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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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this is news and i probably live in germany in shock after an anti semitic attack on a synagogue the nation's president visited the scene of the shootings in the eastern city of it called on all germans to stand together against extremist violence and to protect jewish life also coming up. to 29000 nobel prize for literature has been announced wall street is the winner while polish all of. the 2018 prize each writer is now richer than $5900000.00.
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civilians he told in syria as turkey intensifies its all offensive against kurdish militants because forces say turkish shells have hit civilian areas and a prison holding i s. fighters. and the women off the abroad who don't want to be allowed to attend football matches they're protesting against the lifting up of bad on women attending men sporting events in today's world cup qualifying cash between iran and cambodia. hello i'm christine want to welcome to the program. it's germany is in shock after an anti-semitic attack on a synagogue on the holiest day in the jewish calendar a young couple or the day off atonement a heavily armed gunman tried to force his way into the building in the eastern
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german city of haile on wednesday but was prevented from entering he then shot and killed a bystander in the street before killing another person at a nearby kebab shop the emotion and tension were us german president tom iow joined a jewish community and a day after the deadly attack at the doors of its synagogue. you can see them on for history is a reminder present is a challenge and we must take sides on 3. days images were filmed yesterday by resident they showed a standoff between police in a month dressed in combat type shortly after a gunman killed 2 people need a city synagogue. press there was a huge bang and then someone tried to get into the jewish cemetery he fired several times with a shotgun at the cemetery at the door. and then the woman came along the one who was shot she just came along from the tram stop quite by chance to synagogue was
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full when it was attacked young people the holiest day of the jewish calendar had brought together between 70 and 80 worshippers of x.-men and americans freshly arrived in germany was one of them i think the energy was was fairly calm given the situation today i feel more kind of. just because people were killed but yesterday it was more about just kind of being really think for a kind of america that you couldn't get through the door and that like a much bigger tragedy was. didn't happen. the synagogue door didn't open but the attacker then turned his gun towards passers by killing another man at a restaurant the suspect was captured by police outside he's a 27 year old german citizen in a video the alleged killer ranted against foreign news women and jews the jews were
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held at synagogues across germany chancellor angela merkel showed her support for the jewish community in berlin there was an attack on jews in germany even though it's not my goal and that of the government is to do everything possible to ensure that you can live in safety at this stage shows us that this is not so simple and that we must do even more. in the wake of the attack many questions remain not least what could have been done to prevent it from happening. right for more on this we have the deadliest month on the ground in her political correspondent thomas farrow is with me in the studio come to you 1st because community leaders are visiting where you are right now tell us more. yeah that's right i mean hollow really becoming ground 0 here in germany high profile leaders
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and politicians descending today some 24 hours after that attack at the synagogue you can see the synagogue behind me as well as the jewish cemetery in fact right now german interior minister horst hall 4 is meeting with jewish community members with officials of that synagogue we saw him earlier participating in a small vigil with flowers outside of the door that the alleged attacker tried to enter he then entered the cemetery behind me as a whole for did and he is currently still in a closed door meeting with the jewish community of course politicians expressing their sympathies and their solidarity with the victims and the community here but also they will be facing some tough questions bigger issues of security and safety and of the rise of anti-semitic and far right violence in germany in fact there will be a press conference later today and we do expect that the interior minister will be
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partaking in that press conference stand back i want to bring you in here because you are following the investigation what more do we know about the attacker and his marshals one of the big questions and one of the big issues they say in this investigation is the fact that he has now been taken over by the federal prosecutors so prosecutors a federal level not a regional level and that just gives you an idea of how important this case has become how important it is not only for the german government but i would also say for the german state in general and the fact that the investigation has been taken over by federal prosecutors does reveal that they're looking into visions one issue diplo be looking into is whether this person acted alone as some people believe or whether there were some other people around him who might have helped him in one way or another that also applies to connections he might have had online but something very important for investigators now. days and in particular in this case after that video on how many festo became known so that's one of the new that
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investigators are clearly looking into in order to be able to identify in a much clearer way what the motive behind this issue might have been called coming back i mean we've heard all theories as thomas to say talk about the possible anti semitic motives here and i wondered how all people off had to end the jewish community in particular coping with this. well we've been speaking with members of the community all morning into the afternoon we saw many people coming here to the synagogue leaving flowers expressing their regrets and their sympathies for the community and for the victims as well many members of the jewish community also around the area basically expressing some shock some dismay regrets in what happened and also frustration essentially saying how could an attack like this an anti-semitic attack happen in 2019 in germany and certainly saying that there is a problem with anti-semitism we've also seen some activists handing out pins that
