all these years used. in told him yeah you my love you you my heart my able to think. some abuse on my own is still missing because up to today. this is not the one person that we ended so with
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. when joe was buried here his father says this part of the cemetery was still empty but since then a day goes by without deadly shootings in escape flats neighborhoods the violence has been escalating for years security forces us traveling to keep the area under control. i didn't really see below jones shows us his neighborhood a young man was shot here just a few hours earlier you had been waiting for. the death penalty is needed in so if you could this be it a moment of time because they've been trying everything everything everything that art and nothing is really happening it's getting worse and worse and worse i feel sick and tired of living legacy and only the death penalty you can save us from this all of the mud is that it brings out everything. calls for the death penalty
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i'm getting louder here in south africa after a recent of a full of violence against women 600000 people have signed a petition asking to bring back the death penalty but the government so far has shown little interest in changing the laws and currently the death penalty is inconsistent with the constitution. most researchers say evidence that the death penalty actually deters crime it's inconclusive constitutional law professor p. . other forces instead calling for a larger and better trained police force and sweeping social change the death penalty is not a magic bullet the problem in south africa is that most cases of murder are never successfully prosecuted only about one in 10 people who commit to murder are actually saying to me so the court said. if people don't believe they're going to ever be caught and prosecuted the kind of sentence you get give is going to make no difference so for a practical reason they shouldn't be
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a death penalty because it doesn't make a difference of course also for the ethical moral reasons i think the state should not be in the business of killing its own citizens for any reason. at all but joins disagrees he wants justice for the murders of his 2 sons and he wants to live with his family without fear in his own neighborhood what is now to a historic moment in conservative iran such a pale during the football world cup qualifying clash there later today women will be in the stands during the match between the country's national side and cambodia that's after the iranian regime announced it would partially relax a ban on women attending men's football but while the move has been welcomed by many international observers religious hardliners in iran voicing their dissatisfaction. the change in iran comes inevitable friction because of the recent decision to begin allowing women to attend men's football matches in the islamic
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republic has provoked protest including from some of the women the right to watch life has been extended to the. omani and as shiite muslim women are not at all happy about this because the dignity of muslim women will not be attacked here that this has a major impact on us as the dignity of muslim women can be preserved if they enter an. atmosphere that is specific to men most that's why you never get it the ban is as old as the iranian regime but under pressure from fee for all thirty's have given assurances that women will be allowed to attend games starting this week with thursday's world cup qualifier against cambodia some accuse football's governing body of meddling. exactly does a foreign organization have to interfere in the affairs of a muslim country anyway i just 3500 tickets were set aside for women who sections
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in the 78000 seater as a big stadium in tehran iran state run news agency says they sold out in a matter of minutes but for religious hardliners that's $3500.00 tickets to many as monday's demonstration outside parliament in tehran made clear. and a reminder off the top stories we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel has condemned an attack on a synagogue in the eastern city of helen and showed solidarity with the jewish community by attending a vigil in berlin the attack failed but the suspected gunman killed 2 people and seriously wounded 2 others in the street. and civilians are feeling more than syria as turkey intensifies its offensive against kurdish militants kurdish forces say turkish shells that get civilian areas and the prison holding i is fighting just. watching t.v. news up next is business with mr cole but i'll be back at the top of the hour don't
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forget you can get all the latest news around the world that's on our website.
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6 kilos of plastic waste of a normal couch for italian treasure men johnny chloe and his crew. music ocean going garbage men are doing their part every day to clean up the mediterranean sea . their goal is to help preserve the local fish stocks and create
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a crater environment go about it. in 60 minutes on t.w. . murray. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. christian militia. it is fun to see the central and 17 president church's response was. during. the reconquest turn. this is not the kind of freedom that we want. to cut deep with to islamist terror.
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he sees sitting as. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of us starts october 24th. if. it is 13 and the world is still waiting for a break from the u.s. and chinese trade. aiming to end an impasse in their negotiations but a look at news from this week alone. also coming anger over. the program store after china claims pro-democracy protesters in hong kong have been using it to endanger police. travel rancher in brazil who are things that are true.


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