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look like these these blue and white pins these are to stand against this sort of violence in germany so the community coming together but also expressing frustration. right thomas so we will of course be seeing a big delegation from the german government essentially. talking in hello today. we will not see. what does that tell us about how the specific case is being held and so i'm going to have those initial reaction yes they visiting that synagogue but to today it was the german president visiting. also saw the interior minister there but the fact that the president visited. gives you also an idea of the importance behind this because the german president is the head of state in this country is the most important politician and he reinforced the idea that it is up to the german state to protect jewish life in this country here as well as other high ranking or additions stressing that such an incident such
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a case like the attack yes they cannot and should not be allowed in germany in particular given germany's history in particular given germany's historical responsibility and the fact the germans do believe that they have a special responsibility when it comes to protecting jewish life in the country docu an idea of how important the visit of the german president is to hala today all right. you know let's talk about the israeli prime minister binyamin to now he's of course expressed his condolences off to yesterday's shooting and his part of what he said on twitter. he said the terrorist attack against the jewish community in cuba is additional testimony that anti-semitism in europe is increasing i send condolences to the families of the victims and call on the germinal voices to continue taking determined action against anti semitism thomas i'll come back to you would just touching on this do we get the sense that
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all foresees in germany are working up i guess broadly across europe all working to address anti semitism you point an important element and that is that this is not only a german problem this rise in the seventy's and that is a problem in other parts of europe as well but it is a particular problem in germany i said given germany's history and authorities have revealed an increase in semitic incidence here in the country in a such they have tried to react and try and understand not only why this is happening but also trying to prevent more cases from happening and one of the more concrete actions that authorities have taken is the creation in 2018 of germany's 1st ever m d semitism commission of fed ex cline who is the person now in charge from the german government's perspective to dealing with these with these issues and he's also the focal point the point of contact between the german government and jewish communities in the country all right at a call just one more see it just remind us again of what we're going to be seeing
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today some of the events and what we can expect the key highlights from holloway you are today. well certainly there will be people outside of this synagogue all day long i mean we've seen a procession of important leaders coming to visit the israeli ambassador is in town as well as we heard the german president the german interior ministry minister there will also be a press conference in the coming hours and that's where we expect to hear a bit more from horses a whole for himself we also know that it will be a press conference taking place in the karlsruhe and that is where we expect and hope to hear more from german federal prosecutors about their sue investigations they are launching investigations into murder and attempted murder and as thomas mentioned there are still some questions that remain did the alleged attacker act alone to be have links to any online or communities otherwise terms of the far right extremism or anti-semitism so we do know that we should be getting more
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information from german officials as the day goes on but the ceremonies here of course will continue as well ok and we'll be coming to you throughout the day that's congressman on the ground in one of for us and thomas farah in studio just a reminder that we are expecting the gym and federal prosecutors who have taken over the investigation into the hell attack to give a conference shortly as karl was just saying and we'll be staying on me to bring you live coverage of that. the nobel prize for literature has been awarded to to all of this. from poland and p. to one from austria. best known novels include flights from 2007 and she has been named the window for last year in an announcement that was delayed until now and the novelist playwright and translator peta hunka is the when a fully 20182019 between 18 prize was delayed due to
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a sexual assault scandal wish the royal swedish academy which confer the awards. i'm joined now by art how step from department good to have you here current so how much of a surprise would the selections have to give you my honest opinion i think in some ways these aren't surprising choices because they are people who have been touted as possible winners before especially peter hunter for many many years on the other hand and of course with. many feel that she's an excellent choice she's as i've said before quite a quite a young writer in comparison to some of the people who've been on the list for longer. and possibly also good very good candidates but she is definitely a strong candidate so there's no surprise in that sense but i think it's it's it's a surprising choice in general 1st of all this is 2 european writers one of whom is a man and very much sort of from an older establishment i mean we can talk about
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him a bit more in a 2nd but i mean this comes just days after they said that they wanted to privilege diversity. and get away from their eurocentric and very male oriented past so i don't really see this as fitting that bill ok so so given that and you're echoing the sentiment of many critics critics would be looking at this decision why would the academy award this you know they have these very interesting. i always love the descriptions of why authors have been chosen i mean order to shock obviously for her wit and cunning and kind of the fact that she that she very much focuses on on sort of local life in her stories that she is she's been praised for a narrative imagination that with encyclopedic passion represents the crossing of boundaries as a form of life after and this is a little change for i hear they love to sort of make these very flowery claims peter hunka is someone who's been quite controversial over the years. among other
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things because he was because he criticized the western position in the nato bombing of yugoslavia for instance also made a speech at the funeral of slobodan milosevic and that's earned him. people have called him an apologist for serbian part far right nationalism in the past so interesting choices i mean with cotch of she's somebody who is a very much a public intellectual and an activist in poland very much appreciated for her criticism of the country's right wing regime in fact she has made some statements about. poland having also had responsibilities for atrocities during world war 2 that earned her incredible incredible criticism from far right patriots and she even had to actually employ some bodyguards for a while so i mean very very interesting individuals their works for instance the novel flights you mentioned is about travel in the 21st century really anecdotal very very interesting form and quite innovative and peter hunt i guess the 1st one
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of his to be published in english was the goalie's anxiety about the panic penalty kick which has been compared to come in i mean just going back to why we had to win as announced this year right so following last year scandal this is an academy that's been trying to repair. through some rocky yet so so i mean what are these windows tell us about that if it well i think essentially there needs to be more transparency and i don't really see that happening with these winners i mean obviously we know that the academy is incredibly secretive about its lists i mean the those lists of nominees i think are kept under wraps for up to 50 years so we won't know until 50 years from now apparently if they if they don't change the rules we won't know until 50 years from now who else was actually on this list for either year so. the transparency is one of the things that i think they're being called to improve they've brought in some outside jury members
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there are they're going to hopefully they are definitely working on a code of conduct whether that is going to be enough really with this these choices to clean up there i don't i don't think they're looking very credible at this point in time and got more work to do i will go inside. karen hopes that thank you pleasure now to some of the other stories making news around the world japan is bracing for its biggest typhoon off the get typhoon this has been rolling across the pacific and is expected to hit tokyo and its surrounding areas over the weekend the approaching storm has already led to the cancellation of 2 matches in the rugby world cup on saturday. in the united states democratic presidential contender joe biden joined the move to impeach president donald trump during a campaign speech biden said the president had quote violated his oath of office betrayed his nation and committed impeachable acts close quote it's the 1st time
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biden has for 4 trumps impeachment. and is in authorities have released opposition presidential candidate and media mogul now bill cut away from prison the move came just 4 days before the country's presidential runoff corowa had been jailed since august on money laundering charges he says the charges are part of a smear campaign against him. not to accuse president erdogan has lashed out at international criticism of his offensive in north east syria he singled out the european union which has called on him to cease is of in service is what the president say it. you can use a white cop you know oh say the game. but if you try to describe our operation is an invasion open the doors and send 3600000 migrants to you. it's as simple as.
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regulated. and you just go to istanbul now that's correspondent dorian jones is standing by hey dorian so there we have a turkish president. making threats what's he trying to get at that. i think this is all about money and the comments by young clueless the european union president yesterday where he said that european union would not provide any money for what turkey's plans of a safe zone in syria turkey want to create a 30 kilometer deep several 100 kilometer long a buffer zone in which he says he will house millions of us here refugees currently living in turkey now turkey is looking for the european union to pay for that is a price tag of over 20000000000 euros and the comments by you away he's condemned this operation call for restraint said that we will not give
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a single penny for these plans has provoked this angry response from one because a key part of the plan is that the european union ultimately pay for what it once said is a 1000000 new homes in this syrian regime area that turkey tries to take control ok stand by dorian because since turkey launched its offensive on wednesday civilians have started fleeing syria and guess what's been happening. artillery and aerial bombing light up the sky as turkish troops continue their offensive in northeast syria. they're not getting takis plan to carve out a buffer zone along the border and to move against their longtime enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces the kurds say several civilians and soldiers have already died in the assault and they claim turkish bombs that struck a prison holding fighters from the so-called islamic state. retaliates restrikes came from within syria. some
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heating homes on the turkish side of the border. turkish president reject edda one over so the start of what he calls operation peace spring it's an offensive made possible by washington's decision to clear the way by withdrawing u.s. troops we were put into this battle interjected it was supposed to be a 3030 day period and we've been there for many many years and it's time to get out we're speaking to bus it's. we've told the president or to go on how we feel but we are speaking a bus and we're seeing what can be made out of a situation both the u.s. and turkey belong to nato it's urging caution. i count on turkey to act with restraint. and sure that in the action it may take in northern syria
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it's proportionate aren't measured. we must not jeopardize the gains we have made together against over common enemy forces but the residents of northeast syria aren't counting on words to save them they're escaping the border towns by any means possible for some it's only been a few years since they fled from the advance of i asked now they're back on the road with no clear destination. let's go back to istanbul where dorian jones is standing by dorian how is the government's military operation in syria being received by people in turkey. well i mean there is his cross party support for the operation with the notable exception of turkey's pro quo dish party or the main parties are supporting it they voted a motion that sanctioned this operation earlier this week and the media which is directly or directly under the control of the government has been putting forward
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a nationalist drive saying that this is an operation to defend the future of turkey we've seen journalists screaming and applauding airstrikes across the border and that gives you an idea that the kind of media coverage at the moment but the same time there is a crackdown on anyone that is voicing any criticism is operation there's been a number of arrests of people posting on social media opposition all raising concerns and there has been the arrest of a prominent editor of the internet part of turkey's independent big newspaper he too has been detained for comments made on the web page of criticizing this operation so it does give a sign that the government is or is concerned the possible growing opposition and they determined to silence it before it emerges. dorrian this operation started after the u.s. announced a pullout from syria so how is turkey's offensive affecting their relations with the u.s. . well i think this is
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a really key part of the future of this operation in fact it was president trump effectively gates a green light to this operation. but since then there is growing pushback in washington we have senators now proposing legislation to sanction turkey very wide ranging sanctions could have economic implications and also defense implications for turkey on top of that they will be nervous as trump could possibly step back and he has warned that if take goes too far he would obliterate the economy so there is concerns i think in washington over what stance it will take given the growing blowback and a key point of this also is currently the u.s. military are controlling the airspace above this operation and are present one has to hit out saying that the americans have no right to interfere in turkey's operation and if. the syrian on the ground are calling for a no fly zone what washington does there could also be a key factor in determining the future of operation dorrian one more quickly what
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can we expect from the big players in the region like russia and iran over there they are very important to in fact russia has been calling for a diplomatic solution and also the terror on another major player as opposes operation there very nervous sort of turkey carries on and stays permanently this could be a major destabilizing effect and support of president bashar assad who are up over iran moscow are backing his plan to take complete control of his country again so they too are key players at the moment there they are voicing most of their concerns the is belief behind the scenes but that may change as operation unfolds that story. thank you. you're watching the news still to come the women of iran who don't think they should be allowed to attend men's football matches by a bunch of keep the ban that's been lifted from today for a world cup qualifying to match between iran and cambodia. but 1st
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let's catch you up on a few other stories making headlines around the world in a little protesters have to lash with riot police in the capital quito it was the 6th day of nationwide protests following cuts to fuel subsidies and of that will still receive measures the government has declared a state of emergency and nearly 700 people have been arrested. on duress have fired tear gas at protesters demanding the resignation of president one day as the protest was sparked by claims by u.s. prosecutors they allege the conservative president took millions in bribes from drug traffickers he denies the allegations. that the world coalition against the death penalty is holding its 17th annual day against capital punishment today more than $100.00 nations have abolished the death penalty including south africa but calls to reinstate of there have grown louder in recent months as ortiz struggle to contain escalating violence last year 21000 people were murdered that's
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58 a day on average correspondent adrian crease reports from cape town. every month skloot jones visits his son's grave room was just 27 when he was shot in front office over 3 years ago. he was june 2nd son killed by warring gang members in his neighborhood was this a good son eve when they was much younger i used to call him love that was my nickname for you and i used to got to face all these years used to you and told him yeah you my love you you my aunt think. some abuser my aunt is still missing because up to today. this is not the one person that when did so with. when joe was buried here his father says this part of the cemetery was still empty
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but since then oddly a day goes by without deadly shootings in his cape flats neighborhoods the violence has been escalating for us security forces us travelling to keep the area under control. i didn't really see below jones shows us his neighborhood so young man was shot here just a few hours earlier he had been waiting for a bus the death penalty is needed in south africa could this be a moment of time because they've been trying everything everything everything that art and nothing is really happening it's getting worse and worse and worse i feel sick and tired of living legacy and only did they know if you can save us from this auto bill mud is that happening in south africa. calls for the death penalty i'm getting louder here in south africa after a recent of a file and so against woman 600000 people have signed a petition asking to bring back the death penalty but the government so far has
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shown little interest in changing the laws and currently the death penalty is inconsistent with the constitution. most researchers say evidence that the death penalty actually deters crime is inconclusive constitutional law professor p. other forces instead calling for a larger and better trained police force and sweeping social change the death penalty is not a magic bullet the problem in south africa is that most cases of murder are never successfully prosecuted only about one in 10 people who commit to murder are actually saying to them so the court said. if people don't believe they going to ever be caught and prosecuted the kind of sentence you get give is going to make no difference so for a practical reason they shouldn't be a death penalty because it doesn't make a difference of course also for the ethical moral reasons i think the state should not be in the business of killing its own citizens for any reason that's used to
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roam but joins disagrees he wants justice for the murders of his 2 sons and he wants to live with his family without fear in his own neighborhood what is the family living with you know apple has removed an app that protest as in hong kong have used to track police movement it comes off to criticism by the chinese communist party's official newspaper the people's daily earlier this week the tech giant save the crowdsourcing app h.-k. mapped out for live violated its terms and that it's been used in ways that endangered law enforcement and the residents of hong kong the developers of the eff disagree with that statement the up in the app store had been used by hong kong demonstrators to track the location of police now following pressure from china it's no longer available explaining the decision the company said it posed a security risk.


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